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1940_07_24 The Laws of the Parts and the Whole


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The Laws of the Parts and the Whole.


In the scriptures it has been said that truth will set you free. At the present time all people want to be free but they do not know how to obtain their freedom. They say that they are free to think how and what they wish. They are on the wrong path. Kan is not free to think the way he wants, neither is he free to do what he wants. Man must think right. If he does what he wants and whatever occurs to him he will then be punished in the least desirable way. Someone thinks that he is free to cut the forests, but at the end he pays a high price for his wrong idea about freedom, Man has the right to use the dry trees but not the living ones. You may say that living on earth gives man the right to log the woods, to catch fish, to grind the wheat, to make wine, in order to provide for his living. Man has the right to do everything in order to provide for his living, but look at the life of the miller, the fisherman or the winemaker and see which one of them has finished his life well. - Is not man free to choose an occupation which he likes? - Man is free to work as he wants, but at the end he will bear the consequences of his choice.


Who is truly free? A free man is he who does not become soiled when soiled. No matter how much soil is thrown on him he never looses his equilibrium. When he does not lose his balance the soil is cleansed by itself. A free man is he whom no fire can burn. If he is not free the smallest fire will burn him. Modern men are influenced by their passions, vices, misconceptions, wrong thoughts and still consider themselves to be free. No, I speak of a fire. As long as he does not pass through this fire and does not get purified man can not be free. The little child in its swaddling clothes is not free. As soon as it is able to step on its feet it becomes free, it can move where it wants. When he becomes old, again, man loses his freedom. Be wants to move by himself but he cannot: he tries to get up but cannot keep balance and falls to one side or the other. It is not horrifying when the feet of man can not hold him, and make him fall on one side or the other. It is horrifying when roan loses his mental freedom and starts to fall on one side or the other. There is nothing as dangerous for man as to lose the freedom of his thought and to succumb to a foreign thought. Often you hear someone say that he has a headache, or pain in his stomach or kidneys. This is not his own condition. He has perceived the pains of some people that are complaining of these pains. In general man perceives the good and the evil equally, because they are equally strong. They are cosmic powers which work in the whole of creation. Many people mix up the concept of the evil with sin. These are two different powers. Sometimes sin succeeds in bribing the evil in order to manifest its power. But the good can never be bribed. There is no power in the world which could bribe the good.


Modern man complains of sufferings and hardships which make them unhappy. Why are they unhappy? Because they have misplaced things. They have put man higher than God and have placed in him their love. How is it possible to love more him who has given nothing to you than Him who has provided you with everything? Love your father and mother, brothers and sisters, your friends, all people, but above all these place your love for God. Whatever sacrifices people may have made for you, no one has made that which God has made.


In the scriptures, it is said: "God Loved the world so much that He sacrificed his only beloved Son, so no one may parish who believed in Him." He who loves more the world will taste the effects of this love. If you love God less than you love people, your sons, too, will love you less. If one loves his wife more than he loves God will taste the effects of this love in not too long a time. No one can love his neighbor more than God. - Why? - Because this love will bring disappointments. To come to love God this is an assignment that is given to the whole of humanity. If people suffer today this is the result of their disobedience. The source of disobedience is due to the lack of love in the human heart. People are discontented with each other because of lack of love. Everyone expects a sacrifice from the others but does not get it. Only love sacrifices. Man makes sacrifices because of fear and this is not true sacrifice. The sacrifice must be rational. If it is not rational it cannot give good results. Love, too, must be rational. If it is not rational as a result instead of bringing the good it causes evil. What did Jacob achieve with his love for Joseph? He caused jealousy among his other sons and for this reason they sold Joseph.


As disciples you must be aware not to make the same mistake which Jacob made by showing your weakness for Joseph. Everyone has a Joseph in himself whom be loves more than his other sons. Jacob loved Joseph more than his other sons and for this reason he did not send him to work. When the sons were going to work Joseph stayed with his father. For this privilege his brothers sold him to the rich merchants who were on their way to Egypt. There he had to stay m prison. Then he was tempted by a woman. Joseph passed through difficult trials which he passed well. The world through which a man passes is nothing but a beautiful and lusty woman. Everyone who sees her falls in love with her and wants to indulge with her. Everyone is free to indulge in the world but will taste the effects of this life. It is said about man that he has come to love worldly glory more than diving Satan glory enslaves man and divine — frees him.


Many people say that they are free, that they can do what they want. They do not speak the truth. - Why? - Because freedom is accessible to all living beings. Since this is so with what right are you depriving the grass, the flowers, the plants, and the animals of their freedom? You may say that man as an advanced being has the privilege to exploit the plants and animals. If the stone is responsible while falling on somebody for hurting him, how much greater is man's responsibility for the unhappiness he causes to the creatures beneath him. It is not enough for the stone to excuse himself for the harm which he has caused but he must be alert and wait in his place until the man has passed on his way.


