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“What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder”


Matthew 19: 6


“What God has joined together… ” Obviously, in this verse Christ speaks about marriage. Actually, is this marriage, what people do at present? Two families become close friends, live well together and after a time they marry their children – is it the right joining? There are three kinds of joining: the first is what God does – it is the true and sound joining; the second one is what a person does by oneself and the third is what people do. All difficulties, contradictions and sufferings of the joined people come from the last two. In order to be able to do a certain joining rightly, a person, a master or a state should be deeply filled with God’s Wisdom, should comprehend the main law on which Life is built. To comprehend the main law of Life means to comprehend Life as it is manifesting in Nature. That is why, when reading the verse in which Christ speaks about joining, you should realize it in its full, in its deep sense, not sticking to the perfunctory meaning of the word.


“What God has joined together, let not man put asunder” – many read and read over this verse but do not comprehend it. Many preachers have spoken on this verse, have interpreted it but they have not touched the main Truth hidden in it. Why is the Truth contained in this verse not revealed? For two reasons: from one side, because of the ignorance of those speaking on it; from the other side, because of the intentional shrouding of the Truth for fear that it may expose them. Lack of knowledge, ignorance is excusable – not knowing something people speak about what they know and how they think. However, it is neither excusable nor justifiable to know the Truth and to hide it consciously. The Truth is a great principle. Only a clear person can speak the Truth; if someone unclear tries to speak the Truth, It would kill that one. In addition, only a clear person can comprehend the Truth. Someone wants to have the Truth told - in order to hear the Truth, he or she should be ready to die; in other words, you cannot hear and comprehend the Truth if you are not ready to lay down your life for it. The words of Christ: “Who is not ready to deny himself” understand the readiness of man to deny his life in order to comprehend the great Divine Truth. Christ has spoken a lot on the joining together as well as on the major principles in Life, but only fragments have reached us on which people today put free interpretations, create various theories that do not correspond with the Absolute Truth. A right thought is only the one practiced in the real life.


“What God has joined together, let not man put asunder.” Joining exists not only between the souls but between the tones as well – we call this harmony. If we look at a violin we will see that it consists of several parts but arranged in such a way that all curves and angles are directed to one straight line passing through the middle of the violin. The violin master has combined its lines and angles in such a way that when touching its strings all tones come out from the main opening in a harmonic combination. Man, too, is an instrument similar to a violin – with four well-strained strings. The strings of a violin differ not only in thickness but in the intensity of the sound as well. In order to play the violin, one needs also a fiddlestick with well-strained strings so that the desired tones are reached when touching the strings. To know to play the violin means that man has acquired one of the greatest arts in Life. When a child starts learning to play the violin, in the beginning the child creaks, and makes false tones; the more that child grows up and exercises, the more the tones become clearer.


Life is music – for man to live right means to have the art of playing. The human body is an instrument, a special violin with which man plays. The strings are the four main temperaments through which people manifest themselves. The four main temperaments are sanguine or gaseous, mental or nervous, choleric and phlegmatic. It is not enough to have four strings in the violin; they should be of high quality, should be made of good material, and should have a certain thickness. The same holds true in respect of the temperaments: it is not enough to say that someone has sanguine or mental-nervous temperament, but that temperament should be of high quality. To play well, a violinist should be talented, should play with all his heart and should have good violin, good fiddlestick and strings of the best quality. Then, when playing, his violin will produce clear, pleasant tones. Someone may ask what remains of the violinists when they put their soul in the violin. The soul manifests itself in three different ways – in the field of the feelings, of the thoughts and of the acts. When the soul manifests itself in the feelings, they take part in the playing – soft, warm, harmonic tones flow from the violin, as if it speaks by itself.


One eminent violinist took his violin to a good Italian master to be repaired. The master invited him to sit down to wait until the violin was repaired in order to take it back. Watching how the master took the violin to pieces with his knife the violinist lost consciousness. Why did he faint? Because the knife touching the violin gave him pain – a part of his soul was in the violin.


Christ says: “What God has joined together, let not man put asunder.” – What joining has God made, which things has He joined? God has joined the mind and the heart, the soul and the Spirit, the body and the lower soul. Must an ignorant person spoil what God has joined? Who is an ignorant person? It is one, who does not speak the Truth, does not comprehend Wisdom and does not act according to Justice and Love. Since you know this, do not act like the ignorant one – to part what God has joined together. People who observe God’s laws enjoy success in their life.


