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1944_11_10 Unique Things


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Note 1


Unique Things



XIX lecture from the youth class


10th November, 1944, Friday, 5:00 h. a.m., Sunrise – Sofia


The Lord’s Prayer.


He read the resume of the last lecture.


Read five pages from the lecture “Right relations” from the book „Path to Life” (A brother read the five pages)


Imagine that a man makes a garden near a mountain peak, where there us plenty of water. Another one makes a garden in the desert where there is no water. Will both gardeners be happy? Who of them will be favoured? The one in the mountain where there is water. Or who is in the desert? Imagine that the gardener in the desert says: God has placed him there. Is it God that has [placed him there, or he has placed himself alone?


Sometimes bad things in the world are dressed better, and the good things are dressed worse. As a result of this people make mistakes. To make a crime – you will be paid a big salary. To kill a man, you will receive quite a lot of money in the particular case. Sometimes the state values the heads at a high price. Now, imagine that you buy a pig; imagine that you give one thousand levs. Now the pigs are more expensive. In the past they cost one thousand levs. Imagine that this pig is yours. How many years can the pig live with you? You wonder why you need this pig. You have a thought, which is in deed a pig that only roots about, prods you and makes you uneasy. You are busy with this, you go from neighbour to neighbour to see what this pig is doing. It can be a wish. This wish roots about everywhere. Your neighbours will start complaining about it. You go in a house next door, the pig has rummaged everywhere around. Why do you give it freedom? Wherever you go, you take the pig with you. Leave it there to root about. You say, “Let the people clatter, leave the pig root about.”


For example, sometimes someone of you may wish to see how rich somebody is. You may wish to see his case, to open it for you to see the money, the gold. He is a rather good man – he opens the case and shows it to you with the arranged money inside. Having seen the case what else would come to your mind? A number of temptations will come. First, you will tell him “How lucky you are! How much money you have had in this case.” First of all, this money is not blessed. It all has criminal names. He has earned it by selling animals, by selling fruits, by selling hides. He has betrayed somebody for a certain sum of money. Now you think he is lucky. The money that has been earned by sacrificing a life should not be considered lucky. In the contemporary life the money that people have are smirched. Therefore, in order to clean that money, the Providence has hidden it in the case. It has put there paper money. Paper money is cleaner. Now you are solving the question, saying, “I want to have money. The first thing is to have money. When you have money, everything is possible. When you have no money, nothing is possible.” You cannot do without money, because if money was not useful the nature would not create it. Nature created money and put it as a value in life. A man does not like working, you will overload him a little with some money. Just stick a golden coin on the blind eyes, he will work. If he is a musician, he will play. If he is a singer, he will sing. If it is for something else, put money and he will immediately do it. When you show the gold, in this respect the gold does a good job. The gold is a stimulus. Sometimes I say that it is possible without money. There is a way of payment that is more precious than gold. A sweet word is worth more than an English pound in coins. What do you think, if a king gives a golden coin or says a good word, which is worth more in this case – the coin that he has given, or the word he has said? The king’s word is worth more. Let’s say that the king has said a young man to study in all universities free, to study in all universities for nothing. How many words are these? – Five words. If he gives you five golden coins, or five golden words, which is better. Note a singer, who has a rather good voice, an excellent voice; he makes friends and starts drinking cognac, absinth, then anisette. You see his voice has spoiled. He says, “I have caught a cold” But when a man drinks Rakia, he often catches a cold. The Rakia chills the man, it takes more energy. I ask this singer why he drinks Rakia, what has made him drink Rakia. I will explain to you an analogy. Always when a man has eaten many sweet things, he has the desire to eat something sore. The sweet breeds in him a mood for sore. The final taste of sweetness breeds a desire for something sore. And the final sore taste breeds desire for sweetness. If on earth you have been gentle for a long time and you give way to this person, or another, finally a desire appears in you to beat somebody, a desire to show that you are not so gentle, that giving way is not the only way. Why is it so? I don’t know. You can find a philosopher to solve it. Nobody has solved the question up to now. Always you are a victim of such desires. Sometimes you want to be very good. You are doing very well, but you slip. Sometimes you are doing badly, very badly and you come to the utmost limit and you want to be good. Therefore, in both cases it can be changed. The good one must take care not to slip. What should the bad one beware of? The bad person is like a rich man who has spent all his wealth for drinks and now he has two levs, saying “There is nothing left than to buy a Gospel. I have no more money left, I will buy a Gospel to see what is written inside; I have not read it.” He buys the Gospel with the two levs. When he started reading it, he saw that there was a reason to read it. From that moment on another desire arose in him: he was sorry that he had spent all his money. But it was very good that he had spent everything and he had only these two levs and the good desire to go in the right way came to him. It is not bad sometimes a man to spend all his money, to have only two levs, to buy the Gospel and to go in the right way.


