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Note 2p 




Twelfth lecture of the Youth Occult Class,

given by the Master Beinsa Douno on


6th January 1924 in Sofia




- Only the bright path of Wisdom leads to Truth.


- It constantly rejoices us.





Summary on the topic “The difference between a myth and a fable” was read.


Several works on the topic “The origin of morals” were read.


For next time – topic № 14: “The difference between diligence and industriousness”.







Line AB on the drawing represents a way passed by a rational being – a way of consciousness C. After having walked its way from A to B and no more directions to go are available, this consciousness goes back and takes the direction to point Д making at that a rectangular. Consciousness is distinguished in that when reaching the final point in its motion, it starts making a spiral around itself. But as consciousness always moves, from point Д it goes to the opposite side to point P making another rectangular. As consciousness has grown weak during this second motion, the circle at point P is smaller. Can you explain to yourselves what the reasons are for the circle being bigger during one motion and smaller during the other? This is a situation existing in Nature itself as well. Line AB, which reveals the way of your consciousness, is also the line of your nose. It denotes the utmost limit of human intelligence.


Let us assume that at this diversion of human consciousness to point Д the latter represents the right eye in man which is more open whereas point P – the left eye which is less open. Can you explain to yourselves why the right eye in man is more open than the left one? Each occurrence has its reasons, has it not? Do explain then the reasons! You have scrutinized neither in yourselves nor in the other people yet. Human faces are not quite symmetric - they are asymmetric. Closer scrutiny reveals that one side of human face is finer, softer; also one eye has softer and more pleasant look. If human sensitivity is developed consciously which eye will be developed better? Mind that there are two currents around the eyes: one is of positive and negative electricity flowing in a certain direction and the other is of positive and negative magnetism flowing in the same direction. When the right eye is developing, it is in connection with the left brain hemisphere, whereas when the left eye is developing, it is in connection with the right brain hemisphere. So, motions in the brain criss-cross. For this reason the right hand is governed by the left brain hemisphere whereas the left hand is governed by the right brain hemisphere. Therefore, your sensibility will be reflected in your eyes too – either in the right or in the left one. If the desires and the aspirations of your consciousness are superficial, they will be reflected not only in your eyes but on your face as well. The more superficial the aspiration of your consciousness is the more ball-shaped the eye circle is. But the more the desires and the aspirations of your consciousness are differentiate the more they branch out and obtain a certain face, the more the eye, too, becomes oval. If the energy passing through the eye acts equally everywhere, the centre of your eye, will lie on a resultant line AB passing through the pupil C.





Fig. 2


And if your consciousness diverts in whichever direction, either ascending or descending, small lines will be formed around the eye. For example, if you come to be attracted towards the world, i.e. if the outside world influences you, the small lines P will start forming from below. If the direction you are moving to is ascending, the big lines C will be formed from above. Already in the past Nature has used these opposite energies in order to form the lower part of eye. Once Nature had diverted human consciousness but as today it has already finished this work, then if you keep descending in substance in the same way, this descending will reflect not only on your pupil but on the whole eye as well, which will take a position fully towards the centre of the Earth. Consequently many people become cross-eyed. Once there is squint in the principles, there will be squint in the consciousness too. When one is divided in his consciousness this one is split-minded too. Such people are called ‘cock-eyed’. When a person with a divided consciousness is looking at you, you feel some unpleasantness. Why? Because this person is split-minded. This person is looking at you with two different purposes: while looking at you he is listening to what you are saying and at the same time is thinking about what he might do to make use of you. If your sensibility was highly developed and you could comprehend the rays reflected by the eye, you would have noted two different streams in the eye of that person. One stream, i.e. one kind of energy flows out from the lower part of the pupil whereas another kind – from the upper part. In natures having more noble impulses and aspirations, Nature has formed another pit. What difference is there between the upper and the lower eye pits? – There is more space in the lower pit while in the upper one – more depth and beetling of eyebrows. By these vibrations Nature has formed a small dimple below the eye which decorates the human face. And above It has formed human eyebrows.


And so, what, according to you, do eyebrows show? Why has Nature put them above eyes? (-Not to allow sweat to go in the eyes). This is one of the services, one of the functions of eyebrows but there is still another reason for which Nature has formed eyebrows. There are people who practically have no eyebrows. Eyebrows and eyelids have been formed by Nature to regulate the light entering the human eye.


