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1925_07_13 The Little Blade Of Grass

Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

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from The Blossoming of the Human Soul





Every stalk coming up from the ground will see the rays of the Sun.


You ask why we are sitting in the rain. It is a learning experience. If the field is sown, the rain will be a blessing. If not sown, it will be a disaster. Whenever the field is sown and the rain falls on it, wheat will sprout. But if the field is not sown, only thistles will grow with the rainfall. Therefore, when the Divine Blessing comes into your life, but you have not sown - only thorns and thistles will grow and the disasters will come one after the other like a shadow following the wheel. Do not delude yourselves. The meaning of Life is not found in the external manifestations. The external does not always show the Good; the Good is something intrinsic.


One should be good within one’s heart. If you are not able to appreciate the Life that God has breathed in you and cannot value your soul; if you are not familiar with the essence of Purity, how could you teach others? If you cannot attain Purity for yourself, then, how could you impart it to others?


People are strange when they want to show that they are knowledgeable, intelligent, or of genius so that they can amaze the world. God has given everyone a mind. Then, why do some people possess an enlightened mind unlike others? It is because they have cultivated their mind, whereas others have not. Those who have not put their God-given mind to work are walking on a broad but slippery slope. We say about them that they lack an enlightened mind.


We have come to Earth to learn. The Earth is a sacred school. This truth needs to be understood! Humankind has defiled the planet with its sinful life. Because people do not understand what it represents, they say, “The Earth is impure and sinful.” In fact they impute the results of their negative actions to their home-planet. And yet so many precious things: wheat, apples, pears, potatoes, and others continuously come from the womb of that “sinful” Earth, on which all these crimes and transgressions were committed. It shares with us all blessings received from Above. Nevertheless, many call it “this sinful Earth” and spit on it. Why? Who is to be blamed? Is it the Earth’s fault that things are the way they are? No, the children of Earth should not spit. What is the meaning of this spittle? It represents all bad that has been gathered in our minds and hearts. It is a toxic substance to be discarded. The human spittle is very toxic, especially when one is in a state of agitation or anger.


Why did you climb Musala?[1] Why did you meet thunder, rain and snow there? This is the language of Heaven. God told me, “Pass to these people that if they do My Will, I will pour all My blessings onto them. But they should be pure to be able to walk with you and ascend. They cannot serve Me with their feeble desires and thoughts, or with their egotism - no matter how little of it has remained in them.”


Today you are better than other people, but compared to the Angels who do God’s Will, you are weak and cannot serve God. You may become either demons or winged Angels. These are opportunities for you. Angels are excellent servants. They bear God’s Blessing throughout the entire world. It is beautiful to bring the small gifts of God placed in our souls to fruition! It is beautiful to do what God wants from us. You may ask me, “How does God speak to you?” It is not so important, but you should know that these are the words which God has addressed to you - literally, but also in a figurative and ideological sense.


I can sense the arising of noble zeal in you. Zeal can be something beautiful when it is for Good. It is blessed when it comes from a sown field. But originating from a field, which is not sown, it might bring considerable suffering. Many of you have left your virtues in potential; that is to say, many of the seeds in your field have not sprouted. I am now speaking only about virtues. In my opinion, your imperfections are due to underdeveloped virtues. We are all inter-connected in Life so that one’s transgressions are everyone’s transgressions and one’s virtues are everyone’s virtues.


What is a transgression? It occurs as a consequence of holding onto God’s Blessing. The human being should always serve as an agent of God’s Grace. Therefore, if preachers do not fulfill their obligations, if they do not come on time whenever God calls them, everyone will suffer because we are all related to their life. If he does not want to fulfill God’s Will, another one will come to fulfill it. In God, possibilities always exist. In this case, you who are called to be bearers of the Divine Blessing, open your hearts and souls, so that God’s Grace would pass through you and go out to all people! God wants His Grace to be shared with every soul. Do not believe that you are small, underdeveloped, inferior beings, that you cannot accomplish great things. It is a misunderstanding of things. If you cannot accomplish great things - small ones you can. It is sufficient to do this or that good. You should say, “Now I am opening my heart and mind, so that God’s Blessing may come.” This is God’s Will: His Blessing to reach us as the sunrays do. Do you think that you will be able to receive the sunrays, if someone has nailed down the shutters of your windows? If nailed from outside, I am going to free them. But if nailed from inside - that is really bad.


