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1924_02_10 Complex Movements of the Mind. A Spot of Light in the Mind


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Complex Movements of the Mind


A Spot of Light in the Mind




17th lecture given by the Master to the Youth Occult Class


10th February, Sofia


- Only the light way of Wisdom leads to Truth.


- It gives us constant Mirth and Joy.



A summary on the topics: “Origin of the verbal forms” was read.


Several works on the topic: “Basic elements in geometry” were also read.


For next time you will write on topic Nr 19: “Correlation between moral senses and mental skills”.


Now we are going to approach an area referred to as complex movements of the mind. I am going to make a few observations you are invited to think over. Our objective is to make you philosophers by urging you to think. Philosophy lies in one’s ability to think. If one is able to think correctly, philosophy will come along. Human consciousness can be projected outside the individual and strike roots into somebody else’s soul. Naturally, this refers to the supreme Divine consciousness. When saying that the Divine lives within man, we mean that there is a very special place where the Divine is situated. Man is possessed with a special Love - a particular awareness of God as a complete whole within.






Let us say that a given mathematical point represents our mind in action. This mind acts beyond space; i.e. it is not present in the physical world. It goes along a straight line and defines itself at point B. The distance covered AB represents an expansion of the mind. When the mind A reaches its utmost limit of expansion, one begins to feel he is getting old and that there is nowhere else to go. When the mind is at point A, one feels young, fit and cheerful enough to reflect upon philosophical matters. When one comes to the middle of the way at point D, after covering the distance AD, he is already middle-aged and says, “I am middle-aged already.” From here the mind takes two directions: one is the continuation of the first direction towards point B, and the other goes at an angle to point C. One, however, is not aware of the second movement, which is an urge upwards in the direction of AC. He is aware only of the straightforward movement.


When one is at his strongest, in his prime, then he is in the prime of his mind, too and is at the resultant line. But as he does not understand the law of movement, which continues towards point B, he also feels a kind of descent. However, he does not know point C. For instance, one is aware that he was born and he will die – he knows that he will move from point A to point B. How does he know? He knows because his mother moved from A to B, and so did his father. He knows all this, but he does not know what exists beyond A. Nor is he aware of what can be found in the other world. The other world is up, at point C. One is not aware of this movement, because it is a spiritual element. Occultists who say that we have to awaken the Divine within ourselves mean exactly this movement of the mind towards point C. Man himself is not aware of this movement, nor is he aware of the Divine element. Therefore, you can mathematically form the following proportion: The triangle ABC is equilateral. If the distance between A and B is a hundred kilometres, and at the same time there is a movement from A to C and from C to B, then what will the distance be from A to C? Now you will fall into error: In geometry this distance is equal to AB, because these are the sides of an equilateral triangle. Yet thinking over the Divine Life and about planes and cubes, the question stands differently. Here the distance AC will be twice as much as AB. For instance, in geometry you define the directions as up and down, but when you enter the Spiritual World, where you will study the essence of matter, you will not use up and down – the relations are different there.




Fig. 2


Imagine that C is a central cube. Then all other objects and cubes will be examined in relation to that central cube C, i.e. you will consider their position in relation to the central cube – whether they stand on its right or on its left. This means that all things can be examined as related to one central idea – whether they are on the right or on the left; however, the directions up and down do not exist in space. It will be a fallacy if you start regarding matters from the up and down perspective.


You say up and down. What do you mean by up – up to your head? Where down – down to your stomach? Then you say, “Up to God.” That would mean that you identify God with your head. Therefore, by God we mean a more comprehensive organism than ours. We constitute only one mind - a small part of this organism.


When we say “To God” we only determine our attitude towards the more comprehensive organism. Hence, the Divine Mind moves twice as fast as the human mind. We only think that the distance it covers is twice as long, because we are conscious of the physical mind. Here we have the law of the unit and the two, the ratio of which is 1: 2. In this case the number 2 shows the movement of the unit. This concept is a bit complex, so let me explain it: assume that you are the unit and your horse is 2. You have to go somewhere or accomplish some work, which is an unknown quantity – X. The accomplishment of the work will depend on how fast your horse is – its ability to move. In this case the human mind is just an organ – a bearer of the Divine Mind.


