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1924_03_23 The Powerful Forces of the Reasonable Will


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The Powerful Forces of the Reasonable Will



23rd lecture given by the Master to the Youth Occult Class


23rd March, 1924, Sofia



Now I am going to give you a formula, which you will cite together: “The God of Love is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living.”



A secret prayer


Let us say that we have a connection. What is it like? – There are connections only in the physical world. However, when a connection is not established in accordance with all the regulations of the laws existing in the physical world, there can be disharmony, which will trigger explosions. What does the release of certain elements from compounds produce? - Explosions. The human body in its essence is a kind of a natural battery. Besides, it is not a simple battery, but a rather sophisticated one. This battery contains all kinds of energies. There are times when you think that you are angels, don’t you? But, above all, Angels are distinguished by their noble mind. Actually, we do not have the right word to describe their mind. Their mind is different in that it can control and guide all forces without overlooking details, while people ignore many things in their relationships.


Life, the way it is revealed, is not used properly – certain forces remain unused in every organism. Each phase in Life carries dynamic forces that can be constructive or destructive. It is a common misconception among people nowadays that all forces acting in this world are constructive. That is not true. Facts prove that for the time being most of the destructive forces are more powerful. As a result, you experience more sorrow than joy, more disappointment than satisfaction. Young as you are, you have already experienced some disappointment, so you say, “It is not worth living.” You feel like finding a piece of rope, making a noose and slipping it on your neck. Naturally, one willing to find the rope will easily find the tree to hang himself. Do you know how hanging originated? What makes people hang themselves? There are several ways to commit suicide: hanging, poisoning, stabbing, drowning, or plunging from a cliff. What makes people commit suicide? You will say, “Such a person is out of his mind!”


Out of his mind? Then how can he be wise enough to find the rope and hang himself, or find a knife to stab himself? How can he find the rock to jump from there, or see the fire and jump into it? What he opts for depends on the prevalent energies. If the fiery energies prevail, he will jump in the fire – that is what I think; if the aquatic energies are dominant, he will plunge in the water. If cohesive energies are stronger, he will hang himself, as he wants to hang in the air without falling on the ground. Such a person dies willing to keep his body intact. In this case the person remains a merchant in soul – it is as if he tries to save his body – he doesn’t want to have his body burnt in the fire. Others prefer to jump off a rock. All these are psychological moments in people.


Why should we discuss these cases? It is useful to speak about them, because there might come a moment in your lives when you could think of going to a cliff and jumping to your death. One who wants to jump off a five-metre-high rock will say, “If I jump off this rock, I’ll make the headlines.” Is there anything heroic about jumping to one’s death? – It is vanity. People jumping off rocks are vain. Those who plunge into the water are secretive and deceitful – they want no one to know about them, so they hide in the water. Those who jump in the fire are very subtle and skilful – they say, “Let my body burn without trace.” I am interested in such people. I would like to hear someone, who has burnt in flames and was rescued, describe his psychological state – what exactly he was feeling. It is interesting to understand what exactly he was feeling and thinking while jumping in the fire. It would also be interesting to listen to the account of someone who decided to jump from a high place but was hindered by some obstacle placed twenty metres off the ground. I know of such an incident in a village in the region of Shoumen. There are some one-hundred-and-fifty-metre-high rocks there. The girl was born in the town of Kaspichan. She jumped off the rocks, but her skirt got caught and she got stuck hanging half way to the ground. People rushed to rescue her. Her dress was made of hand-woven rather rough material, not like yours, so it withstood. The girl hung in the air with her head down all day long. Later she shared her experience – what it is like jumping off a rock. She never thought of doing this again. She says, “I know now what it is like.”


