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1935_09_01 It Will Come From Within


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It Will Come From Within



John 4.


There are things in life which man must constantly repeat. That which he has experienced only once is not yet absolutely real. For example, someone says that he is happy. Why? Because he has gained something. He says that he is happy without knowing what happiness really is. A good chance in life does not make a man happy. He must have experienced happiness many times, in order to be classified as being happy. Another man says that he is rational without knowing what rationality implies. A third man says that he is strong and pure, without knowing what strength and purity are. A fourth says that he lives, without knowing what life is. All people know these things in part, but in spite of that, the results of their lives do not correspond to their knowledge. They know what life is, but they die; they know what purity is, but they stain themselves.


It says in the Scripture: "God is Spirit. When the Spirit of Truth comes, He will teach you." What is the Spirit? Who is the Spirit of Truth? Contemporary people ask this question and seek the truth. They seek the truth, but they find a truth which breaks. Once a man was given a silk thread. He took the thread and took it apart to test its strength. By doing that, however, he did not see the strength of the thread, but rather its quality; i.e., the material out of which it was made. In this case it was not the quality of thread that was of importance, but rather the strength. It is important that the thread should not break easily. Therefore, if in searching for the truth, man can easily break the thread, this truth is relative, it breaks and can not withstand the external conditions.


Someone says that he knows the other world, knows how it is arranged, how the beings there live, etc. In reality, the description that is given of the other world is a description of the physical world. Can you say that you know the onion by its external skin? The skin is not the onion. The onion is known by its inner content. Many people boast of their knowledge, but if their knowledge is like that which they have of the onion, they can not depend on it. On the whole, knowledge is a load which is sometimes necessary, but at other times not necessary. He who has much knowledge is similar to a loaded traveler who is going to a city or village, but who must travel by foot. He has taken with him two suitcases; in one he has put underwear and suits of clothes, brushes for shoes and clothes, etc. In the other he has put food. He is carrying the suitcases, but he is looking around to find someone to carry them for a while. He is ready to pay if only he could find such a man. Along with him walks another man who is not carrying any suitcases, who is looking to see if there is a man with suitcases from whom he can earn something to eat. The last man is depending on beggary.


Thus, there are two kinds of followers in science; the first listens and acquires knowledge; they load themselves with unnecessary luggage which they can not carry. This shows that they have many ideas which they can not apply. The others listen also, but they do not perceive - they have no ideas. And when they are asked why they do not work or apply anything, they justify themselves by the fact that they are poor and possess nothing. When people meet they ask what class one another belongs to; to that with the suitcases, or to that without. In other words, of which group of people are you: of those who have ideas, or of those who have no ideas? The first group of men become discouraged because they have ideas but do not know where to apply them; the second group become discouraged because they have no capital, no ideas, and in conclusion they say that life has no meaning and it does not pay to live, etc.


In reality, life has no sense without the application of the ideas one has. Why can some people not apply their ideas? Because they try to find a way to apply them outside of themselves. It is wrong to think that ideas are applicable outside of man. Whatever one can apply, one should apply within oneself - nowhere else. Only that which is applied gives light. The desire of people to apply their ideas outside of themselves will remain forever an impossibility. When the First Principle created the world, He applied everything within Himself. That is why it is said: "All things move and have their being in God." God applies everything in Himself, but we want to bring them out and apply them outside of ourselves. What greater contradiction could possibly exist than this? As a result of this contradiction, men come into conflict with the Divine order of things. Man himself is not convinced of an idea, yet he wants to convince other people to believe in his conviction. It is impossible to convince a person of something which you yourself do not believe. If you are convinced that the path in which you walk is right, why must you convince others of that? Just tell them that the path you have chosen is right. Say: if you wish, come with me; if not, remain on your path. - But we do not want to be misled. - You are right, but one must first ask oneself whether or not he is already misled. If you want to apply your ideas outside of yourself, you are already misled. But if you constantly apply your ideas within yourself, you are on the path of truth in which you can attain everything.


