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1935_09_01 With the Tongues of Men


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With the Tongues of Men



I Corinthians 13:1.


"Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not love, I have become like a sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal."


Love is a principle which can not be explained theoretically. Consequently, it is not understood. You say: This is Love. However, you knot) as much about love as you do about the heat you measure with a thermometer. You take a thermometer, measure the heat of an object and see that it is one hundred degrees. Another object is heated up to five hundred, or one, two or three thousand degrees. The object is heated to that degree, and the thermometer shows it, but you do not understand anything about the heat. You only determine the fact that the object is heated; you know nothing more. The thermometer knows more than you do.


Men do not understand love, so they encounter much suffering. There are three agents which cause suffering to people: hunger, fear and human love. Hunger induces people to commit many crimes and faults. The hungry wolf passes by the sheep-fold and takes away the best sheep. The hungry man passes by a bakery and steals a loaf of bread, or enters a home and commits robbery. In order to justify themselves, people say: Hunger causes men to commit crimes.


Fear is the cause of many great evils in life. There are two kinds of fear: outer and inner. Outwardly one may fear people, animals, or some mysterious things, but this fear does not cause as much evil and suffering as inner fear. For instance, someone is rich, but he is afraid that the next day he may be stricken by poverty. Someone is healthy, but he fears that he may become ill. Someone is good, but he is afraid of losing his goodness and becoming bad. Someone is educated, but he is afraid of losing his knowledge and becoming ignorant. This is the unnatural fear which people must rid themselves of. Many people consider the fear of God as the basis of this fear. Man must not be afraid of the One Who has created him. It is sufficient for you to connect your thought with that of God and all fear will vanish. According to me, the basis of the inner fear of man is his desire to indulge in the pleasures of life. Man is afraid of poverty because he will not have the pleasure of food and drinks. He is afraid of losing his health, lest he not be able to taste the pleasures of life. hp is afraid of becoming bad, lest he lose the good opinion of people.


Today all men are worrying about small petty things; educated men, professors, ministers, mothers, fathers and rulers -all are worrying about what will become of the world and the nations. What will become of the Bulgarian nation? The Bulgarians will be sown in the earth like the dead in the cemetery, and after a time they will sprout up. The English, French, Germans, Russians - all will be sown in the ground whence they will sprout up anew. You will say that they are dead. This is not death, but rather sowing, burying the seeds in the ground so that they might sprout up again and begin a new life. To be afraid of what will become of you after one hundred years, shows that you do not understand the laws of nature.


The third agent in life which is a cause of suffering, is human love. People speak theoretically about love: they speak about Divine Love without any understanding. They speak about human love, but they do not understand that either. Which man in the world has tasted the fruit of his love? Has the father who loves his children tasted the fruit of his love? Has he tasted the good of his sons and daughters? Has the master who loves his servants tasted the fruit of his love? It is not enough only for one to love; his love must also bear fruit. It is not enough for a plant to be planted in the earth; it must also grow, sprout forth its branches and bear fruit. If love does not bear fruit, it can not be understood. And after all this, they will speak to us about human and Divine love. If the human love does not bear fruit, it remains unknown, and if the Divine love does not bear fruit, it remains unintelligible. Therefore, when someone speaks about human or Divine love, I say that it is love taken to an indefinite degree, i.e., unknown love. In mathematics, every number multiplied an indefinite number of times, is called infinite. An infinite number is that which has no beginning or end. There are also ideas which have no beginning or end. They are irrational, indefinite, inexplicable and incomprehensible. In the future, however, they will become comprehensible, rational and definite. That which is irrational in the physical world is rational in the spiritual world.