From all this you should mind the following law: You have no right to abuse the forces functioning within yourselves. Do not think that you can use these forces for whatever you want. No, each force of consciousness has its purpose. And when this energy goes to its purpose, to its main idea, to its aim, then this face regularity is forming.


I will give all of you to write down as a topic what should be the perfect forehead of man, what should be its lines, in general – its outward outlines. Talking about the eyebrows, the eyelids, and the forehead of man, I do not say that they determine the character of man, but they are a result of his internal activity. If one is a merry person, he will be pop-eyed. If he is a pessimist and takes a gloomy view of people and life, he will have deep-set eyes. This results from a psychological law. The more the attention of someone is fixed on their inner life, the less the eyes are fed. People of the world, who want to see everything and enjoy life like children, they send more blood to their eyes; that is why their eyes are healthier. People who are very preoccupied ruin their eyes. Mind that to think and to be preoccupied are two different things. Thinking is a conscious process – something elevated and noble is included in it. In preoccupation some elements of feelings are included; you think that life is not going well; the world is not arranged rightly, etc. This is a wrong comprehension of Life.


And so, all the energy emerges on your face. You want to have beautiful eyes, don’t you? Right, people should have beautiful eyes. Beautiful eyes are windows of consciousness; they are determined by the right development of consciousness. Make a small trial to bring harmony in your consciousness by putting no obstacles in front of it. An obstacle is, for example, if you say: “I am not talented, I have no talents”, etc. You delude yourself. There are talents in everyone but the conditions at which these talents could be developed are different. Therefore, not all people can develop at equal conditions. More intensive energy is needed for the development of some people. For example, take our hall; is it possible to heat it by one ordinary stove as you heat a small room? The volume of the hall is big; two-three big stoves are needed to heat it well. So, the higher a capability in someone is, the better conditions are required. I ask: if the sea casts ashore a fish by chance, what should that fish do? – Very naturally, it should go back into the water. If you leave it outside what will happen with it? – Death is awaiting it. There, on the shore, it starts stirring, moving; a desire arises in it to leap in the right direction and to return into the water. The difficulties in Life are the conditions of a fish cast ashore.


Some ask why people are sorrowful. – Because Life is a great sea and you are the fish in it. You are playing in this sea but a wave is casting you ashore and a sorrow rises in you. You are leaping, stirring on the shore but if you manage to go into the water again, joy arises in you for having found your environment again. But you have to go out of this environment. Why? – As your consciousness should differentiate, you already have to show more activity in Life. Along with your gills a respiratory system will start to form. The formation of the respiratory system in man is a beginning of manifesting the conscious brain, the beginning of thinking. This is true according to the laws of evolution. Birds, for example, have originated from fish. Under the same law, in the Spiritual world human consciousness will pass from one state to another, i.e. from a thicker environment into a thinner one what approximately is air. Your aspirations, your views on things will change as well. For example, sometime you feel old, dropped out of life and you say: “Once I was young but now I am not interested in anything in life.” Do you think that the direction of your life is right? No, you are a fish cast ashore and you say: “Nothing but death is waiting for me.” I say: you shall return into the sea again. (-And what will happen if the fish is very far away from the sea?) Once, in Varna, I watched a fisherman netting with a very large net. Four other fishermen were standing around him to help. The fisherman threw the fishing net in the water, it filled up and as it was heavy, he was pulling it while the others were helping to drag it out to the shore, two from one side and the other two – from the other side. As soon as they pulled the net at a distance of only ten meters from the shore I saw that about two-three hundred fish were leaping out of the net and jumping from two-three meters were going over the net back into the sea. I asked him why the fish were leaping out. – “Oh, let them be, they are very confounded!” Why are they confounded? – Because they did not remain in his net. They were foreboding because he was leading them to the shore where death was waiting and that is why a desire not to remain in the net but to get out of it and return into the sea arose in them. Such nets exist in the world, too –sometimes you fall in such nets as well. What should you do when falling in such a net? – You have strength to jump out of the net and the fisherman has no strength to catch you. All the more, you are in your environment and are master of this environment. However, once you are on the sea shore, you are already in his hands, he is the master. Some people say that there is an exception to this situation. There is an exception unless and until you do not go out on the shore. Once the fisherman catches you with his hand it will be hard to escape. If you are still in the water, mind to change your situation very slowly, like those two-three hundred fish while he is going round you with his net.