Many people expect life to become better first, and then for they themselves to become good. This means that the idea of the good should first be applied in life and then in man. This is impossible. People expect the Kingdom of God to come from outside and then to enter into them. They expect it to come from outside in some spiritual way and they would immediately acquire the right to citizenship in this Kingdom. But this can never happen. The Kingdom of God is within man, not outside of him. It says in the Scriptures: "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all things will be added unto you." Where will you seek this Kingdom? Within yourselves. It has been noticed that all proud and ambitious men seek the Kingdom of God outside of themselves. Someone offends them and they say immediately that the world is evil, that men are rude and then they become disappointed. Why must they become disappointed? If a man is an ocean, who can pollute his water? If the Kingdom of God is within him, who can disturb his spirit? If a word can offend you, you do not recognize the truth. Since you do not know the truth, you cannot be called a man. Therefore, when your sea is turbulent, ask yourself the question: Why am I troubled and why do I get discouraged? If you are sincere with yourself, you must answer: I am troubled and discouraged because I want to apply the truth outside of myself. What must you do then? Apply the truth within yourself. As soon as you do that, you will be encouraged. The same thing applies to love and knowledge.


Thus, if you want to apply love and knowledge outside of yourself, you will be discouraged. As soon as you apply them within yourself, you will be encouraged. Since men do not understand this, they want to introduce their ideas into the world, not knowing that by this they will come into conflict with the Divine order of things. What need has the world of your ideas? Many ministers sit in the pulpit and from there they want to turn men to God. No, men can not be turned in that way. Someone speaks to people about purity, without knowing himself what purity is. When you look at him, notice the wavering look in his eyes. That man is thinking about how he can convert you, how he can influence you to believe what he believes. He wants to make men happy on the outside, to have an external belief. It is impossible for a man to be happy or to believe on the outside. The truly happy man is the man who carries his happiness within himself. As long as you seek happiness and love on the outside, you are on the wrong path. As long as the external conditions are favorable, you are on the wrong path. Therefore, if you think that the world can be rectified in an external way, only on the outside, you are on the wrong path. Men want to rectify the world and to become its masters. No! The world was not created for masters! It was not created even for mothers and fathers; the world was created for those souls who are ready to live like brothers. The world was made for the souls who are ready to study.


The world was not created even for the educated man, but rather for those who want to study. If a man is educated, strong or saintly, what can you gain from his knowledge, strength or saintliness? If he is strong, he can tread upon you with his boots; if he is educated, he can frighten you with his mind. He will come against you and want to overwhelm you with his knowledge. If he is a saint, he can discourage you with his spirituality. When you see how advanced he is, you will fall into despair, thinking that you can never attain such a state. In such a case, you must know that it is not important how much food you have eaten, but rather how you feel after eating and how much of the food received was assimilated. Feeding is a temporary process in which only the moment of eating is real. Since this is true, there can be no relations between two persons unless they simultaneously eat the same food. The same thing applies to thoughts and feelings. As long as man thinks and feels, he is in the reality of things.


Now an inner comprehension of things is required of all of you. If you do not comprehend the truth inwardly, you will all fail and go bankrupt. The truth is a capital which must be used. Few people have thought about this question. Up to this day, we see people expecting everything from the outside and when they do not get what they expected, they become disappointed. After the resurrection of Christ, His followers expected Him to come a second time on earth, but they expected Him on the outside. Even today many people expect Him to come from some place on earth. The religious people ask themselves when Christ will come on earth. Christ will not come in the way people expect Him. You will say that since He was born once, He will be born a second time. Since He was born on the earth, people should have accepted Him, but since they did not accept Him in His time, Christ will come in the future only when everyone will open up their hearts and accept Him inwardly, not outwardly. The opening up of the hearts of people and the acceptance of Christ would mean His coming on earth. If they do not accept Him in this way, there will be storms, earthquakes, cyclones, poverty, hunger, illnesses, crises, etc. How long will these things last? Until people leave their old life - the life of the external creeds. When people meet, they like to look each other over from head to foot - examining one another; however, they must know that the best and most correct way to measure a man is to measure him inwardly - to see him on the inside. The important thing is what he is on the inside, not on the outside. Inwardly one may be sacred, but on the outside one may not be. And inversely: one may be sacred on the outside and not on the inside. Sacredness is an inner quality of man.