Contemporary people want to be happy on the earth. This is impossible. Why? Because there is something abnormal in their life. Their life is not purely Divine. It represents a mixture of the human and the Divine orders, resulting in a number of contradictions. Often the cause of a contradiction is small, but one must understand it in order to avoid it. While the child is studying the alphabet, he is outside of all contradictions, but as soon as he begins to form syllables and words, he meets with contradictions. Why? Because he often writes one word instead of another, which gives an entirely different meaning to the sentence. At times one word, used in the wrong place, is the cause of wars and bad relations between nations, societies, families and friends. Are the letters to blame for that? Of course not. Are the words guilty? They are not either. The one who does not know how to combine the words is guilty. In English, for example, the words lawyer and liar are almost similar in pronunciation, but different in meaning. A slip of the tongue may cause a man to pronounce one word instead of the other. The court acquits a man for such a slip of the tongue.


What do we understand by the word "lie"? A lie is that which does not contain anything essential. The lie promises life, but gives death instead. What is truth? The truth promises death, but gives life instead. The lie ends in death, the truth in life. Why must you love the truth? Because it bears life. Which life or what life does the truth bear? The truth bears life which no living being can do without. Life is the greatest blessing to man. Even the life of the small cell costs more than the whole universe. When I say that the life of this cell can not be compared to the whole universe, I mean that it can not be compared to anything in terms of intensity, power and the possibilities which it contains. In this respect, the whole world was created for this one small cell. Life is a great thing even in its most minute manifestation.


A young Bulgarian man by the name of Stoyan, born in a village near Varna, used to say, every time, life was heavy for him: "I am tired of life and this heavy work and I do not wish to live any more." It so happened that he fell ill. For three years he fought with death, then he said to his mother: "Mother, pray for me that God may give me life and health as I was before my illness and then let them load me with stones, if they want to, I am willing to carry them."


What does this show? That life is the essential thing. It bears happiness and joy. If your life brings you unhappiness, it is due to the foreign elements mixed in it, as words get mixed up in speech. You pronounce the word "hate." What evil is there in this word? It is made of four letters combined in a special order. However, if you say this word to a man, a whole revolution takes place in him. He is grieved that you hate him. What does this word contain? It contains coldness. Hatred is a region devoid of heat. Love is an eternal foundation of heat. To hate a person is to deprive him of this heat and to make him incapable of living. To hate someone is to deprive him of the possibility for even the smallest life. Since you know this, you must avoid hate.


Thus, in order not to deprive man of the possibility of the smallest life, you must be, if not absolutely, at least relatively just toward all living beings. I take the word "absolutely" for myself and leave the word "relatively" for you. As far as I am concerned, I absolutely never allow myself to make mistakes. The conditions may be bad, my mother and father have born me such as I am, I am indisposed - all these are excuses which are not allowed. mistakes are explained but not excused. When a student writes, the teacher is strict and does not excuse arty mistakes. He takes red ink and corrects the mistakes. The student must write the word several times until he learns to write it correctly. In the English language, a sound is sometimes written by three or four letters. These letters are not all pronounced, but if one of them is missing, the Englishman considers you ignorant, not knowing the correct spelling. He who does not want to be regarded as ignorant must look up a word in a dictionary to see how it is spelled.


Life is an essential thing, but as long as man lives on the earth, he must know how to deal with hunger, fear and love. Hunger is an incentive in life. He who does not understand life considers hunger a misfortune. Fear is an impulse toward the attainment of knowledge. This means that no knowledge can be acquired without fear. As long as man is afraid of ignorance, he can acquire knowledge. He who does not understand fear in-this sense, can cause himself a great deal of harm. For instance, many religious people deny themselves of their creed or convictions for fear of suffering and torment. They refuse to pay their debts for fear that their children will remain hungry. But when they do not pay their debts, they may be put in prison.


What would they gain from their denial in such a case?


These are ordinary things which people can not deal with wisely, because they hope for another life. They want others to work for them. They expect God to put order in the world. The world of God is in order, but the human world is not. The external world is right, but your world is not right. Why? Because every man lacks something. Someone wants to work, but has no hands. Since he has no hands, he can not do anything - he can not develop, because the hands are connected with the human mind. The hands have developed the human mind. If you compare an animal with man, you will see that man is distinguished by his well-developed hands. The mind of man corresponds to his hand. Man, moreover, is distinguished from the animals by the fact that he can walk erect on his two feet. When we walk, we step alternately on the right foot and the left foot. Thus, we are directed by love - the left foot - and by wisdom - the right foot. The five fingers and toes on the human hand and foot show the five rules according to which one must act.