So, there are two currents existing simultaneously in man. They have to be felt. Each of you can observe them. For example, walking past an orchard, you see fruit. You want to pick some. At the same time another thought occurs – some voice deep inside tells you: “No, you shouldn’t pick any fruit.” What evokes such a thought? – It comes from the Divine Mind. You say, “But I’m hungry!” How do you know the fruit is not poisonous? The tree might look good, but if you eat from its fruit, your life might be stopped in its development. That’s why the Divine Mind tells you, “No, don’t do this!” – Nothing more. It tells you not to do this or that. Modern moralists and religious people make one and the same mistake to ask, “Why shouldn’t I do this or that?” The Divine never answers. It says, “No!” If you obey what the Divine suggests to you, there will come a time when you grow old and then the Divine will come to you and explain everything. This is what modern philosophers call the supreme Ego in man.


Thus, a human being has two minds – inferior and superior. The Divine Mind is the superior one. When it comes, it will explain matters to you, because it draws knowledge on a more superior source. This mind can shed light on all philosophical issues you are interested in. Both philosophers and scientists fall in the error to be eager to understand everything right away. This is impossible. Beauty in Life and beauty in science cannot be found in plenty of knowledge. True beauty is in knowledge of Good. Beauty in science, Nature, and Life can be found only in those minute niceties that are hard to perceive. We can enjoy only what is hard to see. Therefore, you should enjoy only those tiny, microscopic spots no one can deprive us of.


Nowadays everybody thinks of the grandiose and the great, though it never comes. The greatest things in the world are always given in microscopic quantities. Some people want to excel instantly and become pure and holy at once. That is a misconception. I would like to draw your attention to what to look at and how to do it. You should look at yourselves, but if I tell you this only, you will be at a loss, because Yourself to you is still just another indefinite quantity. If you look at yourselves the way you understand it, at the bottom of your souls you will notice an almost imperceptible spot. A person who is unable to understand this, searches for his ideal beyond this spot. The intensity of Light always stays one and the same – it never increases or decreases. Its colour is very pleasant. Sometimes at this spot a fire can flare, followed by another. But within a few hours all die out – as if new worlds have come into existence. Sometimes the big fires burning around your Divine Mind can be misleading. The experienced Occult disciple is intent only on this spot and ignores the fires. When an Angel sets off from the Divine World to the Earth, the Earth can be seen just as a small spot. The Angel can see millions of great Suns around but they never misguide it. He holds the small spot as a guiding light to the Earth. However, people on the Earth do not do this. They have changed the law. When on their way to the Divine World they see some big Sun, they say, “This is where Life is.” Then they spot some other Sun, so they say, “This is where Life is.” They move without direction, hither and thither, till their Life is over, so they say, “What a waste!” So it is. These Suns are far too big, and therefore, inaccessible. They represent what unattainable ideals in real life are.


So, from now on you will be looking at yourselves without getting confused when differentiating between your mind and the Divine Mind. Try a small experiment to practise how to tell the difference. There is a shade of doubt in the human mind, which can be tried out. You can picture this hesitation as a wavy line. The waves stand for the continual fluctuations of the mind, which is why one always feels discontent. Yet along with this continual movement within, one is always aware of the other mind, which is always calm and peaceful. When one is excited or frustrated, this small spot of light – The Divine Mind – tells the human mind, “Don’t worry! Everything will be all right!” You stop, but it encourages you, “Don’t be afraid!” You start philosophizing, wondering how things will be – “Everything will be all right.” – although the Divine Mind does not tell you more than that, you can restore your peace of mind. And when eventually everything goes straight, The Divine Mind says, “You see, didn’t I tell you?” The Divine Mind never tells you that nothing will come out of you. It is the human mind that splits and says, “You are good for nothing!” Whereas the Divine Mind says, “You will be a regular fellow!” But how will this happen? – By keeping in your mind the awareness AC, i.e. upward to C.


