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1925_11_29 For He knew


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Note 1


For He Knew


"Lifting up his eyes, then, and seeing that a Multitude was coming to him,

Jesus said to Philip, "How are we to buy bread,

so that these people nay eat?"

This he said to test his, for he himself knew what he would do."


St. John 6:5-6


All beings from the smallest to the largest, know in general what to do. In this respect the smaller ones even surpass the larger ones, because they know better than them to do their work.


It has been said that Christ wanted to test his disciples to see if they knew what to do. There is a great law in natures: she likes to tests all beings in order to see if they know what to do. In respect to people, however, there exists a specific situation which creates for them confusion. This is the bad habit. From the bad habit is generated laziness and laziness impedes every culture. Laziness is an attribute only of darkness, of rest. All modern men in general are possessed by laziness and are aspiring toward laziness and for this reason this culture will perish. Whomever you ask will always say that he wants to have security. Why? Because he wants to become lazy, not to have to work. This is noticeable among doctors, artists. merchants, etc. Some doctors after having worked for a few years and gained a good number of customers, slacken off. The artist after having painted 5-6 pictures says: a man must not work. Why? - Because he must not exhaust himself. What can exhaust a man who sits with a brush in his hands and paints. The housewife, also, says: one must not work too hard in the household because one can sprain some ligaments. Others say: one must not go for walks because one may get injured and loose one's life. All aim for the eternal life and say: Happy are those that are resting in God's arms. They envy the dead because they are able to see God.


Once we have mastered the law of leisure, we know it. It is nothing new. All animals also make effort to insure themselves.


I will cite two examples from the Russian life, from the lives of two professors, prominent personalities - prof. Velmirov and prof. Pastovski. These are their pseudonyms, so that I do not need to mention their true names. Both of them are famous Russian biologists and chemists, both have written important works. After ten years of hard work the uncle of prof. Pastovski died and left him great wealth. Immediately he gave up his work in research saying that it is senseless for a man to occupy himself with biological sciences and chemistry. Why did these sciences become senseless? Because of these millions of rubles. Professor Velmirov inherited an even greater wealth yet he continued in his work. I ask now: why did the first one give up his research and the second did not? I knew of another example which is from the American life. One American inherited 15 million leva in gold but shared it with the poor people and he himself remained a street sweeper as he was before to inherit this wealth. This man can be taken as an example for a man with character.


From this state, from this tendency for repose, for laziness, comes forth death. Here is born death, because of lack of the necessary conditions for life. If the conditions for life existed in the state of rest the world would not have been created. Therefore every universe after having been for billions of years in a state of rest finally emerges from this state and in this way life comes forth from out of the state of laziness. This is an explanation given in the human language. What can one achieve from a life of laziness. Some people have the opinion that one needs to sleep more. What can one gain from too much sleep? It is true that a man needs to sleep but what are the achievements of sleep? - It is a rest, people say. Man must eat. Well, what is achieved with eating? Everything must make sense. True knowledge is to be found in a completely different direction — in the knowledge of how to serve. To serve what? - Truth. I will use the words "serve truth." Someone will say: We know what truth is. I trust that at some time you knew what truth is but you have forgotten it and now you do not know what truth is. You do not know even how to pronounce this word. For thousands of years the word "love" has been used, but who is it who can pronounce this word in its own language? Because every nation, every thinker, every man of genius who creates a word has possessed the key to this word. Tell me what is the key to the word "love"? Take out the Sol key from a musical piece and then see how the violinist will play it. After that take the time measures out also and leave only the music. What will be the result of playing this musical piece? Modern men speak without the keys and the bars. It has been said about someone: what a great musician this man is, or what a great philosopher this man is. He speaks on philosophic matters so learnedly. Yes, he speaks philosophical natters that lack the keys and measures. They lack completely the key and definite measure.