Every finger on the human hand is connected with certain forces in man. If one does not know how to move his first finger, he can not be noble and pure. If he does not know how to move his middle finger, he will not be just and religious. He will be proud and violent. Man's conceptions of right and wrong in life depend on the middle finger. Man may be pierced because of that finger. If one does not know how to move his fourth finger, he can not be educated or understand the great and beautiful in life. If one does not know how to use his small finger he will never be practical or finish his work. Finally, if one does not know how to move his thumb, he will not be a master of himself. It has been noticed that when the will of man is paralyzed, his thumb becomes paralyzed also. It is a great science to know how to move and control your fingers. When the thumb becomes paralyzed, man is no more a master of his mind. Every morning look at your thumb, move it a little, make contact with the forces which direct it, in order to realize that you are the master of your conditions and that the ordering of your human affairs is your power. There are certain things which man can do only with his thumb. One can sign his name with the thumb. Let him dip his thumb in ink and stamp it on the draft of his debtor, in this way forgiving him his debt. When he does this, he will be content with himself and realize that he lives in the Divine world. His thumb will be black on the outside, but on the inside it will become white. Before placing your thumb on the draft of your debtor, you have been down-hearted and blue, but after forgiving his debt, you become happy and cheerful. The invisible world is satisfied with you for using your thumb in the right place.


The other four fingers of the hand are connected with more inferior worlds - those of the angels, the seraphims and the cherubims. The thumb, however, has direct contact with the Divine world. Since you know this, occupy yourselves from time to time with your thumb. Take a nice crystal glass, fill it with pure water and dip your thumb in it. Wash it well, then wipe it with a clean towel. Raise your hand after that and make contact with the forces which rule the fingers. If a bad thought enters your mind, do not hide your thumb. Never hide your thumb among the other fingers. Only the coward hides his thumb. The thumb is also partly connected with the personal feelings of man. The personal feelings were given to man as a problem. When he learns to control them, he develops his lofty and more noble feelings. The location of the personal feelings is on the back of the head. They form his west. The place of compassion and mercy is in the upper part of his head. It represents man's east. Thus, the place of the good in man is in the upper part of the head, while that of evil, which causes him to sin, is on the back of the head.


The personal feelings of the Bulgarians are very well developed. If their moral feelings were as well developed as their personal feelings, they would be almost geniuses. Their religious feeling is feeble. The place of this feeling is on top of the head, but we see that place in their heads caved in. This is "the reason why the Bulgarian has no feeling of awe, honor and respect. When you visit a Bulgarian family, you find that the son does not respect his father, nor the daughter her mother. This is due to the lack of religious feeling in them. There is a type of Bulgarian who has a better developed religious feeling. They are remnants of the ancient Slavs. These Bulgarians live around the Rodopa mountains and the Balkans. The rest of the Bulgarians, however, have undergone a crisis in their religious feeling, caused by the mixture of blood with foreigners. When a mixture of blood takes place, there is always an effect on the lofty feelings of man. The religious or the so-called Divine feeling is strongly developed in the Slavs and the Jews. The Jews, however, are covetous because of their well-developed personal element.


It is not important now to draw comparisons between the different nationalities, but it is interesting for you to know what can be of a practical use in your life. Since ancient times, religion has existed as a science of life, showing and teaching man how to ameliorate his individual, social and national life. In order to come to the inner religion of life, men must place the question of education on a solid basis. You can not tell a child to believe in the Primary Principle before speaking to him about the fingers of his hand. Take the first finger of the child in your hand and speak to him about nobility and good behavior with his friends. After that take his middle finger and speak to him about justice. Then take his fourth finger and speak to him about the beautiful and great in life, etc. You will speak to him, of course, in a childish way, so that he can understand you. After listening to you, the child will start to think and in this way he will reason from the results to the primary causes of things.


