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1942_06_23 The Ascending Way

Jackline Spasova-Bobeva

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From The beauty of life



The Ascending Way


Lecture given by Beinsa Douno, June 23, 1942, 05:00 a.m. local time, The Seven Rila Lakes




The Gospel of John, 10:1-15


The Divine World is a world of Light, a world of law and order and of Eternal Divine harmony, which the enlightened souls carry throughout the Universe, which was created by God for the manifestation of His Glory and Greatness.


A world without Light is a world of chaos and disorder, a world that needs the hand of God. The world of aridity and the world of drought are worlds, which need Divine Peace and the Life of Joy.


Make use of the benefits of the small opportunities in life to do Good.


Take advantage of the benefits of the small opportunities to do rightly with your soul, which carries the burden of all souls.


Make use of the opportunities of the small daily moments in life, so that you may demonstrate your intelligence. It is the only way, in which the soul grows strong in Goodness, Justice and Wisdom.


Even the smallest occasion in everyday life gives an impulse towards benevolence, which comes from God; even the smallest moment drives towards justice and prudence. So, the smallest thing in everyday life may provoke the impulse towards Good, Justice and Wisdom, which come from God.


Every kind of negligence towards Goodness, Justice and Wisdom is the reason for the trials and tribulations in one's life.


You suffer because you are negligent towards Goodness.


You suffer because you are negligent towards Justice.


You suffer because you are negligent towards Wisdom.


Leave the filthy road of life, where everything is covered with fog and take the ascending path of Love.


Do not disregard the small flowers, which you see on your way.


Do not disregard the dew-drops, which you see on the faded leaves.


Do not resent the chirping of the little birds, talking to each other.


Do not deny even the most trivial song of Light, which brings joy to your soul.


Do not refuse the kindness of the little beetle, buzzing around you and praying. And when it comes to rest on your knee, touch it gently and say, "Thank you for the little goodness and for the little kindness you bring to me." Be thankful – not for the biting flies, but for the little beetles, which caress you. The biting flies represent the evil people and the little beetles represent the good ones.


When you speak, speak clearly and with good articulation, do not mumble.


Any person, who does not know how to behave, is wretched.


In the world of good and evil, in which you are living, you should always choose good first and then make evil be a servant of good.


Do not make friends with evil. It is the heaviest burden that you can carry, the hardest work that you can do, the most difficult teaching that you can attain, the biggest surprises that you can face. Evil has got only one friend and this is Love.


Meet the evil's friend first; meet Love and then evil itself.


Do not put your finger in the fire, but rather use tongs.


The world of good and evil is a World of God. Do not enter into this world prematurely, your place is not there.


Until you acquire the knowledge and strength of the enlightened and intelligent beings in the Divine World, you will always suffer.


A suffering which cannot be used is a restraint for the soul.


A suffering which can be used is an achievement for the soul.


Enjoy the little fruits, which God is sending to you daily and unceasingly, so that you may strengthen yourself on the path, which leads to Love.


Once you enter the territory of Love, it will reveal the Beauty of the Divine World to you.


No Divine fruits are attainable without Love.


With Love, Divine fruits are like threads, from which all of Life is woven.


The Spirit is the One Who with His Light is weaving the good life of humans.


Walk in the Light of the Spirit, so that God may bless you.


Make use of the contact points of Light.


Make use of the gifts of Light.


Pay attention to the smallest flicker of Light to find the unknown paths of Life. Hidden within are the Divine joys, descending from Heaven. The Earth is a place of Divine treasures, from which you benefit daily. Dust is as precious there as gold. The word dust[1] is full of meaning. In Bulgarian it has two meanings: one is the noun prah and the other is the verb prah [2]. One washes to get rid of the dust. Every dusty thing has to be cleaned. The word dust is associated with the word cleanliness with the concept of purity. The word purity, on the other hand, is associated with the Divine World. Therefore, dust leads to purity and purity leads to the Divine World. In the world of Wisdom, dust is as precious as gold and gemstones, as sweet fruits and pure flowing water. Dust is the feather, with which the earthly life was written down. If you love Life, it is indivisible, but if you do not, it splits into two and causes you troubles.


Do not despise your oppressor. You should rather love him, because it is through him that you will return to God.


Work consciously and wisely on yourself, so that you may deal with the dust and free yourself from it. It is better to deal with the dust than to occupy the highest position in the world. Reigning, without having dealt with the dust, is vanity in life. Reigning, after having dealt with the dust, is being in the joy of life. If you rejoice, you have much dust in your life; if you suffer, you have little. Dust sings its own song of life, out of whose particles it came into existence.


Receive joyfully the Word of God, which flows into your souls.


The Word of God brings the Divine fruits.


Whatever may happen in your life, whether good or bad, rejoice. God will turn everything to good.


Where God is present, Life and death are one.


Abide in God, so that He may live in you forever!


Learn the precious words of Love.


Study the Word that comes from God.




[1]Dust – ‘prah’ in Bulgarian

[2]’Prah’ – the word prah in Bulgarian also means washed (the past tense of the verb to wash)




Translated by Daniela Pavlova

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