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1938_08_28 The Desired Peace

Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

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Peace is needed in the modern world more than any time before. Why? Peace provides conditions for the greatest achievements of culture. That is why humankind is on its way to secure peace. There are more enlightened people today than any time before, who are aware that peace is the first and foremost condition for the normal development of humankind. For this reason all conscious and advanced people make efforts today for attaining peace.


In the past times and civilizations the leaders of humankind believed that the world could be set right only through war. Many of them began to realize later the falsity of this concept. The spiritual workers of today are striving for the world peace, so that new humankind and brotherhood among nations could be born and established. These new human beings will be bearers of love among all people and nations. As a result all nations will live for one another as in a family: big nations will be the big brothers, and small nations — the little ones. They will all have peace and harmony among themselves. This is the Will of God, Who is the Creator of the Universe. You ask when this time will come. It will come in the near future.


Modern humankind is at the threshold of a New epoch as the Solar system has already entered the realm of the Divine Dawning. When this time comes, there will be no conditions for the existence of malevolent people. They will perish one after another and the Earth will get rid of them.


The new conditions that are coming will admit no malice. Moreover they will bring to its destruction. The darkness will raise its curtains and go somewhere else. The dark forces will take their capitals and will go to another place to establish their banks and offices. It is enough to read the Scriptures to get convinced that the New epoch is not far away. Today everyone should have a mindful, conscious belief system. How will you recognize the coming of the New epoch? In the same way as you recognize the sunrise. Do you need to prove to someone that sunrise comes after the day break? By the time the Dawn of a new life breaks, the Sun has already begun to rise. It is said in the Scriptures that with the beginning of the New epoch on Earth, the Sun will be darkened and the Moon will not give its light — then the Son of Man will reveal His knowledge on Earth.[1] We refer the words about darkening of the Sun to the time when people will overcome their concept about the domination of one nation over another by force. By “the Moon will not give its light” we understand coming of the time when religions and belief systems will stop trying to set the world right.


Therefore, when all nations, religions, and countries leave off thinking they can set the world right, then the Son of Man will manifest Himself on Earth with His knowledge. Everyone will see Him without any need for proof. Why should you prove to someone that the Sun is rising? Sunrise needs no proof. It is enough for you to look through the window or go outside to be convinced that the Sun is really rising.


You should give preference to the new heart in you, which is made of soft material and not of stone like the present heart. The soft heart is woven by the fabric of compassion. Therefore, whoever has a merciful heart is a candidate for the new humankind. The softness of heart is that of the features characterizing the new human being — that of Love. It is said in the Scriptures, “I shall take their hearts of stone and give them new hearts.”[2] The hearts of stone will be used for paving the streets, while the soft hearts will remain to beat and show the world the greatness and beauty of the Divine Life. For this day specifically the Scripture says that God will impart His Spirit in the soft tender hearts of people and all — both young and old — will come to know Him. The human consciousness is gradually awakening in the same way as flower buds burst open in the spring in order to blossom and bear fruit.


The great in people’s life is presented in the awakening of their consciousness and removing the difficulties and adversities they encounter now. There are thousands of things in life which may disturb you, but also thousands of things which may please you. Whoever comprehends the Great Divine Laws will be glad to meet a good, intelligent, and learned person; to meet a poet, writer, musician, painter, farmer, stone-cutter, and so on. Rejoice when you meet someone working for the advancement of humankind. If you do not truly understand what a certain person represents, you behave slightingly, and say, “This one is a farmer, that one is a stone-cutter.” The one who brings forth the abundance of the earth is a farmer; the one who makes use of the qualities of the stones is a stone-cutter. The one who reveals the noble features in human faces is a true painter and the one who rectifies human errors is a sculptor. Hence, everyone who creates something valuable which ennobles, elevates, and brings joy to others is in the right place. A mighty power is hidden in the word of all writers, poets, scientists, and philosophers! The word has a great power!


Once a young man fell in despair and decided to commit suicide. He put a revolver in his pocket and went to a forest in order to fulfill his intention. However, a young woman had followed him without his knowledge. At the moment when he was going to kill himself, she came to him and whispered a word into his ear. When the young man heard this word, he immediately cast the revolver away and said, “I am not going to commit suicide. I will live for myself, my fellowmen, and humankind. Life is meaningful and it is worth living!”


Which is the word the young woman whispered to the young man? You know this word, no need for me to tell you. There are moments when only one word is sufficient to relieve someone from his present grave situation. It is not necessary to speak a lot to a person. One word will do, if it is Divine. Then what is uttered will come true. God said, “Let there be Light!” — and there was Light. During the six days of Creation, God said one Word daily, but as these were Words of the Divine language, they had enormous Power. All said by God came into existence. On the seventh day He said nothing as He was at rest.


It is time already for the unification of all people through their minds, hearts, and goodwill, so that to work together for the introduction of peace. All — religious or not — should embrace the idea of peace. It is said in the Scriptures, “But he who endures to the end shall be saved,”[3] or in other words, “He who wins the battle for peace, will be saved.”