Now you cannot explain why it is so. Take for example the strong man, who has strength, he has beaten that man or another. One day he has his ankle wrenched or his arm sprained and he sits down on the road. Then a different thought comes to his mind. He starts begging someone to do him a favour and set his leg.


So I say, “When a man losses the relations of the right way of living in his life, a desire is born in him to have conscience. When a man has his ankle wrenched, he becomes good; when a man sprains his arm, he becomes good. When a man sprains his mind, he becomes good. There are sprained minds. There are rich people that sprain their minds when they become rich; they acquire dignity that a man should live well. They do not pay attention to the people. When they lose their money and get down to people, they start again their old life. Much of the contemporary knowledge that we have will cost nothing to us. What we study at university is like a piece of clothe that we are wearing now. When it becomes old, it is worn out, they will take it out, but it is worth nothing. We will try to make a new piece of clothing. If now you are a revered biologist and you come to earth after one hundred years, what biology you will teach the people. Even the children will know what you have taught. Or if you have been an astronomic, in one hundred years people will laugh at your present astronomy. We say, “We must be erudite.” There is one doctrine in nature. There was an ignorant saint, who didn’t know many things; an ignorant saint who did not know much, he knew only two things, to squeeze the stone. All other saints squabbled. He said that he did not know this philosophy but he knew two things. He took a stone and when he squeezed it, fire went out from above, and water ran from below. He said, “This is what I can do”. You can always make fire and you can always make water when you squeeze it. I say, “It’s better when a man squeezes the stone, fire and water to come out of it.”


So that is what I say. Application is necessary. The stone is the man to be able to squeeze his nature and take out water. If he squeezes his nature, to take out fire. I will give you an example. A poor man, a rich man who has become poor, was passing by and a poor child begged at him. He said, “You should have come when I was rich. Now I have become poor and I have not a coin in my pocket. But as I look at you, you will become a clever boy, you will become an erudite, you will have luck in life, you will become a great man.” Is that so? He said this to the boy and took his name. Some years after this little boy met the poor rich man and said, “For the words that you told me then I will chase away your poverty. You had no money to give me, but you gave me an impulse. What you had said, it happened so. I will pay back to you for these nice words.” Sometimes you say, “I have no money”. You think that a man can pay back with money. If people would pay back only with words, what they have said to happen. Every word that is said in the right time, comes true [happens]. You say some where, “I will never make good.” And you will not make good. Whatever you say, it happens. If you say somewhere “I will make good” and it happens. Whatever you say, it comes true. You say that your will would increase, it comes true. You say that it will not increase, it happens again. Whatever you say, it comes true. Be careful about the words that you say, what they are meant for. There are words that make good. There are words that make evil. Do you know how many words are necessary to mend [correct] a good word? Have you ever tried? How many words do you need to mend a bad word? For example, imagine that you tell somebody “You are a toady.” How many words do you need to mend the word “toady”? It is not a very bad word. A toady, coated with cow’s butter. A toady, covered with butter, peering everywhere to see what is there to eat, to drink. By a toad we understand a rather clever man. You say “Toady Gana”. It is psychologically softer. The toady is in a descending line. If you call somebody a toady, this is a big insult. Toady Gana is famous Gana. How does toady Gana differ? How does famous Gana differ?


Once in Varna I listened to two Gagaouz women (Turkish-speaking Christians of the Varna district), who were quarreling. They were neighbours, they quarreled and one of them held a speech for two hours. She showed out all stories as a lawyer. I said “Bravo!” She must have become a minister, to hold speeches, a famous voice. She spoke for two hours; the other woman only listened and could not open her mouth. She was holding her proposition. It is not bad for a man to hold a proposition. What is up? A prosecutor’s charge? When the prosecutor stands up, he will hold a prosecutor’s charge. And the woman, as a prosecutor, exposes all gathered facts. The other woman stays silent. After the first woman finished with her speech, she asked: “Can you say anything against this?” The second lady remained silent. She could not speak eloquently. She knew that if she opened her mouth, another two hours of speeches would follow. I have met only one Gagaouz woman to speak in that way; I have not seen a Bulgarian woman to speak like that.


Come here to read again five pages from the same volume form the lecture “Reasonable changes” (The brother read five pages.)