This is what the new education requires. The old education is not bad, but it does not produce good results. When you speak to the child about his fingers, you will gradually awaken in him a feeling of good conduct, of justice, love of knowledge, etc. If you work consciously for a year or two on the child, you will obtain certain results. But you must first work upon yourselves, you must also pay. It is said: "Freely ye have received, freely give." Things can freely be given to the one who gives freely. He mho does not give freely cannot receive freely either. The good is paid by the good and not by money. This is what the words: "Freely ye have received, freely give," mean.


The human fingers are an alphabet by means of which one can always come in contact with the spiritual, invisible world. A great wealth lives hidden in this alphabet, but only for him who knows the rules and laws of combining the letters into syllables and the syllables into words. You are indisposed, passive, and have no desire to work, but since you know the rules for combining these letters, touch one of your fingers and your disposition will change. Notice that when one is indisposed, he locks his hands together, takes hold of each finger separately and tries to find a way to help himself. The help may come either consciously or unconsciously. He who understands this science can influence himself consciously. When he makes a mistake, he will know which finger will help him correct it. If the mistake is related to the heart, one must employ one of the five rules to correct it; if the mistake is related to the mind, again one of the five rules will correct it. Thus, by testing each one of the five rules in turn, he will find a way to correct his mistake. By correcting his mistakes, man gradually enters the world of the eternal harmony where only health, happiness and youth exist. Outside of that world, one lives in a world of disorder, contradictions, illnesses and suffering.


Since you live in the world of contradictions, you must know that you are under the law of suggestion. No mortal or even immortal being is free from this law. Since you have this in mind, always try to have positive thoughts and feelings, if you want to become free from any painful states which are not your own. If you make contact with a man who suffers from a sore foot, you will experience the same pain. In order to become free from this pain, make mental contact with the sick person and tell him that since he has received this pain from outside, he must find some way to rid himself of it. As soon as ho is free from it, you will be well also. The first people also sinned through the law of suggestion. God told them not to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree, in order not to suffer. After that the black adept came to Eve and said to her: If you want to become like God, eat the fruit of this tree. You have not understood the words of God. The first people to believe in the suggestion of the black adept and took his advice. From that moment on, misfortune followed them. Not only the first, but also contemporary people believe more in what is not true. The woman believes more in her husband than in her Creator. The man believes more in the woman than in his Creator. This must not offend you. I use the words man and woman as letters of the alphabet. The man is the first letter, the woman the second. When one speaks, he must use some letters in order to express his thought. The young man tells the maiden that she will be happy with him and she believes in him more than in God. In this respect the young maiden deserves to be praised. If she could believe in God to the extent that she believes in her husband, she would perform miracles.


You say: How should we believe in God? Believe in Him as you believe in your beloved. If you believe with that strength, you will make progress. By this I do not mean to say that you have done something wrong when you have believed in your beloved, but I advise you to apply the same faith with regard to your Creator. If you want to progress in your work, draw out your capital from the bank of your beloved and deposit it in the Divine bank. I advise all men and women to draw out their capital from the bank of the human and deposit it in the Divine bank. If they do not live well, the reason is that God is not among them. They believe in one another, but they do not believe in God, so they become disappointed. Contemporary humanity lives without faith. If it is a question of an official faith, they all have such, but the hair of all men has turned white from official beliefs. Man needs a deep inner faith with which he can solve all the problems of his.-.life. The Divine is manifested on earth in the shape of an ellipse with two centers: in one center acts the masculine principle, wisdom, while in the other therms is the feminine principle, love. These two principles must unite to form one center, or one common principle where they must deposit their capital. When this principle begins to function in man, it will make him happy. Actually, only God can make men happy. One man can not make another man happy.