Someone says: do you know what 'love' is? I say: love is something made of potatoes. He says: love brings life. This is right but let him explain how life reveals itself? - In life there is movement. It is true that movement is one of the attributes of life. This will say that the transport of matter occurs but in life there is something else that is essential. The most essential element in life is rationality, is light. From this point of view, in the universe there exists absolutely no movement. This may disturb you a little. You will say: what, no movement in the universe? - There exists in the universe only a slight stirring. Every particle moves in its place. It vibrates but goes nowhere. For example no particles come from the sun. Each particle of the sun vibrates in its place and people call this movement. You may reply: Didn't I come here from my home, didn't I go from one place to another. These are philosophical statements which must be proven. Can they be understood? In this thought there is an extreme controversy. At first the conflict is great. You say: I move and he wants to prove that there is no movement. Assume now that our universe, as big as it is, has a radius in the form of a straight line which moves. Imagine that this line is made of matter and is several trillion of kilometers long and on it are arranged living beings. Let's assume that you turn this line with such a speed that in twenty-four hours it turns once around the whole universe. Can you calculate the extreme point of this movement? When the whole line, the whole radius makes one great rotation, the point in which the radius leans will have not moved at all, it will only vibrate in one place. If this is only a projection of your mind, then we only think that there exists movement. Fox example at night when you sleep you climb mountains, hike through woods, visit your friends, but your body stays in one place. You say: I went to the sun and came back. I ask: did you go to the sun in reality? These things are not essential. The question is whether or not movement exists. Movement exists in the world, as does distance, this is true. In psychology there exists another state which we define. A man sometimes says: I am fallen, I am sunken to the very bottom. To where are you sunken? - I am sunken so deep that I may hardly ever be able to get out. This falling is so real for this man that he believes in it. Another time someone says: I am high, I as in the sky above. I ask: how is it possible that the first man was fallen to such a depth and at the same time could speak to me, and the other one is so high above in heaven and can still speak to me? How can we explain these things? Knowledge is necessary. The respective organs must be created in people for the comprehension of these abstract matters. And in reality some scientists, some occultists notice that in the human brain white filaments are forming. New organs for the future humanity are now being formed. Until new organs are created, many things will remain unexplainable for the people. The new people must be created out of new matter. The old matter must pass away and sake place for the newer one. It is not the same if you wear an ordinary stone or a precious one in your ring. Their matter is not the same. The powers which are implanted in these stones are not the same either. This says that in the universe between the matters and the powers which function in it there is a difference. Then we define the true life by the following properties: in it functions the work which pertains only to that which is real, the unchangeable in the world. This is serving God. It is that in which there exists not a trace of self-seeking. I must serve God not for pay, not for glory. According to this understanding, if I pray to God standing in front of you, so that you may see me when I pray, my whole prayer goes with the wind. When you see me standing in prayer in this way you will say: why is this man standing like an idol? If I stay and pray in a church someone may say: what is this man muttering there? If they say this, everything is ruined. Whatever pose you may take, he who observes you will always have some wrong interpretation; if you are too cheerful the interpretation will be different again. The fact that a man is laughing does not represent man himself. If he cries it is still not man himself. If he is deep in thought? Well, which is the true form of thought? Where is the characteristic feature of thought expressed? He is noble! Where is that line of nobility that never changes? When it changes, it does not correspond to nobility. Therefore the lines of the true world have always the same intensity.


In this world one can be at the same moment everywhere. From this point of view, the movement is so quick that there is no span and it seems that man does not move. In the other worlds where matter is less dense man moves easier, and simultaneously he can be at many places. For example the angels that have six million wings can make the rounds of all the suns of our universe and return with knowledge and facts. You my say: how is this possible in the interval of only one minute to cover such great space? This span of time which makes one minute can be divided into still smaller units. Modern scientists began to prove that one second of time can be divided into several billion parts and in this time every particle has made several trillion rotations. The men of science are saying this. If some religious man would make such a statement he would be considered foolish. What would be the distance which the particle has traveled moving with such a great speed? You say: These are only assumptions. No, there exist a law according to which a man can never say that which does not exist. Therefore the scientists are moving in the right direction. I say that a particle can move not only with the speed of several trillion rotations in one second but even faster. The speed with which these particles move in the invisible world is the speed of a snail. What would these men of science and philosophers say? They will say that this is impossible. It is possible, because a man cannot assume things which do not exist. Therefore we can never think or say things which do not exist. When are these foolish things being said? When we restrain from saying the truth, we say nonsense. Stupid things are nothing but denying the real life. Someone says: There is no God in the world! I say: no, this is a quadruple nonsense. If someone says that there is not a God, they will say that he accepts some other God. He will become a god to himself. All these people that deny the existence of God are gods for themselves; they say: we must be strong, rich people, we must domineer in the world. They say: let's dominate the world! Well, what is the difference between those that impose their will upon others and those who do not domineer? At the end, the former as well as the latter finish in the same way. I wish to see how the ones finish who do not domineer in the world. There is no sense in imposing one's will. In this sense, reality does not permit us to domineer.


