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1938_31_31 The Great Brother


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Note 1


The Great Brother


The talk of the Master on December 31st, 12 M.N. 1938


You have all gathered together, this evening, to welcome the new year 1939. The number 39 is made up of 3 and 9, which are resultant numbers. The number 8 in 1938, represents the old mother, who easily solves all problems: whoever is to be born - gets born; whoever is to die - dies; whoever is to get rich, or poor, gets that. This mother acts quickly, without much hesitation. However, the new year, which is ahead, is condescending towards all. It hides within itself something great and beautiful. The numbers 3 and 9 contain the three great virtues: love, wisdom and truth, also - life, knowledge and freedom. The number 9, moreover, represents the human head, i.e. man manifested, through whom God's power in the world finds expression. The number 9 is the final result of every life. No one can go further than number 9. The new year deprives man of all possibilities of continuing in his old habits and faulty ways, whoever should attempt during this year to make the mistakes he has been accustomed to, shall go bankrupt. The new year contains all the possibilities for a good life. He, who desires to live well - to apply all his good intentions, good thoughts and feelings, shall find all the favorable conditions to fulfill his desire, during this year. But he, who thinks that he can stick to his old life - a life full of evil thoughts and desires, shall melt like ice, and shall evaporate like water.


This new year is for the good people. It contains favorable conditions for planting all the good seeds that you possess in the field. The human soul is the field. It is the world in which man lives. When we compare the soul to a field, we have in mind only its external clothing. It is written:


"God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, as a sacrifice, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish." Which world did God so love? The world which is in the human soul. Therefore, God loved the enlightened soul, which is made manifest through life. It also says that God loved the truth in man. Where is the truth? Again - in the human soul. Truth can not live outside of the soul. He who seeks the truth, must first of all find the soul - realize that he has a soul in which he lives. The soul speaks to man through everything that surrounds him. The sun - when it shines; the wind which blows; the flowing rivers, and the blooming flowers - this is the language of the soul - the great mother of man. She cares for him in many different ways. At her command the sun shines forth, the wind begins to blow, the waters start flowing and the fruits ripen. The soul is the manifestation if God in man. When man does not obey his soul, she withdraws herself, and he melts like the ice under the rays of the sun. The soul can melt a person by her fire, as we melt the wax. Out of the melted wax, she moulds new forms to suit her taste. This year many new forms shall be moulded - many good people shall be born.


As you know this, be ready to be melted and moulded anew. This shall happen with many, but not with all. There is nothing fearful in the melting and moulding of new forms. It does not imply death. There is something fearful in the world, but it is not in death. It occurs when man comes into contradiction with himself.


There is a contradiction in the world which arises from eating. It is said in Genesis that God created the world in six days, but on the seventh day He rested. He pronounced Himself pleased with the work done during the six days.


But He did not express Himself about the second day. That day had something to do with eating. That is why this year's purpose is to educate man in eating. It advises man not to overeat. It tells him to eat only those foods which he likes; to clothe himself in clothes which he likes; to read the books he likes; to go in company with people he likes. Man can correct himself in eating, only when he makes a connection between, his mouth and his ears. In other words, man can correct his life through his own speech. He must learn to hear that which he speaks. If he would listen to his own words and would evaluate them, there is a chance for his correction. If he would not do that, he shall remain such as he is, and his normal development shall stop.


So, speak this year only that which you hear as coming out of yourself. First hear it, then, after having passed it thru your ears, pass it onto the world. In case you have not approved that which you have heard, keep it within yourself.


This new year shall be one of the good and fruitful years. Be awake, in order to fill up your stores, so that you shall have something when the other years come. Now you are in Egypt, at the time when Joseph prophesied of the seven fruitful years, and the seven hungry ones following. For the good people, this one shall be a fruitful year. They must gather in food for the hungry years which are to follow. Do not take my words literally, as I am not speaking of physical fruitfulness only.


When one speaks about hunger, poverty or death, men begin to get afraid. Death is fearful, but man must know why he dies. It is good for one to die at times, but die to what? Die to drunkenness, poverty, falsity and ignorance. It is good for man to come to life again - to resurrect, but for what? For knowledge, for light and freedom, for life and love. Life has no sense without love. It has no space, without light and knowledge. Life has no chance to expand without freedom. To die is to renunciate all the evil in the world, and all your weaknesses.


To resurrect is to come into the life of the good and the great in the world, and then to begin to live for that good and that greatness. In applying the law of the good to life, man must consecrate a great part of his life to love, wisdom and truth. Love shall endow him with life, wisdom - with knowledge and light, and truth - with freedom. Thus shall man learn to love God and men, and to understand that love.


