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27th lecture given by the Master to the Youth Occult Class


20th April, 1924, Sofia


The God of Love is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living.




A summary on the topic “The aim of modern science” was read.


Some of the works on the topic “Adaptation of the human soul” were read.


How do you define the word differentiation? Or how do you understand the transformation of matter, its passing from one simple state to another more complex one?


If knowledge is not applied, it can be hazardous to the soul. Each matter put in the human organism (namely the heart and the mind) and not used can became dangerous with time. If you have a desire that cannot be fulfilled, it will start torturing you.


How exactly does Nature change? We often say that man changes. How does it happen? Let us say that some of you have decided to be always polite to others. Later you change your view and say, “One needs to be rude at times.” Then what is the difference between politeness and rudeness?




Fig. 1


Let us say that point A stands for politeness and point B is for rudeness. They represent two methods in Life. Some say that work does not go with politeness only. Do you think that if you used rudeness, the result would be better than if you used politeness? If you spend a year of your life being polite, and the next year you decide to be rude the results will be nullified and you will arrive at your initial position. You will make a circle in your life without having achieved anything, or rather, you will have lost what you have achieved. You will have lost in B what you have achieved at point A. The rude person always wastes – for instance, he will strike someone, but with each blow he transfers his energy, thus losing it. Observe this in Life. Watch a very strong man who beats a dozen people – you will notice that he becomes weaker, losing his strength. Gentle people are always weak, but they get stronger with time. Consequently, by saying that gentility and politeness are preferable, we mean that they contribute to strengthening one’s character.


One with surplus energy should know how to transfer it. It is important because human energy has reverse movements: if you punch somebody in the nose, he will punch you back in the nose; if you slap somebody in the face, he will slap you back. There are certain exceptions, but generally, the “eye for an eye, and tooth for tooth” principle is always applied. That’s why you should seek to apply your potential sensibly. For example, you have been lectured for three years. I would like you to infer from your first-year lectures an applicable method.




Fig. 2


Let us say that now I will ask one of you to come to the blackboard to explain what a living point is. What distinguishes living points from dead ones? My idea is that each point has a shape. Each type of energy makes a small point in its manifestation. Similarly, each light formed in space manifests itself as a small point. What direction does this small point take? Assume that water runs from the top point A down the hill to point C, where it penetrates the soil. This water reaches point B in the form of one drop, then another and another. All these drops form a line, which is nothing but a stream, a river, i.e. a live jet.


Let us say that you have a friend living in Varna; you project your thought to him. How will this thought emerge in space? What direction will it take? Will it move in a straight line, or will it take some other direction? How will a person with a strongly developed sixth sense see it? (- Your thought will move along a curved, arched line).


Let one of you go to the one side of the hall and another to the opposite end – try to think of one another. What will the lines starting from you be - straight or curved? Imagine that at the same time I was thinking of you, but simultaneously directing a thought up to some other creature there. What direction will my thought take then? Tell me how do you see the thought? First, in order to be able to think of any of you, I should have an idea of your figure and face. I should be able to build a miniature picture of you in my mind, to keep it there for some time, and then project my thought onto you. And vice versa: if you think of me, you should also try to build a miniature image of me in your mind, so that a kind of connection can be established between us. If this connection is established, the thought can be transferred. What is your idea of the thought – is it material or not? (-Material) If I have projected a thought to one of you, the rest can also receive it. Let us say that a hundred or two hundred people have taken position at various points, if I project my thought to just one of them, the rest will be able to perceive it if they are sensitive enough. What does it show? – That the thought moves along a wavy line. It follows a straight line when it gets across to you, expanding at the same time, due to which many can receive it. (-Is there a difference between those who receive it directly and those who catch it indirectly?)- Yes, there is – the first have it more intensely. In this case it can be presented in the following way: let us say that there are about a hundred people arranged along the line AD. The thought, however, is directed from C to B. The thought towards B will be very strong because it is central, while the one reaching the points A and D will be weaker. These points will represent the shores where the thought will polarise.




Fig. 3


You can carry out small experiments on receiving thoughts through telepathy. You need some experience in this. Those of you who are compatible in temper, heart and mind can send thoughts to each other and keep record of the results. Let us say that you want to send a thought to a friend at 9 o’clock in the evening. You should warn him to expect it between 8 and 10 in the evening so that he can focus on it, but you needn’t tell him the exact hour. In this way you will see whether he has perceived the thought. Have you had such experience? – You are sitting somewhere in your home and a thought springs to your mind. For instance, you have promised someone to visit him at 5 o’clock, but someone calls at your place, so you miss the appointment – you would by all means come to remember that at 5 o’clock you were supposed to see your friend. You check your watch and you see that you are late. This reminder of your promise is actually your friend’s thought projected to you – you take your hat and go out. You have had such cases, haven’t you?


