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1917_02_25 Salvation


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“But if you want to enter into life, keep the commandments.”


Matthew 19:17



Educated people of the 20th century, both worldly and religious, have a vague understanding of Moses’ law as well as of Christ’s law. For the past two thousand years Christians have been combing through Christ’s Teaching and have, thus, made it so threadbare that if you were to look at it through the eyes of a seer you would to see it as a tree with peeled off bark. All critics, writers, and preachers alike talk about obtaining salvation through doing good deeds, and through implementing God’s commandments, but salvation proceeds out of one basic law in Nature that has been in existence long before Christ’s time, since the beginning of all Existence. Thus, everything that happens today in the human soul, in societies, in peoples, and throughout the whole of humankind, comes from the Beginning of all Existence, i.e. from the original Life source.


The word “salvation” has many meanings. For example, someone falls into water and starts drowning, but then someone else pulls him out of the water. Everyone is happy and says, “This man has been saved.” Someone else recovers from a serious illness and people say, “He is saved.” Then, someone else strays from the right path, but after a while is able to straighten his life and start living righteously again. Again, people say of him, “He has been saved.” The common meaning of the word “salvation” implies one’s leaving the bad life and returning to the good Life again, or it implies leaving the toils and suffering of Life and settling into the better conditions of Life. Taken in its broader meaning, the word “salvation” implies one’s entering into eternal Life. Everyone wants to find the conditions of eternal Life. This is all too natural! It is not good enough for man to be saved from drowning, only to die of starvation later; it is not enough for man to rid himself of a serious illness, only to fall sick with another after some time. All of this is but getting rid of one evil only to run into another one. What man needs is real salvation; he needs to restore his connection with the Original Cause of all things. Man cannot be saved unless he restores this connection, for outside of this connection no salvation exists. This is how salvation should be understood today for this is how Christ understood it and this is how all saints, as well as all just and good people on Earth have understood it.


Christ says, “If you want to be perfect, go sell what you have, and give to the poor; and come, follow Me.” Anyone who sees salvation in different terms is deluding himself, and he will go through falling and getting up again, through losing faith, etc. The law of salvation is at work at all times. Some think that man can be saved only once and that once he has been saved he does not need to think about salvation any more. Man needs to save himself at any given moment. Salvation, therefore, is a manifold and eternal process. We do not believe in one-time processes. However, just like man eats, drinks water and breathes all the time, he needs to save himself all the time, as well. There is a constant connection between the human soul and God: this connection is called “the connection of salvation.” People often wonder, “Have I been saved?” Today you may be saved but tomorrow someone might grab you by the neck; today you may be full but tomorrow you will be hungry; today you may have one good thought but tomorrow you will be attacked by some bad thought. If you want to break the cycle of being in one condition today and in another tomorrow, you need to keep your connection with God intact.


Christ came down to Earth to create a strong and constant connection between men and Angels, on one hand, and between men and God, on the other. When the young man asked Christ what to do in order to inherit eternal Life, Christ said, “You shall not murder!” This comes to show that murder can sever man’s connection with God, with the Angels, and with his more advanced brothers. Christ also added, “You shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal, you shall not bear false witness; honour your father and your mother; and you shall love your neighbour as yourself.” These are the laws of the Spirit and these laws are related to the present epoch. The young man said to Christ, “All these things I have kept from my youth. What do I still lack?”


Christ answered him, saying, “If you want to be perfect, go sell what you have, and give to the poor; and come, follow Me!” With the first two commandments Christ explains the reasons that can lead to breaking off the connection between man and the world of sublime intelligent Beings. With the next few commandments He explains the causes that can repair the broken connection.


