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Thirteenth lecture of the Youth Occult Class, given by the Master Beinsa Douno on


13th January 1924 in Sofia


- Only the bright path of Wisdom leads to Truth.


- It constantly rejoices us.




Summary of the works on “The origin of morals” was read.


Several works on the topic “The difference between diligence and industriousness” were read.


For next time – topic № 15: “The difference between economy and thriftiness”.







Every life, either conscious or unconscious, has its difficulties or in other words, has its limits. At the figure there are two parallel lines MH and PK as well as a third line AB between them. Which of the three lines is the most important? (- The middle one.) - Yes, it is a line of motion. But why is it curved? (- Because it is a living line.) Motion results from Life but the curve does not result from Life. Then from what does the curve of a line result? (- From the difficulties and the obstacles it meets in its way.) Yes, true, obstacles are banks; they are the two worlds MH and PK. These two worlds are rational because their banks are constant. And the curved line AB made by the motion is a world being formed now. Hence, since you have been made to twist and turn sometimes, your motion will change as well. They say for someone: “He is twisting and turning.” This is due to certain forces acting within you. You should not be afraid of these curved lines.


Now many of you say, “What is my life going to be? What if I encounter certain difficulties in my life?” Your situation in the present case is like the one of a student or a servant whom the teacher or the master told to pass through a forest. You say, “What if a bear or a bush-ranger comes across?” Let us assume that you are a soldier whom the chief is sending to a reconnoitering. You say, “And what if the enemy comes across me and kills me?” Kills you or does not kill you, you have to go! Do you think that the difficulties in Life cause any harm? No, there is no harm in the difficulties. From where difficulties appear, from there on the entire science begins.


Why does line AB curve first towards line MH and after that to line PK? What do you suppose, why does line AB curve so steadily now to line MH, now to line PK? There is probably a rational force here, a centre that attracts the motion of Life and the strength of attraction here must be great. This thing exists in Nature as a flux of energy. So, energy AB towards line MH makes a flux. In its second turn to line PK it makes a reflux. That means that energy AB makes a flux towards line MH and a reflux towards line PK. Why is it like this? Because there is a rational force along lines MH and PK which attracts the energy of line AB. This rational force acts in points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. I say, only a rational being is able to make a point. None of these points covers any space but each one rules over space.


In the same way the intelligence or the strength of mind acts beyond time and space. Hence mind, too, acts as a mathematical point which has no dimensions taken alone. But this point may act in space to lead a whole stream out of its way. And this whole line of Life AB passes between two worlds (1, 2). Which are these points separating those two worlds? – Mind and heart. Note the following: the rational forces that have formed the human heart stand higher than the forces that have formed the mind. In this respect the human heart has been formed by the Seraphims and the Cherubims – the Beings of Love that stand higher than Angels in general. Sometimes the word Angel is used in the sense of a Bright being just to mark the nature of these Beings. In this case the term Angel includes all Bright beings but when considering them by the extent of their development the Beings that have formed the heart are of higher hierarchy than those that have formed the mind. But in human life the mind occupies a higher place than the heart. A sharp-minded person is held in respect within society more than a kind-hearted, emotional person. If two servants present themselves before you – one being lead in his actions by his mind and the other – by his heart, you would prefer the one who is sharp-minded to the one lead by his feelings. Why? – For the simple reason that the mind objectively deals with substance. Mind deals with the external side of Life, and as we are passing through the material world, these Beings which have created it, rule over substance. And then the mind, as a living force resulting from them, is better equipped to guide us at the present circumstances of Life. And actually, at the present stage of development, it is better that the mind guides us, rather than the heart.


Here, at the figure, which is the world of the heart and which is of the mind? – (- The right side is of the mind and the left one – of the heart.) Which side do you take as the right one and which as the left one? Take the following situation: if you are going from above downwards, from A to B, line MH will be a right side. This law of fluxes and refluxes finds application in Life and if you do not apply it, then it would be a useless burden for you. As soon as some small difficulties appear in your life, you should be aware why this happened. The flux of one world makes a reflux to the other and the reflux of one world makes a flux to the other. These streams constantly alternate: when there is a flux in the mind, there is a reflux in the heart and when there is a reflux in the mind, there is a flux in the heart. Sometime, for example, you say, “My mind seems to have become dull; it does not work at all.” No, this does not mean that your mind has become dull; at that time there was a flux in your heart while in your mind there had been a reflux, due to this you felt certain vacancy. Some other time you say, “I am an intelligent person, I can work well with my mind, but my heart is poorly developed.” I say: this is because there is a flux in your mind and a reflux in your heart. This is the reason why you are not so sensible in this case. Therefore, when your mind is being developed, there will be a reflux in your heart; and when your heart is being developed, there will be a reflux in your mind. This is how mind and heart are developed. Sometime you become embittered, you harden and threaten, you say, “I am going to do this and that.” But the next day you get up; during these twenty four hours a reflux has occurred in you and you say, “All right, I will forget this thing!” It is not as if you will forget it but a reflux has occurred in your feelings.