Some say that people are not good by nature. What kind of philosophy is this? I interpret it in this way: for thousands of years, people have shut down their souls. As a result, an excess energy has been accumulated in them. If they are not able to use it wisely, it will cause harm both to them and others. What should we do? We are going to put this energy to work and make the most of it in the same way as we use dwarf pines for burning. The pines will say, “These people climbed Musala and we helped them. We have sacrificed so much, even our lives for them. Let’s see what they will do now.” The dwarf pines will be witnesses to your lives. At present, they are sleeping beings. However, on the day when you go before God, you will meet them and they will begin to speak. Remember, these are living beings. You believe that it is possible to hide one’s crime. It is not true. In Nature, nothing can be concealed. Even the stones will tell of the good or bad you have done. You believe that Nature is dead. She is alive. All that you see around - these are sleeping beings. If they begin to speak, they will tell you, “Once upon a time, we, too, were unruly like you, but now we are learning the first lesson - the lesson of silence and humility.” For millions of years, the Divine Hammer has been working on these stones, but they have not yet learned their lesson.


You will say, “We are not sleeping beings: we have become alive.” You who have come back to life, why were you led to climb Musala? It is to come to know God. He is speaking to you from Above, but you do not understand His language. God’s language is not difficult, but still you do not understand it. He is telling you, “Love one another.” “Lord, how should we do it?” I ask you, “How should you love one another?” You reply, “By forgiving one another all mistakes and offenses.” It is halfway true. Can you forgive, as well, the one who does not repent?


Now I want to interpret your words. What will happen to a dead donkey if it is exposed to the Sun all day long? It will begin to decay and smell bad. What will happen to a dead person if we keep him too long? Even if we pray for him, he will still begin to smell bad. The dead must be buried or taken somewhere far away so that the flesh may decompose and be dispersed into space. After some time, God will collect this matter and will make a new human being out of it.


Sometimes even a living person will give out a specific “smell” indicating that he is dead in one respect or another. What should we do for him? How should we manifest our love for this person? If a donkey is alive, we will give it some fodder and water. If it is ill, we will try to cure it. A soon as it is healed, it will bray; and its braying is a sign that it is healthy and able to work. You can ask the donkey, “What is it? Why are you braying?” “Now you can put a load on my back.” And what should we do for that person? Give him what he needs as well.


Today we climbed Musala. That is good, but it is only an external achievement. Some turned back, which indicates that there is not full readiness in all of you yet. If we do not know how to climb to the summit, those who turned back would cause us to stumble. When can this happen? If those who climb Musala have many positive traits but also one serious weakness, this weakness will paralyze their efforts to do Good and their strive for God. Therefore, you should transform any imperfection into a virtue not to trip yourself or others.


As I have mentioned, some human imperfections are acceptable, but when? When someone is under the Law of Development. However, coming to serve God, one should be perfect - without any fault whatsoever. When I speak about serving God, I am referring to that sacred moment of the soul when we come before God in all our purity and perfection, in the purity and holiness of all our thoughts, desires, and deeds. Only in the perfection of our spirit and purity of our soul, we become aware of what God requires from us in a given moment.


I ask: How will you bring the New Teaching into the world? Your souls need to be open. If you enter the world with your imperfections; if you have the same desires as people of the world, what blessing will you bring to them? If I preach God’s Word, but expect a pay for it so that I could wear beautiful and most fashionable clothes - what do you think, will God be pleased with me? Do you believe that in this case I will preach the Kingdom of God in the right way? Tell me: Will a housewife dress in her wedding gown to either do her chores or go to work in the field? The prudent housekeeper goes to work in her old clothes. This is how it should be. She saves her new clothes for special occasions. What occasions? When she will go before God. We will go before God in the most beautiful clothes of ours: those that are spotlessly clean.