“You shall not murder!” The word “murder” is used in a broad sense and meaning. When you hear this commandment you might think to yourself, “Thank God that I have not murdered anybody in my life.” All I can say to you is this: there is no person in the world who has not murdered. Murder is not only taking one’s  Life. Every day, knowingly or unknowingly, man murders a good thought, a good feeling or a good intention that comes to him. Also, man murders his neighbour’s good thoughts, intentions and acts. For example, when you meet someone who believes in God and you manage to talk him out of his belief is that not murder? You murder a sacred feeling inside this man. How do you know that God does not exist? He, who denies the existence of God, wants, in fact, to take His place. Therefore, when you say about someone that he is not rich, good, beautiful, or learned it shows that you want to keep these qualities for yourself. The denial of the Good, the beautiful, and the great puts distance between man and God. By doing these things you break off your connection with Him and expose yourselves to death. You might say that people love you, but this means nothing. People may love you and you may still toil and suffer, depending on what kind of Love their love is. Most people’s love is the love of crows and eagles. I do not mean to offend you by saying this, but I want you to know that love that does not build and elevate is but animal love. The “You shall not murder” commandment pertains precisely to this very kind of love. You say that people sing hymns to Love. To which Love should we sing hymns: to the one that destroys or to the one that creates? So many young men and women of noble thoughts and desires have been disappointed with Love! So many young women and men have made an attempt on their Life after marriage! Why does a young woman feel disappointed? It is because she cannot find in her beloved those elements that are necessary for her evolution. The young man, too, is disappointed with his beloved for the same reason. Does this same thing not happen with man’s religious beliefs? You meet a religious, joyful and inspired person, but you dissuade him of his belief and you prove to him that there is Life only on Earth, and then he becomes disappointed and loses his good disposition. The time will come when man’s consciousness will awaken and he will enter from one Life into another. Then people will understand that there is no death, and that Life is eternal and continuous.


People today have different beliefs and concepts of this life and the life beyond, but they have not tried and tested everything. Some maintain the thought that there is Life only on Earth, and that when man dies he disappears and nothing is left of him. These people deny resurrection. Which one of these people has been to the other world to say what is there? Only the one who has tried a certain idea has the right to deny or ascertain it. Only the dead man can talk about death; the living talk only about Life. Speaking of this, there are dead people who are alive and continue to live. There are also living people who are dead; they move among the living but do not acknowledge Life. These people move about mechanically, having no thoughts or feelings. Thousands of years must pass before they can come back to life. They look but they cannot see; they listen but they cannot hear, for they are sleeping. However, there are also people both in this world and in the other one who can see, hear, understand and apply the laws of Life. They are alive and they enjoy Life as it is manifested in all worlds.


“You shall not murder!” This means that you should not destroy a single good thought or a single good intention that God has invested into you or into your neighbour. Instead of destroying one’s Life and making it meaningless, one should build. The meaning of human Life is in getting rid of the bad traits and cultivating the good ones that elevate man, and create conditions of man’s salvation and union with God. How can one get rid of one’s bad traits? He can do that by removing from his way all those conditions that cease his connection with the Divine world. For man, to break this connection will mean to stop his evolution on Earth. Man must first live through Moses’ law, which states, “Respect your father and your mother, and love your neighbour as yourself.” Only after he has implemented this law is man ready to implement Christ’s law.


Christ says, “I am the true vine, and My father is the vinedresser. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” This means that each one of Christ’s canes that has not yet given up its desire to kill is a cane that does not bear fruit. The Father will cut it and toss it aside. What are the signs that show which man kills? One sign is sourness, i.e. discontentment. Once man is sour, once he has started to feel irritated and discontent, he is ready to kill. In addition, Christ says, “You shall not steal!” What should we not steal? We should not kill people’s good thoughts and intentions. I am ready to give away all my fortune, but I do not ever want to have something stolen or steal something, myself, from the mind and heart of a man. One should not kill one’s neighbour’s good thoughts and intentions, and one should not steal, as well.