Now, we say that we must return to that true understanding of life if we want to be happy. In order to be happy the people with whom we communicate must be happy, rational people also; all their particles, all their cells must be rational. The cells of a rational man must be rational. As long as people will not begin to think with their feet as well as with their heads the world will not improve. I think that in the world a race will come whose feet will think like our brains. I ask then: would such feet walk on the earth? No, they will not.


According to my knowledge the first culture which was born went to live in the water so that no record could be kept of all the crises, nothing could be made known about living nature. Those who created this culture made all creatures voiceless. No language, no voice existed there. Nothing is known about all the crises that were done there. It was a perfect hell, everyone swallowed the other in the water. All the great sheatfish, all the big carps, all whales, sword-fish, all these are philosophers of the past. They have created an incredible culture about which I will not stop to speak but all these beings which reached the extreme limit consulted together: this is not possible any more, for we will not learn anything. When they had thought for a long time they said: we mist go out from this hell, we must create our own language. Then these learned fish brought about an emerging from the water, they became pilgrims and changed into birds. As fish they had no home, no fatally. They seeded two - three hundred thousand seeds, their children, and left them to float into the arms of fate and said: Let God take care of them! Do you know what great lewdness exists in the water? All fish perished because of depravity. When Cod saw that this culture came to a decomposition, he put salt into the seas so that it would not rot. I ask them why is necessary so much salt in the oceans? In order that this; culture may not rot and in this way start everything around decaying also. This it my interpretation which the scientists may not accept. When the fish emerged from there and modified into birds they had rich experiences and passed on into a higher phase. As birds they solved the family question in such a way that even men have not been able to do. Very clever! They manufactured for themselves pretty feathers, pretty wings and flew high into the sky like airplanes. That which makes the different from men is that they have solved the family problem. They say: that which was in the water we will not continue to do any more.


Then came the opposite poles, man and woman; they built the nest, they laid the eggs in it and after having completed the job they left it. Among them they did not fight about who should run the family. The man does not say here to his wife: go, leave me alone! Among then divorce also exists but they are very honest among themselves. When they stay together one year, the next year one of them chooses another partner and says to the first one: I have found a new partner for myself. The only bird that loads a monogameous life is the eagle. When he marries once, he does not marry a second time. The others marry several tines. If one looses his spouse, he marries for a second time. If that one dies, he marries for a third time. In the marriage life of the birds falsehood does not exist. When they finish their task together they say to each other: now I can fall in love with another bird. Great sincerity is a custom to them. What is the situation with men? You may say: it is not proper to speak like that! How should one speak? - Let the people not be tempted! Well, what about the jeweler who displays the most attractive gold coins and other objects in his shop, is he not tempting the people? What about the merchant who hangs these beautiful clothes and hats in his display window, is he not tempting the people? And the grocers displaying all these good foods...? Modern men have the attitude that everything which they are doing is proper. I have a different opinion about morality. I will look into the life of a doctor, I hope nobody will mind. I do not want to judge the doctors but want only to point out how things are. For example John, or Frank, or anyone else gets sick and immediately the doctor is called. He is glad to be called and rushes to see his clients. Is this doctor a benefactor, No, he will be paid well for his service, according to his status as a doctor. The more he is educated the more he charges. The less he is educated the less he charges. He cures his patient and makes him understand what his science has done for him. The patient thinks in his mind: if I did not have the money to pay for your visit I know what would you have done for me. He only thinks this way but in front of the doctor he keeps silent.