Remember: the rain is a blessing for the sown field. Why is it raining today? It is because people have great imperfections and big egos. Are human beings bad? No, they are good, but only to themselves. Let us continue being good then but to whom? If it concerns being good to yourselves, you have already mastered this. The important, however, is to be good to God and for God. Good is revealed in three ways: being good to yourself, being good to your neighbor, but the most ideal is - being good to God. We have learned the art of being good toward ourselves and toward our neighbors too; but now we should learn the art of being good toward God. This is the most important thing that is required of us. Consider the mother who raises her children, is she not good toward them? She is good. The little bee overflying long distances to collect pollen and prepare honey for its fellow bees - is it not good to them? The bee is really good to them, but still it has not learned and come to understand the Great Law of Kindness to God. If you try to take some honey from the hive, the bee will sting you right there - it gives nothing for God. It has arranged everything perfectly for itself; it has also cleaned and tidied up its little home. The bees are industrious, but do not know the Law that requires from them to be good toward God. We, too, are like bees. We are very good toward ourselves and our neighbors; but when God comes to us asking even for the least thing, we show Him our sting.


From now on, you will study the Law of Kindness to God. It is the greatest thing in life. When you learn and apply this Law, your life will gain meaning; and Living Nature will begin speaking to you. From all this, you can draw a lesson. If these stones begin to speak, what will happen? Your hair will stand on end with fright and this beautiful landscape will become too close for you. Do you know what terrible things you could see and hear? It would be hell for you! If these mountains could relate their history to you, the entire town of Sofia would become too narrow for you. Here you could see two giants - people of the past - who were killing each other. What would you learn from that? You would only be frightened, nothing else.


Thousands of years are needed before these heroes of the past can rise. All around you are bones of the dead heroes, of the gods who dwelled in the past. And from now on, for thousands and millions of years, the Sun will be shining and much rain will be falling so that to wash away the human transgressions and enable people to learn the Law of God-Service. Humans have served themselves alone; they have also served their neighbors, but they have not served God.


You ask, “Have we not come from God?” There is coming into being both from below and from Above. “What to do then? This is what science says, is not it?” Yes, there is science of the human being, but what I speak about is not this science. There is Science of Saints and Angels; and yet, there also exists Science of God. You say, “I am learned.” I am glad for you that you are learned, but this knowledge is human. Have you studied the Science of Saints? Have you studied the Science of Angels? The Science of Angels is for the distant future. Have you then studied the Science of God? I do not begin with the Science of Angels, nor with the Science of Saints. I begin from Above with the Science of God. It is one of the most profound approaches distinguishing my Science from the others. I begin with the most difficult science.


People begin with the smallest numbers. The teacher asks, “Ivan, tell me how much is one plus one?” “One plus one equals two.” “Two plus two?” “Four.” “Three plus three?” “Six.” “Three times three?” “Nine.” This is the wide path -  the path of easy science. For thousands of years we have been walking on it; and that is why we have not succeeded. Those who follow the easy path attain results with difficulty.


In order to begin with the small denominations one should have the Mind of God. Only God is able to work with the small denominations. We, as human beings, must work with the large denominations. I am going to illustrate my idea with an example. Consider this: If you give a small apple to a crying child, will the crying stop? No. But ten kilograms of apples will do it, no matter how cranky the child is. It is the application of the Science of Divine Life and Abundance. In this Science, numbers speak by themselves. It is enough to call “number one” by name; it will come and present an excellent lecture. If I call “number two” by name, it will come and present another lecture. All numbers speak in this way. From them, you are going to understand the meaning of the Divine Science maintaining the balance of the entire Cosmos. The greatness of God is in His care for us - the infants, the small denominations as we are - and also, in His benevolence gifting us with His abundance. Before our departure from Sofia, God instructed His servants, “Prepare the way for these little children: clean everything around and up there, on Musala and welcome them as dear guests.” That is why we had rain, snow, and hail there. In God’s Science, which works with the small denominations, there is no eating and drinking. In the human science, it is the opposite: there is eating and drinking everywhere. People are good when they eat and drink.