Christ says, “You shall not bear false witness!” In his interactions of giving and taking, man should be completely honest and should allow for no lie whatsoever. If he receives one good thought or one good intention, he should respond with the same. If man repays one good thought with a bad one, he is using a lie. If you repay the Good with bad and tell yourself that you have applied the Good, with this you are corrupting yourself first, but also your family and your society. One is not allowed to kill, steal, or lie. A woman or a man who allow themselves to steal the mind or the heart of the other one are on the wrong path. Before long they will see the lie in which they have lived. Lying goes side by side with killing and stealing. Rid yourself of the habits and vices of your past so that you can love your father, your mother, and your neighbour. How should you love your neighbour? As yourself. Who are you, and who is your mother and your father? Your body is you, your soul is your mother, and your Spirit is your father. Man is a child of his soul. So, the body is the child of the soul. The soul cares for the body like a mother, bringing it up and teaching it good manners. Some ask if they will be using their present body for their life in the other world. They mean to ask: is the body related to the soul and the Spirit, i.e. is it related to its mother and father? The son should be decent; he should bring joy to his mother and his father. He should honour and respect them. The mother and the father are inside oneself, not outside. The day when you transgress the law of God and stop honouring your mother and your father, and stop loving your neighbour you will find yourself outside the conditions for Life. Apply Christ’s Teaching every moment of your Life, and you will see that it is a teaching of Life and Strength. If you are not well disposed pay closer attention to your Life to find out which of the three commandments you have transgressed. All you need is to be sincere with yourself and you will know which commandment exactly you have transgressed: you shall not murder, you shall not steal or you shall not bear false witness.


Christ says, “If you want to be perfect, go sell what you have, and give to the poor; and come, follow Me!” To whom are you going to give your possessions? To your thoughts and intentions. Whom are you going to follow? The Great Teacher of Life. When people read this verse they start discussing it. They are afraid that if they give away their possessions, and give up their house and their money they will become poor and will lose the conditions for development. God does not want your properties. He does not need your houses, or your money. The word “possessions” implies something else: only he, who is ready to express the Good that has been invested in him, is able to give away his possessions, for the Good in man makes up his possessions. Good is linked to the law of Love. When compassion and Love are active inside man, he is then ready to express the Good and do good deeds. Good cannot exist, i.e. it cannot be expressed outside of compassion and Love. There is not a single man in the world who can do good without having a good thought or a good intention in him. It is said, “Honour your mother and father.” The mother and the father represent the object of your Love and your neighbour represents the impulse that urges you to express your Love. The mother and the father are symbolic of the strong, and your neighbour is symbolic of the weak. Man is capable of loving only what is tender, weak, and endearing, and in need of help. You can honour and respect the strong, but it is the weak that you can love.


The Scriptures say, “God is Love.” Who knows God as Love: he, who is weak, sinful, or feeble does. Therefore, be happy if you are weak because this gives you the opportunity to know Love and become strong; be happy if you are sinful because this gives you the opportunity to know Love and become just. It is said in the Gospel that God punishes the ones He loves. Along these lines, one can say, “God forgives the sins of the ones He loves.” This same law exists in nature, too. If you observe Animals you will notice that they, too, are careful and tender towards the weak creatures. This same law acts among people, too. Be happy if you are in the hands of someone who is strong, but also noble and good, for he will help you and elevate you. Woe to the one falls in the hands of someone who is rude and cruel, and who lacks nobility, for such a person is like an octopus: he sticks his tentacles into the weak, sucks out his juices and throws him away. Some religious and worldly people do the same: when they find someone who is weak and good they stick their tentacles into him, empty out his money pouch, and then let him go, saying, “We turned him to God”, or “We introduced him to Life and gave him knowledge.” This is no turning to God, at all; this is no science, at all. Such a person will not think again of your God or of your Knowledge. If you want to help someone you should never empty out his money pouch, and you should never turn his heart and mind to God. What you should do, instead, is let him look for God and turn to Him on his own. If you want to help someone you need to find the key to his door and tell him, “Take this key that you once lost, and open the door to your house. Then clean your house, open your windows so that the Sun can enter it and brighten it up.” It is man’s natural duty to clean his house himself, rather than letting the servants clean it for him. Your house is the temple of God, which was built specifically and only for you. What will happen if all temples were brought together to one place? This will produce disturbance in the whole world. It is about this same temple that Christ says, “Go into your room and pray to your Father Who sees in secret.” This secret room is the temple of the human soul.


