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1917_05_20 The Good Stored up in Man


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The Good Stored up in Man




 “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him”




Christ is speaking about the two different ways for bringing out qualities: “The good man brings of his store good things out, and the evil man brings evil things out”. The first one and the other bring something out of their storehouse, but they get different results. That means, that one and the same action or one and the same reason can produce two different results – two persons sow a field with the same thing, though the result of each one’s seed, differs from the seed of the other.


How are the words good and evil store understood? In order to acquire a good storehouse, man should work a thousand years on himself – this is the only way he can obtain wealth and bear the Goodness out of the good stored up in him. A person achieves wealth in two ways and in two different directions: he can grow rich in a short time or gain assets in his life throughout many years; at the same time he could grow rich soon or throughout many years but gain discredit about it, too. Wealth is necessary to people but what kind of wealth? People have turned out and pay attention rather to the material wealth, but it is a temporary acquisition and not everlasting. For a period of time, richness rejoices man and satisfies him, but next, he is searching for something else, beyond the material wealth.




When studying the deep meaning of Christianity, man arrives at the understanding that the true development is concealed in the inner, spiritual wealth of the soul. The spiritual science, called by some “religion”, requires spiritual growth of man. In this case, the word religion is not quite apt, but there is no other word in the Bulgarian language to substitute for it. Under religious person, they understand a foolish, narrow-minded, fanatic who does not think rightly. Some consider that a person becomes religious, when he starts to grow old. I do not speak about the religion of the old people, but about the Divine religion, that embraces the Divine science. Some replace the word religion with theosophy, which is founded on reincarnation; others replace religion with spiritualism, which is based on the relationship between spirits, although, both words: theosophy and spiritualism are restricted; they cannot embrace the idea of Divine science. Nowadays, even the word God has lost meaning, therefore people replace it with the word Nature; in the near future, the word Nature will be replaced by another, which will encompass the understanding of man. It is of no significance that you are going to replace one word with another, it is significant that each word expresses accurately and definitely its meaning.


“The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him” – how to attain the good store? With knowledge, endurance, and constancy. How does a good gardener act, when he has a garden with many fruit trees along with walnut-trees too? When the walnuts begin to ripen, he does not hurry to shake them down straight away and take its green cover off but he leaves it on the tree to crack on its own. Once he sees this happen, he already knows the walnut has ripened; if he takes off the green shell prematurely, then he will spoil the core of the walnut. When the walnut becomes ripe, he cracks it and removes the green cover, and after this - the hard cover and finally he arrives to the core within, which is also wrapped in a thin membrane, with a bitter taste. The way a walnut encloses the good stored up in it in a few covers, in such a way, man hides his genuine wealth wrapped in a few covers. The exterior cover reflects the material wealth, which you need to leave freely to ripen and not to remove it prematurely – this is the safe protection of the real treasure in man. From the exterior cover, the nourishing juices flow to the interior cover and then to the core. The membrane that envelops the core, contains enough iodine; eat walnuts and do not be afraid, they replace the usage of iodine. “The good stored up in man.” Those who do not understand the meaning of the spiritual life say that they do not need richness but to be closer to God. For a man to be close to God means that he needs to be healthy in body, mind and heart, i.e. the energies in him have to be organized; if he is not healthy, or his energies are not organized, he is far from God. The connection with God is not an exterior process but an inner process. The same applies to ordinary people: from the outside, you are close to someone but inwardly you stand up far away for him. What should a man do, in order to organize himself? He should keep his exterior cover until it becomes ripe – with it missing, he will break the wholeness of his content. A man should be patient, not to hurry to attain great results in a short time – every result will arrive in its time. Many hasten forward, they want to realize their desires and spoil themselves.


What is the understanding of the words inner content, what is the inner content of man? That is his soul, i.e. the Divine principle in him, which draws from Life the necessary powers, and energies in order to manifest his virtues and abilities. For a man to have Life in himself means to live consciously, one who does not know how to live is not a conscious person. When speaking about the Conscious Life, many say, “It is not important if I live consciously or not, it is important that I keep my body safe.” It is correct that man strives for saving his body, for the exterior, solid, protective cover, but one day the latter will come off alone. Likewise the green cover of the walnut cracks and falls off, so will the body of man fall off, and he will remain with his second coat – when is this going to happen? When man becomes ripe/mature. However, until he ripens, nobody has the right to take away his exterior cover. It is the same with the walnut: in order not to spoil the core, leave its green wrap to crack alone and fall off. Children often shake the walnut-tree before it has ripened and stain their hands with the green covering; they do this because they like the fresh kernels of the walnut. When bored with life, people say: “Why do we need this body, if only we could be free from it” – they do not understand the significance of their physical body. While in his body, man ripens and organizes his strength; by losing his body, he falls off the Tree of Life prematurely and goes to the other world unorganized, unripe.