Now I will speak about the priesthood such as it exists in the whole world. I do not speak specially about the local priests, I rather speak principally about all as they are in India, in Japan, in Germany, in America, everywhere. Someone comes to the priest saying: John so and so has died. The priest is glad; he takes his shawl, the prayerbook, the gospel and goes to say a prayer and supposedly he does this only for God's sake. Then he says: you must pay and when this is done he still thinks that he has done God's will. Next day someone comes and tells him that a child has been born. Again he goes to the home of the newborn and again he is paid for this. On the third day he is invited to perform the wedding ceremony for someone else. He does this service and again he is paid for it. I ask where is the moral code according to which one is supposed to serve God. Where is that selflessness with which we mist serve Cod? It has been said: this is Christian culture. In this respect the Christian culture is not different from the pagan one. It is true that we are not as rough as the pagans, yet according to the light which is given to us our small mistakes can have worse consequences than the pagans. Their mistakes are minor in comparison to those of the great moralists. In America there are some great preachers, but they all are well paid. They receive enormous salaries in comparison with our local living conditions. It is expected that they will preach with great eloquence. According to my concepts this is not true culture. This is a depositing of materials. Every desire for money in me will bring leprosy. In these noble filaments in my brain there will be deposited some very fine, poisonous and lethal matter which will form a fine layer. Do you know how thin this layer is? In thickness it measures one ten-billionth part of a millimeter. It is so thin that it is not detectable with a microscope but when this matter is deposited in the brain it creates the conditions for discontent. For example, if I serve in a man's funeral independent of whether I am a saint or a sinner, and if I am paid one hundred dollars for the prayers, all my nobility will disappear when I go home. Besides people think that they must be seen when they pray. No, people are not supposed to see you, they are not supposed to know that you pray. The modern world understands only the language of the hoe. When you take the hoe and go to the vineyard to cultivate, people will ask you: - What are you doing? - Cultivating the vineyard. - This is a very useful job. Then you take the hammer and again people ask you: - What are you doing? - I am hammering. Well, this is a useful job. But if you sit down and contemplate they will say: this stupid man, what is he doing there? The whole day he is wasting his time. These are human concepts. All people that work truly are considered stupid. Why? Modern men think that religious people do not work. This is not true. Only serving God is true work. I think that if a saint cultivates only one acre of land the wheat that will yield will have seeds as big as chicken eggs, when you eat this wheat you will have such a pleasantness in your mouth that it will refresh you and keep you satiated for a whole week. I ask then, would not in such a case the economic problem of the nutrition of the world be solved? Now you eat three times a day and the problem of bread is still not solved.


"For he himself knew what he would do."


I will give you an example about what happened to professor Blackstone, the pseudonym of a famous chemist and physicist, an innovator who was occupied with the deep questions of living nature. He had an excellent laboratory, well equipped with different size flasks with different contents. Once he was away for a whole month studying in nature. He left the key to his laboratory with his very studious servant to keep watch. She decided to go to the laboratory to inspect it. Having a very strong sense for order and seeing all the different bottles and flasks arranged in a rather mixed up manner she thought that the professor did not have time to put them in proper order and decided to put his laboratory in order. She put all the bottles according to size on the shelves and in this way she satisfied her own concept of orderliness. After she had finished rearranging the professor's laboratory, she gave one last look, with the feeling of satisfaction, she thought that the professor would be very nicely surprised upon returning from his trip. The professor returned home to find this great reconstruction of his laboratory in which all his precious chemicals were completely mixed up. I ask: did this servant understand the deeper meaning of why the professor had arranged all his flasks in his own way? Ho, she did not.


This way, we too, when we come into living nature, begin to rearrange all the flasks. Do you have any idea how inch time this new arrangement took until prof. Blackstone could again find his way in his own laboratory? Sometimes we, too, like this servant arrange our thoughts. We have a strange understanding about what is moral and what is not. We have a strange understanding of prayer, too. Praying without being seen by anyone is not even enough. One mist not have even one desire in his soul and one must feel absolutely alone. In the future the saints will not pray here on earth. A true saint when he prays ascends up high. He leaves his body and raises twelve thousand kilometers to where he prays. Have you ever prayed this way? Have you climbed twelve thousand kilometers above the earth? You must ask modem pilots what they experience when they rise to certain heights in the air. What would it be at an altitude of twelve thousand kilometers? Some people say: I have offered God a warm prayer. I wish that you could lift your warm prayer twelve thousand kilometers and then see what it is. Do you know what frost exists at such altitude. If the cold progressively rises then at such altitude there can exist thousands of degrees of cold. Some scientists say that more than 200 degrees below zero does not exist. It does. People say that the maximum cold that can exist is 270 degrees below zero. No, cold can be even ten thousand degrees below zero. In this respect I am at a disagreement with modern scientists. Some scientists say that if matter reaches 270 degrees below zero the whole universe would disappear. These scientists think like the old Bulgarian grandma who called her neighbors and said to them: with faith I can accomplish everything. My prayer is so strong that you will see that tomorrow this hill in front of my house will be removed by the morning. In the morning her neighbors looked out to see if the hill was removed but it was still there. This woman was clever enough to find an excuse by saying that she had pity upon them because she thought that if she had, in reality, removed the mountain they would be really shocked. In her self, she knew that with words only, the mountain cannot be removed. Some people think that with words they can move mountains, others even think that they can move the earth. This is possible also, but a man who works with faith, truly pure faith, has absolute knowledge. Faith implies Christ.