Now, the sorrows coming to you in Life are safety measures against the hindrances which Nature puts in your way. You should read the notice of each hindrance you meet in your life. You have a small desire, which you want to realize, but Nature places a hindrance before it and you start to sorrow[A1] . No, read what the notice of this hindrance is. You have set off for somewhere, you travel, and you arrive in some place and meet a hindrance. You feel sorrow that you cannot go any farther. Nature has put this hindrance in front of you. Read its notice, It has written concerning this hindrance: “This is not the way.” – “What should I do?” – You should go back to take the right way. You start again along the right way but you lose heart, fall into despair. Nature has put another hindrance for you with the notice “Patience” – this means that in order to continue on the way, you need patience to overcome all hindrances and difficulties. At a third place – another hindrance, you are not allowed again; it is written there: “Diligence!” You will learn diligence there. At a fourth place “Firmness” is written, at a fifth place: “Courage” and so on – you will be stopped at many places on the way. You are excursionists; do not think that once you have started ahead you will be met with date twigs there on the way. No, you will climb upwards but will also meet a number of difficulties and sufferings. Heroes are needed on this way. And it is better if you are hindered in the beginning rather than climb the high places and wait there. Hence, hindrances in Nature are conscious forces which stop you on the way with a sensible purpose – to learn and to acquire a special, particular quality at this place. Since you know this you should not lose heart and say: “My business has come to an end, but…” No, Nature hinders you consciously and says: “Here you will start learning patience!” I ask you: how do you learn patience? I would like to know what your method of learning patience is. Patience – this is transformed misery. This means that misery can be converted into patience. To acquire patience, you should first pass through misery. Misery will be imposed by force on you and you will have to pass through it. All your friends will restrict you, will put you almost in the position of an animal, will deprive you of everything and you shall bear it in spite of yourself. And this law of misery will make you think. You can pass from misery to patience only through a Rational life. Patience is a quality of the strong, the rational one only. Only the strong one, the hero in the world could be patient. And the weak natures are the ones who bear misery. So, you shall distinguish these two states. Where you cannot bear, you are in the misery. That is why the Rational life should be formed in you, should be created in order to be able to bear.


I will go back to the matter about eyes again. Sometime you say that you have a high ideal. All right, watch yourself to see whether you do not delude yourself. Look how your nature reveals itself. You have a high ideal but taking a look at someone you quickly move your eyes down towards the earth. You should never look towards the earth; you should not move your eyes downwards so quickly. You may move your eye down towards the earth but only if you want to cultivate this earth. This is another question now. But if you concentrate your mind towards the earth you will be in a passive state and will stay on a slippery slope.





Fig. 4


And so, when your eyes are directed towards the earth to point A, at the same time you will divide your consciousness in a way that in your thought you will ascend up towards point B. These two rays AO and BO will form an acute angle of about sixty degrees. And line CO is the resultant or the plane, the field of vision where the eye acts. This means that you should think, should direct your consciousness to all Rational beings, which have passed prior to you, and should say: “I want the assistance of all the Rational beings which have passed this way prior to me!” And if you pause within yourselves and concentrate your consciousness without any hesitation, you will surely have a solution, enlightenment in the mind in a very natural way. Soon after that a small light will appear in your consciousness, which will introduce a new thought in your mind and your difficulty will be solved in a very right way. You will say to yourself: “How easy this thing is and I have not known.” And all talented students, not only in the esoteric schools but in the ordinary schools as well, know this law of concentration of attention.


I have noticed that many of you sometimes hesitate when meeting difficulties. In this hesitation one might do great harm to oneself. But to do harm to oneself when Nature is working for their good is a crime on the part of man. For one to sin against oneself is a crime. Hence you shall aim at balancing the energies working within you. First of all you shall not consider that you are poor but shall require conditions to be able to develop. It is said in the Scriptures too, “If any of you lacks Wisdom, let him ask, but ask sincerely.” This means: receiving what asked, to utilize these laws which serve for their development.