Christ says, “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him”. The heart is located in the physical body of man; once he denies his body, he also denies the life of the heart. That is the reason that the physical body is a cover, i.e. mediator through which, sap passes from the outside to the inside, meaning from the outer, physical world, to the Spiritual world (World of Spirit). By the means of nourishment, for example, man perceives the outward necessary materials to build up not only his body, but also his soul. In Divine terms, man is not yet shaped, has not transformed into a genuine human, i.e. he has not yet fully ripened. From the perspective of the Angels, he is compared to a tree, therefore it is written in the Holy Scriptures: “The Righteous will be like trees planted nearby clear effluents”. The tree is taken as a symbol of knowledge, in that case, there is some knowledge hidden in the tree, the knowledge of Life. In the Garden of Eden, there were many trees, amongst all of them, two were distinguished: The first one was the Tree of Life and the other – the tree for knowing the Good and the evil. When God created the first humans, He said to them, “You can eat the fruit from all trees but not from the tree for knowing the Good and the evil. On the day you eat from it, you will die.” With this, God wanted to give a warning to the first humans, that unless they organize their physical body, senses and systems correctly, they are not able to correctly perceive the saps and the energies, which flow from the outside world, they cannot study the second, harder cover – the bones of their own body. The first cover implies the muscles of man, and the second – the bones; the first cover infers the science for Life, for the outside world, and the second – the science for knowing the Good and the evil. When man acquires this Knowledge, he arrives to the third cover – the thin membrane that wraps the kernel of the walnut. When he tastes the core, he has already arrived to the inner sense of Life.


When you examine the human head, you can observe that it is made up of three covers: exterior – the skin, the middle – the bone, and the interior – a thin membrane, that envelopes the brain. If the thin membrane gets damaged or inflamed, man gets upset. In order not to get upset, he should work over himself – to create a healthy body for himself, to cope with the conditions, and make use of them. If not healthy in body and in mind, only in one moment, man can lose his health, and get upset. For example, one has put faith in money, losing the money he can get a stroke in the brain, a heart attack and die – some people have lost the meaning of their Life and got discouraged from the smallest failures. The substance, which compounds the material world, manifests in four different qualities. The first conditions are exterior: hard, liquid, vaporous, luminous or radiant, heating and the others are interior in content: inorganic and organic matter. One of the qualities of matter is that it can pass through one condition to another. It achieves this through changes in its vibrations, its rising and falling. When matter is refining, its vibrations rise up; as soon as it loses its cleanliness, its vibrations decline. When matter is cleansing, man is also being cleansed – this cleansing is happening mainly through the heart. By the word heart we understand the Carnal soul of man or his Astral body, which comes after the physical body. When dying man passes out to the next world with his Astral body, like the walnut is planted in earth with its hard cover, not with the green one. The hard shell of the walnut bursts in the earth, after that the membrane breaks and only the nut remains, and from its core, there emerges a new walnut. The new walnut, concealed in the core of the walnut, represents the real soul of man that should be studied.


The philosophy of human life is comprised in the walnut. Study and observe the development and the vegetation of the walnut, in order to grasp the threads, which create the philosophy of human Life. If the threads do not warp with one another, the way a woman warps, no cloth will be weaved. For the same reason, our thoughts and feelings are not weaved at random, but according to the laws of the righteous thought and the righteous feelings. The righteous thought excludes every suspicion, fear and doubt. Liberate yourself from the thought that somebody could deceive you. Be like the moneychanger – who can deceive a moneychanger? When you take to him a yellow coin and present it as gold, he takes the touchstone out of his pocket and examines it. In order not to be deceived, he should apply his touchstone and test the coin which they offer him, is it gold or false. What is necessary for contemporary people, in order not to lie themselves? They need Faith, trial and vision. Then Faith should pass to trial, trial – to vision and vision to the Life of Reason. Apply this to your family relations, to your friends and you will see its good results. When people do not understand the rules of Life, they violate them and in the end, whatever evil or misfortune happens, they give all up to God.  If somebody falls ill, it is said that God has determined this; somebody is put on trial – again they consider God in charge. Man alone is in charge of his fortune or misfortune, he alone is a cause for the illnesses, hardships and contradictions, in which he finds himself.