In order to come to the real faith, one must know himself both inwardly and outwardly; he must think and feel. How can a man know the exterior world, if he does not know the structure and functions of his organs? Every finger of the human hand is alive. It is composed of thousands of rational cells. The thumb, for example, is connected with one of the regions of the great rational world in which intelligent beings live. With regard to consciousness and development, these beings are of a higher rank than the earthly man. Therefore, through your fingers you can come into contact with rational beings who are always ready to help you. These beings participate in the work on the earth. Therefore, when you raise your first finger, you contact beings of a higher order and realize that you can accomplish everything together with them. Man can not accomplish anything alone, but he can attain everything with God. There is no greater misfortune for man than for one of his fingers to be injured. That is why every morning one must thank God for that blessing. The development of the mind and the heart of man depends on his hands. A caress, a good deed, a letter, all these depend on one's delicate and beautiful hand. You will say that the elephant works with his trunk. That is possible, but as a man, I would prefer to work with my hands than exchange them for the largest trunk.


There is no organ more beautiful than the human hand. If you examine it physiologically, biologically, and psychologically, you will see that it has inestimable wealth. The hand represents rationality in man. When you are discouraged, look at your hand, look at each finger separately and you will immediately take heart, because you will see that you can be noble, just, educated and practical. And finally, when you look at your thumb, you will realize that you have the potential in yourself to be a Divine man. When you look at your hand, you will realize that you have the possibility to realize all that is deposited in it. Many people, out of modesty, say that they can not do anything and that God does everything. It is true that when the grain of wheat is sown in the earth, after some time it sprouts up, grows and bears fruit. What does that show? It shows that the impulse for life and development is hidden within it. As soon as conditions for its manifestation arrive, it must not wait for others to work for it; it must immediately take advantage of these conditions and start its work.


Man has passed through the phase of the plants and has come to the earth in a more evolved form, the human form. In heaven, however, man is still a plant with its head buried in the earth. We rejoice at plants which develop on the earth, while the angels are glad and cultivate the plants in the spiritual and Divine worlds, that is, they cultivate us. When we taste a fruit on the earth, we say that it is sweet or sour. In the same way the angels give their opinion about our fruit in heaven. There are people in heaven who bear apples, pears, plums, oranges - whatever fruit the earthly trees bear. Man in heaven is such as he is on earth; whatever fruit he bears on earth he also bears in heaven. Whether you believe in this or not is your own business. I know that what I say is true; I am not interested in whether or not you will accept it. You may regard things in the physical world as you wish, and you will lose nothing because of your standpoint, but it is important that your ideas can be applied and bear fruit.


Often Bulgarians use figures of speech as a clearer and more vivid way of expressing their thought. They say of someone: "He runs like a bullet or like lightning." How is it possible for one to run like a bullet or like lightning? Or: "He creeps like a snail." Is it possible for one to creep like a snail? "If you throw an egg there will be no room for it to fall." By this expression they mean that so many people were gathered in one place that there was no room even for an egg. This is an exaggeration of the facts. If the fact is taken literally, we should say that the egg was very large. When they say that someone runs like lightning, they refer to a man with a quick, bright mind who perceives things and orients himself easily. Whatever work you give to such a man, he will do it well. Science also uses such figures of speech. When scientists want to emphasize or exaggerate a fact they also use such expressions. However, he who understands the laws will discount seventy-five per cent of what he hears and absorb the remaining twenty-five per cent which contains the truth.


Contemporary people, both the worldly and the religious ones, have reached certain extremes in their reasoning. Some say that the world will be reformed by the heart, while others maintain that it will be rectified by the mind, and a third group maintain that it will be rectified by deeds. Each of these affirmations is twenty-five per cent true. The three together comprise seventy-five per cent. There remains twenty-five per cent more which we call additional credit not taken into account. But this credit solves all the problems of the world. It represents the thumb which is placed on the side of the hand away from all the other fingers. The power and possibilities which the thumb contains are equal to the power and possibilities of all the other fingers combined. When one gathers his fingers into a fist, placing the thumb on top of all the other fingers, he means that he can do anything. He has submitted his mind, heart and will to the Divine Principle in himself. In such a condition, one can do everything. The Divine excludes all doubt and wavering. Anything which gives rise to doubts and wavering is not Divine. When you know this, place your hope only in that Principle, which can not arouse any doubt in you.