The peasants in a village complained to the bishop against their priest for getting tired with his divine service that often lasted four-five hours. Sometimes he finished the service within half an hour but most times he kept people in the church for hours. The bishop called the priest, told him that there was complaint against him from his parishioners and asked him what he had to say for himself. The priest said, “Divine bishop, it is true what they say against me. The reason is that when the angels and the saints help me with my service, I finish my work quickly, within half an hour. But when I am left alone, by my own power, without the support of the Bright beings, I finish my work within four-five hours.” Hence, when things take a turn for the better, the Bright beings help people; when things take a turn for the worse, the Bright beings have left them to themselves. This explains why some trees become ripe earlier while others become ripe later; for example, the cornel-tree is an early flowerer but it becomes ripe last.


When creating the world, God created both plants and fruit-trees and allowed every spirit to choose a fruit-tree of his own. When the turn of the devil came, he chose the cornel-tree as it flowers first. He told himself, “Since the cornel-tree flowers first, it will become ripe first, too,” but he was wrong – the cornel-tree became ripe last. Man, too, may become ripe early, like the cherry-tree or last like the cornel-tree. There are reasons, too, why some fruit-trees become ripe early and others – late. Ripening of the cherry-tree and the cornel-tree are processes taking part in the human life as well.


“What God has joined together, let not man put asunder.” By this verse, Christ calls the attention of people to spoil not what God has made. As for spoiling, present people are masters in it; no matter among what people you fall, you will see that all people are masters in spoiling matters. You can see what some peasants do passing by a nice stone fountain; once they look at it, they feel like taking out their knife or axe to grind on the base. In this situation, is it possible for the base not to be ruined? Is it possible that anyone, either priest, teacher, preacher or judge is not spoiled if you grind your axes on them? After that they say, “Our priest, preacher or judge is not good at this job.” How can they be good, how will they not be spoiled, if you grind axes and knives on them? In order not to spoil what God has created, first we should not spoil it. Who is the cause of the spoiling? Before learning the art of grinding their axes on the base of fountains, people should have learned the law of harmony. A young man marries a good, tender, considerate girl but after several years he takes out his axe and begins grinding it on her base; he grinds the axe and fixes her, “You must not be attentive, tender, considerate to people.” He grinds his axe one day, another day, until finally his sweetheart spoils and becomes rough – how will she not become bad when axes are being grinded on her back all the time. The same happens with the young man. You should not grind your axes on the backs of the good girls and boys, you should not spoil them; you should grind them on the backs of the rough, sharp and cruel people - they need blunting.


One priest had a habit of incensing in front of the stalls of the laity that were permanently unoccupied. One of those present  asked the priest:


- Father, why do you incense in front of the unoccupied stalls and not in front of us who are present at the service?


- You have no need to be incensed. Once you are here, you are out of any danger while those who are absent need to be incensed as they are disposed to great dangers and evils.


Be as that priest and go where there is a need to go, do not go where there is not a need. The rich always invite the rich to a feast – they always incense in front of their stalls as they have what to take from them. I do not blame them, I just announce a fact – everyone says, “Today I am invited, tomorrow I will invite.” It is good to do what is harmonic, natural and wise, so that Divine harmony is restored. Let us feed the poor, the hungry, the orphan children, as this is God’s will – to spoil not what He has made.


“What God has joined together, let not man put asunder.” – This is one of the principles on which Christ draws the attention of humankind. You would say Christ preached well – why did He preach well? As His sermons give Life, give a fillip to the minds and the hearts of people. A true sermon is the one that feeds the human soul and gives it power to advance. The sermons of Christ are true as they are based on the Live Rational Nature – He interprets the occurrences in Nature as they are. People, who cannot interpret them right, are under a delusion and at the same time they delude others. Examine Nature; study it so that you may use its forces. Those who seek Nature and wish to get in touch with it, let them get up early every morning, especially in May, and go out to have a walk in the air before the Sunrise. What a greater sight than the Sunrise[A1] ! At the same time, you will use the early sunbeams, which have a wholesome effect on the organism. Get up early in the morning before the Sun rise so that you accept its blessing and then begin your work. Restore the unity between your organism and the Sun like between your soul and God that have been established from the beginning. Avoid the temporary joining with people in order to run not into disharmonic states and contradictions.