So, these are forces accumulated in you. Therefore, you should study the laws by which to distribute the forces so that you can get rid of surplus energy. When you acquire knowledge out of vanity, then your personal feelings will be your incentive to learn. That is excellent motivation and it can be a blessing if you follow the natural way. However, if you intensify the activity of your personal feelings, there will remain a surplus, which will embitter your soul. After getting the knowledge, you will be displeased and will be like the student who after graduating from university and receiving his diploma, told his mother, “It’s over.” The mother thought that her son was very happy, but in the evening he committed suicide. People committing suicide are not heroes. These are people who avoid paying their share decently and honestly, escaping from life. Nature, though, will take them by the ear and bring them back to life under tougher conditions. If Nature catches them for a third time, it will enchain them until it makes them pay off their debts according to the karmic law. You may kill once[A1] , twice, ten or a hundred times and yet you will not gain anything – it is not a heroic deed. If someone wanted to try this, I would advise him to put on a dress, similar to the girls’ from Kaspichan, and while jumping, get himself entangled in it. Only in this way can you achieve some good experience. The way the modern world develops, an urge to commit a suicide is incited among young people from the USA, England, France and everywhere else. Young people have the urge to commit suicide, or at least fight a duel. It is fashionable now for men to fight men, and for women to fight women.


As you do not understand the laws well yet, you might make up plans to gain some great strength from the Occult teaching. You might plan to do this or that. However, each force entails a responsibility. A great merchant, who has a million or ten million levs invested, will have a more serious business than someone with less money. He will have a greater profit, but he will also have more responsibility and more troubles. The plus and the minus go hand in hand in Nature. If I write the figure 5 and minus in front of it, what will the number be? (-Negative). If I write a minus after the same figure, what will that mean? (- That we are going to subtract a number.)


Now assume that we have a ball with an elastic band attached to it that makes it possible to pull the ball up and down. What will the results be if the ball is pulled down? If the ball moves downward, the band stretches, but when the band shrinks, the ball comes back to its initial position. Imagine that a conscious creature pulled the ball downward, while another creature exerted some influence from above. If one pulls down and the other pulls up, the ball will stand in the middle providing the forces are equal in strength. Very often the physical forces prevail over the spiritual ones and if they are not gratified, one feels displeased. This discontent breeds irritation, anger, revenge, etc. Similar processes emerge in the Mental world. This is due to the two minds in man: The one I refer to as the superior mind in the Mental world, and the other is the inferior mind. The inferior mind produces certain results in the physical world – they engender all the murders, thefts and all other vices. The influence of the superior mind is ascending – it is creative and constructive. Therefore, the inferior forces in the Mental world give rise to inferior phenomena in the physical world.


Now, if your mind is busy and if the lower part of your brain is engaged with observation and interested in matters close to your life, you will feel content. Yet if an accident that is inexplicable to you occurs, you will feel desperate. Let me explain: if you live on the third floor and I tell you, “Jump out of the window!” what will I do? I will set the house on fire. You will have no way out but to jump off the window. Why should you jump now? Earlier it was not a wise thing to do, but now it is reasonable enough. Why? Because you will avoid a greater danger. Yes, the smaller danger is preferable to the greater one. Apply the law now. Mind that the lesser misfortune is better than the greater one. If you are faced with a little suffering, do not lose heart, because a greater one is in store for you. The small misfortune is to jump out of the window, while the greater one is to burn out in the house. If you jump, you will get away with a few bruises. If you land on your feet, you might even remain intact. So, do not try to avoid any sufferings in your life. Here is a piece of advice for you: do not avoid natural sufferings. For instance, if a boil comes out on your hand, do not rub it back, but help it fester, and when it maturates, burst it.


Fear can always breed a greater evil. If you fall ill, do not say, [A2] “
I wish the disease would disappear!” No, you should strengthen your will by saying, “I am stronger than the disease.” How? I have often given the following example: Doctors told a sick woman that she was going to die, but she said, “No, I am not going to die! I will live!” and indeed, she did not die. There are cases when one is stronger than death. There is nothing stronger in this world than human will. You have all been told that man can be weak under certain circumstances. No, there is no power stronger than the human will – I mean the reasonably applied will. So, you should be as brave as that woman. Do not fear anything. Do not doubt in God. If you doubt in God or the reasonable principle, you are no longer man. It is God who stands by us in this world! As long as this light shines, I will know that the Sun shines, too. When the light and the fire on Earth go out, it will mean that the Sun will die out as well. But as long as a single fire burns on Earth, it will mean that the Sun will shine, no matter whether we see it or not. Likewise, no one should lose faith in God. Only in this way will you be able to feel the strength to overcome any difficulty. You will be able to cope with any task or test, no matter how difficult it can be.