Entering the temple of one’s soul means getting rid of all anger and discontentment, and all hatred and jealousy. Anger and discontentment lead to killing; killing leads to stealing, and these two together lead to lying, which is the greatest vice in human Life. The first four commandments - you shall not murder, you shall not steal, you shall not commit adultery, and you shall not bear false witness - tell man what he should not do. The second three commandments - honour your father and your mother, and you shall love your neighbour as yourself - tell man what he should do. So, man should honour his father and his mother, and love his neighbour. Man’s neighbours are his good thoughts and intentions through which he can get rid of the bad thoughts and desires, and put them under better conditions, i.e. he can cultivate and discipline them. By loving your neighbours you plant in your garden the best fruit through which you can transform the bad thoughts and desires into good ones. With these commandments Christ wanted to draw the Jews’ attention to the meaning of Life, to loving each other, and to turning away from killing, for according to their laws then they used to murder for naught. For that reason they did not have a long-standing kingdom. There are people and peoples who apply the old Jewish laws to this day, and all these people murder, lie, and steal all the time. If you follow the history of the European peoples you will see that they have led numerous wars and crusades with the goal of freeing Jerusalem. Jerusalem will be free when people stop murdering, stealing, committing adultery and bearing false witness.


Now I want each one of you to trace your Life from its beginning to this day and say, “From this day on I’m putting an end to all lying, stealing, murdering and committing adultery.” Then if you turn to Christ and ask him what else you need in order to inherit eternal Life, he will answer by saying, “Go sell what you have, and give it to the poor; and come, follow Me!” Who are those poor? They are your neighbours. Some mornings you wake up joyous, in a good disposition and content with Life. What is the cause of your good disposition? The reason is in your neighbours that live in you. Consequently, if you want to maintain this disposition, you need to love your neighbours. The noble and bright things that you carry in your mind and in your heart represent a great world to you: your happiness. If you are looking for Christ you will find Him in your good thoughts, feelings and desires. They are the true connections, the true ties of your Life; you can use them to weave the connecting rope that will take you up to Heaven. The Scriptures say, “I drew you in with my Love.” So, Love is a combination of the connections of what is Good, Wise and Just, and these can elevate man into the sublime world. Only Love is capable of introducing man into the Kingdom of God. If you want to be happy you should apply Love into your Life. This way you will try the power behind Christ’s Teaching.


People today complain of suffering and misfortunes, and they look for a way to get rid of those. They can do that only if they change their thinking. The old thoughts need to be replaced with new ones. By thinking right, in the new way, man understands that the same thing that yesterday caused him grief today can cause him joy. Man will not be afraid, then, if he were to lose his possessions or his social status, for his riches and his dignity depend on him. He carries inside all the conditions for being rich, strong, and healthy. Even if he were to lose his mother and father he will know that they are not really lost, for they are in him. The external mother and father are a reflection of the internal ones who live inside man. You have it all hidden inside you. All you need is to maintain good thoughts and feelings in your mind and heart, and you will have all the riches of the whole world at your disposal. Then you will not be poor, but will be able to give from yourself like a spring gives constantly. Open up your soul -the treasury of your Life and give generously. This treasury is full of riches and good seeds that need to be sown into the Divine field. Do not think that you are poor. God has given you everything, but you do not know how to use Life’s goods. Do not think that happiness is in the material riches. Man is required to have wisdom. The wise man uses correctly the goods that he is given and that is why he is rich. Man’s unhappiness is not due to the lack of goods; it is due to the fact that he prevents the good thoughts and feelings inside him from being expressed externally. In other words, man does not allow God Who is inside him to manifest Himself. God whispers quietly in your ear, “Do good.” “I don’t want to,” you object. “Let me do it then,” says God. “I won’t allow it,” you refuse. Given this situation, do you think that you can be happy, and that you can find God? Where is God? God is inside you. Open your heart and he will manifest Himself. Man cries, suffers and loses heart because he is not aware of all the goods and riches he carries inside. This is the real meaning of the Bulgarian saying, “He’s wading in water, but dying of thirst.” If you Love God you will acquire everything that you desire. Without God man will not be able to keep either his riches, or his Strength.