Someone says: I believe in you. - What do you believe? - That you can do everything. What do I care that you believe that I can accomplish everything? What can you accomplish? That which I can accomplish is what raises myself in my own eyes, but if you believe that I can accomplish something and I cannot then I am falling in your eyes. Well, I do not want to say that we must think this way but for we people who are on the threshold of the new culture it is most important now to emerge from the old culture as the fish emerged from the water. And we will emerge! In scripture it is said: "All will be taken up into the air." We will emerge from the dense environment of this life like the fish and will solve an important problem of this world — brotherhood and love. This question will be solved only in the new culture. The important question is not the salvation as many preach. Salvation is not a problem, it is only a state on earth. For us the question of the new life which God brings into the world is the important one. Since He created the world and its people, it is God's desire that all his children not perish. In the Scripture it is said that: God does not delight in the death of his children. His purpose is that all His children live.


Now, Christ was testing his disciples to see if they thought that all these people can be fed with five loaves of bread and two fish. One of his disciples said: "Even two hundred dinars will not be enough bread for all these people."


"For Christ himself knew what he would do."


Some people say that Christ did not study anywhere. Others say that he studied in Egypt, in India or in other places. No. The great Masters in general do not study on Earth. Some of them may go for only five-six years to the sun to study and then come back to earth. If some people say that the great Masters study here on earth this indicates that they are ignorant. Now you may ask me in which way do they go to the sun. One day you will be able to prove this yourselves and I do not need to tell you. This is pure truth. As the fish became birds and the birds mammals, as the mammals became people, as the people became angels, according to the same law will all this happen. It is important for us not to try to prove all this, but to have a common language by which to communicate.


Now while I am talking to you, are you understanding, is this all true or not? Do I speak the truth to you? Some things are true, others are slightly exaggerated. I will tell you which things are exaggerated. This I do with the purpose to awaken your thoughts. For example for so many years I have been speaking to you about love, but I have not yet said the essential about love. I am still in the introduction to love. If I would pronounce the word love as it should be pronounced, do you have any idea what would happen to you? First, smoke would start to rise from you, everything that you have with you would burn and you would remain naked.


If I were to pronounce the word love a second time, your body would start to heat up and warmth would radiate from it to a far distance, This warmth would not be the usual one, but if I pronounced the word love for the third time you would be lit up, you would be like luminous beings clothed in angelic form. This hall in which we are now would disappear, not because it would burn, but you would find yourselves outside. Well, are you ready for such a state. Many of you are as ready as the maiden for whom the bridegroom comes to ask her to follow him. He asks her: come with me! She answers: - are you ready to insure me, aren't you a poor lad? Every young maid dreams about the king's son and prepares herself for him. It is true that it should be this way, but the king's son is only he who has the true, divine knowledge, who has a soul in himself, who has a divine mind which is not soiled by any lie or falsehood! There is something detestable in a lie! First we must get rid of all lies. Every one must see if his feelings are stable or fluctuate. If they waver one day they my cause great evil.


Why did Christ feed so many people. He could have sent them away. These people, this multitude that was gathered around Christ were thirsty souls, future pupils whom he had to feed. These souls which Christ fed two thousand years ago remember him even today. These souls satiated in this way will never forget Christ. They have been fed spiritually and for this reason the inner longing lives in them. In one place Christ says: "A man lives not on bread alone, but from every living word."


And so, there exists this phase in which we live now and it is the striving of the soul toward the divine, toward God. I do not want to say that you must give up your present lives because in the world things do not happen suddenly. In rational transient nature periods do not exist, nor do skippings or omissions exist. Living nature loves succession, she never hastens. Remember this! This is one of her methods - she never hastens. In her is eternity, she has time at her disposal, as much as she wants. She economizes her powers, because her powers are not in such plentitude as time. Therefore you can dispose of her time but not of her powers. This is the reason why those who do not live according to her desire, who speed much, use up their powers quickly and die very early. No prayers can help them to prolong their lives. In this respect nature does not sacrifice her powers. If you wish to live longer, some living being mist be found who will loan you his powers. Therefore in order to prolong our lives we must not hasten. In this respect I consider virtue in the world as economizing for living nature. If someone asks me what virtue is, I answer: - virtue is the economy of living nature, to know how to save her powers. According to this economy, the priest, the writer, the father, and the mother must know how to work. When you understand life this way, there exist no better methods than the economy of virtue. When someone says that in the future economy must be studied, I say: one must study virtue as the economy of nature.


"For he knew what he would do."