Therefore, do study Nature; do study the Divine manifestations without criticizing. Someone opens a book, takes only a passage from it and starts criticizing it saying that such and such a thought is not in accordance with the new theories about life. Are the new theories in accordance with the Divine teaching and with the Divine laws? All of us should be bearers of the Divine teaching, because all people as souls form parts of the Divine organism and God requires that His body is healthy and all its parts are in harmony. Only in this way, one may be glad and merry. If not healthy, he or she cannot be glad and merry; the reason for that is not in God. If a husband and a wife cannot live well, the reason is not in God; if a brother and a sister do not get along, the reason is not in God. If there is no confidence and consent between the ruling circles and the ruled classes, the reason is not in God. The reason for the disharmony, the mistrust, and the contradictions between people is in the ruining of the joining that God has made. In future, all eminent people like teachers, writers, professors, preachers, should come down from the height of their standing and should enter the world among the common, the poor and the suffering people to teach them how to live – that is what Christ wants from all people. By His descending to the Earth, Christ showed people how they should apply the great, disinterested Love between one another. All contemporary writers realize that God works in the world. He makes great transformations in human minds and hearts; that is why it is said in the Scripture that a new world is being created, new minds and hearts are in the making. The new people will create the New humankind which will prove that new powers and energies work in the world as well as in the whole of Nature.


“What God has joined together, let not man put asunder” – between what has this joining been made? Between the stomach and the food, between the lungs and the air, between the heart and the emotions, between the mind and the thoughts. If any of these combinations are broken, man is upset. It is enough that the right combination between the stomach and the food is broken in order to fall ill and to ask for doctor help. However, if the doctor helps but this combination is broken for the second time, the stomach would start opposing it and not long after that, it would give up its service. Once the stomach of someone is upset, the relations with other people will also be upset. Each one must make a combination between the stomach and the food one takes by oneself: if the combination is good, one feels healthy, fresh, merry, and ready for any work; if after that one does not feel healthy, optimistic and fresh, the combination is not harmonious. Not knowing their organism and being not able to make good combinations, people consult eminent scientists and doctors and execute their advice. The opinion of the scientists is right but is not the same for all people, not the same for the different ages (physical and intellectual). One should constantly change one’s food – the state of health depends on the change in food.


As the incorrect combination between the stomach and the food upsets the human organism, in the same way the incorrect combination between the heart and the feelings upsets both the physical and the psychical state of people. You may say that people should love each other. How many lads should love one lass and how many lasses – one lad? If ten lads love one lass, they would upset her. Better one lad love her, not ten – the ten lads would upset her mind, would disturb her heart and soon she would fall ill. In fact, only one is who loves , not two.


Somewhere in America, there was a famous preacher, who used to fascinate the audience with his eloquence. The day came when he had to leave. All his listeners and laity came out to see him off, as he was a general favourite. Along with them, all the dogs, the ducks and the geese came out to say good-bye to him and to wish him a pleasant journey. At last, he mounted a horse and left to the railway station. At the end of the town the horse reared, unseated him and said, “Good-bye, friend, we don’t need such celebrities, they are not necessary for our development.” Who is famous? One, who fulfills God’s will, and like the Sun, brings blessing to all living beings. No matter whether you sleep or are awake, the Sun sends its blessings and leaves.


Some think that, in order to be saved, they should be orthodox – that is not right. If you are sleeping when the Sun is rising, nothing can save you no matter who you are. The salvation of the humankind lies in that Great religion that unites all religions as parts of one whole. The new religion is Love – it unites all people, reconciles and settles their contradictions and spreads Joy and Mirth in them. For people, to be united means to have a common ideal, and common aspirations. The unification, the unity gives people force and makes them powerful – they may achieve what they wish.


When the Israelites left Egypt and set off with Moses to the Promised Land, they divided in twelve tribes and each tribe carried a part of the Tabernacle. Wherever they stopped, they gathered all its parts, built it and offered a fervent prayer to God. United as one and offering their prayer to God they received His blessing. What do present orthodox people do? They, too, carry the parts of the Tabernacle, but until now, they cannot gather at one place to build it and to offer together a thanksgiving prayer to God. If someone asks them what they carry, they reply, “We are orthodox and we carry the parts of the Tabernacle.” Christ is saying to them, “Gather together at one place and let each one bring the part they carry so that we can build the Great Tabernacle. And let all of us pray together to God in Spirit and Truth.” All people to gather the parts of the Tabernacle in whole – that is what is understood by the verse: “What God has joined together, let not man put asunder.” In other words, do not misinterpret the great Love that God has put in your souls.