According to a Bulgarian folk tale, once God and St. Peter decided to go down to people and walk around the world to see how people live. After walking from one town and village to another they found themselves in the outskirts of a town, and went into poor people’s house to spend the night. Their hosts were simple and cordial people who welcomed them well: they cooked them dinner, and let them rest. St. Peter was so content with the poor people’s hospitality that he asked God upon leaving, “Lord, why don’t you help these good people get rid of their poverty?” “May it be as you wish,” God said. As soon as he said that the little poor house turned into a big good-looking house, and their hosts turned into rich, well-dressed masters who were now surrounded by many servants. The host, now surrounded by riches and opulence, took to easy living, and excessive eating and drinking. He would now eat, drink and not move a finger to do any work. God and St. Peter went on with their walk around the world. A few years later they found themselves back in the same town where once they had stayed with the poor family and St. Peter asked if they could stay with them again and see how their life was as rich people. God and St. Peter knocked on the door of the now rich house and their good hostess answered the door. She invited them in politely, gave them food and let them spend the night in her house to rest from their travels. However, her face was now gaunt and sad as if something was eating her. After helping them settle in the guest room she warned them that they might hear shouting, banging and raging in the middle of the night. She explained with sadness that this was her husband who drank excessively, and would come home late and be drunk and would not be able to control himself. Before going to bed, God told St. Peter to take the bed that was closer to the door. No sooner had they fallen asleep than they heard banging, shouting, and raging and realized that the husband had returned home from his feast. He went from one room to another, opening doors, slamming and breaking things looking for trouble. Finally, he went into the guest room. When he saw that there was a stranger sleeping in the bed he took a stick and beat him up, shouting, “Here’s for sleeping in a stranger’s house when the master of the house is not there.” After all the racket subsided a little, St. Peter asked God, “Let us change our places so that he does not beat me up again if he comes back.” So, they changed their places. However, the drunk host had not come  down yet. He returned to the guest room, thinking to himself, “Let me throw him a few more punches to teach him a lesson to remember.” He raised his stick in the air, but then St. Peter moved and caught the drunk man’s attention. He looked closely in the dark and noticed that there was a person in the second bed, too, whom he had not seen before. “Oh,” he said, “Here comes your turn now. I just beat up your friend and now I’m going to beat you up, too.” This way it was St. Peter again who took the beating. At dawn St. Peter urged God, “Let’s get going lest he should come a third time and beat me up again.” God and St. Peter threw on their clothes in a hurry, washed their faces and were ready to leave the house. God, then, waved his handkerchief in the air, and the house caught on fire and burned up. This is how St. Peter got away without being beaten up for a third time.


When does one live only to eat and drink? When he favours his flesh first and foremost, i.e. when he favours his lowly instincts first and foremost. In a situation like this, if St. Peter prays for you he will be beaten up a few times as a consequence. Therefore, be careful not to pray for acquiring material goods before you have established your connection with God. You may feed the wolf all you want, but he will always remain a wolf; you may take care of the snake, the mosquito or the louse, but you will not be able to change their nature; you may look after a sinner, taking all the care in the world, but you cannot right his ways. Hunger and suffering are the only things that can help a sinner right his ways. Once he has reached the end of his suffering he will be able to realize his situation, and will repent; through repenting and prayer he will gradually become righteous again. If you see someone who complains a lot about his difficulties and suffering, you should know that his hardships are just beginning. Such a man is yet to go through suffering before he acquires a milder attitude, repents and starts humbling himself.