Love is able to solve all the problems. Therefore, if you want to be free practice love. When one subordinates himself because of love he is always free. If you do something do it with Love. Only this way you will be free. The freedom of man depends upon his right thought, and the right thought - upon love. He who loves thinks correctly.


How is a loving man tried? Through trials and sufferings. Love is tried through life. In this respect life is a great school. Peter, one of Christ's disciples was saying to his master: If all should deny you, I will never do so. Not too long a time went by and he was put on trial. For no reason he denied Christ three times. In this way Christ’s words, "Before the cock crows you will nave disowned me three times." What do we see in Christ's character? Great endurance and patience. He passed three kinds of trials: in the mental, spiritual, and physical worlds. It is not easy for man to be the object to the scourching of a regiment of soldiers. A whole they mocked with Christ until finally they put him through crucifixion - the last suffering. After that Christ rose. Christ had a strong character and because of that he could endure all the trials.


Where is the Roman Empire today? "Where is Christ today? Nothing has remained of the Roman Empire but of Christ remained something that will live forever. The cross upon which Christ was crucified became more prominent than the whole Roman Empire, Today all people wear a cross on their chest as a symbol of courage and fearlessness. With this they want to point out that they are following the example of Christ. The Romans considered the cross shameful but today it has become a symbol of courage and nobility.


Modern religious people aim for Christ. They want to follow his path. In order to follow Christ you must pass through his trials. Many trials have been prepared for modern mankind and it must pass them. If it endures, its conditions will improve. Today all people pass through their negative karma. In the future they will pass through positive, through favorable conditions of life, called dekarma. Present life is a life of the evil and of trials; the future is a life of the good and of love.


The world is full of goods that are provided by God. In order to be able to profit from these goods man must have open eyes. This year (1940) you have favorable conditions to profit from the Great Divine blessings. In order not to loose these conditions you must try to avoid using the service of someone else’s horses. Every man has his own horse on which he can depend. Therefore, if you climb or descend the mountain depend on yourselves. The horse represents man's mind. Depend upon your own and not upon someone else's mind. When listening to his own mind man comes to the conclusion that that which he himself can do is better than that which others can do for him.


Let's return to the question of freedom. When is a, man free? - When he serves God, this means when he serves the whole. As long as a man works in the name of God, all are content. As soon as he does something for one part, immediately there starts competition between the parts. Where there exists competition love is not present. Where love is absent obstructions appear. -What shall we do to free ourselves? - Give way to God's love in yourselves. When God's love embraces the human soul his love passes into a higher degree: from human it becomes divine love. God's love makes a man strong. It gives him the ability to cope with his old habits and to correct all his mistakes. Without this love he will be like a smoker or an alcoholic who wants to rid himself of his weakness but cannot. He who can cope with his weaknesses is a strong man; he who cannot cope with his faults is a weak man. As we divide people into strong ones and weaklings the same way we distinguish in man two natures: divine - strong, and human – weak. The divine nature of man has wings, does not need a horse or a car. The human nature is weak and for this reason seeks for some means of transportation, it seeks external help.


Therefore, depend upon the divine nature in yourselves and not upon the human which seeks external assistance. Divine Providence exists for all souls. As long as there are living people in the world in whatever difficulty you may find yourselves there will be a man who will help you. Is there a need for fear of life? Every man is ready to give assistance to the divine. Not only man but the animals, too, are ready to give assistance to the divine.


One time during the past years of war I needed to pass through town late at night. No one was permitted to move in town without an identification card. All alone I left the house of the general where I was visiting. I wanted to go come alone. Yet I do not know where from a big dog came out and started to follow me. When I was approaching some guard on the street I greeted him and the dog started circling around the guard. The guards answered politely my greeting and thought that I am official inspector. This way I passed all the posts where there were guards without being asked even one time for my identification. The dog followed me all the way home where I fed him well and let him go. He never appeared again. This way the dog rendered me a service and there was no need for someone to escort me.


When you realize that, do not hesitate to render a service to the divine. Do not think that you are feeble or poor and not able to do something for the Great in the world. In respect to the Great the poor and the feeble can equally render service. What is the difference between the rich and the poor? The rich is a ripe fruit and the poor - a seed that has just been put in the soil. When the seed germinates and starts to grow it already is able to do some service. Even while in the ground it still, does some work. You may say that when you set your affairs in good order than you will serve God. Start working this moment independently from the state of your affairs. This is not of importance. You must not waste time. Plant the seed and do not worry. From that seed will grow a big tree that will bare a lot of fruit. - We lack the proper conditions for work. - Conditions for work always exist. Important is the desire in you to work. There are always favorable conditions for the receiving of divine love but it is up to you to place yourselves in a state of receiving. As soon as you tune yourselves you will receive love such as it comes from God. All depends upon the consciousness of man. Everyone receives love according to the degree of his consciousness.


Now let the basic idea, remain with you: love the Whole and live for it. As long as you love the Whole you will love its parts also.


A Talk of the Master Beinsa Douno on the peak of Mussala, Rila, July 24, 1940.


From the volume “The Divine and the Human World”


The Laws of the Parts and the Whole

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