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1916_11_19 Examine How Are Growing The Lilies In The Field


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Examine How Are Growing The Lilies In The Field



Examine how are growing the lilies in the field:


they neither work hard, nor spin.


St. Matthew’s Gospel 6: 28




Christ was great not only in the large things: creating of people, worlds, but in the small things as well. He says: “Go and learn from the lilies…” What will you learn? Firstly –patience. Secondly - silence. They do not worry about their garment although they are poor. They have only two bodies. They do not have a body of wishes and a mental body. In the new life, Divine life, it is required: first to have calmness when we have nothing, and not when we have and when we are not in need. In the evening, when you go to bed, take off your jewellery; the soldier leaves his rifle, his rucksack and he is free. Go and examine the lilies, they are white. A person could not be calm, if he/she is not white and pure. The person has sediments left from his past that do not enable a quiet and calm life. All people do worry: preachers, office workers, statesmen, etc. That trouble, you have, it is movement; it is the initial impulse of the movement. We should understand the law of movement. That law means that God works in all of you; do not worry. A donkey rides over the lily but it grows again, and it becomes better and gives better flowers. Let us save ourselves through the art. The lily has understood that art. Many of the Christians look alike to the hermit who has been living for 20 years on the mountain top and thought himself to be pure and holy; he decided to go down in the town to meet his brother. His brother was a shoemaker. The hermit took a ball of snow and dismounted at his brother in order to show him that he is as pure as the snow. There, one maid visited his brother to have measurements taken for shoes. The brother has taken the measurement keeping calm. The hermit looked at the semi-raised hem of her dress, he saw maid’s leg and his snow ball started to melt. His brother told him: “Brother, your ball of snow is melting.” Twenty years of holy life melted because of a woman’s leg; a man’s twenty years of holy life melted because of a woman’s leg; a holy life of twenty years melted because of 10 oka[1] of gold. The holy man says to himself: “Why I was so silly during the twenty years and did not marry and have children instead,” and other examples. That parallel is not an episodic case in life. We are an audience; people are melting every day (he gave the example with Ibsen’s Irene, who escaped because of a marble statue).


The life is not only kisses. And Judas had kissed Christ. How many hearts were broken by kisses! And the cat smiles to the mouse.


“Go to the lilies,” says Christ. The lilies snow does not melt. Christ’s colour does not melt. The Jews were elected as a nation with 36,000 promises by God, but their snow has melted by that woman’s leg. They have slaughtered cattle, sheep, and made statues in God’s name, but their snow has melted.


You want to act in the spiritual life and I am saying to you: Learn from the lilies.


There are three positions in the world: physical field, atmosphere and world. The physical field is the base – this is the influence and action of the acting and working forces; the world is the relation between the living and rational creatures. God fell in love with the world; this means that he came down to teach people what the relations between them should be.


The maiden brings a lily and tells the swain: “How clean it is, and white!” But when the priest says his last prayer of blessing, after three months the white snow starts to melt. I want that lily to grow up in your hearts. They are growing up well in the field, but in few hearts, in few children, in few nations, in few churches, and in few speakers have I found that lily. I have come now, I am walking on the Earth and I am with you in order to see where and what lilies there are and how are they growing up. The women are guilty – they are the reason and the God was expelled from the Paradise. [A1] I am not accusing you, but I am telling you one truth.


There are no men and women but only human beings in God’s Kingdom. If men and women came in there, they would spoil it. I do not want to offend you, I am saying it this way, because you are human beings and because your snow should not melt.


If I was a rich man having millions, I would have more people around me. My position is as follows: A dervish has entered a bath-house. He had had a bath but he has no money to pay. But the bath attendant wanted the charge. The dervish prayed: “God, give me either a penny to pay my charge, or demolish this bath-house!” There, something quaked. The bath attendant came out to see what happened and the dervish had been set free. He had seen one imam praying. He told him that he had prayed for a penny.


And people always pray to God for money, but it is not His; He has not created it. It is in the soil. Knowing the law, we shall dig it out as gold and we shall make coin money.