There exist two aspects of fate or impositions – for evil and for Good. On earth, they punish only those, who make mischief and harm. When a man commits a crime or mischief, the policeman catches him, gives him up to the police and initiates proceedings against him – the bigger his crime is, the higher is the noise made around him. In order to discharge him, great lawyers take up his cause, the newspapers write about him, the community reads and discuss the issue, gives its judgment, and so on. Both the criminal becomes notorious, and the lawyers and the justice, who take part in the cause, also get well known. However, when a man does Good, nobody takes interest in him. Very naturally, there are no laws on Earth to investigate the good deeds of people and give them the honour. On Earth they bring to trial only the criminals and the evildoers; in Heaven, on the contrary, they take interest in the good deeds of people, and not of the bad and criminal; there nobody takes interest in the mistakes and the crimes of people, nobody is searching for them. If someone does a good deed, the great lawyers stand up on their feet right away and say: “Bring us this man, let us see what Good he has done to give him the honour.” The greater the Good one has done, the more people are interested in him, and the more noise is raised around him.” “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him.” The good treasure of the heart is the Divine soul, where the man stores all that is given to him from God. Since there is some gift, man should draw from his treasure and give it out, to be efficient – either to himself and his relatives. Every good in Life are given by God. The good man has the right to draw from them until he satisfies his natural necessities, then he gives out to his relatives. In order to make use of the Divine goodness rationally, man should be guided not only by his mind or heart but also by his soul: to forward the energies from the air through the lungs, from there through the spinal cord and finally – into the main brain. This means that man should be active with his mind and heart, to resolve rightly his tasks, to be efficient for himself and his relatives. Don’t the gardeners act in this way? They are making use of the energy from the main source, by letting the water flow through little channels to water the most distant corners of the garden. You will say that this is not happening quickly; with haste, you cannot do a good job – man needs patience, constancy, and not haste.


One American doctor was called to cure an Anatolian Turk from the Asia Minor. After he had a medical examination, the doctor prescribed a medicine for him to take, three spoonfuls daily in the course of ten days; after having taken all the medicine, his condition would have improved. The Turk had a look at the medicine, he thought twice and then said, “Why do I have to take it ten days one after the other, I’d better drink it in one gulp, so I can get better sooner?”- He raised the bottle and drank it all. After one or two hours his condition got worse and he died. Keep the measure and the prescriptions of God, the Nature and the doctor who treats you; respect the prescription that is given to you – three spoonfuls daily. Likewise, God is writing in His book “three spoonfuls daily”. You will say that the Turk was stupid. What are you going to say for contemporary people, who eat a few dishes at lunch, next, they drink two or three litres of wine; then, they have overeaten and call the doctor to help them – they upset their stomach, lose their appetite, and so on. There are Turks everywhere, not only in Malay Asia. When man does not think rightly, he resembles the Turk who drank all the medicine at once, same as the people who surfeit and upset their stomach each day. In my opinion, seventy five percent of people, surfeit every single day. Someone says that he does not surfeit, he does not surfeit but wishes to love all people and to be loved by all – is this not surfeit? Can you give all people, everything they wish? Do you have the power of the Sun? You have not yet learned to love your mother and father, your brothers, sisters and friends who have done good to you, and (already) you want to love the whole world. The human heart is known in difficult moments. Man should collect Divine energy in himself, to enrich his heart, so he can manifest his feelings in times of difficulty. In times like these, exactly, man should have food, to nourish the life of his fellow.


A degraded Russian duke married for love, a young, beautiful girl of noble origin. In the first days after the wedding, he often kissed his beloved, but she got hungry and wished to eat – she wanted bread.


- Let’s kiss! – He used to say to her.


- I am hungry! – The beloved objected.


- Let’s kiss!


Let us kiss today, let us kiss tomorrow – she lost her favour towards her beloved, her love had grown cold. Very naturally, she felt deceived by him – he was extremely poor, he had just one title. One does not need just kisses; one needs many things. The uniform kisses destroy man. The kisses of some people exhaust their energy – these kisses are similar to suckers, which do not drag out the bad and impure blood of man, but the pure one. It is enough to get ten kisses like this, ten suckers, in order to see what they are like. I take the word kiss in a broad sense, not only by its frame: Everyone who muddles the mind and the heart of man gives kisses like the sucker of the leech, sucking not only the impure, but also the pure blood. The Christian teaching does not bear these kisses – it requires harmony everywhere and in everything. According to this Teaching, lame people should find their legs; the blind should see the light, and the foolish – come to their senses. Under the words foolish person I understand one, who has no circumstances for growth. Confine a smart person to a dark room and keep him there for ten years – you will see that he will grow stupid and become foolish. Why is this? He has no circumstances to progress. And vice versa – if you place a stupid person in favourable circumstances to progress, after ten years he will become smarter.