Make trials on what I say to you. Take a pocket looking-glass and watch what the size of your pupil is in one and in the other eye. When you are in high spirits, or you have a fine emotion or an excellent thought or an excellent conclusion or an excellent principle within yourselves, do watch clearly your left eye, then the right one and then write everything that you have caught. Also, watch your eyes, their pupils in cases when you feel rather poorly or there is a certain variation in your mood, in your feelings, in your thoughts, in your conclusions or in your principles and check to see what the difference is between the first and the second cases. Of course, this contraction and enlargement of the pupil will not be very big. If you watch a cat for example, you will see that it enlarges its pupil a lot. When does this happen? – Most often when it wants to catch a mouse. Hence you can see how strong its desire to catch the mouse is. Such a big enlargement of the pupil happens with all night birds – this shows the intensity of their consciousness in a limited direction only. In such a state eyes get a certain gleam, a certain shine, similar to the shine in the snake’s eye. They say about someone, “This one has a snake’s eye.” Not that they have snake’s eyes but the vibrations coming out of their eyes are like the vibrations coming out of the snake’s eye. We call them self-interested vibrations. Then quick vibrations, by fits and starts are performed in the eyes. You should know that these energies are out of your nature. I call them storms in Nature which come temporarily and go away. Sometime you may fall under some bad desires but do not think that this evil comes from you. Sometime you may get in such storms which are poisonous. What should you do then? – You shall immediately direct your consciousness, your mind to those more advanced than you, Beings that have passed this way prior to you; they will guide you to solve your matter rightly. Once you solve it rightly, an internal ease will come to you and then your mental growth, your heart state and the display of your will, will be in a normal state – in harmony. You need all this in order to fulfill the obligation you have to your consciousness. If you expand your consciousness you will be able to fulfill rightly your aim as man.


In the present circumstances, in which you are, you should be sound both in the physical and spiritual respect. Saying sound I mean that whatever moods and trials come to you from outside, you should resist them like a ship navigating in the sea resists the pressure of all waves. Whatever storms come to you from outside, you should stand against them with the same resistance. You have strength to resist the storms falling on you. A verse from the Scriptures says, “No one will get trials greater than they are able to suffer.” Each trial will be exactly adequate to the needs you encounter in your life and to those forces which you have at your disposal in order to be able to carry it through. Therefore you shall guard yourselves to not be divided in your consciousness. Your consciousness should be always directed upwards. Do you know when consciousness is divided? For example, someone does some good and after that says, “I should have not done this good.” Once one regrets having done some good, their consciousness is already being divided and the lines below their eyes increase. The second time that one does some good and again regrets having done it. Do you know what will happen with that one at last? – The bones below their eyes begin growing bigger. Do you know what do these strong-developed bones in some people mean? Have you watched these domed bones in some carnivorous and herbivorous animals? Let those of you who are naturalists and can draw, draw for next time these domed bones in some of the carnivorous and herbivorous animals. After that I, too, will give you several sketches to draw in order to study them.


You shall know the following: never regret an offence, a mistake made by you, but correct yourself! Do not regret a good done, but rejoice! You shall place this as a main law in your Life. You have started along the way and have encountered a failure – do not repent, do not regret having entered that way! Some of you may say, “It is not the time for it yet!” No, now is the time. You would say, “I would have started later at least.” What do you think, if you had started later, would you not have encountered these hindrances and difficulties? – You still would have. No one has passed the way without difficulties. Then why do you have to have illusions that you will be the one to pass this great way of Life without difficulties? No, you will travel from town to town but you shall have in your bag some bread, a bottle of warm water, good, sound sandals, at least one centimeter thick, because the way you will go is covered with sharp stones in some places – if you go barefooted your feet will be cut all over. You shall be provided with good shoes! This is the way you should be prepared for Life.


At last, after having taken all these precautions, you shall bear within yourself the rationality and this rationality will be manifested in the Divine Spirit that works on man in order to show them the way to the Eternal Life.



Secret prayer



- Only the bright path of Wisdom leads to Truth.


- It constantly rejoices us.




 [A1][start to feel sorrow] or [start to be sorrowful]


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