The religious people of today speak about Love, but do not apply it. The person who has Love within can increase and decrease his body temperature by the degrees desired and at will. Who can oppose someone with a body temperature of ten thousand degrees? Such a person will instantly overcome any obstacles coming into his path. Thus he will set an example of [manifesting] Divine Love. Wherever he goes all doors will be open for him. The person of Love can increase at will not only his body temperature, but also his inner light, making it a thousand times brighter than the solar one. Such light will blind even the most numerous and powerful army. People cannot imagine yet a light that is a thousand times brighter than the solar one. One can achieve anything with such light. Whoever has warmth of ten thousand degrees and light a thousand times brighter than the solar one can open the safes of all banks, warm all frozen hearts, and remove all obstacles, placed by the human egotism.


Great warmth and light are coming into the world. These are Divine forces, which will warm and enlighten the human hearts and minds. When the warmth and light of Love come into the world, they will melt and burn out all malevolent, criminal aspects of people, while the good and righteous ones will remain; thus it will be clear that one cannot mess about Love. It is not allowed to play with Love. People of today are terrified by the idea of being submitted to a temperature of ten thousand degrees. Yet what will be their state, when Christ comes to Earth? Then the temperature will be much higher than ten thousand degrees. Christ says: “Peace I leave with you!”[4] It implies that Christ is for peace too. He is for that peace which is based on Love and brotherhood among all nations, societies, and individuals on the face of Earth. Manifestations of brotherly and sisterly love at present are nothing else but branches of the future Culture. This love is more elevated than motherly love. It does not matter how great motherly love could be, it still contains an element of egotism in it. Take for example the love of a tigress to its cubs. It is ready out of love for them to kill at any moment any living creature crossing their path. In this sense motherly love represents the roots of life, while brotherly and sisterly love — its branches.


Fruits on the Tree of Life represent Divine Love. They are result of the roots of motherly love and the branches of brotherly and sisterly love.


As a matter of fact, in the future people will eat from the fruits of Divine Love and attain immortality. These fruits will be bearers of the New life. Wherever you go in the world, you will meet representatives of the New life. They can be recognized by the soft, pleasant light coming from their eyes. We call them “brothers and sisters of humanity,” bearers of the Divine. Christ is one of these new humans. He said, “I did not come to do My will, but the will of the One Who had sent me. I came to bring peace to the world.”[5] Before the coming of Christ Jews followed the Law of Moses to the letter. They slaughtered lambs, sheep, and oxen as a sacrificial offer to God. However, their life changed completely with the coming of Christ. He destroyed the old life in one stroke. The Jews came to the awareness that good thoughts, feelings, and deeds represent the true sacrifice.


What is the essence of the new religion? Its first creed states: I believe that the love of my mother and father represents roots of the Tree of Great Life — the Life of Love. The second creed reads: I believe that the love of my sister and brother represents branches of the Tree of Great Life — the Life of Love. The third creed reads: I believe that Divine Love represents fruits of the Tree of Great Life. The outcome of my mind and heart will be transformed into fruits of Love. Whoever eats from these fruits will attain immortality. Christ said, “Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life.”[6] It implies that whoever eats from the Tree of Life, in other words, from the motherly-fatherly and brotherly-sisterly love will bear life within.


Now, becoming aware of the new creed in essence, you should be brave and daring in applying it. Many people are looking forward to something new. The new is in the reconciliation among people. The new reconciles all existing contradictions. How could the reconciliation among people be achieved? It is very simple. Whoever has something to take, let him forgive the debt of his brother. Whoever has something to give, let him be ready to pay his debt. When he goes to pay his creditor, let the latter tell him that he has forgiven him his debt in the name of brotherhood, acknowledging him for his brother. When two persons fraternize, their debts fall automatically away, their arguments cease and all misunderstandings disappear. I would like people to argue only about one thing: who will give more in order to help his brother. If you notice that your brother is very tired and cannot lift the hoe anymore, you will take it from his hand and do the work instead. If you notice that your brother breaks down under the weight of his burden, you will take the load from his back, put it on your back and continue side by side, speaking friendly to each other. When you meet a brother in the street and realize that he is hungry, as he has not taken anything to eat for three days, you will invite and treat him well at your home, feed him well, and invite him to come again. These are brotherly relationships.


People are waiting today for the second coming of Christ on Earth, so that the world could be set right. No, the world cannot be set right from outside. Christ needs to come from within each and every one of you. Only in this way will the world be set right. If you place millions of iron shavings together, they will not unite and become one. However, if you heat them up to a certain temperature, they will melt and fuse with each other, forming one liquid substance. In this case the fire is that inner power which solders the iron shavings making them form one whole. Therefore, Christ needs to come into the human hearts and minds as an inner power that will unite them. Love is this inner power which brings life to the human souls. People can work and live in harmony only through Love. Those who do not understand Love are ready to criticize it.