Christ says, “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him and the evil man – brings evil things out.” Everyone should obtain the good things out of the good stored up, once for himself and then for his relatives; this means: first, learn to love God and then learn to love your relative. If you have not learnt this art yet, and you teach others, you will be exposed - they will ask you straight away, “What did your God do for you?” This is not to blame you, but before you teach others, open your mind and heart for the Divine light, so you can progress rightly. Many close themselves to this light like a nut in its shell, and they expect good results – this is impossible. Open for the Divine light, which will free you of all hardships and contradictions. How do you know, that the Divine light penetrates through your mind and heart? The Divine light brings no doubt in human mind and in human heart – same as clear spring water, which freshens and cheers up man. If you drink water which contains all sorts of dregs, it will destroy your organism, and bring in dusk and darkness, then your thoughts and feelings, will split in two. Every teaching is Divine when it ascends and has an elevating influence on man.


Nowadays, there are many preachers who preach the Christian teaching, but only a few can lecture it, properly. Both the Americans and the English sent many missioners all over the world but together with Christianity, they brought in the alcoholic drinks. Some nations appealed to them, not to forward this poison. What is the point of Christianity if you lift up a nation from one hand and poison it on the other? To give poison and destroy man is the easiest thing to do. You will say that you are not like one of these people – there is no man on earth who did not initially poison himself. How many times a day, does man let poison in his blood: today you are well tempered, you have a Divine disposition of the spirit, but you let in a thought that immediately darkens your spirit and you grow weak, losing what you have earned. How many times a day, one falls down and rises up – that is the Turk in everyone, who, not listening to God’s words, raises the bottle with the medicine and drinks it all up at once.


What is Death like? It is Purification, i.e.; leaving the old and unclean house, so it can burn. A house, where people have lived thirty years in discord, arguments and misapprehension, must burn; a hospital, where thousands of sick persons with infectious diseases, have passed through; and the walls have absorbed sighs, groans and uncleanliness, should burn to the ground. Today, God is sending fire all over the world – to burn out and cleanse it from all bad thoughts, unclear, infectious thoughts and desires. Thence, He will rescue people from a greater evil. Therefore, God says, “I already begin to throw away everything old and rotten, and build up something new, solid and clean.” Now, I remove the exterior shell of the walnut, so that the inner content can emerge – the core. The core is the place where the human soul is concealed, where good thoughts and desires are cultivated, one’s will is steeled and the forces of the mind and the heart are being organized. In order to create good thoughts and desires, does not imply to mortify every desire in you.


In the book, “Light upon the path” it is said: “Mortify every desire in you!” This thought undergoes correction: it should be, “Mortify every bad desire in you and revive every good desire.” When reading this book, you will see that many things must be corrected. Either the one, who wrote the book, had consciously hidden the Truth, or he had no understanding of the deep sense of the matter. When studying the Divine science, man should be guided by his inner understanding of things, not falling into doubts. If you stumble across contradictive thoughts, do not hurry to draw conclusions – reflect upon them and then make your conclusions.


Christ says, “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and the evil man - brings evil things out”. Even this thought has two points: from the same place – the heart – the good man brings good things out and the evil – brings evil things out. Consequently, when I want to reform a person, I tell the evil man to mortify every evil desire, not to cause mischief to himself and the other people; I tell the good man to revive all his good wishes and realize them, to be good to himself and his relatives. Man should be cautious with his desires, not to lose self-control. If he goes to the extreme with his good desires, he could encounter contradictions, which generate bad desires as well.


One American professor loved the subject he taught so much, that he used to forget himself while teaching and used to keep his students half, and even sometimes one hour, after the lecture. They decided to teach him a good lesson in order to break his habit to hold them back after the bell. One day, they smeared glue on the chair the professor was sitting and screwed it well to the floor. The Professor spoke two whole hours this day and when he finished the lecture a half hour had to pass until he was set free from the chair – his clothes got stuck with the glue. The professor realized who had arranged this joke and he never again kept his students after the bell rang. It is time now for all people, glued to their chairs to unglue. Everyone should become aware that if he does not succeed in his deeds the reason is that he is stuck to the chair – first get unstuck, then work. The sticking to the chair shows that people still live with their old views and convictions. If you fail to get unstuck on your own, ask somebody to come and help you, but do not remain stuck.