And, again for the lilies…Christ sends the people to see the lilies. Their calyx is open upwards i.e. it looks at God; to the Life-giving Spirit and if your hearts are open to God, they will be pure as the lilies. Let us grow up as the lilies; we should not mix the Heavenly world with the mundane one. Whatever goods we want for ourselves, we should give and wish for all people. It is a law that we should lay a stone every day, in order to grow up and develop. The first thing that Christ says to us is to stop, and to stop means to peer at ourselves. There are wishes in people to visit different countries…But no, stop like the lily, appeal to God, and peer at yourself. And then your snow will not melt. For 8,000 years, people’s snow continually melts. People come and tell me: “A man named so-and-so pestered me.” And what is this? “My snow ball has melted.” Under the word “woman’s leg” I want you to comprehend an emblem in the broad sense. The snow of the saint was carried outside, and the snow of his brother, the shoemaker, was inside him, in his heart. Be the same. Have always satisfaction. Now, these pains, which are in the world, they are managed. The soldier’s bullet is guided by a smart power, intelligent. You defeat, you are in the shoemaker’s place; you are defeated, it means that your snow has started to melt.


External things always might be taken away from us. The lily receives all from the sun, wind, and moisture. Let us stop as the shoemaker, as the lily and God will work upon us. Forget the illusions of your life. Take the essence, like when you are going to travel, you do not take your entire house with you, but only the necessary things. Take with you the required amount and when robbers seize you, give them the money. Do not be like that commercial lawyer who never had money with him, but when robbers caught him on his way to…, he had nothing to give them and they beat him; he has already promised to bring money with him.


Why are you not a learned man; why are you not a distinguished person, rich, why are you not a successful one and so on; it is because your snow melts. The snow is an emblem of water; it should not be lost. Our Heavenly wish should never change its direction of movement. Every life grows in a certain direction. The plant grows in a circle, the animals in the type of a cylinder, the humans – in the type of a spiral, stepwise upwards to God.


A glance and a kiss are one and the same thing for me. You have become irritated – it indicates that your centers of the spiral of your growth are not properly arranged. That lily is one great Spirit-Cherub, who always stays in front of God’s face and who could never be bribed.


I am not going to make a conclusion. I would like you to be in the position of the saint, when he has come down from the mountain, and the position of the shoemaker, and to be in the place of Moses at the blackberry bush. Go to that splendid white lily growing now in Bulgaria everywhere and you will know that you will become good persons and you will serve your nation.




Sunday, 10 – 12 o’clock.


(Notes taken in a conversation with the Master Beinsa Douno)


Do not ever let in your Soul, in your holy of holies, one impure man. Do not try to put him right – let him sort himself out in the external courtyard, and not in your inner courtyard.


Somebody is speaking to you, you do not want to listen to him; stand up, go home, but you should not interrupt him – he is a spring that is running. Let this spring flow out and talk, after that; go home if you do not want to listen to him.


Christ is the sold brother in Egypt. After that He was sold again to the pagans, but He has come back again. Now they are going to Him, and will bow to Him.


Human beings should pray constantly to be in touch with God. Fate should be submitted to His hands with Faith. Sometimes He will bring you within a hairbreadth of death but He will not leave you.


The father is good, but when he has children, he leaves them “to have enough of life”, and this is his first mistake. What was good for the father, this should be done for the children too. They are sly and they understand the weakness easily.


People start often with Christ and end with Moses. The law is: start with Moses and end with Christ. Have always one God – one center but not many centres[A2] . When your God gets angry, it is bad, but if someone else gets angry – do not worry.


As long as you have not accepted God to be your teacher, no one teaches you; but when God Christ starts to teach you, immediately other teachers will appear to teach you about this and that and to show you other ways. They are false, do not listen to them, but only listen to Jesus Christ in secret without making this known to other teachers who have appeared.


The sufferings should not be the reason for discouragement, on the contrary – for encouragement. All writers have written their best works when they have suffered most.


The Thessalonian campaign4 is the Grecian horse – the Greeks put it in Thessalonica and Bulgarians first pull it.


The end that comes is good. You would like to know more about the new age – here it is.




[1] Oka= old unit of weight equal to 1225 g

 [A2]In a text, use only one variant in spelling a word, not center and centre.

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