The same could happen in some other respect: You lead a decent, religious life, but at a point you start doubting it and you say, “This life is not good enough. I need to live in a greater way.” So, you take the grand way. But shortly a thought about your former life occurs in your mind and you say, “No, I can’t live so.” How did such a thought occur? – From a friend who you live with, but stands higher and sees your position. He tells you, “You have taken the right way!” It might be a friend from the outer world, who has projected this thought onto you in order to suggest it to you – the law is the same.


Now while making these observations, you might notice the following phenomenon: as you will often think, you might see bright spots of light occurring on the left, then moving to the right and finally disappearing. When the points move from left to right, [A1] the thought projected on you is from ascending order – it is a useful thought; when the bright spot of light moves from left to right it is of descending order – it is either useless or dangerous.


Therefore, you should know that human thought is related to the live electricity in Life. When the thoughts are positive, they attract the living forces toward themselves. When the thoughts are negative these living forces are dispersed; they go away from the person, thus causing diseases. For example, if you have an adversary, who hates you, his thought towards you is so powerful that he can make you negative and you might fall ill. The law is as follows: If you fall ill, the illness can go back to him; there will be a reverse movement. However, you can send your positive thoughts, your warm feelings and wishes with absolute faith, without any doubt or hesitation, and the person will recover. So, in order to help someone recover, you should send some live electricity – he will perceive your thought and will feel better. In this respect good friends are a good protection for health, while bad friends always bring on diseases and sufferings.




Fig. 4


Assume that the line AB presents a plane through which thousands of people have passed. We can plant in this plane thousands of hawthorn seeds. Would you be able to pass through this place in a few years? – No, it would have become a thick hedge. Similarly, each good thought can fortify the weak spots in one’s personality. Good thoughts can be planted just as seeds can. Just as the apple or the pear can be planted and grow, so the good thought can grow and turn into a thick defence. Then again, it is not enough to think of something just once. Your thought has to be constant and focused on what you want to make come true. You will have to concentrate for a long time until your thought starts growing. This will inspire you to plant another, then another and another. That’s why you should all try to plant at least one good thought a day. When speaking of good thoughts, give me an example of a good thought that is likely to be fulfilled in your present state of mind. (-To acquire will, patience, punctuality.) Yes, but the will is powerful. It means a complex process. The will comprises a number of forces. The same refers to patience. Is one born patient? No, one is not born such. Patience comes later.


So, you should start with the small experiments. I would recommend that you start with the musical tones. Take the basic tone C and keep singing it until you are pleased with yourselves. Practise daily the tones C, E, G and C. From a purely musical point of view how many qualities are there in a tone (- pitch, timbre and volume). Each tone has to be pure and clear.


A task: I want all of you to learn the scale correctly – not as musicians, of course, but only to be able to sing it in tune. It will be a kind of exercise for you. Let us say that you sing G or A – I want to sing these at once[A2] . You might make a mistake, but it won’t matter because at this stage we ignore the mistakes. In this respect you cannot do without learning music; you cannot build up a character without it. Music is a powerful means for cultivating one’s character.


It softens the personality. Just as one cannot purify the blood without breathing, so one cannot clear his feelings. Proper breathing is necessary, and music fosters correct breathing.


Let us say that a singer wants to sing, but he is extremely ambitious – he believes that when he is on the stage, he should be showered with flowers. If one believes in this, he will spoil the matter. One should sing for oneself. Each of you should love music for its own sake. I am in favour of this – to sing for myself and to listen to myself. I will be both the singer and the audience - nothing is better than this. The same refers to speaking – you should be both the speaker and the listener. If someone speaking makes broad gestures, he does not speak to himself. He speaks to the audience. When I speak to myself I needn’t make any gestures; I should speak quietly. One who makes efforts to speak up speaks to the surroundings. He will not be understood, no matter how much he speaks. Do not think that if you speak quietly, the people outside will understand you.