Now, watch to see whether these things happen in your life naturally or unnaturally. Saying naturally or unnaturally I mean to see whether you are under the direct influence of the laws of Nature or under the direct influence of a friend of yours, for example. Man should influence on man [A1] but in accordance with the laws existing in Nature. I will give you an example to see how you may find yourself under the influence of the others: suppose that a friend of yours – a fisherman who lives most time around the sea comes to you. He casts his net in the sea for days, fishes, that is what he is engaged in – the boat and the net are his instruments. And you are a farmer, you live on dry land but both of you are friends, there is a certain connection between you. He invites you for a small voyage on the sea with his boat and you agree. You go in the boat and set out, the sea is quiet and calm, but when reaching within two-three kilometers, the sea gets rough. You start vomiting, you feel bad and begin to feel fear – the sea starts to influence you already. Your friend is with a higher presence of mind because he knows the laws of sea while you, not knowing these laws, are afraid. That man has self-control while you shake. Why? – He can swim and you cannot. You say, “What is going to happen to me?” He is quiet and calm, he tells you, “Do not fear, do not fear!” He controls the boat skillfully and you are under his influence – gradually, gradually you are subsiding[A2] . Well, what is wrong with this influence? Coming to the shore you will cross yourself and will tell yourself, “Thank God for coming out! I am not going to set out to sea any more.” You should not be in a hurry to judge anyone; this one is under the influence of so and so. What is wrong with this? While this person is strong, courageous, has self-control and knows the laws of sea, everyone should be under his influence until the sea has been passed. One day this fisherman will be under your influence: he will pay a visit to you and then you will put him to work – you will give him either to hoe or to plough. If he hoes all day, on returning in the evening his hands will hurt and he will say, “What happened with me, did I fall ill?” You will tell him, “It is all right, everything will pass. Wash your legs with warm water, have a bit of hot soup, go to bed to spend the night and in the morning, when getting up you will be fresh and cheerful.” – “Is that so?” In that case the fisherman was under the influence of the farmer. Such is the law – there is alternation.


Sometimes you are under the influence of your heart and sometime - under the influence of your mind. The heart, on its part, has a double influence on man: when the heart as a force is directly connected with your lower soul, it has one influence, whereas when it is connected with the Supreme beings, it has some other influence on you. I call the first state descending and the second one – ascending. When acting as people, we are always egoists because we think for ourselves only. When our feelings are under the influence of the Cherubims, the Seraphims and some other Supreme beings, we are in an ascending state. Then we have noble feelings – to help poor, suffering people. This state is not yours – then you are under the influence of some Elevated, noble beings that guide you in Life.


The mind, too, as the heart, has a double influence on man: descending and ascending. The objective mind in man exercises a descending influence. It will go in from here and there, will go round, and surely will steal something. Theft is a property of mind – only a sharp-minded one can steal; a stupid one is not able to. Only the sharp-minded one can lie; the stupid one is not able to. And note, in that story from the Bible where the conversation between the man and the snake is given, the snake is presented as a symbol of the mind. The snake, this is the life beginning between two streams, i.e. between the two worlds MH and PK. The snake walks and laughs, a conversation begins between it and the man. From this conversation ambitions awake in the man and he says, “I should take advantage of the conditions in which I am put in some other way. I must not be engaged in that gardening any more.” So this man wants to improve his situation. But in this case, what is pleasant for the heart is not pleasant for the mind and what is pleasant for the mind is not pleasant for the heart. For that reason man needs some other element in order to reconcile his mind and heart – he needs a soul! Only one who has a soul is able to reconcile the heart with the mind. In people without a soul the mind and the heart are in endless fight. And what people call a fight between body and Spirit is nothing else but a fight between the mind and the heart. Once the heart is underneath while the mind presses from above; the next time, when a reflux comes to the mind, the heart is above while the mind is below. And no one can win in this fight. Sometime you consider that your mind prevails over your feelings but on the next day you see your mind down and your heart up. One day you say, “I have finally understood this thing, I have solved this matter”, but on the next day you say, “No, it seems that I will never solve it.” One day you consider that you know much, on the next day you see that you know nothing; one day you consider that you are noble and on the next day you consider you are not noble. And after all this you say, “What is happening to me, am I going mad?” No, there is no madness, but here you have been faced with a simple occurrence which happens within yourself as is in Nature itself, too, and you should study it, nothing more. Now you are passing between these two worlds MH and PK between which fluxes and refluxes take place. And when these fluxes and refluxes come into you, too, this is the beauty of Life – just in the curved line AB. This line is the line of Life.