Man’s task is to work on himself, be healthy, strong and wise. Through having good thoughts and intentions man can acquire health, Strength and a chance to apply his Wisdom. This is what is required of all people: men, women and children. If this happens all societies will be magically transformed. When the parts are in good order, then the whole organism will be in good order. To common people things happen slowly, but to wise men things happen at once, for they know the laws and they do not abuse them. If a common man works with the great laws of Being he can destroy the world in a day. This is why God does not give great knowledge to common people, for they still apply Moses’ laws: they murder, steal, bear false witness, etc. What should man do in order to leave the common life? He should establish a connection with God Who now works in the world. You, too, should work with Him if you want to take part in the Kingdom of God. Working together with God means applying Love; Love is the Divine mother that Christ advises us to honour. Only he, who loves can honour his mother and father. Such a man is good, just and noble.


Someone complains that people do not love him. How can you love someone who does not honour his father and mother? Woe to that young woman who marries a man, who does not honour his mother and father! Woe to that young man who marries a woman, who does not honour her mother and father. God loves and blesses those young women and men, who honour their mother and father. He who wants to be loved by his neighbour should learn to honour his mother and father first. This is a law that acts throughout the whole Being. Love cannot be manifested outside of this law. You need to honour your soul and your Spirit, and you need to honour your neighbour’s soul and Spirit and you will be God’s beloved children. If God loves you, people will love you, too. He, who does not honour his father and mother, is a miserable man. He, who does not love his neighbour, is a miserable man, too. Such a man is a sinner, and he is doomed to suffer. This is what Christ meant when he said, “If you want to be perfect, honour your father and your mother, i.e. your Spirit and your soul; love your neighbour as yourself; go sell what you have, and then come, follow Me.” Whom should man follow? Man should follow Him, Who is the source of everything: the Original Source of Life. Following God will bring meaning to your Life and will turn your suffering into music, and your hunger and poverty into a pleasant task. Under these circumstances man is no longer afraid of hunger and privation. He does not worry about the daily bread, for he knows that God has taken care of his needs. He does not worry about how he will get bread. How were the Jews able to spend forty years in the desert? He, Who liberated them from slavery took care of their needs and made sure they had food and water. Man does not get his food from one source alone. Give away your possessions and worry not about where your next possessions will come from. You cannot pour clean water into the bottle unless you pour the dirty water out first. Empty out your money pouches if you are to fill them up again. Empty out your bottles and your money pouches so that God can fill them up with pure water and pure food. Empty out your hearts from the old feelings so that God can put into them new feelings and new warmth that will transform them. This is the meaning of the verse, “I will take away their hearts of stone, and I will give them new hearts.”


Modern people are afraid of Life’s conditions, and want to know what will become of them. Bulgarians want to know what will become of Bulgaria. Nothing bad will happen. Bulgaria will continue to exist. God says today, “If people listened to Me I would say only one word and the war would end. But because they don’t listen I will let them fight until they learn.” Many people who do not honour their father and mother, and do not love their neighbour still live according to Moses’ laws. To this day there are still people-parasites. We do not need parasites. The world needs good people; it needs beautiful flowers that spread their fragrance everywhere. The world needs noble souls and hearts; it needs wise mothers, fathers and children. This is what God wants. This is what Christ preached two thousand years ago.


Today people are divided into religious and worldly: the former believe in God and the latter deny God. The time is coming when they will be given even more proof that God exists. Then even the blind will be able to see, but if they are not ready to accept the new Light they will become even more miserable than they used to be. This is the reason some blind people’s eyes do not open. The world of intelligent Beings wants to spare them, and leaves them blind so they won’t suffer even more. This is also why not all people can be rich. Do not give money to those who do not know how to use it, for if they become rich before it is their time they will cause great trouble both to themselves and to their neighbours. Therefore, no matter what difficulties and tribulations you go through, remember that it is all Good, it is all for the better. What you need is a living, staunch belief to help you overcome everything. Work on yourselves, and work on the world, as well, to make it a nobler place. There was a time when people would leave the world; they would take to the mountain and the desert, and there they would live in service of God. Today the message to everyone is that you should enter the world and work in it. There was a time when people would leave hell, and fear it. Today they live in hell and work for the elevation of those fallen souls that have taken the stray path. It is now time for you to forgo your old convictions and tear down your old houses. The old is being torn down, the new is being built. The stage needs to be constantly renewed; we cannot keep replaying the same drama over and over again. God does not like monotony. As long as he lives in Moses’ law man serves evil by murdering, lying, stealing, committing adultery, etc. As long as he serves evil, man lives according to the law of being born and reincarnating. Once he turns away from this law he can start serving the Good, and enters the law of embodiment. Living according to this law means living according to these commandments, “Honour your father and mother, love your neighbour, and give away all your riches to the poor.” He, who observes the seven commandments, lives in the realm of immortality; he can now rest because he has gained salvation for his soul. This means that he has connected his soul to God Who is the source of all goods in Life.