What do we mean when we say - to love God? To love God is to see Him everywhere. If man looks for Him outside of himself, he can never see Him. How can he find God outside of himself, when he lives in Him? How can one see his face? In order to see it, one must have a mirror. All people are mirrors for each other, in whom they can see themselves. Therefore, when you love someone, you see yourself in him as in a mirror. Also, the one you love sees himself in you. When you look at yourself in a mirror you feel happy. Why? Because you see the Divine in the mirror. The image you see there is pure, unspotted, because no one has touched it, or embraced it. You can conceive of the Divine, as of an image, which one can only see, not touch, embrace, or kiss. If you make the least attempt to touch it, it momentarily disappears. Now, if men ask you why you must love, you should answer: "Because I would see the Divine everywhere." If man does not see God, he has no life in himself, for life has no sense without love. This year you must make way for the outflow of the love in yourselves, in order to be able to receive the stream of the great life coming to you. Many are afraid of love and call it "a devouring fire". Do not be afraid, for the fire of love burns without devouring things. When you consecrate your life to love, you will realize that you have enough strength to bear your burdens. When you consecrate your life to wisdom, you will find out that you possess knowledge and light to see things clearly. When you consecrate your life to truth, you will realize that you have freedom. Strength gives man the possibility to overcome all hardships in life. Knowledge lights one's way, while freedom gives man the possibility to express himself, to manifest his life. Some one might say that he is free to express his opinion about any question in discussion. This is not freedom. Only the man who can tell a dead person to rise out of his grave and start life anew, speaks out of freedom. If he tells the dead man to rise and come out, but the latter still lies in his grave, then that man has not had freedom to speak.


Now, I desire that all of you here should get out of your graves. It is not a question of bodily resurrection. No, not that! Your souls must be resurrected. When the soul resurrects, it begins to manifest its life. Great and beautiful is the human soul! When the soul comes into life, it rolls away the great tomb stone, that has kept it in the darkness thousands of years, and awakes from its deep sleep.


Awake from this sleep, and sleep no longer! If you should fall asleep, great misfortunes shall befall you. Do riot fall asleep in places where thieves and robbers pass! In other words: do not admit in your mind, even one negative thought; in your heart - even one negative feeling, which on the one hand robs people, and on the other, accuses the peaceful passersby of robbery and crime. If you want to keep your divine consciousness awake, never admit one wrong thought about the Divine in the world. Do not ask why some men are born good, while others are evil. Essentially all men were created good. The cause for evil lies within man himself. God's hand has no share in men's misfortunes and sufferings. Kan has been created good, but if he does not, voluntarily, manifest himself as such, no one shall force him into manifesting his essentially good nature. It is his own right to do that, or not. If he does not do it, he carries the responsibility of not having manifested himself as he has been created.


Therefore, the new year wants all of you to manifest yourselves as you were first made, that is to say - to give way to the good that lies within you. Everyone must give an expression of the love in his heart, fearlessly. We live in an age when love must receive its right value. It is not enough to say that you love. Until man learns to evaluate love, he can not be said to love in the true sense of the word. For it is impossible to love a person before you have realized the great value of his soul. To value the human soul is to recognize in it the Divine image. As soon as we recognize that image, we shall become aware of His love. There is nothing nobler or greater for man than love. Once having caught the divine fire, man's fire need not be started again. See how the sun, once having caught fire, has been burning for millions of years continually, and its fire needs no starting. The same thing applies to man. His fire has been started by the Divine match of love at the very beginning of his life, and he is still burning to this very day. No one has the power to extinguish that fire. The heat which man possesses is capable of melting all the tomb stones that have been piling up on him for ages. The only things of which man must not be afraid are - love, knowledge, and freedom. He must be afraid of lovelessness, ignorance, bondage and limitations.


Finally, the number 39 in the new year 1939, represents the two brothers. The three - is the brother that lives in the Divine world, and the nine - the great brother who lives on the earth, and directs all humanity. This brother is coming now into the world, to help all those who suffer. Get ready to welcome him and to come to know him. Next year, he shall go away, but his father shall come. Rejoice over him, while he is still on earth, among you, and welcome him. You must meet him several times, during the course of this year. Be interested in his love, in his knowledge, and in his freedom. After you have achieved this, you will understand the significance of the verse: "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."


Now, I greet you, all, with your great brother, and wish that you should welcome him with love in your hearts. Then pay him a visit and he shall visit you, also. To meet your great brother, is to unite into One the physical, spiritual and Divine worlds.







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