Only someone who is able to understand himself can understand you. That is a law. Someone is speaking louder. - Why? – He wants to be understood. It is pointless. That is not the way you do it. First, you should see whether this person could speak and understand himself. If he can, then he will be able to understand you, too. Then you will say, “Here is a man with whom I can reach agreement.” Two people able to understand themselves are able to understand each other. This is the correct way to establish proper relationships of mutual understanding. If you cannot speak to yourselves, all your efforts will be in vain. You will have inner misunderstandings. Then you will apologise, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it.” What do you mean? If you sing a tone out of tune, I will take the fiddle – it will correct me. The fiddle is certainly a great master, so it will correct you. Good teachers of music do not take the trouble to explain much to their tutees. They just say, “Listen to the violin!” The violin speaks first and then the teacher sings. The same refers to Nature. At first Nature speaks to us through certain phenomena, its speech being the crude element. All phenomena occurring in Nature are its instruments through which it wants to correct us. And indeed, Nature always manages to correct us. Therefore, sufferings are nothing but the correction of our thoughts and feelings. Each thought or feeling in Nature is a harmonious force, which is active. If you do not think correctly, the Divine bow starts playing along the violin as many times as it takes for you to correct your mistake.


Next time I will test your singing. Some of you will feel too self-conscious and say, “But how are we going to sing?” I want you to sing to yourselves. If you sing to the others, I wouldn’t care. I will be pleased if you sing not for me, but for yourselves. I will ask you to sing individually, then in pairs, in groups of three, of four, etc. You have here an organ, a piano, some violins – you will sing, you will practise until each of you becomes confident enough to sing as well as possible. I do not want the impossible; we will relate this musical practice with other exercises.


Now you will say, “That is a piece of cake. I know what C, D, E is.” You do not know how to sing yet. I can sing a song in various ways. The best singing is when one forgets about everything else and is undisturbed. If an image or a face occurs in his mind, the harmony is disturbed. The so-called trills will appear. The first requirement for the tone is to be clear. Trills belong to the Occult music but they are perceived differently. Singers, who cannot sing clearly, make trills. In order to make beautiful trills one needs great artistry. Trills mean vibrations; it means that the voice shakes.


We could discuss the occult significance of the various tones some other time. We could discuss the colours they produce and the influence they exert. Each tone has its influence. Our speech alters daily – you never start with the same tone. Your speech has to be musical. If you do not speak musically, it is because you have deviated from the right path in your Life. I do not mean musical speech in its general sense. Under “musical” I mean the inner aspiration of the soul after what is elevated and lofty. From a phrenological point of view musicality has its own centre with the temples. This centre is better developed with some people, while with others it is underdeveloped and the temporal bone can be seen. The forehead is very well filled round the temples with good musicians. However, the musical aspiration exists as a potential with all people, and only the musical organs are developed to a different extent. When musicality is better connected with the motor system, people tend to play better than they sing. With others musicality is better connected with the larynx – they become better singers. There are such people whose musicality is related to their mind – they might become composers; they have the centre of construction well built as well. Therefore, one’s development depends on what the centre is connected with.


Now, you are going to study the influence of thoughts by carrying out a few experiments. Each projected thought goes out as a jet and moves across space in a wavy line. When the human thought is intense, it can form various beautiful shapes. You can judge your friend’s thoughts by the shape of these waves. It is possible because of the simultaneous projection of the waves to many people. That’s why you should send one another positive thoughts. It is not enough to wish somebody good; your thought has to be active, too.


Those of you who have the time could make the following experiment: plant some of the bulbous flowers – a tulip or a hyacinth - and watch their growth. Go to this flower every morning and project your thought onto it so that it can grow well – put your hands on top of it to project your thought. It would be even better if you planted the flowers in two pots. Put your hands only on top of one flowerpot and leave the other to develop naturally only by watering it. Then see which of the flowers will develop better. Let a few students from this class try this. You should spend a few minutes on the experiment every morning. This experiment will not engage your mind entirely – you will send a good thought to your flower and then you will forget about it. This small experiment will show you how powerful your thought can be.