What was Christ's intimate thought? Christ had not the slightest desire to attract people to himself. His intimate thought was to fulfill God's will, to serve God with selfless devotion, without any reward. Someone may say: we must be paid somehow. I ask: If a rich person, or the king who has everything for his disposition wades, what does he work for? Does he need to gain more riches? I say: when the richest people start to work they will work selflessly. When the best people in the world start to work, they work selflessly. Therefore we cannot work selflessly until we become good; every anxiety, envy, malice and hatred must disappear from us. Someone may say: I cannot stand that person, I dislike him. Why? God can stand him! If God can stand him how come that you cannot? It is possible that something may exist in this man that is detestable but God can stand his and you, too, must be able to stand him. He whom God teaches, you watch and learn also. You may be dissatisfied with him but others are dissatisfied with you. Many angels are displeased with people. Sometimes even in the angels who are so advanced in their culture an aversion in generated, a desire that God may permit them to destroy the people and create something better. God stops then and tells them to wait. Now if you ask me what do the angels do, I will tell you that they are sharpening their fiery swords. And when they come to earth in one minute the whole modern culture will be turned into dust. Without using any weapons they will free the people from their shells and all will follow them with resignation, like whole regiments of soldiers who follow their superiors, This will come to pass! Kings, bishops, patriarchs, preachers, all these majesties which have been deceiving the people from time immemorial until today. All these men have been lying in the name of God. The whole pseudoculture must be wiped out. This will come to pass! The mother must not be angry with her daughter but from the depth of her soul, she must tell her: here, daughter, is the key! Upon calling his pupil the musician also gives him the key. The mother will begin to pronounce the word love in front of her daughter. She will say it the first time and the clothes of her daughter will start to smoke. Then she will say this word for the second time, and her clothes will burn and she will regain naked. After that with the saying of the word love for the third time the body of the daughter will heat up and become luminous and at the same time send forth warmth. In this way the daughter will come to know that she knows nothing, but the desire to find truth will remain with her. This is true achievement. When her body starts to heat up from within, the noblest feelings will generate in her. After that will come light and the true blooming of the soul will begin. When the souls bloom, we will come to know each other. People say: why is this flower blooming when it is exposed to the rays of the sun? The flower recognizes the rays of the sun that bring life with them. In this sense the soul, too, knows the divine rays which bring life within themselves. Then we will not be so self-willed and eccentric anymore as we are now. If you would already possess this divine spirit when a man comes to you at the distance of half a mile, his thought would modify and when you look at him you would send him this divine light.


It is said in the scripture: "For Christ knew what he would do." Some people say: it was a time when Christ knew but if he would come today he would not know what to do because he was not a highly educated man. This is not true. It is the opposite! the first people that came to the earth were very knowledgeable; those that followed were a little stupid and the present ones are the most stupid. This is reverse process of evolution. The first people who case created the earth; the second created only the gardens; the third ones left the garden of Eden and learned to plow the earth; the fourth - to fight; the fifth learned to be lazy. The present culture I call "the culture of spiritual laziness." Every man works end rushes to become rich, to have much money and then to start living an easy life. I ask: is this work? - It is not. In work there should exist no material object. I say: in the world, in us should exist only one material object - wisdom. It will come like a power which will make us free, self-sufficient in respect to the difficulties of life. This way we will try to love in the world. Some people may say: we know all this but tomorrow we will need to eat. Who is it who does not know that he must eat? I do not say that we must not eat. Some others say: Couldn't God create the world in a different way? He could. I do not think that He could not have created it in a different way but it is already created. What is bad about eating? If a man overeates he will die, if he is fasting too much - again he will die. These are two extremes, A man must always eat that little as to support his organism and there should not exist any surpluses. He mist stop eating with the bite that tastes the best, he should eat no more. If he eats more, it will be like poison for him. In respect to enjoying nature it should be the same. When you reach the highest peak, when you come to the greatest satisfaction, stop there.