You say that we need to forgive one another. It is good to forgive and it is the greatest essential for the human being. God stands out with His quality of being longsuffering and forgiving. It is important for you to love like God, not like people. If you love in the human way, you are going to corrupt yourself. If you could enter the Divine World with your human love, you would attain nothing. Therefore, when you enter the Divine World, you shall love as God loves: you shall be forgiving and willing to work only for God. If a thought about God resides always in your mind, you will be blessed. Whatever you do, always think of God. If the thought that you are sinful crosses your mind, say, “I know that I am sinful, but I know something else too: there is One in the world Who loves me. Since God loves me, I will fulfill His Will. I will serve Him as I should!” If asked why I love and serve God, I will answer, “It is because God also loves me.” Love is responded with Love and Love manifests itself through service and work. Without loving God, you are not going to serve Him. Love is productive. Therefore, the productive person abides in Love. We love that one who works. God acts from Above and we work from below.


And so, the high mountain peak you see from here is Musala. Work consciously in order to reveal and understand the Good instilled in you. If you study the Great Divine Science, you will progress in your development; you will learn many things that are necessary for you; and you will finish your development in the way that has been predetermined for each soul from the beginning of its existence. How will you finish if you begin with the Science of Saints and Angels? (The Master picked a little blade of grass.) You will shoot up like this little blade of grass. Each flower has a second meaning. If I pick a floweret and adorn myself, it indicates that I am living according to the Science of Angels and Saints. If you study this Science, you will come to the Law of Development, Selflessness, and Self-sacrifice.


The blade of grass that I picked is happy now because it has become a learning object for you. One day, this little blade will meet you before God and will state, “I testify for these people.” For what? That you have been given talks about God and the Great Science of God. This little blade will announce it on its own. Therefore, you shall open your hearts and purify them; you shall repent and whatever transgressions you have made, you shall set them right. You need to open the Book of your Life and thoroughly review your good and bad actions. You shall rectify as many transgressions as you find. If you are not aware of some of your transgressions and in spite of your efforts and will, cannot rectify them, we are going to do this for you. Sometimes even the Master rectifies some errors. It is not important who corrects them. It is good if the students rectify their errors. If the Master rectifies them, it is also good. If the students cannot see clearly to rectify an error, the Master will rectify it for them. There always needs to be someone to rectify our errors. “But I have many imperfections.” It is alright. Assume that these imperfections have been allowed by God. For example, you become offended very easily. Why are you hurt so easily?


When you return to Sofia, what are you going to bring back? “The desire to rectify our errors. We will love our brethren as God loves us. We will work in God’s field and will create a small channel by which God’s Blessing will flow to Sofia.” All that of which you think has already been projected; all that of which you speak will come true. This is in accordance with the Divine Science. The channel will reach Sofia, but the field needs to be sown. Who will raise the shutters of your windows? I opened them this morning. Not only this, but I also opened the roofs of your houses. I pulled down your heavy walls. When you look around, you will see that you no longer have shutters, walls, or roofs. This is the Light. This is the Freedom. I want you to preserve your Freedom, not to put your heads in a yoke and then to say, “Lord, how much longer must I bear this life and burden, these imperfections and misfortunes? Has my mother given me birth for this?” Now, you will remember Musala. But you should know that there are souls imprisoned for centuries at this place and throughout the Balkan Peninsula - and these souls are waiting for their liberation. They do cause you harm. Who does not want freedom? Two people fight with each other; they quarrel. Why? They fight for freedom. After they give each other a good thrashing, they say, “Now, do you know who I am?” Sometimes the spirits who caused this quarrel may come to you and ask for help. As you do not know how to help them, you begin to argue and fight among yourselves. It indicates the need for more Light. Whenever you go somewhere, first open the shutters of your windows and remove the roofs and fences of your houses.


Today I will give a little blade of grass to each of you as a keepsake. It will serve as an emblem for you. As small as it is - whenever you look at it, say to yourself, “I shall learn the Law of Development, the Law of Angels.” Each blade of grass conceals within itself the formula, “The Great Science of Life is the service to God.”


Here, I will give you all some of this grass. “Can we share it with others?” You can, but you will take in return their promise to serve God. And yet, you too, need to understand the Law of God-Service as something very important and to focus on it. If you do not hold this idea, the grass itself is meaningless. So, I could gather a full basket of grass for you, but it will not bring any connotation to you.