I will tell you a story about Muhammad. Once he was in despair and found refuge in a cave. He spent a long time there brooding. At a point he was ready to give up his ideas, but he noticed an ant, carrying its heavy load, stop in front of a small hillock. The ant tried to mount it, but dropped its load. It came back to take its load and started mounting the hillock again. Muhammad started counting how many times the ant would repeat this – once, twice, thrice, four, five, twenty, seventy times the ant came back to take its load, but it kept dropping it on the ground. This happened ninety-nine times, until eventually, at the hundredth time the ant managed to climb the hillock with the load on its back. Then he thought, “If this ant is so persistent, then why shouldn’t I follow its example?” So, an ant managed to save Muhammad in his plight. Are you weaker than the ant? When any of you loses heart, I would like to ask him, “You think that you are very clever, don’t you? Why don’t you look at the ant, ready to try ninety-nine times, while you are ready to quit at the tenth time.” I say: the ant is superior to you, at least in this respect. Here is an example, showing that ants are very intelligent in their culture. An ant is extremely intelligent and persistent. I have made plenty of observations on its intelligence. Once I was sitting on a bench, observing a spider lurking from its web. At a point an ant came and the spider caught it in its web. Shortly I saw a bigger ant come to the web, pull the first fibre of the net and tear it. Then it reached the second fibre and tore it, then another and another, until the ant tore the entire web and got to the middle. Then I saw the spider leave the web and the bigger ant carried out the spider’s prey, the smaller ant. I watched the scene for twenty minutes, and believe me, the ant was really intelligent.


Now, if any of you has entered the devil’s net, you should tear the net, get to the core, and the devil will run away through the hole. Some will say, “The devil is very powerful.” Yes, but it is also very cowardly. The devil feels strong only in its net – if you tear it apart, the devil becomes weak. The net is your delusion. The devil tells you, “You are a weak creature, you were born such, such are the conditions in life, there is no point in living, there are others who are cleverer and better educated than you are, you are poor, so blow your head, or take some poison.” But you will answer, “I am not the weakest creature. I am not weaker than the ant that tore the web. I am not weaker than the ant that came back ninety-nine times for its load until finally it managed to carry it over the hill. I am as capable as it is.” Here is a moral coming from the inferior world. Only under these circumstances will you be able to make your way into Divine life.


Some of you seek help. However, isn’t it typical of any army to have its advanced guard and all the rest in the rear? The advanced guard that blazes the trail should be you. Some will say, “I want to be the general!” Well, then you should go ahead, and I will follow you. You have a good knife, so you should take it out and go ahead, while I will go after you. But you say, “No, I don’t want to go ahead.” Yes, but didn’t you want to become a general and receive a salary of ten thousand levs? They say that the levs[1] are dead and not alive. Why should you fear the lev? These levs are not the big ones living in the forest. These are small silver levs. At that you will take out your knife and say, “I order you to do as you are told!” Do you know what will happen? Your bill of exchange will be immediately paid off. Brave, courageous people always get help. When the forces from the invisible world see that one is bold and determined, they say, “We are going to help this man. We will give him a credit.” If one is a coward, they do not want to hear of him.


Once, in the USA, a poor but brave fellow climbed a thirty-five storey building to hoist a flag on the top. People gathered to watch him. On getting down, he was given twenty thousand dollars by an on-looker. Who deserves such a reward? – A brave man. The same law acts in the Spiritual world. When you show courage and determination in the face of danger, there will be someone who will help you. If you get scared, they will say, “Forget about this coward. He doesn’t deserve any help!” Such is the great Occult law. You might say, “We can’t be brave.” That is a lie – you are all brave. It is not an act of courage to purse your lips. A courageous person is calm and quiet, just as the good weather can be calm and serene. Even the gentlest, calmest and quietest people can be brave. Even a child can be brave – he or she can come up against difficulties in a quiet and reserved manner, ranking higher than a great hero does.


You should also try to be calm and quiet, harnessing your mind for serious work. No difficulty is larger than my will. You may ask whether there are any exceptions. No, there are not. I told you – the human soul is the fruit of God’s Love. What is born out of Love stands on top of everything. One who cannot perceive this deserves to be a slave. One who understands this is free. Therefore, Freedom is in saying that your will stands higher than all difficulties in this world. I am not going to release you from these difficulties. Nature will not liberate you, either. These difficulties and sufferings are deliberately designed for you to strengthen your will. As long as you utter the formula I gave you at the beginning, Nature will say, ‘Go ahead! I will support you.’ And it stands by you to protect you.