“The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him”. Christ puts the question sharply: - “the good stored up in man and the evil stored up in man”. By the words “the good stored up in man”, He implies the human soul, which develops rightly. According to the occultists, it represents the good karma of man: the good man has fulfilled God’s laws, has gathered a good treasure in his heart, and now he has something to draw and give out to his relative. The evil man had broken God’s laws, he had done wrong and by doing so, he had created his bad karma. At present, they put him in jail, where he lies for a few years, until he acquires a certain experience – through suffering the sap of the evil turns out into goodness. In every village you will visit, you will see how the villagers take out the dung from the dung-heap and fertilize their fields and gardens – in this way they cultivate the trees and the flowers and transform them into good quality. Every man should take out the dung from his dung-heap, i.e. to take out the evil from the evil stored up in him and plant it in his field, fertilize it and transform the evil into Good, which is an indispensable element to the health of man. How do we know if a man has stored up the good in him? Imagine that you get up in the morning, joyful and cheerful, and throughout the day you keep this favourable disposition – in this case, you have stored up the good things in your heart. If you remain favourably disposed, despite the tribulations that happen to you during the whole day, you are a rich person, you bring good things out of the good stored up in you. That, what is true for one day, is valid for many days. If you wake up in the morning and you are in a bad frame of mind, and throughout the day, you are not able to improve your condition, you are bringing evil things out of the evil stored up in you. You are going to apologize that you are not well-disposed, that you are sick, and so on. Nothing can excuse you – the stored up in you  is not good. You have nothing left to do, but take the evil things out of the evil stored up in you and throw it as dung over your field. Afterwards, sufferings will come to you but say, “I am ready to suffer, in order to ascend, to acquire patience and Love.”


Man should be patient. Somebody passes for a patient person, because the conditions impose him to bear – this is woe, not patience. Woe imposes on man, whereas patience is a result of the reasonable human will. Never impose on someone your beliefs, views and convictions, let him be free to plant a garden on his own the way he understands it – you can give him the seeds, but he has to plant and cultivate them alone. He can make some mistake - this is of no significance; the evil is not located in the mistakes that a person makes but in the failure to correct the mistakes. It is important that a person has freedom to develop rightly; at the same time, he should give a free hand to others to develop rightly too.


How do mothers act with their children? When the child is little, the mother puts on it swaddling clothes, ties it with a wrapper, and thus the baby lies for hours. First, she gives it a bath, unwraps the swaddling clothes and leaves the child free to kick with its legs for a while. After, she baths it, she wraps it quickly into swaddling clothes, ties it with the wrapper and lays it in the cradle to sleep–the child should lie down and keep quiet, such is the statute. Some religious people act the same way: they catch someone, put on him swaddling clothes, tie him with a swaddling band and say, “We turned this man to God.” You did not turn him, but you restricted him. If you meet a man, wrapped in swaddling clothes follow the example of the mother: after the period of four or five months, she uncovers the swaddle and sets the child free–by doing so she gives it conditions to develop freely and naturally. If the child remains for a long time in the swaddle, tied with a wrapper, its growth will cease and it will shrink. No mother wants to see her child shrunk–she wants it to become healthy, strong, to develop well. On entering a religious society, initially a person is found in the position of a child, wrapped in swaddling clothes, and tied with a band; after some time he gets rid of the swaddling and starts to develop rightly and naturally, to grow and become reasonable, manifesting the good stored up in him.


Therefore, when a man gets up from sleep, he should ask himself if he is free from the swaddling and the wrapper. Once he is certain that he is free, he starts to move his hands and legs freely, to stretch, which means that he is ready to work. The hands and legs of man represent the human will. Because when the eyes, the tongue, the hands and the legs of man are free, this shows that he has a mind, heart and willpower to work with, in order to fulfill God’s Will. The sleep represents the swaddling and the diapers, in which man is wrapped; once you wake up, untie the swaddling, take the diapers off and say: “Thank You, Lord for giving me the Freedom to move and work, to manifest my will, mind and heart, and serve you.” Prepare for Heaven, while you are still on Earth, because in Heaven there is no sleeping, no wrappers, no swaddling. Work on yourself, in order to ascend your spirit, to develop your Spiritual body, in which you will resurrect. There are people, who will resurrect while they are still on Earth–it is about them that apostle Paul says, that their exterior cover will resurrect and undergo change. Aspire to the Resurrection as an inner process – that means man should liberate all doubts and restrictions. Believe in your mind and heart, in your Spirit and soul, which God has put in you, and you will resurrect. Hence, if you bring the good things out of the good stored up in you, acknowledge this; if you bear evil things stored up in you, fertilize your field with the evil, in order to transform it into Good–this is the thought that Christ put in the verse for the good and the evil stored up in man.