Many years ago, a rich Bulgarian millionaire came to me. He had an incurable disease and wanted me to cure him. He began to tell me what he had heard about my power and knowledge. He wanted to bribe me with his compliments, but that was his business. I told him that if he wanted me to cure him, he would have to pay dearly. - How many thousands must I give? - Take a part of your wealth for the sustenance of your children, deposit the rest in a bank, and forget about what will become of it. Can I not give only half of my money? - No, you must give all that you have. Besides that, you must dedicate your life to the welfare of all men and work in that direction. - I shall think about that. - Well, go home, think about my proposal, and when you have made up your mind, come tell me your decision. - Can you not cure me without money? Does a man like you take money? - Sometimes I do not take anything, but sometimes I take a great deal of money. You are one of those people from whom I take a great deal. He went home and to this day he has not come to tell me his decision. If he had returned, he would have tried to deceive us. In that case, a man should be specially appointed to take care of him. That man was not ready for any sacrifice. He had not recognized the Divine Principle in himself and in others; that is why he was constantly inclined to doubt.


The Divine law states: "Freely ye have received, freely give!" In other words, you must give everything that is given to you. He who is not ready to sacrifice everything for the Divine, can not attain anything. Unless the farmer sows his wheat in the field, he can not receive anything. After he has sown it he will receive fruit: some thirty, some sixty and some one hundred. I told the Bulgarian millionaire that in order to avoid doubting the Divine law, which works with one hundred per cent certainty, that is, without any exception, he might deposit his money in the bank for a year and a half. Up to that time, neither one of us would draw it out of the bank. If during that time he was cured, he would give up his money. - But if I get sick after that time has passed? - If you get sick from the same illness in the course of ten years, I will give you back your money. However, after the ten years have passed, I am no longer responsible. - Why? - Because you have not fulfilled the conditions, you have not dedicated your life to serving God and your neighbor.


By this example, I want to explain one of the important laws in nature: as long as you have no confidence in the Divine world and are not ready to sacrifice yourself to the Divine Principle within you, you will not attain anything. Some think that knowledge will come by itself, that is, that they will acquire knowledge without studying. That is not true. Man must observe, study, delve into things and examine the earth and heaven, the sun, the moon and the stars, plants, minerals and animals, until he arrives at the positive and real knowledge. There are two kinds of knowledge; the first is acquired by hard labor, the second by love. However, to acquire both kinds of knowledge it is necessary to employ work, consistency and effort. Knowledge which is acquired by love is real. In that knowledge one sees the power one has deposited. In it one sees the greatness of nature, the greatness of one's Creator. He who has acquired that knowledge is free from all criticism.


It is not easy for man to attain real knowledge. The disciple must shed many tears, he must pass through much hardship and suffering before he comes to positive knowledge. If a teacher loves his disciples, he can from time to time give them one or two blows. Every blow of the teacher prolongs the life of the disciple twenty years. Without that blow, the disciple would be exposed to illness and death. That is why it is said that love brings man to life and resuscitates him. All people who have a long life have passed through great suffering. They are called Sons of God. He who wants to be called a Son of God must be ready to pass through great sufferings. His path will be strewn not with roses but with suffering and hardships. Suffering prolongs life. Every blow given to you by a person who loves you adds twenty years to your life. What evil is there in a blow which arouses in man that which is lofty, noble and rational in him? If someone gives you a blow which costs five diamonds, it is in its proper place.


"Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am nothing." Therefore, love gives meaning to everything in life. Thus, when love punishes man, he comes to life and resurrects. Which nature in man is punished? The physical, not the spiritual. The human soul does not suffer, but the body suffers. However, the soul must experience the suffering of the body in order to manifest itself. Today everyone beats and punishes things smaller than themselves. Which man has not taken off the head of at least one fly? Or who has never stepped on an ant? You meet a man who walks and philosophizes, not paying attention to the small creatures he steps on along the way. He is not disturbed in the least by the fact that he has stepped on an ant or a small bug; he finds it a natural thing to do. You walk through a forest and on your way you meet a young couple - a man and a woman talking. The young woman speaks and from time to time she raises her hand, breaks off some young branch and continues on. This shows that the young woman will some day break something off the young man with whom she is now, so pleasantly speaking- she will deprive him of something and then she will continue on, just as she is doing with the branch of the tree. What should the young man do in such a case? Seeing how carelessly she is breaking off the branches of the trees, he should say: - Goodbye, I am going away to a foreign country and I will return after ten years. We shall meet then and speak again. Contemporary people do not have the necessary goodness and nobility, so they cause one another suffering and hardships.


People today are just starting to work consciously on their development. The present fifth race can be compared to the five foolish virgins which Christ spoke about. The five races represent the lives of the five foolish virgins. The coming five races will represent the lives of the five wise virgins. This is why everyone is striving for the new, the lofty in life which will serve as a foundation for the sixth race which is now coming into the world. From now on educated men will acquire real knowledge. As soon as they attain this knowledge, the Kingdom of God will come on earth and there will be happiness and joy in every home. As long as men live the old life, they are directed by one and the same thought. They say: Man is born, grows old and dies. Then he is born again, grows old and dies. Today, people have begun to speak about a rejuvenation of man without dying and being reborn. This rejuvenation process is done by ingrafting certain animal glands. Scientists do not even suspect that there is a spiritual method for the rejuvenation of man. In reality, rejuvenation is an inner psychic process. In the brain and in the sympathetic nervous system there are certain glands which man does not yet know how to manipulate. Contemporary scientists do not know the role of these glands. Some day when they learn what they are for, they will be able to make conscious use of them as a means of rejuvenation. Today people are under the influence of the law of suggestion. Whomever they meet they begin to complain to of pain in their head, arm, leg, etc. They do not know that all diseases are caused by their inner contradictions. Prudent men of sound mind - followers of great thoughts, ideas and virtues - are needed today. Workers are needed today who will preach and apply the Divine in life. Models are needed today. Anyone may speak about patience, but it is difficult to apply patience. It is easy to speak and difficult to act and apply. They used to say to Napoleon: - Let us do this. - But what about money? - Let us do that. - But the money? money is necessary for everything. Many things are done in the world, but nothing can be done without money. We use the word "money" in the broad sense of the word.


The capitalists, the economists say: Money is needed. The educators say mothers are needed. Today there are both money and mothers, but what do people do with the money and the mothers? The money and the mothers represent a hammer in the hands of a little child. He carries the hammer in his hand, but he can not raise it or work with it. However, the same hammer is an instrument in the hand of his enemy, who can smash his head. Money represents the human mind. The mother represents the human heart. Therefore, just as we can not live without a mind and a heart, we can not live without money and mothers. However, do not put the money or the mothers outside of yourselves. The mind has created the money; the heart has created the mothers. How? The Divine impels a young maiden to fall in love and marry a young man, in order to become a mother. The mind and the heart are conductors, by means of which the Divine Spirit is manifested and performs miracles. For instance, the maiden is not ready for sacrifices, and heroic achievements until she becomes a mother. As soon as she becomes a mother, she is ready to perform miracles. She is ready to sacrifice everything for her child. Man is in a position to do everything for the Divine in himself.


Thus, study yourselves; study your minds, your heart and your hands. When you want to acquire gentleness, you may pat the palms of your hands three times a day during the course of a year.