Do not think that this is just an encouragement. These are laws, applied by all the disciples of the Occult. You should also apply the laws when you come to experience a trial. Many of you will face severe trials. You will say, “We are going to face the trials, because we took this path.” I would like to ask you how you can account for the hare’s sufferings when you aim your gun at it. What accounts for its ordeal – is it because the hare follows the Occult school? People who claim that they face an ordeal because they have joined the Occult sound ridiculous. No, what accounts for your ordeal is not because you took this path, but because you have gone astray. If you follow the right way, all abnormalities will be gone. Diseases, handicaps, poverty, etc. come as a result of the past.


Someone will say, “I am going to quit the School.” I say, “Then you will go to the henhouse.” – “Well, I enjoyed being there.” This is another deception. Only a person aware of the laws of Nature can feel well. The wish of the Divine world is to enlighten your path – to be brave and determined, and also, to know that there is an object in this world that never changes. The only real thing that exists in this world is Love. It is an object that is constant. No matter whether you see it or not, it always stays the same. Put some faith into it to check its strength.


You are not supposed to talk outside about the motto I gave you this evening. You are to keep it as a sacred rule to yourselves. You will say, “The God of Love is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living.” Further you will say, “I am alive because God is within me. If He is my God, I am capable of anything!” If you say this, you can leave everything else aside. – “Yes, but will He listen to me?” If you let all negative thoughts and moods in yourselves, it will be the end of it. [A3] No other philosophy! If you start philosophising, you cannot fulfill God’s will. If you are brave without philosophising, you can go ahead and win. I do not say that sufferings will not come. There will be times when you will shed tears. We do not want man to dry up. Tears give me pleasure and joy. When someone is crying, I take the same pleasure as when I look at a spring from which pure, crystal clear water gushes forth. Someone will say, “Don’t you feel pity for this crying sister?” I say, “She is a great sister! I am glad that she is crying.” I feel sorry for a sister who cannot cry. Someone will say, “She suffers a lot.” Then I am glad even more, because that sister is a very positive personality. She has great potential as the creative, constructive forces act in her. We envy those who cry; we envy those who suffer – such is the law. If you pull a long face, it is good. A long face can often look more pleasant than a happy face, because you have someone in front of you who has revealed his true personality. Someone will say, “I am a very bad person.” I say, “I am glad that you have made a confession.” Now you admit that there is nothing in the safe, while earlier you said that you had something there. The safe can be filled or emptied. All people in this world suffer. There is not a human being that is not subjected to sufferings. There are even special sufferings. The white race is put to a special test, and as you belong to this race, you will come in for it, though it will not last long.


So, you will be brave enough to go through fire! I do not mean that you should be afraid. You only have to remember that you will go through fire. You have read The Great Initiated, haven’t you? You know what the disciple of the pyramid was subjected to. First he went through fire, then across the abyss, next through water, and finally through the room where there was a chalice full of nectar. So, he passed the four tests. There will come a time of trial for you, too. You have already started – you are inside the pyramid. You start with the fire, while the door behind you is closed. There is a furnace in front of you. You will go through the fire and say, “I shouldn’t have entered this hole!” I say, “You have already entered and the door is closed behind you. You can’t do anything but go ahead.” Ahead you go! You will get across safe and sound. When you get out, you will be glad and say, “I got some excellent knowledge thanks to this excellent path.” So there is nothing to be afraid of. Go ahead!


For the next time you should write on the topic “The possibilities of the human soul”. Everybody should write the way you understand the topic. The topic is a bit vague, but you are expected to think it over. Now, if you want to keep to the rule and say that your will stands above all difficulties, you will find some harmony for yourselves. When applying the rule, you should utter the formula. Then you will say, “Our will is stronger than any difficulty.”



A secret prayer


The God of Love is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living




[1] Bulgarian currency is named after the lion as a symbol of bravery. Lev means lion in Bulgarian.

 [A1]If this refers to suicide then [You may kill yourself] or [You may commit suicide]


 [A3]Unclear. [if you let all negative thoughts and moods in yourselves go, it will be the end of it.]


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