The time has already arrived for man to move through the transient and the restricted, to the eternal, from the swaddling clothes and the wrapper - to the Freedom, from the milk- to the raw food. The little child is fed with milk, it is in the nature of things, but if the young girl, or the young man want to suck, this is not a natural process. Once the child begins to walk, it can eat raw food - this freedom is indispensable for its growth and development.


“The good and the evil stored up in man.” Everyone should ask himself whether he belongs to the good or to the evil people, to the believers or the unbelievers. Who is an unbeliever? It is one who has no Light in one’s mind. Open the windows of his house, so the Light can enter from outside. If a person does not posses money to open the window, let him open it on his own account. Everyone, who is placed in a dark room with no windows, will become an unbeliever. Belief is revealed with Light and unbelief with Darkness. The good is done at Light, and the evil - in darkness. Man has to transform his life, i.e. to leave the darkness and enter into the Light. Every morning, after getting up from sleep, say to yourself: “I am a good and a reasonable man, because God created me.” You will reply, that this is untrue. As I take it, all that is created from God is Good and reasonable. In order to be convinced of this, throw away the old and ragged clothes to see the Divine clothing in which God has dressed you. Who do you blame that you have dressed in the old rags and you cannot recognize yourself. Do not trust those, who support the thought that man is sinful in nature. Only the one, who lives in a dark and gloomy cellar and does not know how to come out of it, is sinful. Take this man out of the cellar and place him in the Divine world, in Freedom and open space.


Christ appeals to the good and reasonable people to bring out the good stored up in their hearts and help their fallen brothers. Give out as a gift, so it will be given back to you. Give out of your golden and not from your paper money, because in Heaven, paper money will not pass - every good thought, every good feeling and every good act are specie money, which never lose value. The good store implies the specie money, and the evil store - the paper money. David says: My mother conceived me in sin - he acknowledges that sin is not Divine, but an invention of man. John says: “I am conceived by God.” The one who lives in a dark room and brings evil things out of his store, he is conceived by the devil; the one that lives in a room full of light and brings good things out of his store, he is conceived by God. Live and work like Christ does, and become one with God. This is what Christ requires from all people, to revive, to reorganize the societies and the nations, to penetrate the new Life everywhere, to bring the Divine Realm on Earth.


It is not enough to know who Christ is and what he has done, but everyone should ask himself what he has done, alone. We all know what Christ did two thousand years ago, we all see what he is doing today, but what have you done, and still do, as a human being? – “You, who speak now, what, are you?” – Come to work with me and you will see what I am. If we work together and I take twenty per cent of the profit, and I give to you ten percent, you will understand how righteous I am, but if I give to you more, and take less for myself, or if we share equally, again you will understand what I am. This is the meaning of the verse, “You will get to know them by their deeds.”


Now, I want all people to loosen their purse-strings, brains and hearts, to throw aside the swaddling clothes and the wrappers and to begin freely to move their hands and legs. This is required by both religious and worldly people, this is required by the life of Reason. You will say that it is easy to talk but hard to work. The one who speaks with Love, he works easily with Love. He had gone through tribulation and sufferings, he has understood Life and knows how to work - his words are rich in content and meaning.


Christ is coming to Earth to revive mankind, the nations, societies, as well as each person individually. Thence everyone should say to himself: “I can achieve anything along with God, with the Angels and the good people.” If everyone would say this to himself, the world will reform and everything will work out for the better. There are three ways, by which man can enter in the Narrow path, i.e.; in the Divine path: the first way is to push the train which leads in this direction, the second way - is to compete with it, and the third - is to get on this train and let it take you along to the determined place. If you come across this train, do not push it to go forward - it will move by itself; do not compete with it - you will fail to follow it, but get inside and believe that it will take you to the Divine Kingdom.


I wish all of you to be like the good man, for whom Christ says, that he takes out good things out of the good stored up in him.




20 May 1917, Sofia

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