Man must turn his attention to several things in his life which he must place as pillars of his building. They are: purity, sanctity, power, life and love. Upon purity are built the feelings, health and partly the happiness of man. Purity is an inner quality. Sanctity is related to the human mind. Knowledge is built upon it. Power is related to the will. The power determines the stability of the human character. Life gives men conditions to realize all of their desires and aspirations. As they live, their consciousness gradually awakens and expands and they cultivate their abilities and talents. Love comes last, but it involves everything in life. It is said in the Scripture: "God is Love." It also says: "The pure in heart shall see God." Actually, if the heart of man is not pure, if his mind is not sacred, if his will is not strong and if his soul is not full of love, the word "man" makes no sense. Therefore, a man may bear the name "man" only when his heart is pure, his mind light, his will strong and his soul full of love. These are the qualities of the real man.


As disciples, work on yourselves to get rid of discontentment. Wake an effort but do not force yourselves. Wan gains when he makes an effort, but he loses when he forces himself. Everything must be represented in its natural form without exaggeration or underestimation. What will you gain if purity, sanctity, power, life and love are not represented to you such as they are in reality? Purity is the first gate through which life enters; sanctity is the second gate, power the third and love the fourth and last. We say that life enters through four gates, but at the same time it exits through the same gates. Everything which enters and exits is real. Therefore, life is real. Everything which enters, but does not exit, or exits but does not enter, is not real. The light which enters and leaves man at the same time is real. That which you see only on the outside is not real. When you see a man only on the outside, he is not real. This is his external house. The real man is concealed somewhere inside his house. If you could see the man in his house, then you would understand what he really is.


Now I want to turn your attention to the inner sight and inner thought of man. When you look at things from the inside first and then on the outside, you have correct perception. When you look only on the outside, you fall into deception; consequently you want your own will to be done. When you look only at the external side of things, you will always be led by the desire to realize only what you wish, and in the way in which you wish. But man must know that there is a higher will than his which directs the world. If you impose your will, you will cause many misfortunes in the world. When someone pleases you, you wish for that man to live, but if he does not please you, or if he offends you, you wish to exterminate him from the face of the earth. It is a good thing to be influenced by your feelings but you must be noble first. Nobility will keep you from that slope in life toward which the personal feelings push you. Man must be perfect in feelings, thoughts and acts. If he is perfect in feelings, thoughts and acts, he will be very careful in every word he says. When one speaks, one must have oneself in mind, first of all, as if one were speaking to oneself. If one approves of one's choice of words, one's speech will have a good effect upon one's listeners also. Everyone must know that he speaks to himself. If he approves of himself, then those who have come to the hall to listen to him will approve of him also, and remain in the hall; if they do not approve of him, they will leave the hall. Good speech gives good results. If a field is good, if a seed is good, the wheat will also be good. Every farmer knows this. When the field is not fertile and the seed is of a poor quality, the wheat will be weak and of a poor quality also. The farmer knows this.


"God is Spirit." To pronounce the words "God is Spirit" with depth, in full consciousness, means to receive the thought of God. What more could you wish? Or may you say that you are interested to know why the world was created, why men were created and why they sin? Leave these questions aside. It is important for you to know why you were created as a man. Whoever asks this question sincerely will receive an answer. Plan was created to serve his Creator and at the same time to study the world. One day when he has finished his work and come to know the world, man will return to his Creator and give an account of all he has done and learned. After hearing him, God will correct his work. After that He will give him an opportunity to examine his life himself - everything that he has done. There are specialist photographers who from morning to night take pictures of man in every possible condition that he is in: when and how he gets up, what clothes he wears, how he thinks and feels, what inspires him and what he does. When man sees these pictures, he will understand his mistakes and correct himself. In this way he will understand what is and what is not necessary in his life.


Until now man has come to the conviction that he can do without many things, but that he can not do without sleep. A day will come when there will be no need for sleep. Only the ignorant sleep. When the ignorant sleep, the wise work. Sleep is a rest only for those upon whom the rational beings work. In this way their consciousness is elevated. In order to attain a higher consciousness, one must attain a balance between the mind and the heart. As soon as one comes to that balanced state, the process of one's organism will be normalized. Sleep has been imposed upon man because of the violation of the Divine Laws. Sleep has not been in man's program from the Divine point of view. The same thing applies to death. Plan was created to live and not to die. Since death entered into his life, man lost his original state of balance. When someone dies, they say that he has gone to sleep, or to rest. One can do without this sleep. Man must leave the region of the dormant life, i.e., the region of death, and enter the life of immortality - the life of the resurrection. In order to come to the resurrection, one must believe that love, knowledge and freedom are within, not without. For instance, people expect the rising of the sun so as to enjoy its light and heat. According to me, it is not important that only the external sun has risen. If the external sun has risen, but the inner sun of man has not risen, he does not gain anything. The moment when the rising of the outside sun coincides with that of the inner sun, is important. This is a real sunrise. The external, physical sun is valuable for all men and living beings. The inner sun is valuable for man himself. There is no greater joy for man than to see both inside and outside. Great is the joy of man and of all heaven when all people on earth understand and know their Creator. Then the Kingdom of God has come on earth.