Therefore, in the Great Divine Science, everyone is required to serve God. If you say that you serve God, you need to sow something. When you pick a blade of grass, it should visualize for you “the Word of God.” May it be an image of the idea of service to God. If you keep this blade of grass with you without the meaning of these words, it would be like a sacred book with lost meaning of the Word. Only when the Divine Words are inscribed in it, it is valuable. When you sit on the grass in the future, hold the idea of service to God. It will speak to you about the Law of Service. Understanding this Law, when you sit on the grass, it will welcome you. It will imply that the windows and roofs of those who have this grass will be opened. Those who undertake to study the Great Divine Science must have the roofs and windows of their homes open. The Sun will shine on them from all sides and the Earth will be their foundation. And so, pass the words, which I told you, to whomever you give some blades of this grass.


Now, let’s finish our work. The word “finish” implies a new beginning of work in the light of the Great or Divine Science. When I say: Let’s finish this work, I mean that we are ready to begin a new work. When we complete a given activity, we will not rest, but will go to the vineyard and begin to cultivate it. After cultivating it, there will be yet another work. The day will come when we will go to the vineyard and taste the grapes. When we finish our mundane work, we will begin the Great Work for God. You say, “Let’s free ourselves from the world.” There is no need for this. As long as we work for God, we are free citizens. And yet, if we do not believe in this Science, the world will have an influence upon us. Therefore, if we hold the idea to go away from the world, it implies that we consider ourselves weak.


“Service to God” is the fundamental idea of this talk. We begin with the most difficult science - the Divine Science -  teaching us of all these things, which our soul is longing for and our spirit is striving after. Why are the great obstacles at work in the world? Where are the strongest bridges constructed? Over the big rivers. Why? It is because over the big rivers heavy loads are usually transported. The stronger the bridge is, the heavier loads can be transported over it. The stronger, healthier, and more learned one is, the more difficult and responsible is the service in which God places him. You say, “I will not be a bridge!” If you can be a bridge between God and humans, so that the Angels can cross upon you - is that bad? Each Angel crossing over you, will leave you a blessing. We will be bridges not for the human, but for the Divine. If we become bridges for the human, we will destroy ourselves. But if we become bridges for the Divine, we will be reborn. The word “bridge” implies a link between the Divine and the human being.


Hold the idea that you are serving God. Keep repeating it. You should do every action - even the least action - consciously, with the awareness that you are serving God. Do not say that it is difficult to serve God and much knowledge is needed for this. Whoever goes to serve God should not bear much knowledge. When you go to a wellspring, do you carry water with you? When you go to an orchard ripe with fruit, do you bring food with you? But when you go to the desert, you must carry water with you. Science is the nourishment for people. When I say that we go before God, I have in mind that we need not the worldly, but the Living science. My point of view is that we require not the human, but the Divine knowledge - or the knowledge of Living Nature. You may say, “I do not want bread.” I understand that you do not want the ordinary bread made by people, but from now on, you will want the Bread of God and will eat from It. “I do not want science.” I understand that you do not want the worldly, human, but the Divine Science in the Light of which you are going to evolve. In this way, you are going to comprehend what is great and Divine in the world.


Now, I am not telling you to be just good, but you all should be as God created you. In the human world, you do not usually treat those who you do not love, but send them away and leave them hungry. This is how the worldly science solves this issue. In the Divine World, it is vice versa: you take care for those whom you do not love and feast them most of all - at the same time, you give the least to your beloved. In Heaven, the lack of nourishment is a privilege given to few. While on Earth, if you are starving, you will complain wherever you go, “I have been left hungry. They did not feed me. They sent me away.” However, if you are left without food in Heaven, you will rejoice. This happens quite rarely - only once in a thousand years. It is a very special privilege.