People today are afraid of what not, and that makes them think only of material security. A merchant buys simple goods, and then sells them as being something special so that he can earn more than he needs; by doing this he wants to secure himself materially. Why won’t he tell the Truth and say that the fabric he sells is not pure wool, but is mixed with cotton? If he always speaks the Truth his business will be better than if he tells lies. Whatever post you occupy you should always be honest and truthful. If you want to be free you should always speak the truth. Do not force anyone to do something that he does not want to do. Do not force your soul, either. Some young man does not want to get married but his relatives fool him into getting married. Afterwards he is sorry for giving in to other people’s advice. Do not force others if you don’t want to be forced. Do not lie to others if you don’t want to be lied to. Be true to your soul, and to your Spirit. Be true to your Teacher. Be true to the One Who has given you everything. He will enter your temple, wash His hands and feet, and will present gifts to you: holy oil, myrrh, and frankincense. Then he will say, “The time of your salvation has come!” Clean out your temple so that the Saviour can enter. If you want to clean out your temple, you need to learn to regard your neighbour with benevolence. Think only Good of him. The bad things that you see are related to his past Life. Today he strives for Goodness and will become good. The bad will become better than the ones that pass as good today. My task is to help all who are lame, blind or limping restore their health and rejoice in Life. All deserts need to turn into oases of Life where the weary traveler can rest and quench his thirst. All empty spaces need to be planted with fruit trees, so that everyone who passes by them should be given something. The stranger will stop before them and partake of their sweet fruit.


Rid your thought of all negative traits: doubt, hesitation, and suspicion. You can doubt anyone, but never doubt God! He is kind and unchangeable. He remains the same under all conditions of your Life, and in the face of all your acts and attitudes. He is always ready to help you as long as you are ready to listen to Him. If you do not listen to Him He will let you suffer the consequences of your life and your mistakes, and then you will see for yourself what it means to live without God.


The human soul knows no greater suffering than to stray away from God. How can man go back to the right path? Look at what the child does when it makes its mother sad: as soon as it realizes what it has done it goes to her and starts crying. Crying is his prayer. It cries and begs its mother to accept it back into her arms. Here’s what I’m telling you now: Go to God like the child goes to its mother. He is your Father and your Mother. If you want to be honoured by your sons and daughters you need to establish a connection with God. You will see that your life will become better before even a year has passed. As soon as you try this out you will have new thoughts in your mind and you will be able to see. Then you will have not only two eyes, but a hundred: you will have eyes on the front of your head and in the back, and also on both sides, on top and underneath, etc. Someone complains that he has been working a lot, but has not been able to see yet. He cannot see yet because he lacks that living faith which can open the eyes of the blind. I believe in your soul and I believe in your potential and I know that you will be able to see one day. Even if you do something bad, even if you make a mistake or do some mischief, your soul will remain unchanged. I like sinful people who repent, and that is why I lend a helping hand to all weak, ignorant, and sinners. This could be a weakness, but Christ had a weak spot for sinners, too. He passed His test: He let Himself be taunted, ridiculed and crucified, but then He came back to life on the third day.


Now I wish you to share the same weakness: love those who repent and help them.


“Come and follow Me”, says Christ. “Follow You in what?” “Follow Me in what I’ve been teaching you.”


Lecture by the Master, delivered on February 25, 1917, in Sofia.



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