"God is Spirit." When you say this, ask yourself the question; what have you done for this Spirit? One thing is required of you: to keep His thought pure, sacred and powerful, full of love, and not to spot it with anything. Man bears the consequences of every evil word and wrong thought. Nothing can relieve him from his responsibility toward the Divine. This is the reason for the suffering of men. Both ordinary people and saints suffer. As the ordinary man suffers for every crime he commits, such as murder, for example, the saint suffers for the smallest mistake he makes. Me who can kill a fly can kill a man after some time. The law is the same. Since you do not understand the law, you say: This is only a fly. This is only a grain of wheat. This is just an acorn. In external appearance, it is true that the fly is small; it is also true that the grain of wheat and the acorn are small, but see what can become of them after some time. The fly develops; the grain of wheat sown in the earth will develop a large blade; the acorn planted in the earth will become a mighty oak after a hundred years. If this centenarian - the oak tree - can not become a small acorn, it is not in the right direction of development. Therefore, he who can not become as large as the oak tree and as small as the acorn at the same time, is on the wrong path of life. In other words, if man cannot profit from the blessings of life given to him, and deny them at the same time, he is on the wrong path. Thus, in order to receive one blessing, one must be ready to deny himself of some other blessing.


Life has meaning when man passes from the "great large" to the "great small." This means that man can express his aspirations to serve the "great large" only when he works and serves the "great small." The August One has created the world through the small things. He started with the small and gradually moved on towards the great things. People act in just the opposite way; they begin with the great and finish with the small. Whomever you meet tells you that he was invited to some aristocratic home, that he was received royally, etc. This speaks of human vanity. Another man boasts of the fact that he visited the home of a minister. What do ministers and kings represent? The are like all people, with the difference that they have a higher social position. When one boasts of such things, in reality, he boasts of himself - he wants to rise in this way. It is said in the Scripture: "He who boasts, let his boast be in the Lord." If you have visited a king and have not acquired anything royal, what was the sense of your visit? If you have been with a saint and not acquired anything sacred, your visit has been of no value. In this condition you will find yourself in the conflict that the young maiden falls into. While she is a maiden, she constantly thinks about some young man, whom she wants to catch in her net, as the fisherman catches his fish. She does not think of anything but the young man. After she gets married, she thinks that she has solved the problems of life. Then she begins to dream of becoming a mother. The young man, on his part, longs to become a father. Afterward both of them begin to dream of a house, of fields and vineyards. Why should every maiden become a mother and every man a father? Rejoice at your mothers and fathers! If you want to become mothers and fathers, take one or two orphans and bring them up as your own. All people are aspiring for the new, for a new life. The new life, however, requires new conceptions. In the new life, the idea of mother, father, sister, brother, teacher arid student will be entirely different from those of today. He to whom the new ideas have not penetrated, cannot enter the new life. No construction whatever can be effected without new ideas.


You say: Let us put our work in order. All work is put in order inwardly, not outwardly. He who thinks that he can put his work in order outwardly is misled. I meet someone who complains of poverty. - See, I am carrying a heavy load on my back; I am a rich man. Take part of it and start with me. You must know that whatever you take, you will carry it without turning back. He rejoices, takes a part of my load, puts it on his back and starts after me. After passing a few kilometers, he stops tired and says: My load is heavy. Can you not take it back? - No, turning back is not allowed. The load which I share with people is the truth which proceeds forth from me. Once given to man, the truth can not go back. The knowledge, the word, the love which proceed from me can not be taken back. Everything which can be given and taken back is not real. Whatever you give, you must forget about, as the farmer forgets the seed sown in the field. After it is sown, the farmer does not go to dig it out, or gather it anew, but rather leaves it in the earth to rest calmly and wait for the time of sprouting. After it sprouts, it will grow up, ripen and give more grains than if it were taken out of the ground after it was sown. The wheat reaped and gathered in the barn is the gain of the farmer.