You have the numbers 1, 2 and you have 12. Why do you call this number happy? It is happy because it contains the number 1. One shows the border of numbers. The number 12 is a field. The number two shows the plane. The plane is fertile; whatever you sow, it grows out. In a particular case a man can be either a border or a plane. It cannot be a plane and someone to sow over it. In what respect can the plane be useful for you? The man on the plane has more fields. The man on the number one has only borders. Rich people are number two. The number two is a great brawler. There is no better number and there is no worse number than the number two. Always quarrels arise between two people. When two people are quarreling, who is making peace between them? Number three – it is a peace maker. Everywhere the number three makes peace. No one else can reconcile you than the number three. Take your hands and legs. There are two triangles in the legs. When the number three is up, it makes the legs walk. If you omit the number three, then you omit walking at once. Sometimes a man is in two minds. Sometimes a man has an excellent thought. He has the number three. When the thought is split, it loses its power. You all know that when your mind is split and you start choosing between two things, what do you do? You become weak, you start hesitating. Well, you are given two pitchers to go for water. Imagine now that you are a man who has graduated university; you have graduated two faculties, but you have no luck. Wherever you go, nobody wants you. There is a man who gives you two pitchers and tells you to go and fill them with water. What would you do if you are in that situation? You would say, “Am I in such a bad situation?” you have graduated two faculties and now you have to fill two pitchers. It is namely because you have graduated two facilities you have not drunk water, absinthe; you have drunk cognac; now you are sent with the pitchers for water to drink from the Divine spring, to make good. This is the explanation. You will go to fill up the two pitchers with the Divine wine, to drink from the others there. I say, many of you suffer because you do not have two pitchers. You have no water. A man has two pitchers: one is the head, the other – the heart. They must be full. The head must be full and the heart must be full with something. A man can use his pitchers for himself. If there is time, he can use the others, too.


So, I say: in the contemporary world you all think that you are poor people, you have not much gifted. You are not gifted because your pitchers are empty. Go and fill your pitchers, and everything will have a run of luck. Now there are no arguments, there is no way to prove it. The strong man always proves, the weak man always accepts. What would the weak say? He cannot deny. The strong proves. How does he prove? The strong always proves in the world. He says, “You will do this, there is no other way to live.” The weak would accept this. Now is it bad? It is not bad. When you are weak, it is manifested in the same way. When the strong becomes weak, he accepts things, too. He says, “What’s the point in?” If the strong becomes weak, he accepts the things; if the weak becomes strong, he imposes the things. Which is better now: to impose or to accept. Both are necessary, but they cannot do without one another. In a certain case if you are not weak to accept an idea and in a certain case if you are not strong to impose an idea, you cannot understand life. The first thing: God has made people weak to accept ideas. Then He has made them strong to apply [use] the ideas. You will perceive an idea in you and you will apply it in you. This big discrepancy exists in the world. You say, “Why are we weak?” To take in an idea in you. Why do you become strong? To use [apply] it. Weakness is needed to perceive ideas, and strength is needed to apply the ideas. The weak man is pliable, he bends. He is a valley, he is a field. The strong man is e mountain peak up.


Now you should not think that what exists in nature is needless. Do not solve the discrepancies that exist in nature; do not consider them needless. Everything that is allowed is in its place. We, who do not understand, think that things are useless. Everything that nature has allowed, it is in place. Nature has never allowed things that are useless. Everything, no matter how bad it is, is in place. You should consider everything that happens to you in life for something good. Be happy. Remember one thing: things never repeat [happen] twice. You are afraid of repeating. In nature there is no repetition. Everything can happen to you just once. You can eat something sweet once. If you eat it for a second time, it will be in a different way. All sweet dishes do not have the same value. You should not be afraid of what you are afraid. You are afraid that sufferings can repeat. Things never repeat. Valuable are those things that happen once in life. What has happened in life once is valuable. What you consider a repetition, it is of the other people. If a person has your experience, it is not a repetition of things. Sometimes you are deluded. You are afraid that you might become poor. You cannot become poor twice; you can get poor only once. You cannot be young twice and you cannot be old twice. You can be young only once and you can be old only once. Only once you can be erudite. Only once you can be good. This is a law. Now you are afraid that poverty will come. You will be poor once. Even if you want, poverty will not come for a second time. Wealth can come just once. It will not come again, even if you want. Now you do not agree with these things. You can try them. I explain this to you and it is indifferent if you agree. For me it is important whether the existing things exist in nature or not. If it exists in nature, I do not start and argument. There are things that are not in nature. They are not real. I am talking about real things that are in nature.