You have to apply the Occult teaching in your life. You will face many difficulties but this will not stop you. The way you are gathered here - all of you with various tempers, not knowing how to treat one another, and unable to harmonise – you accumulate plenty of surplus energy, which you do not know how to release. American students, as well as those in Europe, (that is a common law) find some entertainment for their free time. For instance, freshmen and sophomores arrange boxing matches to see which grade will win the right to carry canes. Sometimes the sophomores get the upper hand and they say, “No freshman is allowed to carry a cane!” Sometimes just the opposite happens – the freshmen beat the sophomores and then they have the right to carry canes. If someone is caught breaking the rule, he is punished. Sometimes the teachers watch their boxing matches without telling them off – they know that steam should be let off. When one of the grades wins, the energy is assimilated throughout the whole school year. At the end of the first year, the new freshmen will experience boxing. Students can contend over a hat, a tie, a badge or whatever. This is not a ladies’ job. Only men do it. I have seen you boxing, too. I point this out as a fact, because I can see that you often have surplus energy. However, this energy should be used sensibly. If one does not know how to use it sensibly, Nature will take the surplus. Nature does not leave room for any surplus – then a disease will crop up. For example, someone has been eating all day. Nature will say, “Take this energy from him. He shouldn’t eat so much.” What happens? – He falls ill. There might be someone who will decide to waste the surplus energy by dissipating, squandering money. Then Nature will say, “This man does not need so much money. Take the money from him,” Nature likes accuracy. You must use today what Nature has given you. It does not tolerate surplus or deficiency. Everything should be in harmony. When you finish your job, it tells you, “Have a rest now. You needn’t think about tomorrow. Tomorrow will take care of you.”


Now you will have to cope with the surplus energy that has started accumulating in you. Some have surplus in one respect and deficiency in another. For instance, some accumulate surplus in the centre of fear – wherever they go, they are afraid – the accumulated energy bothers them. Then you should carry out the following experiment: Let one who is not afraid place his hand on the centre of fear and the fear will disappear. This can be done either by the most courageous person or by the most cowardly one. Anger is also an accumulation of surplus energy. Its centre is behind the ears. Similarly, one who is most relaxed can put his hand on this spot and the anger will disappear. If this energy is not removed from the person, the muscles will start contracting. Five or ten minutes later when the anger is gone, one will say, “Excuse me, I was not in the right frame of mind. I was too nervous.” This is a very simple matter. There is some extra energy in you, which you have to get rid of. When anger comes, you should either start digging or writing. There should be a workshop with hammers and other tools, so that you should have a place where to get rid of the surplus energy. One will grab the hammer, another the plane, yet another the quill, thus everybody will be in harmony. Whereas now, you do not have anything to do, so the surplus energy might cause certain explosions. We are going to set up a workshop for transforming the surplus energy. I think the wheel will run smoothly then – anybody with surplus energy will be working an hour daily. How many are you in this class? – (Eighty). It makes eighty hours’ work, and if each hour is paid ten levs, that will make eight hundred levs a day. That is a handsome sum of money.


Now I am going to apply this method, but before that you need to be stable, as certain explosions occur when forces undergo changes. Anybody who does not observe the rules can trigger an explosion. If you are not careful, you might ignite the energy accumulated in somebody else only with a casual glance. Sometimes a glance acts as a lighter. The other person will ask, “Why are you looking at me?” – It means that the lighter is activated. Do not think that people who are not familiar with the Occult teaching do not observe you. As soon as they find your weak spot, they rush to find their box of matches – you are immediately set on fire and then they say, “This school has made him take leave of his senses.” The disciple has to be like Socrates – to keep his temper no matter what the lighter is. One only has to smile and say, “Tell me another!” – “You have a screw loose!” – “Tell me another!” – In this way you neutralise his thought. Newspapermen in the modern world understand this law and as true firebrands instigate people. They use both chemical and physical wicks. I know that they are clever, learned people, only that they studied years ago.


In positive science everybody is expected to use the surplus energy properly. There is a natural way to transform the energy. Then you should take seats here in accordance with this law. We are going to carry out one, two, three and more experiments to see the results.


Which are the basic points in this lecture? As it is of practical application, you have to infer the basic points for next time. That is necessary, since we cannot go further without having the first results of the experiments. They are very small experiments, which you can make in between your other tasks. They can be regarded as a pleasant activity.


We are going to discuss numbers in some other lecture. For instance, if you have the numbers 2 + 1 = 3 and 3 + 1 = 4, etc. Will the result be the same by adding 1 to the numbers 2 and 3? (No, the results will be different). The same refers to living Nature: the living unit acting under the conditions 2 and under the conditions 3 gives different results. How can you explain that 2 + 1 = 3? The unit stands for the soil, 2 is the seed growing, 3 is the fruit of the seed. Therefore, in living math the unit stands for the conditions and the forces in the soil. Besides, it can mathematically be estimated what result these forces can produce. This is just one possible explanation. There is another: for instance, the unit stands for the acid, 2 is for the base, and 3 is for the salt. The salt is the final fruit. When dealing with living math we should be aware of the significance of numbers – what they suggest or symbolise.


The God of Love is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living.




 [A1]One of these should read [right to left]

 [A2][i want you to sing these at once]

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