It is already time for people to take up the education of their minds and hearts being the first joining God has made. What a great good for man to have a mind that thinks right and a heart that feels right and to join them together. When the mind thinks right and the heart feels right, people comprehend things. They have achieved this understanding by the way of the sufferings; nevertheless, they grumble about their sufferings. Blessed are the suffering, the blind, and the lame and so on. Why are people blind, lame, and crippled? As they have passed through a certain philosophy that has crippled them. They should seek God’s Truth that brings Life and shows the way to God.


Many seek God where He is not. In May, do go out early in the morning at 4 o’clock and you will find God. Take part in the singing of the birds, in the puff of the gentle breeze, in the gurgling of the springs and you will find God. The Sun invites all living beings to go out, to meet it in order to send them God’s blessing. Why not thank the Sun as a servant of God bringing a message from our Father and say to it, “Bring our greeting to our Father and tell Him that we have now decided to restore the harmony we have disturbed!” What do most people do? Waking up, they look out and seeing there is wind and the sky is cloudy, they say, “The weather is bad, it’s not time to get up.” No, do give thanks for the weather, whatever it is, and say, “Nice is the day. I will get up to enjoy the goods it hides.” Thank the wind as it airs your thoughts and feelings; thank the clouds as they bring moisture refreshing the flowers, the trees and the fruits – this is the right Teaching to which people strive for. All living beings want to be loved, to live free and to enjoy the goods that Nature gives. When I meet a dog, it looks at me, wags its tail and asks me, “Do you think of beating me or of letting me go my way freely?” – “Go your way freely, I am bringing peace, not violence.” The dog believes me, wags its tail and goes on.


“What God has joined together, let not man put asunder.” То keep this connection one should be ready to apply the teaching of Christ. That means to observe the law of harmony, known under the name law of sympathy. Two laws act in the world – a law of sympathy and a law of antipathy, i.e. a law of harmony and a law of disharmony. When they love each other, people apply the law of sympathy, of harmony, they live like brothers with each other; when they do not love each other they live according to the law of antipathy, of disharmony. There is repulsion in this law while in the first one there is attraction.


Where harmony exists, God is there; that is why everyone should ask himself or herself whether they are joined with God or not. Do not seek God outside yourself as some form but seek Him within yourselves as content. A rose and a pink have some outward form but important is their fragrance that people perceive inwardly – they differ in fragrance. Therefore, God is outside and inside – it is an error to think He is outside only. We should not deliberately shut our eyes to the Truth – all things in which there is combination, are internal. For example, there is a piano, notes, a pianist, but the music is not manifested yet; to have music, the pianist should combine all elements in a whole and should manifest himself – you listen and perceive the music inwardly. However, only those who listen closely to themselves, to their inner voice, can comprehend the inner content of things – this is what it means to comprehend the sense of things.


Many ask themselves what the church is. The church is the piano, the holy books – the notes and the priest – the pianist. He should sit down at the piano and play in compliance with all rules of music. You will tune your ear and will listen to perceive the music inwardly and to thank God for having the opportunity to make use of it. Be glad that you can go out at Sunrise and can perceive its rays. Blessed is the one who can comprehend the joining that God has put in the whole of Nature – between the minerals, the plants and the animals. You would say the minerals and the plants are mute – Nature is live and rational, there is nothing mute in it. One, who has ears, can hear and listen to the speech of Nature and can comprehend it. All mystics comprehend Nature as music, speech and song – this is how it preaches and teaches people. There is not a priest in the world that could be compared with Nature.