And so, do not lose heart from the sufferings! A suffering begins with a reflux, joy – with a flux. Then you have joy – flux, sorrow – reflux. So, once you will have sorrow in your heart, the next time you will have sorrow in your mind; once you will have joy in your mind, the next time you will have joy in the heart – these states alternate. Digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 are the happy events on the two opposite banks of Life, while 2', 3', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8' are the sorrows or the unhappiness at the two opposite banks of Life. We call them unhappiness for those who do not comprehend the laws of Life, whereas for those who comprehend the laws, unhappiness in Life is happiness for them.


I am going to tell you an anecdote about a poor person. This poor man constantly complained about his poverty; every day he used to pass a bridge saying to himself, “Here, being a poor man, I will always pass this bridge on foot, but if I were rich, I would pass on horseback.” He repeated this every day. Often, a prince passed the same bridge to walk in the forest and one day he heard how this poor man was bemoaning his fate. He decided to help him and for this reason one day he took a bag with gold, put it close to a stone in the middle of the road through which the poor man was passing and watched what would happen. When the poor man came to the stone, he said to himself, “So many years I pass this bridge with open eyes, let me close my eyes this time to see whether I can pass the bridge without hurting myself against the stone!”


So, I say: sufferings are nothing else but the bridge that you have been passing with closed eyes, and on this bridge, close to the stone that bag with gold lies – the happiness which you do not see. The gold, these are the conditions that can supply you with the horse you have been dreaming of. Often people miss their happiness in this very way. You should be careful: seeing that stone on your way, take an interest to learn who has put this stone, why he has put it, etc. Thus you will see the bag with the gold too. You shall take it and remove the stone from your way. The poor man said to himself, “Let me see whether by closing my eyes I can pass the bridge with closed eyes without hurting myself against the stone!” And indeed, he passed without hurting himself against the stone but did not see the bag either. He was a very sharp-minded man! And all modern people have the same desire – to avoid the sufferings – and they start philosophizing in what way to pass the bridge. How will they pass it? – Either to the left of it or to the right. And then they say, “We passed the bridge!” Yes, this bridge is passed perfectly but always on foot. Can you now benefit from this story for your good? How would you pass the bridge – with closed eyes or with open eyes?


Now I will ask you what the difference between the substance of the Supreme beings and man is. – In the way the Supreme beings manifest themselves, their substance is stable, and it does not change as in man. For example, you cannot change the thought of an Angel in any way; you cannot bribe an Angel in any way. In people, however, you can change their minds and can change their hearts as well. Saying that you can change them, I do not understand that they have changed but you can bribe them with something. Bribery always follows from the false apprehension that we can go a facile way.






What do you think now, is the life of line AB full? Is there anything it is short of? (- Yes, we are searching for something). Now this figure presents the full Life to us. The curved lines AB and A'B' are the two interwoven snakes in theosophy. In occultism these two interwoven snakes represent the interwoven life of present mankind where the two poles of Life alternate: when there is a flux in one pole, in the other there is a reflux and vice versa. In general, the two poles in Life alternate evenly. For that reason, in order to harmonize with one another in a class, half of the disciples should be joyful and the other half – sorrowful in order to form this figure of eight (8). Under sorrow I do not mean for you to shed tears, as sometimes tears may be shed from wind as well. Sometimes tears are false tokens, chances which you should not introduce into your life.


