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There are three valuable things in life that you should accept properly. They represent a foundation on which man should build. The first valuable thing is Love that brings the goods of life. On its part, Love originates from the Spirit. It expresses itself in two ways mainly: through giving and taking. The place from where Love comes out is for giving. That is – the Spirit gives. The place from where Love flows into is for acceptance. Due to the reason that Love flows into the soul we say that the soul accepts. Consequently, in order that Love can appear, two beings should be present – one, from which Love will come and another – to accept it. The strength of the human soul lies in the acceptance of Love. When the human accepts Love properly, then peace, joy, and fun set in and all the discrepancies in his life disappear. Until he has not yet accepted Love[M1] , man comes across discrepancies. As he knows this, he should seek the reason for the discrepancies within – not outside himself. The presence of discrepancies show that the windows of your houses are dimmed, as a result the Light cannot freely penetrate through them. Wipe your windows with a soft clean cloth, so that you can have more Light.


The second valuable thing in life is the Love, Wisdom, and Truth that bring Light and Knowledge. The strength of the human Spirit lies in the Light and Knowledge he receives.


The third valuable thing in human life is the truth that brings freedom. The one, who is not free, has not acquired the value of freedom. It was said in the Scriptures: “The truth shall set you free.” Only a free man can move. Only a free man can apply Love. Only a free man can apply Knowledge and Light. Only a free man can live.


All those who listen to the Word should listen in compliance with the laws of Love, Wisdom, and Truth. If they do not listen in compliance with these laws, they will not understand the values that Love, Wisdom, and Truth bear within themselves. Each one can voice the words “love, wisdom, and truth”, but with different content and meaning. Each one may sing, but in the singing of the genius and the ordinary singer there exist great differences. A great difference exists between the genius and the common artist, between the genius and the ordinary orator. The ordinary musicians, artists, and orators just blare the eyes of others.[1] Dust is also useful, because it helps for the raindrops formation. The raindrops form the clay. As soon as the talented master finds this clay, he immediately harnesses it into work. From this clay he makes nice pottery. Consequently, if a man cannot form raindrops from the dust, clay from the raindrops, and nice pottery from the clay – then he is not a talented master.


Many people want to know if a man loves them. Only the talented man loves himself, because he can form raindrops from the dust, clay from the raindrops, and nice pottery from the clay. Consequently, the one who suffers without being able to help himself, is an ordinary man. If you cannot mould a light deed out of the dust and the clay you have, this means that you are ordinary men. As he has come to Earth, a man should be exceptional, he should be a sculptor – he should mould from dust and sculpt beautiful statues for the future.


Some people say about themselves that they are good and have Love. Goodness and Love manifest themselves outside time and their consequences remain within time. Each thing that manifests outside time is eternal, that is – it lasts forever. The manifested, though, does not always survive. If you enter an illuminated hall, you see the whole setting: pictures and statues. As soon as the light goes out, the pictures disappear. As long as you have Light, you are in a real world; as long as this Light disappears, you are in an unreal world, or in the world of the shadows. You are happy, but in one moment your happiness disappears. You love, but in one moment your Love disappears. You are free and you have knowledge, but in one moment your freedom and knowledge disappear. Love, knowledge, and freedom that appear and disappear, though, do not bear the values of life. You might say that the situation was such. As you begin to comment – you live in the realm of the transient things – in the realm of the shadow of life. Love, Wisdom, and Truth do not stand[M2]  any comments. The provisional Love constantly grows and increases. It embraces all the beings God has created. Only these things that God has created are real. All the rest of the things are unreal. They appear and disappear like the shadows. Consequently, just the things that God has created are valuable for a man. He has created his body, heart, mind, soul, and Spirit. Value these things within yourself and do not sell them for anything. Each one of these valuables has its specific language.


Contemporary people begin to study the language of the heart only now. The one, who does not know this language, wants to express his feelings by the help of the common language. The heart does not use the language of the mouth, though. Why should you ask a man if he loves you? Listen to his heart and see what it says. If you listen to a singer, should you ask him how he sings? If you ask, then you are deaf and your ear does not hear the tones. As the singer sings, the ear is competent – it understands if he sings properly, or not. If the singer cannot bring Love and the values of life through the left ear of the listener and the Light and the Knowledge of Wisdom – through his right ear, then he is not a real singer. And if the listener cannot receive Love and the values of life through his left ear and Light and Knowledge of Wisdom – through his right ear, then he has not heard anything. He has listened with closed ears.


To look and not see, to listen and not hear – this means to live outside the Divine World. The ability to speak, sing, and play music are the great things, with which God has endowed a man. Where there is speech, singing, and music - God is present. He talks to people through his Word, through the songs, through the great harmony. If your souls were opened, you would have heard the love song of the angels: Oh, men, made in God’s image and likeness, listen to the voice of your Creator as He speaks today. Listen to Him as we do.