When you want to acquire more firmness, courage and strength of character, pat the upper part of your hands. Someone is considered by people to be of a delicate, soft character, but his voice is coarse. Softness is expressed by the voice. A man with a soft character has a special soft element in his voice. Keep yourselves from coarse feelings which ruin the softness of your character. Whatever you do, your consciousness must be sound, because you are being observed at all times by the invisible world. You will give an account for every vain word. No man can do or say whatever he wishes. If anyone dares to do what he wants, he will have to give an account for his deeds. Falsehood can not be forgiven anyone. On the whale, the higher a man is on the ladder of evolution, the stricter they are to him. It is forbidden to lie in the name of God. When a Master comes to earth, He does not speak from Himself or from His name. He speaks in the name of Him Who has sent Him to earth. It is a pity when people do not benefit from the Word of the Master. After two thousand years, this same Master will come and ask them: Why did you not listen to the Master who spoke to you two thousand years ago? If you had obeyed Him, you would not be suffering today. You listen, but you do not accept the words. Some of you listen and look for some secret or subtle and hidden meaning in the words of the speaker. There is nothing better for a man than to speak the truth. He who speaks the truth will taste all the blessings of life. He who doss not speak the truth will experience all the sufferings of life. If you do not want to suffer, always be on the side of truth. - What are the rules of the truth? These rules are inscribed in your heart. Open the book of your heart and read. It says in the Scripture: "He has put His Spirit within you," This means that God has inscribed the truth in the hearts of people.


Many people think that if they live alone, away from others, they will progress faster. To think this way is to fool yourself. Once man has come to earth among people, animals, plants and minerals, he can not escape their influence. Even the smallest particle that surrounds him exerts an influence over him. On his part, he also influences all living beings. All of nature influences man; man also influences nature. This law is inevitable. The sun, the moon, the stars - everything influences man. Therefore, you must realize that everything the Creator has created is related to all living beings and has a beneficial influence on their development.


Since you know this, you must become free from all inner fear. Some people are afraid of becoming ill, or of catching some contagious disease. There is no cause for fear. Keep in your mind the positive thought that whatever happens to you during the day is for your good. From the Divine point of view, everything that happens in the world is for the best. Many people are afraid of certain premonitions they have; consequently, they become superstitious. When their left hand itches, they say that they will receive money; when their right hand itches, they say that they will give money. Therefore, by an inner path, they come to certain correct conclusions. This is a whole science which people knew at one time, but which has been forgotten today. Since they do not remember it, they say it is superstitious. This is not so, however. The ear perceives what the eye can not perceive. The eye, on the other hand, perceives what the ear can not. Thus every sense organ receives certain kinds of impressions which the other organs can not receive. For instance, the thumb receives one kind of impressions, the second finger another kind, etc. If a man raises his hand, he receives impressions different from those each separate finger receives. When one raises only his thumb, by that he means: I give one for God and four for myself. If he raises two fingers, he wants to say: I give two for God and three for myself. In this way, the priests bless people. They say to someone: Hands up! This means: Give everything for God! When a man raises his hands in despair, they help him. If you are a miser, raise your hands. If you are a minister, raise your hands. To raise your hands is to -be ready to give everything. No man can bless in this way. To bless in this way is to give everything one has. Only God can bless. The Divine blessings are hidden in the blessing of God.


Now nothing remains for you but to thank God you have come to earth. Be grateful for your bodies, eyes, ears, good thoughts and feelings which are given you. Be grateful for the favorable conditions given you for the realization of your aspirations and desires. You can not attain anything without these conditions.


"Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, it profiteth me nothing." Therefore, in order to acquire knowledge and to profit from your life, you must pass through the portals of love. I wish you all to be educated, but without diplomas.


I say: If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels and have love, I am something which can profit from the conditions of life. Speak with the tongues of men and of angels in such a way that you may have love and become what your soul desires.


"The Divine Spirit bears all the blessings of life."


September 1, 1935, 10 A.M. Sofia - Izgrev.

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