Therefore, be pure, saintly, powerful and full of love, if you want people to love you. Today all people are candidates for love, i.e., all want to be loved, but they must know that only that which is perfect can be loved. The imperfect cannot be loved. Light is valuable, the pure water is valuable, the pure air is valuable, love is valuable. What is the sense of lovelessness? Or what is the sense of darkness? What sense and value has impure water? The meaning of life rests on this - to love, but not to be loved. It is good to be loved, but it is better to love. He who loves is happy, he is a master. In this respect God is the first Who has set us an example. He loves us all, that is why He is the Master of the world. What is required of us then? That we should love as Cod loves. He has created the world to manifest His love and to show us how to love. What was God's purpose in creating the world? This question must not be asked. However, to ask what is the meaning of life is your right. And when you ask, you must answer yourself: the purpose of life is to love. The meaning of life implies the idea of the beginning of life. Thus to love implies the beginning of life. To be loved implies the end of life. This is the philosophy of my life. When people begin to love me, my work is finished. When I begin to love, my work is beginning. When I begin to work I am happy. Study life and you will see that this philosophy is right. When people love you, you are bored; when you love, you are happy.


All men want to know why they are unhappy. Very simply: you are unhappy because people love you. As long as others love you, but you do not love, you will be unhappy. If you want to be happy, you must love. To love is Divine. To be loved is human. Love is the foundation of life. However, life begins the moment you manifest your love. The end of life comes when people manifest their love toward you. Therefore, do not wish for people to love you, lest the end of your life come too soon. If two persons love each other externally, they can never be happy. If two persons love each other inwardly, they will always be happy. Therefore, if you want to be happy, seek to love inwardly, not outwardly. This is the right path of life.


Religious people say they love Christ, but at the same time they doubt Him. What does this show? It shows that they are outside of love; i.e., they love Christ outwardly. As long as you seek Christ outside and expect Him to love you, you will be wrong. Do not seek Christ outside, but inside. This means: you love Christ and do not expect Him to love you. It is a fallacy to expect others to love you. Whether or not people love you is their business; whether or not you love is your business. Love must be manifested freely. The happiness of man is determined by the freely manifested love toward the Primary Principle of life. As long as you love without doubt, wavering or fear, you will always be happy and content. As soon as the shadow of doubt, wavering or fear mars your love, you will find yourself confronted by sufferings and contradictions.


"God is Spirit and they who serve Him must serve Him in spirit and in truth." Seek the spirit and the sense of everything, not the letter. Someone is offended by a word. Has he photographed that word to see where the offense lies? Has he interpreted the meaning of the word to see whether there is really anything offensive in it? Only he who loves outwardly, not inwardly, becomes offended and insists that he is right. Since he is right, let him show the way to people. The upright man always walks in the right path and can show it to others. Otherwise it is easy; it is an easy matter just to talk and moralize to people.


An old crab said to his son: Son, why do you walk so crookedly? - How should I walk? - Walk straight! - Father, show me how to walk. The old crab went ahead and showed his son how to walk. - Father, but this is the way I walk; show me another way which I do not know yet.


Contemporary people like that crab say to the young people: - We must be pure, saintly, love one another and live as brothers. All this must be, but that is not the case. You say: In which direction should we pray - east, west, north or south? A Protestant minister was asked which way one must turn when one prays. He answered: If they beat you and then hang you head down on a tree, which way will you turn to pray? If they beat you and spread you face down, which way will you pray? You will pray in any direction from which suffering comes. Seeking a direction in which to pray shows that you are in the external side of prayer. The real prayer, as an inner process of the consciousness, has no definite direction. The Divine world has only one direction, only one point, one source where all things proceed from. This point is called the "Eternal East," the point of the eternally rising sun. The Divine world is the most beautiful world. People cannot imagine that beauty. The beings who inhabit it are intelligent, beautiful, wise and happy. There are no wiser, more intelligent, more beautiful or happier beings. The most enlightened beings are those who live in the Divine world. Nothing else remains for you than to enter this world. There is no happiness outside this world.