Do his will as we do. This is the meaning of the immortal life.


Christ says: “I am the door.” The door symbolizes Love. Through it anyone has to pass, so that he can enter the reception room – the room of Light and Knowledge. Here, he will find Truth and freedom. The man, who knows God and who has received all Knowledge and Light that Wisdom brings, is free. As man loves, he has adopted the great life. In order to acquire Love that gives meaning to life and brings joy and merriment within the soul, man has to reject the common orators, singers, musicians, and artists that make noise around them. In order to acquire Love, Wisdom, and Truth, which make a man powerful and strong, man should reject the knowledge that brings darkness and gloom within the consciousness. In order to acquire the truth, which gives freedom, man should deny the delusions that limit him. Love turns the sorrows into joy, the misfortunes – into Goods. Strive towards such Love that brings the valuables of Life.


I already see here and there little flowers that grow and small springs that water them. I already hear the birds singing and the children playing in a carefree manner. Far beyond the horizon I see the rising of the Divine Sun. The first two beams are the beams of the Divine Love and Wisdom. They are united into one, so that they can form the beam of the Divine Truth and Freedom. Enjoy yourselves and be merry for what comes now.


I wish for you now, that the beams of the Divine Love and Wisdom come out of your heart and mind, to join into one in order to form the beam of the Divine Truth and to become strong and free. Take these beams within yourself, so that you can have abundant life, knowledge, and freedom and that you can devote in service to God, Who has given you everything. Do worry neither for yourselves, nor for the world. [M3] A new and excellent world will be created. The egg has already been put under the brooder. Twenty days later, the egg will break and there a new life will come out from it – the rooster of the new day. It will sing and crow, it will glorify the new day – the day of the new culture and of the Divine Sun. The future world is a world of Love and agreement among people, a world of brotherhood and freedom.


Contemporary people are exposed to trials and sufferings, with which they have to cope. In order to be able to cope with them, they have to be rational and put each thing in its place in line with its purpose. An old man should choose a coat corresponding to him, a middle-aged person should choose a coat corresponding to his age, a young man should choose a coat corresponding to his figure and age, a child should choose a child’s coat. If there is any change in these coats places, a human will inevitably experience suffering. Each thought, each feeling, and deed should be directed to its place. This depends on their form. The suffering of people is due to the fact that a change in the places of the Divine goods has occurred. Each one has taken the goods that were not appointed to him. No matter how many goods come to you, you are obliged to direct them to their destinations. Therefore, it was said that man should not stop the Goods that come to him. The last Good, that no one wants, is for you. By this you can tell what Good has determined for you. If you are invited to feast – take the last seat. As the householder comes, he will determine which place is for you. Observe the same rule as regards God. If God invites you to your table, take the last seat. God will tell you where to sit. The place of a man is determined in compliance with his Spirit, soul, mind, and heart. His post and purpose in the world are determined in compliance with these things. Thus taking your place, no one can take it away from you.


So, as man occupies his place in compliance with his Spirit, soul, mind, and heart, God will begin talking to him. When you know God, He will begin talking to you. God visits only those, whose heart, mind, and Spirit are in their proper places. As God visits them, they will feel great joy. Some people might say that the purpose of the heart is to provide the blood circulation in the body. As its sends the blood to the cells of the body, it should feed all the cells – not even a single one of them should remain unfed. The mind, on its side, has the task to send mental energy – food - to all the brain cells. The task of the truth is to release all the cells of the human organism from the restrictive conditions in which it is. As soon as it releases them, they will see that they have a great master that takes care of them. For his own cells, man is what God is to the man. Man should reform all his discontented cells and make them contented and happy, so that one day they can acknowledge him as a good master. Today, only a part of the cells acknowledge the man as their master, while another part does not acknowledge him. They say: our master is not here. We eat and drink, but who eats and who pays is not known. A complete anarchy reigns here.


“I am the door,” says Christ. The door symbolizes Love. The one, who enters through this door, will exit and find pasture. These words represent the Divine Wisdom, under the Light of which grow all the goods provided by God.


Today you are gathered here. What is the reason for this gathering? The reason is your hearts, minds, souls, and spirits. As God has gathered together all of you, He will be present among you.


I wish that you see the omnipresence of God right away and to do what you have not done up till now. What do you have to do? You should revive the dead ones, educate the ignorant, and free the slaves. As you do this within yourselves, you will be able to do it outside your own self as well. Free your mind, heart, soul, and Spirit and become servants of God, Who is talking to you today. The one, who cannot do this alone, might as well leave that to God – He will do it.


[1] Blare the eyes of the others. - In Bulgarian the equivalent of this phrase is “to throw dust in the eyes of the others” – i.e. to mislead, to delude, to deceive someone.


 [M1]{Until he accepts Love}


 [M3]Shouldn't this read – {Do not worry for yourselves or for the world.}


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