Now many people want to go to the angels. What would they do there? In order to be able to go to the angels, you must have their organs. You say: if we go there, are they going to meet us? Are you able to receive their love? An angel can stop and pay attention to you If you can understand his language. The same is true with God. With this language, we will be accepted nowhere else. When I speak about God’s love I want to imply that we need to learn the divine language. When we learn this language, only then will we be able to come in touch with God. Someone says: I must learn how to pray. Yes, you will pray, but for this purpose you must learn the sacred language of prayer. Only one word has remained from the prayer - "Amen." The Egyptians had also this word "amen." At that time there was a pharaoh with this name, "Amen." The Hindu have the same sacred word "Aum." They pronounce this word before the service, and the Christians when praying "Our father" always say at the end "Amen." What is the meaning of this word? Aum is a sacred word that has remained from a superior culture. All people say "Amen, so be it." Only this sacred word has remained from the sacred language. How we must trace our way back to restore all sacred words of this sacred language in order to understand how things have began. Only then will we be able to be obedient to God. The present culture will change. The present words which we pronounce carry depravity in themselves. Start to speak to whomever you want about love and he will be tempted. For example, if someone says: "I am in love with you," these words will immediately bring some disturbance. Some sister is free in her relations to some brother, but as soon as he starts to speak to her about love, as soon as he pronounces this word in her presence she becomes serious, cold. Where did love go? You pronounce the word, and love is not there. This indicates that the word love is soiled. If you pronounce the word "hatred" it has the opposite effect. If you say to someone, "I hate you" this man, when he meets you another time, is warmer, he tries to be helpful to you, he opens up to you. This indicates that when you pronounced the word "hatred" you have done this sore correctly than the word "love." I asks where is the power of this word? There exists something special in the human soul, an inner language which we must speak to each other. I consider this one of the greatest attributes - this is reverence. When I meet a man and look at him he ought to understand that I speak the truth to him. It will not be necessary for him to tell me: tell me the truth! I say: are you ready to understand me? I will tell you only "Aum, aumen." And when I say to you this word you must understand me: "Aumen - amen" contains everything in itself. "Aumen" - this is the key.


I will interpret this word in our language with the following comparison: You are a voyager who has traveled for a whole week; and the night falls; you are in the middle of the way and the weather is very bad. There is a snowstorm with strong wind, your feet are wet and freezing, and you can hardly take another step. I meet you and say: take this key, in a distance of about 100 feet there is a building, a beautiful palace, unlock it, and when you enter you will find food, drinks, a warm bath, a nice library, all the best conveniences and there is no one in it.


"Aumen" - this is the key - the man who's life is rescued. You unlock the palace and enter in it. If you start asking met which is the way to unlock it, my hands are frozen, I cannot hold the key - then I will come with you, but I will not tell you "aumen," you will not hear this word but instead you will hear only the noise of the lock which I am unlocking. And now, you do not pronounce the word "aumen", for someone else is pronouncing it for you, and you hear only the noise of the rusty lock. You say: "aumen, so be it!" I say to you: "I bequeath you a big house." – Amen! I am willing you one million dollars, - Amen! No, you should have said "amen" before I had spoken. The disciples asked Christ: "How are we to buy bread, so that these people may eat?" - It is possible to do this. Christ said a sacred word. Why did Christ always pray in the evening? He never prayed during the daylight. People considered him a heretic. He prayed in the evening so that no one could see him. Besides, he always preferred cloudy, dark nights. Even at moonlight he did not pray. He loved the dark nights! I say: is there a greater darkness than sorrow?


Someone asks: Why exists sorrow? - So that you may pray. In order that you may pray and your prayer may not be soiled, you must have a great sorrow, your soul must be shook up, so that you may feel a deep inner desire to pray in the darkness so that no one would see you and you could say to God: Aumen! Lord, I love Thee for all the blessings which Thou hast been providing for me all these thousands and millions of years. I thank Thee for all the mercy, all the blessings with which Thou hast protected me and showered upon me. The only being in the world who loves us is God, and He has never asked us if we love Him. He sits and waits to see if human consciousness will awaken, if man will stop and say: I must help this man for all the endless Love with which I was always surrounded and protected. When I say this to myself, secretly, is the same secret way I must help him. After that a sacred joy will remain in my soul.


When I am in the greatest sorrow, I must perform the greatest good deeds. And now, when are expected people to do the greatest service? - When they are joyous. This is not the correct way.


Now you are asking me: why does sorrow exist? I say: sorrow is a great method for the understanding of the great truth in the world. All great masters, all saints, all prophets, all learned men have passed through the school of sorrow and have become true men. Everyone must come to love sorrow and when he meets it, he must be glad. If you tell sorrow that you do not love it, it becomes cold, shuts its doors for you, hides from you and you cannot become acquainted with it. If you say to joy that you hate it, it opens its door for you and receives you and treats you well. And so if you say to sorrow that you like it, it will open its home, will give you a good hospitality, but if you say that you hate it, that you do not like it, it will look its door, will sit on your back and will punish you with ten times greater suffering.


How will you understand life new? Because you think in a human way, you will say: Lord, can you see my sufferings? You think that God worries about your small sufferings. He sees everything. The same way all these people came to Christ and he said: "We need bread for these people!" Christ sees today also all the difficulties and sorrows of the men of science, of the doctors, the sick, the suffering, the dying. I say: you must all understand the key of love. When you find this key and pronounce this word even if you find yourselves in the worst state of your soul, it will be tuned. Sometimes you are close, very close to this state of joy, but easily you loose it and it does not come back for many years.