Imagine that you have graduated two faculties and you become a servant somewhere. Won’t the people be satisfied with you? Let’s assume that contemporarily you can play, paint, you have knowledge of curing, of the doctor’s profession. When you become an ordinary servant, you start playing. Your masters wonder, saying “I have a servant, who can play, cure, paint. If the world was full of such servants, would it be so bad?” Now the world is full of servants, who are ignorant, they cannot play, they cannot paint, they cannot cure. For the future candidates for servants will be musicians, artists; candidates for servants will be doctors – three categories. The contemporary, who are not musicians are candidates for masters. Those who have no knowledge about life, they are candidates too. They will be those to serve to. They will be the material that you will use. They will say, “God did well by sending these good servants to us. Otherwise we would be lost.” They will elevate. There will be great love between the future servants and the future masters. Now you will chose what you would like to be, masters or servants. Because if you are an ignoramus, you will be a master, you will need a clever servant. If you are very skillful, you will be a servant, you need an ignorant master, you do not need a clever master. Take a modern fiddle that is silent. When a fiddler takes it, something nice comes out; if some ignoramus takes it, he cannot play anything. I say, “The good fiddle is understood only by the master; only the master understands life. For the future you must understand life. All people are created like instruments. You must use these Divine instruments. Now it is waste of time to think in the old way. Things do not repeat. Now for the new times that are coming for you, it will not be repeated, it will come just once. You have to know it will not happen twice, just once. Now I cannot encourage you; what is lost is already gone. Once profit and once loss. It is a law that comes periodically. It can come after some time, but in the particular case, in the particular system that the world has now, things will happen once. Therefore people must be ready, and accept well every thing that happens. Since goods and poverty will come just once, we should accept them in the Divine way. Wealth will come once, learning and ignorance will come once. The word ‘ignorance’ is not such a bad word. The ignorant man is weak; he has no load on his back. The erudite is loaded with a big rucksack. The rich man has a big rucksack; the poor man has no rucksack. Some people are discontented, saying “It’s better if there is a rucksack. Without a rucksack it is difficult.” The rucksack serves for a balance. The weights in life are put. Not to be afraid of poverty. It will not come for a second time. If you are poor, it will not come for a second time, even if you want. If you are rich, wealth will not come for a second time. Even if you want it, it runs away. When will you go to study at university, when you become 120 years old? Who has ever become younger? They say that people get younger. People who are not in one and the same system get younger. I at least have never met who had become younger. I have not met somebody, who has grown old twice. I have also not met a person, who has become younger twice. I have heard that there were such people, but I have not seen people who have become younger. In my mind I understand the young, who bears only seeds. God has given him different seeds. When he comes, he looks through the seeds. The old one is a gardener, who has sown the seeds; they have come out, they will grow and there will be fruit. The young bears the seeds, he cannot eat. He cannot eat apple fruits, because he does not have any. The old man has become rich, he has the chance to eat. But it happens so that the old man has his teeth fallen off; he has fruits but he cannot eat them. The young bears apple seeds, the old man calls the young man to him and says, “You give me the seeds, and I will give you the fruits; they will be tasty for you. When I get younger, you will give me the fruits.” The old man must bring the seeds, and come to the condition of the young to eat from the fruits. This is a law that people do not understand and find out that big discrepancies exist in life.


You should apply little, not many things, but you should apply [use] them. If a man applied one word every day, do you know how much he would do? Many of you say that you have no work. Find some work to do. If I were in your place, I would plant 360 fruit trees for a year. If I have no work, I would plant trees. Now you can find and sow. Somebody says, “This place is not mine.” The Earth is a garden for you. Namely on earth you all have the conditions to sow whatever you want, a seed per day.


If I make somebody sing a song, who is the best singer to sing it? To sing without trembling of his voice. To sing like the song “Kind flower, red flower”. You can sing in this way just once, a second time it is not possible. It cannot happen in another lecture. Now some of you would say, “We will sing internally”. Good, it is not bad. Others would say, “We are not ready”. It is good, too; it is not bad. You have not prepared, you have no time, you cannot prepare a second time. I want from you a song that even almost all children can sing. Which is the easiest song? In English it is “Yankee, do, do”, in Bulgarian is there an easier song than “Kind flower, red flower”? It is a modern song. There is the song “Walk, walk”. Who is walking? The morning dew. Have you seen the morning dew walking? I have not seen it till now, although there is a song about it. I am interested to see it. It hides a lot, it is very musical. May be it walks while I sleep. When I wake up, it has already brought its water. So, you would not sing for free. (A sister stood up and sang “Walk, walk”) It is not so difficult. Now, this sister sang the song soprano; who will sing it tenor? (A brother sang it). Good. (Another brother sang it.) You must be calm. You all have a lot of energy. (The Master sings quietly and calmly) Now let’s all of us sing “Walk, walk”. (We all sang the song.)


You must have a stimulus for singing. A man must take into consideration an advantage when singing. There is a big obstacle in singing, there is a big obstacle in playing. There is a competition everywhere in nature. Sometimes you must gather to sing with love. The stimulating reason must be love. Love must be a stimulus. When you feel like singing, sing; do not sing when there are no conditions. If you have the least stimulus, sing; sing quietly. In this way your voices will develop very well. You must keep the rhythm of the songs. (The Master played the song “Walk, walk” with the fiddle), I will play, you listen. (The Master played “Grieves, sorrows”) The grieved walks fast. He has lost his money, he is walking fast. If he sings slowly, his loss is not big. (The Master plays “Shines, shines”, “It’s time to go”, and we sing.)


Gods Love brings the profound full life. (Three times.)





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