How do you lose your joy or your good mood? I will give you an example: you have a friend, whom first you love and for this you are joyful, contented and you say about her: “How intelligent she is, there is no other like her!” Later your love of her starts cooling, you become indifferent about her and say, “She is like me too.” And you start looking for some other friend having flux. After years you find your first friend again, you become friends with her again and you say, “How wise she has grown!” How is it possible – once this friend of yours was intelligent, after that she became stupid and after three-four years she became intelligent again? She has not become stupid but she has had a reflux in herself and you, not comprehending the law, say that she has become stupid. That is why you should help one another. Some of you are in reflux, others - in flux. Seeing that a sister of yours is in a reflux you shall sympathize with her and shall say, “Let me study what her banks are like and what bridge she is crossing!” Travel over her banks from one end to the other and see whether the place is level from one side and from the other. Travel over these parts well! This means to get deeply acquainted with human life. If you cannot do this, then study its external side at least. All disciples from a class should psychologically study both their own fluxes and refluxes and the same in Living Nature. You shall comprehend both the good and the bad sides of these fluxes and refluxes. Speaking about the good and the bad sides, I mean your moral life. You are young and are beings of joy and sorrow only – you move between fluxes and refluxes. I look at some of you – he is joyful, cheerful; in less than an hour he starts crying, he is sorrowful, his joy has gone away and he becomes pessimistic. Earlier, in his joy he used to write poetry, to study, but once sorrow came he left both poetry and science. Within several days he says again, “No, I am going to study, to finish the work begun.” If he is observed by someone who does not comprehend these things, that one would say, “This young man is off his beam”. No, he is not off his beam, but he rapidly passes certain streams. Do not tell him anything, only study his nature!


Some of you, after having undergone a trial say, “I will never amount to anything.” Now it can be just mathematically calculated what would happen. You are an x; you are saying, “I will never amount to anything”, this means that now you become x2. I say: just now you will make good. Do you know why? The strongest proof that you will make good is when you are saying to yourself, “I will never make good”. Saying that your heart will never make good, you engage all those supreme intelligent Beings that have worked on the creating of heart and they say, “No, your work will be finished successfully. We have begun this job and you will make a real human.” You say, “But I know that I will never amount to anything!” No, just now you will amount something. And when someone loses heart this is the strongest proof that they will make good. When you lose heart, take a small diary and write, “Today I spent the happiest day in my life because I passed through many sufferings and did not die, and I realized out of this that I will make good.” You shall note down the day, whether it is Monday, Tuesday or some other day; also, you shall note down briefly the state you have passed. You shall say to yourself, “Now I have more faith in myself. Earlier I used to consider that when some suffering comes I will die with fear, but now I saw that I endured it when it came; it passed over without making me die. Thank God, I have withstood all sufferings!” Sufferings represent inner powers through which these supreme intelligent Beings work within us. Because of the pain we feel when suffering, we do not grasp their deep inner sense but we pause on their negative side only. When these Beings complete their work, some Joy appears within us. This is an absolutely true law which you will try by yourself. So you, the young, should not lose heart.







(- Is the time of these fluxes and refluxes in us determined?) – It is different but usually it ranges between the digits 2-10. They begin with the digit 2 representing a reflux, i.e. sorrow. Life always begins with sorrow. The sorrow, i.e. the reflux I mark by the digit 2. After that, joy does not come straight away but a state of balance comes which I mark by the digit 3. Next state is a flux – I mark it by the digit 4. This flux will last as long as the reflux. Then you have the digit 5 – balance, 6 – reflux and so on. The difference between a reflux and a flux, as well as between one state of balance and another is two units: 2, 4, 6; 3, 5 and so on. Sometime these fluxes and refluxes may begin from the digits 6, 7, 8 or 10 but usually the beginning is with the digit 2. Sometimes a certain variation between these digits may occur; these moments may increase or decrease. In this instance, as it is on the figure, there is a reflux of heart at digit 2, at 3 – the physical world, at 4 – manifestation of mind, a flux of mind, after that a descending comes again – balance, then a reflux and so on. After each flux and reflux there is an interval: a reflux in heart, a flux in mind; a flux in heart, a reflux in mind – in such a way these states have constantly been alternating.


So, when the sad, the sorrowful moods come, you will ascertain this law by yourself and will be glad. You shall watch your states without criticizing yourself. One should be very fair to oneself. They should not hold false understandings of things but should know that there are still many Beings interested in one’s heart. You have a good mind – be glad for this mind but do know that some other Beings are interested in it as well. The beautiful in the Life of each one is exactly that many Being are engaged concerning them. And you should know that whatever happens to your heart or to your mind, in the end these Supreme beings will take you to a safe place, to a happy ending. One should have an Absolute faith in the great law acting rationally in all of Nature.


Some time I will talk to you on the different categories of energies in people, for there are different mental energies as well as different heart energies. Some of them are lower, others are higher. The high energies in people form their character.


Exercise: You will say the words heart, mind, soul and Spirit. While pronouncing them you will pull your hands (fingers are just touching one another) from the forehead to the solar plexus (to the stomach) passing along the face, above the breast until reaching the stomach. Having pronounced the word heart, watch what you will feel. After that pull your hands upwards – from the solar plexus to the forehead pronouncing the word mind and watch again what you will feel when pronouncing this word. Try to grasp the difference in the feelings you will feel while pronouncing the word heart and the word mind, as they conceal different powers in themselves. (- When pronouncing the word “mind” it seems as if there is a cool stream while when pronouncing the word “heart” – a tender heat).