How is this understood in the profound Divine Science? That one, who has no need of food, possesses everything within oneself and can give to others. He says, “Let it be given to all and whatever remains at the end will be for me. May all have their fill. I will be happy for them to receive the Divine Blessing.” Translated into our language, it means to give way to one another. What does it imply? It is said in the Scriptures, “Pray for one another.”[2] We pray to God for sending His Grace to our beloved. We also pray to God for this or that to befall those whom we do not love; nevertheless, thus we send them a blessing. Therefore, we pray for those whom we love and whom we do not love. But we forget about the people who are in the middle. I want to remind you to pray for them too. As far as I know, you pray a lot. Your prayer should be delivered with all your heart; that is to say, with absolute sincerity! That is how you should pray! You say, “Such things to be accomplished, efforts and struggle are required.” You will struggle until your virtues take supremacy. Say, “I can serve God in all times and conditions.” When you overcome all obstacles in your life, you will be a true spiritual worker.


We, too, have overcome a great obstacle now; we climbed Musala in the rain, snow, and hail. Those who will hear about it will wonder what we were thinking to have embarked for Musala at such an early hour, still in the dark and in such bad weather. People say that we are foolhardy. But our thinking is different. Anyone can climb Musala in good weather. And yet, the challenge is to climb it in bad weather. If they ask you whether that was a must, say, “It was a learning experience.” I want you to keep this outing in memory as something rare and unforgettable. If it remains like a dead recollection for you - as the cemetery monuments are - you have attained nothing. On some monuments, you may read, “Here rests a young hero who took part in 25 battles.” I do not approve such monuments and inscriptions.


The monuments of our true heroes are living, not made of stone. When we visit some of them, we say, “Come out and demonstrate your bravery.” It is my wish for you to be like living monuments. I would like you to: firstly, rise (rise means “sprout” when regarding the process of growing); then - come back to life; and finally - resurrect. When I bring you once again to Musala, say, “We have learned how to rise and come to life.” If you are asked who your people are, answer, “Those who have risen.”


As you see, we are in fog. What does it mean? When Moses climbed Mt. Sinai, thick clouds covered him. Thunder could be heard, but no one could see what was happening there. It was better this way. Today, as well, God is saying, “The external world has not been ready to see My Face yet, nor what is taking place here.” For this reason, the fog is spread out in front of us today.


The Divine plough needs to work upon you for a long time so that you might be able to receive the Divine Light. Such a big quake will befall the world that no roofs will remain on the houses. What are these roofs that I have in mind? They represent people’s chains and shackles. God will come when you have all your roofs blown away and window shutters raised - and then you will get free. Is there anything bad in that? The chains will fall away from your hands and feet. If a stallion grazes freely in the wilderness, free of chains and bridles, is there anything bad in that? Where will you look for an untamed horse? In the wilderness. When I see him, I will pat his back and tell him, “I am glad that you are free of chains and bridles.” As the horse is grazing, he will lift up his head to look at me and will continue to graze. This is a form of speech for the horse and I converse with him in this way. By raising his head, the horse wants to tell me, “Have you studied the Science of Saints and of Angels? Do you graze like us?” The ox says the same. I ask: Studying the Science of Saints and Angels, do you know the reason why horses and oxen graze?


It is said sometimes that someone chews and ruminates like an ox. According to me, people should learn how to chew their food and not gulping it down. Chewing is a symbol of life. When you see a horse in the wilderness, go to him, stop out of respect, pat him on his back, turn your eyes to God, and then continue on your way. If you see an ox, do the same.


“What will become of us?” Strange question: What will become of you? The Divine in you will awaken and God will begin to speak to you. Your souls will open to the Sublime in the world and you will rejoice. Only thus you will come to know God. Your ears will open for the Word of God and your minds will perceive Him. Only thus you will become brothers and sisters among yourselves. I do not speak of the present-day brotherhood and sisterhood, which is erased in four generations without leaving any trace at all. I speak of that brotherhood and sisterhood, which cannot be obliterated by any power in the world. It is the genuine brotherhood. And friendship obliterated by nothing - whatsoever it could be, is a true friendship.


May God’s Blessing come upon you! May God’s Love be with us all! May you walk in this Love throughout the whole year! Now you are kissing my hand. Why are you doing it? It seals the contract that you will serve God. Why do you shake hands with the right hand? It signifies that two people with awareness who have come together in one place are able to accomplish anything. You asked to have this lecture and it is done. If you really desire something, it is already realized. “Who can this lecture be shared with? - With all those who are devoted to the Divine Science. As it is said so it is.