Now I will draw your attention to a real philosophy, which might look a bit far-fetched, but it has its proper application. Any tutor, who tells you to expect some great results, does not tell you the truth. The true tutor will show you the small light. If you have some integrity and the will to go ahead, you will go along the line of this small spot of Light in your mind. By moving along this line, you will find the opportunities of a different world. Many saints, Indian hermits and scholars lost their lives in search of the Divine Mind. They lost their lives in vain – they should have searched for the small Light within themselves, which would have brought them far greater joy than all the joys they experienced. If you bring all the joys you have had together, even half of them will not equal the small Joy coming from the spot of Light in your mind. This spot of Light is real. It is this spot of Light that will comfort you in times of hardship. You will be able to benefit from it far more than from anything else. However stormy the sea is, if you see the beacon, you will lose neither confidence, nor your way. But if the light is off and you lose your beacon, you might make a mistake. It is not because you are abandoned, but because you have taken the way opposite to the Divine Mind, due to which you have lost the light and your way. Now the only thing you can do is to find the direction of the Divine Mind and follow its course. You will follow two concurrent tacks, i.e. lead two lives – on the one hand, you will develop your human mind, and on the other hand, you will aspire after God.


How would you define aspiring after Yourselves? You see how difficult it is to explain this simple truth! Not only is it difficult to explain, but it is difficult to comprehend it as well. What has to be explained often remains unclear. It is difficult to render these explanations into any human language.




Fig. 3


So, there are two movements in your mind: one is from A to B, ant the other is from A to C. We can define the directions these movements take as ACB and ABC. Some define these movements as follows: If A moves towards B, we have a straight line AB; then if A moves towards C and B moves towards C, we have the triangle ACB. Therefore, there are two directions at the same time.


Now I would like one of the students to sum up everything said up to now. What do you make of it? Have I thrown any new light? (The main idea is that your whole life depends on one small spot of Light.) Also, the mind has a double movement. You should bear in mind that when you face resistance it is because matter is dense. Therefore, you should know that when your mind takes the ACB direction, i.e. the course towards the Divine, you will face all the favourable conditions. The ACB movement prepares the straight way of your mind, which can go through the dense matter. This is also what can elevate you. So when an individual reaches point C up there, he is elevated and the way takes a new direction. One is at a higher plane, or rather at a higher level of understanding. Sometimes the opposite might happen and you go back the same way.


Imagine the triangle ACB! Be always aware of the upward movement AC, because you need this for your philosophical understanding. Some occultists give a different definition of the triangle, saying that AC stands for the way of the heart, CB the way of the mind, and AB the way of the body. This is camouflaging the issues. According to them the mind and the heart aim at organizing the body. It is not true. The line AC represents the movement of the Divine Mind. However, there are cases when this movement in its ascending line goes through the mind. Sometimes the process is reverse. When ascending, the Divine Mind passes through the mind, but descends through the heart. So both things happen. For instance, the Divine Mind does not follow one and the same direction with men and women: With men the Divine Mind starts from point A, i.e. from right to left. You should bear in mind one more thing: there is just one side with God. There is no right and left. The Absolute Beginning has only one side.


Therefore, in this particular case, C indicates only the direction to the Divine. Let us say that A starts from the left and goes upwards to the Divine C, but when it reaches this point, it says, “I can’t reach God. Let me come back at least.” Shortly it descends to B. This is how its life is determined. It happens not because it cannot go further up, but because it cannot keep its position at point C. Theosophists claim that when one dies, his soul goes through the Astral World first, then through the Mental world, and, finally through the Causal one. As the soul cannot go further than the Causal World, it lingers there for a while to reflect upon the causes and effects in Life. At this point the soul feels like going back to the Earth. Theosophists speak about this stage of the soul.


Everything discussed up to now should boil down to one main idea, because if you pay attention to the details, your understanding will be hindered. The line AC indicates a movement upwards, but if one is incapable of carrying it out, he comes back to B, feeling old. The way the female mind moves is opposite to that in men. The male principle of Wisdom and the female principle of Love meet at the Divine Mind. There is no Love at points A and B as they are spots of movement, indicative of ordinary life.


The straight line stands for one’s life. So, one masters only the straight line. Well, let us try some psychological analysis in geometry, i.e. to render it as the living forces of the mind. From this point of view, the straight line stands for all the possibilities of the point. It shows up to where the point can go in its rectilinear movement. If the straight line shows the possibilities of the point and this point has moved from A to B, then what causes the shift from its rectilinear movement and what directs it to C? – This is the Divine element in the mind, which changes man’s direction.


What is a plane? – The plane always shows the possibilities for two souls when they merge. And indeed, what can two people form? – They are able to form only a plane. One person is able to form a line and two people are able to form a plane. Therefore, from a purely psychological aspect, these are the properties and the conditions of the forces acting for and against when forming the human organism, as well as the growth and the development of the human Spirit. It is important for you now to observe and check whether this is true or not.