Now, when I am speaking about Love, I know the extent to which you can apply it. In fact, I am aware which things are applicable today and which are not. For example, modern people are not able to go to the Sun no matter how much they know about it and about the opportunities to visit it. Why? The physical characteristics of the Sun are completely different from those on Earth. There is no way for the human beings to go to the Sun in their present body. The average human body of sixty kilograms will weigh millions of kilograms on the Sun. How could one move there with such an enormous mass? There is a beautiful life on the Sun, but it is not yet accessible to earthly people. One can go to the Sun in a mental way, but not in reality. Do you know anything about the inhabitants of the Sun and their life? Do you know anything about their language? It is enough for us that we have the possibility of benefiting from the solar rays. If you want to heal yourself, expose your back to the early morning rays. If you want to attain inner peace, expose your back to the setting Sun with your face turned to the east. Thus, you will feel deep peace within yourself and will realize that it is not worth to worry about trivial, petty things. The inhabitants of the Sun live in great abundance, so they do not worry about anything. Their assignment is to send bounties all over the Solar system. They determine the budget of its planets and living beings, including the entire humankind: all people, nations, and countries.


When I speak to you about the Sun, I do not want you to take my word for it. I am not interested in whether you believe me or not. I am interested only in one thing: whether what I am telling you is one with the Truth or not. Believe in what God has created. If you believe in His creation of Heaven and Earth with all luminaries and living beings, then you will believe in their Creator too. If one believes in these things, one should study both Heaven and Earth. You need to examine the Sun, Moon, all stars in the sky as astronomers and scientists do. People need to find their own inner suns first to be able to understand life on the Sun. Everyone has a small inner sun in the center of the brain. The size of this sun is different for each individual, depending on the size of the other inner planets. In fact, it is through this inner sun that the soul acquires knowledge. The astronomic Sun and the planets in the sky are similar to the inner sun and inner planets in humans: in terms of their rising, setting, and so on. If one’s inner sun ceases to rise, the outer Sun also loses its meaning for this person. It is a sign for the existence of a certain connection between the outer Sun and the inner sun. If this connection is interrupted, the person will not possess any inner light. When both the inner sun and outer Sun shine, one has the opportunity to perceive light. If one’s inner sun stops shining, the person becomes blind as he is deprived of the conditions to see and perceive the Divine knowledge.


And so, many are striving for Divine knowledge which purpose is to teach you value your inner sun, because through it your soul can learn and develop. If someone says that his soul is in darkness, it is an indication that his inner sun has ceased to shine. As long as the Sun shines, the human being thinks and feels right. If one’s inner sun ceases to shine, the human mind and heart will both darken with it. That is why in order to avoid darkening of the inner sun, one should lead a meaningful life. The malevolent life expressed in negative thoughts, feelings, and deeds causes adversities which darken one’s sky where the inner sun shines.

Many people — whether learned or ignorant —  are not aware of the great influence of thoughts and feelings on the inner life, and consequently on the human health. That is why they seek their happiness in a unnatural way. They want to become rich, to marry a beautiful woman, to acquire a lot of knowledge, without even suspecting that in this way they themselves prepare their misfortune. There is nothing wrong in acquiring knowledge, power, beauty, wealth, but one should know how to use them. There is a Turkish saying, “It is a blessing to see beautiful things.” Indeed, the human beings strive for beauty and its inspiration is quite natural, but not the attempts for appropriating beauty. Both beauty and ugliness have their place in Nature in the same way as light and darkness. Light reigns until the Sun shines. When the Sun sets, darkness comes. Yet stars cannot shine without darkness. Therefore, darkness is necessary, so that virtues — the stars — may be revealed in the human life.


Now, when I am speaking about the Divine in the world, some of you become discouraged thinking they cannot attain it. God promised the human beings to come and dwell in them, so that they would not be discouraged. The future kingdom will be established from within, not from without. All God’s plans will be fulfilled through the love of entire humankind. To achieve this, workers are needed. All people of today should work in this aspect and become bearers of the Divine ideas, so that when God enters into their suns to be able to reveal Himself outwardly. A special mission is assigned to every person — to be a bearer of Divine Love, Wisdom and Light, of Divine Truth and Freedom in a specific, unique way. Only thus one can achieve all his desires. All trials, difficulties, and sufferings humankind is going through today will become conditions to come to know God and the Great in the world. God will be with you in all your ways. Then you will say: “We are happy to live in an epoch when we can experience and come to know God’s Love, when we can become workers in His field.”


Rejoice and be happy to attain the ideals of your soul. It is up to you when you can attain them even today. One Divine day is equal to a thousand years. So, after a thousand years you can attain what you wish today. Conscious work is required of everyone! The Divine is already on the threshold of your home. Open the doors of your hearts and minds to let the Divine light and warmth in.


Lecture given by the Master Beinsa Douno, August 28, 1938, Izgrev, Sofia.



[1]. See also Mark 13:24-25, “But in those days, after that tribulation, the Sun will be darkened, and the Moon will not give its light; the stars of heaven will fall, and the powers in the heavens will be shaken.”

[2]. See also Ezekiel 36:26, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.”

[3]. See Mark 13:13.

[4]. See John 14:27. 5.

[5]. See also John 12:44-50.

[6]. See John 6:54.

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