“What God has joined together, let not man put asunder.” God has made several basic combinations: from one side between the body, the soul, and the Spirit and from the other side between the mind, the heart, and the will. The human Spirit passes through these conditions so that it perfects itself. In the physical world, one studies the law of movement, in the Spiritual world – the qualities of the emotions and their intensity and in the Mental world – the sense of Life. When talking about a resurrection, about Eternal life, we understand the joining existing between the human Spirit and the human soul. They contain the qualities of the Divine Spirit and the Divine soul; that is why man has the potentialities God has. People should realize that and should work on themselves so that the Divine put in them manifests. If someone says that he or she cannot do something, this shows that he/she denies the Divine in himself/herself; if they say that they are sinners, they deny what God has joined. God has given to you a lot of land, which you should cultivate. Many leave their hearts and minds uncultivated – this is the reason why various unwanted seeds fall from outside from which weeds and thorns grow. Those who do not cultivate what God has given to them cannot be saved – they do not see an exit from anywhere. Those, who do not work in consent with the Divine, cannot expect any goods. Each one should say, “God has put in me certain talents and potentialities and I should work in order to develop them.”


You would say that man is a sinner and cannot achieve anything by himself. A sinner is only the one who has broken the joining God has made. Turn to the Divine within yourself with the will to restore the joining existing between your mind and heart, your soul and Spirit and you will be good, will enjoy the goods you are given. Do not say that people are bad, that they obstruct you to reveal yourself, but try to find the reason for that within yourself. Apply Faith, patience and Love and you will see that soon you will achieve good results.


In order to know your fellow men, do remove the outer casing from them and you will see that inside they are sweet – the green shell of the walnut is bitter but the kernel is sweet, tasty. Only thus, you can know the qualities of the human soul. Do not say that man is a wolf to man; if you think in this way, you see the wolf skin that people have put on for the time being – inside they are not wolves. Others have put on a lion skin, but inside they are not lions. You should get to the inner nature of people in order to comprehend that man is a brother to man, not a wolf. One, who has worked and continues working on oneself, has kept one’s Purity as a natural garment given by God. Meeting such people you see God in their face and are glad for having seen them. Your task is to learn, to keep everything you have been given in the remote past. Where will you study? At the Great Teacher – God, whose Teaching has neither beginning, nor ending. It leads to Resurrection, to Eternal life. To resurrect means to start learning and working from the beginning. The resurrected are ready to renounce their personal life and to work and live only for the One who has created them.


Today, Christ calls the attention of all people so that they realize that the image of God is within them and that they should take up to clean Him in order to restore the initial joining within themselves with which they were born. God has given health to people and they should carefully preserve it. To preserve your health, do get up early in the morning, especially in May – at 4 o’clock you should be out of bed. It is good not only for you but for all people: teachers, priests, mothers, fathers – all should begin their work early. When the Sun rises, do say, “Blessed be, God, our Lord, who sent the Sun so that we make use of its light and heat!” Only the one, who appreciates the goods that Nature is giving with an open hand, comprehends the meaning of the verse, said by Christ two thousand years ago, “What God has joined together, let not man put asunder.”


Discussing this verse, I just sow seeds in your fields. The rest of the job is yours – you will grow them as a writer takes a theme and develops it. That is what means to hear the voice of your Great Father – of Love and to comprehend the sense of your Life and your purpose on the Earth. That is what means to be regenerated, which is to be born anew. Christ says, “If you are not born again, you will not enter the Kingdom of God.” For this reason, one that was born by a mother and a father, will be born and regenerated many times on the Earth. Stupid people will be born and regenerated until they become wise. Ordinary people should become talented, geniuses, saints, Angels, etc. If there are not conditions for every living being to develop, Life will lose its sense. Do work, do develop without striving to be first – who wants to be first, remains last.


It is told in an old legend that while creating the world, God charged the Sun with the great mission to give warmth, to shine and to heat. However, it wanted to rise first and to go first to God. Hearing about its desire, God ordered all planets to move around it, and it – around God. Thus, the Sun, the elder brother of the Heaven turned out to be more far away from God than all its younger brothers. The Sun realized its mistake and continued to rise and set on and on in order to expiate it. The rest of the planets turn around it to learn the law of moving.


Many Christians have the same desire as the Sun has – to be near Christ, but the new Teaching, the Teaching of Love, excludes self-seeking. “Blessed are the humble and the meek,” – Christ says; in other words, blessed are those who take the place that God has set for them. It is preferable to take the last place but to do God’s will than to be first but to not do God’s will. Christ says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for they will see God.”


I wish you to restore the joining between your mind and your heart, as well as between your Spirit and your soul so that all energies which turncocks you had closed for ages start running.


13 May 1917, Sofia




[A1][What a greater sight is there than the Sunrise !]





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