The grass, that is to say, the little blade of grass that I gave you, will not lose its meaning. It will always speak to you. As soon as you search for it in your heart, you will find it. Be cheerful, glad, and joyful. You are required to serve God. May we be humble like children.


It was not possible to give you this talk on Mount Musala. Your feet were cold. As soon as we came down, the talk was given. Your courage to go to the summit in the bad weather is a token of your good nature. You were able to climb Musala in such difficult conditions and it is an indication that in respect to the spiritual, you can overcome all challenges and obstacles. Your act of courage makes me happy. From the perspective of the Divine Law, those who give always receive. Whatever you choose will be realized; but you should open your mind and heart for this to happen. We chose to reach the summit and we did it. Despite the bad weather, we succeeded to climb. The higher we climbed, the more the thunder abated and was gradually diminished. It was saying, “Whoever climbs to the top needs to be as pure as snow.” See, there is Sun shining now on the summit. We should climb once more to the top to see the Sun.


People will ordinarily vie for leadership, for the first place. Those who fulfill God’s Will are “the first.” Those who do not fulfill it are “the last.” From this point of view, all can be the first.


When we were climbing up the peak, some were afraid of catching a chill that is why they returned. Others wanted to descend to Chamkoria[3], as they feared of remaining with us any longer. They asked me, “Should we go back or remain here?” As I stand for freedom, I told them to go back, if they are afraid of catching a chill. I could have told them that all should stay because there will be a talk tomorrow. But I did not tell them this, so they left. I acted in accordance with the Law of Freedom.


Within God, reversals of decisions do not exist. Whatever He promises will come to pass. God is the only Being Whose Words do not include reversals of decisions. He has never been unfaithful to His promises. He does not know that which is not possible. If God is not manifesting His Mercy, this is because He is waiting for the moment in which all will be able to understand Him. If God tolerates people, it is because He wants them to awaken and understand why the world is created. For example, you do not know why the grass has been created. It is not wrong that you do not know. I opened one page of the Divine Book for you today, but how many pages still remain to be open? By now, you have not thought why oxen and horses graze on grass. Which philosopher would have told you that? You say, “How good it would be if we could always be with you!” There is no time when you are without me.


As you see, the weather is beginning to improve. The weather has smiled and you become joyful. When you are joyful, the weather is joyful as well. When you are crying, the weather gets gloomy - it is crying too.


Many complain of being not loved. There is One Being Who loves you: it is God. When you say that no one loves you, it means that you have not found the One Who loves you boundlessly. As soon as His Light comes and fills your souls, you will all rejoice and be glad.


It is important now for you to assimilate completely all that you have heard. Here are the most important things, again: a bright, joyful day, a day of God. When the day is joyful, it is always God’s day. When you possess a single day like this, all days become God’s days.


Some of you complain of getting their feet wet. What does it mean to have wet feet? The Divine cannot be attained unless one gets his feet wet. Wet feet represent the unfavorable conditions in life. If you intend to achieve something and a number of obstacles occur - these are all like the wet feet. For example, you have decided to build a house, but you do not have the money for this; it is an obstacle. When we come to live in harmony with God, our homes will be more beautiful than at present. We will build homes according to our needs. We will have as much Light as we need.


Often you become discouraged and say, “We have grown old.” What does it mean? When someone loses his faith, that person grows old. When someone loses track of one’s life purpose and the aspiration for God, that person grows old.


Children are joyful when their mother has taken them outdoors - that is good. You are also joyful today and should be joyful. Why? It is because joy is like such an outing. And so, those of you who climbed Musala did well. And those who did not come - they did well too. In the end, we all must go down. “How wonderful it would be to stay here!” “Here” means “with God” - but we are going to be always with God.


Talk of the Master held on July 13, 1925 at the Lakes of Musala, Rila Mountains.



1. Musala is the highest peak (2,925 m) of the Rila Mountains in Bulgaria.

2. See also James 5:16, “Confess your trespasses to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

3. Chamkoria is the previous name of Borovets resort in the Rila Mountains.

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