Men are unhappy because they seek happiness outside the Divine world. They seek happiness where it cannot be found. It is said in the Scripture, however: "We live and move and have our being in God." How is it possible under this condition to be unhappy? You have gone out of the Great world and you seek your happiness outside of it. If you are hungry and live in God, think of Him and the bread will come. If you are poor and have not a cent in your pocket, think of the One in Whom you live and the money will come. What is required of you for this? Love toward the Primary Principle, toward the Divine Source of life. Only under this condition will you come into contact with the beings of the higher world who will come to your aid. If you do not answer this first condition, Love to God, everything that Christ has said will remain a closed book for you. Everything Christ has said is true in letter and in spirit. Test it and you will taste the power of the words of Christ.


People today complain of hunger, poverty and misfortunes. Why are some people exposed to such conditions? Because they expect God to love them and not they to love Him. They require people to love them first and then to manifest their love for people. See how the upright and good man who loves God and people, deals with hunger. He walks in a forest hungry and tired. In such a state, he sits in a place and falls asleep. When he wakes up, he sees set before him a table with fresh bread and nice food. At that moment a friend of his passes by him and asks him: Who gave you this food and fresh bread? - I have a beloved one whom I have never seen till now. However, as many times as I am in difficulty, she helps me out. - But is this that you are telling me true? Is it possible? - The fact that this table is set before me proves the truth of my statement. - Why do you not see your beloved? - This is a secret which I am now trying to figure out. I am also trying to reach a state in which I would be able to take a look at her at a distance, at least. This is my purpose in life - to see her once. If I could see her only once, I will have come to the gate of Love, to the antechamber of the Great Truth.


Such is the state of every man who serves love, who does everything in her name and for her sake. Today all ministers and all religious people speak about Christ, about the Primary Principle of all things and point out His qualities, but when they find themselves in a difficult position and they are helped out of it, they ascribe that aid to this or that influential man and express their gratitude to him. They forget the One Who stands back of the influential man. Someone accomplishes some great deed, becomes famous and begins to feel happy that people respect him as a capable man. He also forgets that behind him is the Primary cause. Since he does not know who gives him the impulse and the strength for the work, he forgets himself in his success and like a hen he cackles about it all around. After a hen lays an egg, it starts cackling so that all may hear it has laid an egg. As long as man does not understand how the Great One works, he cackles all over the world about what he has done, so that everyone should hear about it and praise him. When one understands how the Great One works - how no one sees His work -he becomes silent. He who consciously keeps silent, understands the Divine ways and methods. Whatever he may make or write, he does not put his name under it. Notice that God has not said anywhere that He has created heaven and earth, the sun and stars, the whole universe.


Moses and the educated men of those times wrote that God has created the world, but He does not say anything about that. You will say that probably Moses was inwardly given the idea of who created the world. It was told him, of course, but not by the Creator of the world Himself. Moses came to the thought that God has created the world by an inner revelation of the spirit. Who has heard the voice of God? The voice of God is characterized by the unique quality: Those who hear His voice, come to life. The sick man is healed, the ignorant becomes intelligent. The Word of God contains power and might. Everything which does not bear health, might and life, is human. Until you receive in yourselves the Word of God, you will suffer by your own mistakes and weaknesses, as you have done until now.


Receive the Word in yourselves and do not worry about anything. A fly is on your nose - what of that? Do not be deceived! The nose does not represent the man. It is a part of the garment of man, but the man is somewhere inside. Nothing can touch him. You say that you have met such and such a person. You have not met or seen anybody. The man is not in the external form. Every man has countless images which you can see in him. Sometimes you will see him as a young man courting the maidens. At other times you will see him as a saint, helping people. A third time you will see him as a mother or a father. In whatever form you may see a man, you must know that in all these forms and cases, he is learning one and the same lesson -to love the Primary Cause, to love people without waiting for them to love him. Moreover, a man must love without letting anybody know that he loves. Should he write letters to his or her beloved? - He can write letters without sending them.