I would like you to try this theory. What I tell you is theoretically correct, but many of you are not experienced enough. Are you experienced in this movement? In the first place, how will you manage to find this small spot in yourselves? You are wrong to think that you will find it through focusing and concentrating. That is why you should try to reach a peace of mind [A1] trying to imagine that everything surrounding you is in perfect order. Only in this way will you be able to see this small spot of Light in yourselves. You will be able to find this spot at the most turbulent times in your life when chaos reigns around you and you feel desolate, left to the mercy of fate. Only then will this spot of Light flash in your mind. The only thing that you can keep to, at such a point, will be this Light on the horizon of you mind. While at rough sea, you will be guided by that beacon only. All of you can gain such experience. You will have an anchor in your lives. You will know that there is a Divine spark in you. Whatever sufferings or hardships you are going to face, if you find that small Light, it will bring you Joy. You will know that where the bacon stands there will be land on which you can live, i.e. it will be possible for you to grow and develop. And this is enough.


How can you cope with disappointment? I would like to give you some knowledge you can always apply, no matter what happens to you. I would like to convey to you some of the Occult knowledge by adapting it as it is too far-fetched and I want you to make use of it right now in your lives. You have experienced certain disappointments already – this is your way along AB. But you should remember that you could undergo another movement of the mind – from A to C, from where life’s bounties come. These blessings can come at any point and no one can rob you of them. If you keep to this Divine principle, the AC movement will by all means save you from any inner conflicts. It is a different matter whether you believe or not, but if you are patient enough to withstand all difficulties, the Divine Mind will certainly bring you to a good end. The movement of the Divine Mind is referred to as the Divine Providence in spiritual teachings, but it is rather indefinite. I call it a movement of the Divine Mind. One takes two concurrent courses. Every person, as well as each of you, bears these two directions within himself; however, they are not quite distinct in everyone. Not everybody is aware of the movements going on within the self.


So, the most important thing for you is this spot of Light in the mind. It is a constant Light, which sometimes glows faintly, but is always on. It is the most beautiful Light you can ever have. When you are happy and joyful, it cannot be seen distinctly, but at times of misery and despair it shines brightly. That’s why, to make you see it the Divine Mind sometimes creates obstacles, like those in the theatre, - it restrains and shuts you out, by guiding you to think of something else. It says, “There is something more important in your life than the AB movement.” You are in two minds and say, “There is nothing like AB.” “No”, it says, “There is something more important than AB. It is ACB.” Anyone who does not understand this law is doomed to suffer. There is an ascent in one’s life; there is also a descent – it is one process. We place these two triangles one next to the other. Why?




Fig. 4


Those who understand the law take the direction from A to C, and then they descend to B but immediately go on towards С2. The triangles АСВ and АС2В are connected. We can also say that when the disciple reaches B, he takes the way up again, etc. These triangles represent the microcosm. The triangles are embodied there, while here they represent a movement up and down: the movement downwards represents the descent of the Spirit to the matter, and the movement upwards stands for the ascent of the Spirit to the Divine Mind.


It means that the movement in the first triangle is to AC and then to CB. One who understands the laws will continue moving in the second triangle to ВС2, next to CB, then he will pass to a third triangle, etc. One who does not understand the laws will continue moving within the first triangle until, finally, he will say that Life is pointless. Such a person will for years on end, or for a series of existences, remain a materialist. He will say, “Life is nothing but matter.” Yes, according to the materialistic concept of Life, it is nothing but matter, a movement along a straight line. Being a materialist means to be able to perceive only the properties of the point, which moves only straightforward. The materialist says, “One is born, grows old and dies and everything dies with him.” This is a movement along a straight line. According to this philosophy man moves through space like a bubble, and when this bubble goes off, everything ends with it; there is no movement beyond it.


An exercise: stand up and move your arms in circles – first from the inside, up, outwards and then back (a few times); second – from the outside to the inside and down. Third – from the back up, above the chest, aside, in front of the chest, in a circle aside and forward (a few times). The right arm – aside, the left arm – in front of the chest, then the left arm aside and the right one – in front of the chest; alternate these movements quickly, then slowly.


A secret prayer


- Only the light way of Wisdom leads us to Truth


- It gives us constant Mirth and Joy.



 [A1][a peaceful frame of mind]




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