Now you will pronounce the next two words – soul and Spirit. The fingers of the hands are put on the forehead and are gradually being opened wide aside, pronouncing the word soul. With hands in this position the word Spirit is pronounced and gradually the hands are being brought together on the forehead. Follow what you will feel when pronouncing the words soul and Spirit. And so, there are two streams with these exercises: one is downwards and upwards – heart and mind, the other is aside and inside – soul and Spirit.


You may do these exercises in your thoughts as well by pronouncing the words within yourself, without making any movements with the hands. These words have strength only when are pronounced. You shall say quietly the word heart within yourself and in your thoughts you shall draw a line towards your heart. Remain like this for a while and imagine all those Supreme beings that have created your heart and have been working on it. This is a capital you have. Then pronounce the word mind and take your hands upwards in your thoughts.


The streams of heart and mind are these two curved lines going between banks MH and PK which are two intelligent beings. If a clairvoyant would look at these things, he would see a wide, wavy stream – very beautiful, similar to the light rays emitting from the Sun. This is a beauty that cannot be described. This stream is not simple; there are beautiful, complex combinations in it. Scientists present the spaces in the light rays to be identical but in fact they are not. Each wave and each space differ from each other, they are not alike. Each wave has its specific quality and its function. This is exactly in what they differ. They are like music tones. Take, for example, lower C and upper C in the octave. They are the same tone by name, but the second tone C contains more waves, i.e. more vibrations. What is the difference in the vibrations of these two tones? The vibrations of each tone can be calculated mathematically. Something new is introduced in every tone. So, every wave differs from the others by the number of its vibrations as it is with every music tone as well. One who has seen such a wave once will never forget this light scene. Just for that reason light is such a wealth in Nature.


You will do this exercise ten days in succession: three times you will say these words, at that exactly at ten o’clock in the evening (till 23rd January). If you are on a visit, you should not do as the Turks – to stand in the middle of the room and to do it there. You shall abide by the principle. Wherever you are at this time, even if there are guests around you, you will pause within yourself and quietly, in your thoughts you will do the exercise. If you are alone you will make it with the movements of the hands – then you exercise your will as well. So, wherever you are, you can do the exercise without being suspected by anyone of doing anything unusual. In this way you will avoid the disharmony that the surrounding people would introduce in you. While thinking of heart[A3]  you will get in touch with the Cherubims and the Seraphims in your thoughts, whereas while thinking of mind[A4]  you will get in touch with the supreme Beings of Wisdom. Do you know how theosophists and occultists call these beings that have formed the mind? – They call them ‘creators or fathers of the mind’.


And so, when you think of the heart you will get in touch with the Supreme beings of Love and when you think of mind – with the Supreme beings of Wisdom. This is necessary for your development because there is great harmony in these Beings. All aspirations and ideals are equal in them, but they occupy different positions in the economy of the Divine world.


I am going to give you the following rule: do not turn sour when you are joyful and do not fall into despair when you are sorrowful! Because one who is joyful that one turns sour very easily. Do you know when one turns sour? – When they take away the joy, they turn sour as they have no target[A5]  any more. For example, you have a hat, a pair of shoes or clothes that you enjoy; once you take away the hat, the shoes or the clothes, you turn sour at once. That is why, when you take away the joy, watch not to turn sour. And if you turn sour, watch not to turn too sour. And when you lose heart watch not to fall into despair! The discouragement will come, it is impossible for it not to come, but you should watch not to fall into despair because despair is of no use to anything. Stop at the discouragement, it will bring a reflux.


(- Shall we do  the exercise only once a day?) I give it for once a day, but if someone has a great desire to do it more times, they may, but they should do it diligently and with concentration of mind. To watch, to try, but out of mere curiosity, you may do it even more times, it would be of use to you. Do you know what you are like in this case? Imagine that I am taking you to a good spring to drink some water and you ask me how many times you may drink this water. I say: If it is cold you will drink once a day; if it is warm you might drink even ten times a day. Do you comprehend what this means? So, I say: if it is very warm within yourself you can make the exercise even ten times a day, and if it is cold, you will make it only once a day. Did you comprehend the law now? The rule I am giving you is rational.



Secret prayer


- Only the bright path of Wisdom leads to Truth.


- It constantly rejoices us.




 [A1][should have an influence on man] or [should influence man]

 [A2][your fear is subsiding] or [you calm down]

 [A3][your heart] or [the heart]

 [A4][your mind] or [the mind]



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