In the old days there was no post office for mailing letters. Everyone had to take his own letter to his beloved. However, there was the following law: Everyone who did not know how to hand over his letter was imprisoned for ten years. He who did not want to lie in prison preferred to keep his letters rather than to take them to the person they were meant for. Due to that law, many love letters of people are preserved in annals. Many people may wonder how it is possible for a saint to write love letters. According to me, the saint must write more love letters than anybody else. The misfortunes of people today are due to the fact that they do not manifest their love, but rather expect others to love them. The discontentment of people is due to the fact that they expect to be loved. He who wants the love of others, but does not give of himself, cannot be loved. Let him first give his love and it will be given unto him. Unless you first give your heart, you will always be far from love.


Now I am giving you these thoughts so that you might find love and profit by it. As soon as you find love, you will know the inner meaning of life. In this way you will love everything in the world; animals, plants, and even every stone. Love everything but do not strive to possess anything. Wherever you see the Great Love - in the grain of wheat, in the ray of sun or in man - keep it pure and sacred. If you can keep all this pure, you have started on the path in which everything can be revealed to you. In this way you will think more of others than of yourself. Then you will not ask how the world is set right. Why? You will know that the world in which you live is all right. The world in which every man separately lives, is not right, due to his selfish love. However, outside of him, there is nothing to rectify in the world. He who wants to rectify his world must keep his inner peace; during the greatest sufferings in his life, he must not waver in love. Whatever he has given, he should not regret it. For it is said in the Scripture: "Freely ye have received, freely give."


It is required of all men today to manifest that love with which we are loved. If we love in this way, we shall enter that life in which there are no contradictions, in which man is a brother to man. And then, if I love myself more than I love you, I do not understand life. If you love yourselves more than you love me, you do not understand life either. That is why it is said: "Love thy neighbor as thyself." Thus, love of oneself is taken as a measure. He who loves his neighbor as himself is on the right path. There must be competition in love as to who should love more. Someone complains that people do not love him. What would he gain, if others loved him? Or what would people gain by his love? When you love someone, you must know why you love him. When you read a book, you must know why you read it. What will you gain by it? For instance, I know positively that when I love God, I shall obtain life. No life exists outside of love. Therefore, love is the first and last door through which life enters into man and makes him happy. There is no happiness outside of love of God. Every other love is nothing but a reflection of small lights which do not solve any of the problems of life. The only love which gives a solution to everything in life is the Divine Love. The other kinds of love are valuable also, but they will be in their place only when the love of God becomes the center in the life of man. All things in life make man unhappy without this love. "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all other things will be added unto you." I say: Seek first the love of God and when you find it, apply it and all other things will be given unto you.


Thus, keep in mind the thought that the strength and power of man depend upon his love of God. If you have this love in yourself, you will understand that even the smallest seed will one day become a great soul, a transmitter and a servant of its Creator. Today people are unhappy and have no harmony among themselves, because they do not serve the Primary Principle. In spite of that, they expect God to love them. Today the world is in need of workers - servants in the Great plan which is being realized, bearers of light thoughts and sublime feelings, bearers of happiness for all living beings. Therefore, if you want to be happy, keep the first and greatest commandment: "Love the Lord thy God with all thy soul, with all thy might, with all thy heart and with all thy mind and thy neighbor as thyself." Keep this love constantly within yourself, that there may be a right interchange between the Divine and your love. The purer and more sublime your love becomes, the greater the possibility of knowing the One Who loves you. He will gradually reveal Himself to you and you will begin to see equally clearly both inside and outside.


Now I wish you to forget everything that troubles or disturbs you. I have already loaded you - I gave you half of my burden, of which you cannot be free until you have taken it to its destination. If you carry it to the end, it will be yours; if you cannot carry it, you will be unhappy, because nobody can help you, no one can substitute for you. Start working! Put the load on your back and carry it forward bravely. Be thankful that you are carrying this load on your back. Be bearers of the great Divine Love, of the great Divine blessing which you are given. Only in this way will you become citizens of the Kingdom of God. What greater blessing than this - to be citizens of the Kingdom of God? What more beautiful thing than to love your Father? If you love Him, you will also be loved, but if you do not love Him, you will not be loved either.


"God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth." I say: God is Love and they who worship Him must worship Him in Love. Be grateful for all that is given you and give thanks from the first to the last ray of the 9un| This is the way to find the happiness that you are seeking.


"The Divine Spirit bears all the blessings of life."


September 1, 1935 Sofia - Izgrev

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