How is the time for some of you to study this sacred language. Besides I would say to those who think that they are born by the Spirit of God, that for them it is permitted to study this sacred language of love and to learn to serve God. When we come to this service, we will understand this sacred language, and among us will be born the inner tie and we will know each other. We will not need then to say make this and make that. Everyone will know for himself what he ought to do. No, you must already live in the new life. I say: the new morality is absolute selflessness, not idleness, not unemployment but pure work, that is noble, elevated, without being obstructed by the present difficulties. The present difficulties are forerunners of something great that comes into the world. We have come to the extreme limit of the modern world. Not too long a time will pass before we will enter into a new wave in a new transformation and for this reason we must be ready, whoever is not ready will find himself in the position of a man who boards an airplane for the first time. He trembles the whole time and is not able to see anything and has the greatest desire to leave it as soon as possible. He who is ready will experience an upliftment of his spirit.


Many people want to study living nature, mathematics, biological sciences, astronomy, etc. Astronomy is a great science. There is a discrepancy between the true science and modern concepts, what do people study today about the state of the sun? It is laughable to say that the sun is made of hydrogen, oxygen sad some other elements. It is the same as if someone comes and says that the house of some man is made of wood, bricks and other materials. If my house is made of these materials I myself am created in the same way. No, the manifestation of the sun which we see and of which is said that it is made of oxygen, hydrogen and other elements is only a form of one or the other kind of energies which are named hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, etc. These are different kinds of energies which manifest in specific ways. These smallest primary manifestations of the energies we call elements. That which we call the elements are not such in reality. Where can we then stop? We cannot stop at the atoms because they are whole worlds created by ions. Then we will come to the superions. Where will we stop then? These elements are accumulated energies. If we study the world scientifically or anatomically, or any other way, the idea is one and the same.


That which the world today teaches you is by itself the most important. In the sun, besides these elements, there are other elements, also, which man must know. Other times I have also said that the sun can give us life, but it cannot give us rationality. Besides that, it cannot make us wise for it also implants laziness. As soon as you get hot from the sun, you have the desire to stop working. All beings become lazy beneath the beneficial rays of the sun. For this reason culture had to be transferred from Africa to the more cooler places so that its warmth and light may be lesser. Therefore rationality does not come from the sun, but it comes from a different place. True culture comes from somewhere else. When I say that rationality does not come from the sun, in my mind, I have a different idea. If I say that I see another sun, what would you say? You will say: why is it that we do not see it also? I see it under special conditions and you, too, could see it under special conditions under which I see it. If someone can see a microbe, he sees it under special conditions, under a microscope. Or, if he sees a star, he sees it also under special conditions, through his telescope.


Therefore in the universe there is another sun which brings rationality. We must come in touch with the living sun and not with the one which we see, about which it is said in scripture: "You must not worship the sun." This sun is the forerunner of the other sun.


In the esoteric science, there exists a number of methods for those students who want to study it. With the help of these methods, they can verify things about which is spoken and not leave them only in words, but for this task one must be brave like a pilot and not say: I have devoted so many years for this teaching and what did I learn? No, you will say: I have devoted so many years in order to prove a fact in living nature about the existence of another sun, but this fact is living with me. What does matter if I have devoted one hundred years of my life, if I have obtained one secret. I have sacrificed one life but I have obtained a great wealth, I have made an experience which becomes flesh of my flesh, bone of ay bones, spirit of my spirit. This knowledge lives with my consciousness. As it is now, we believe in one God, the Christians believe in a different God, the Moslems believe in their God and at the end one does not know which God the people worship. It is not bad that people believe this way, they see their God. Every religion is good and in its place, it has contributed, there is no doubt about this, but the question is for these advanced souls who have matured, already. They must emerge. We do not need to stop and say to the people that they are ignorant. My intention is not to deny things but to know what I must know right now. In the conditions with which we now live, we must empty our bottles in order to refill them with the new contents. I call an ideal bottle that which stays always a little empty and to which always can be added. I call them the communicating vessels in the world. Have you ever been in such small flasks, in such small vessels? Why can’t they be filled up? These are billiards of flasks which are connected in such a way that they all fill up simultaneously.


He all are communicating vessels in the world. Therefore the virtues of the people, the good as well as the evil that come to this world, when filled in these communicating vessels, in these flasks, are distributed equally. For this season we all must strive toward our wholesomeness, toward the virtues, because this good is for the whole of humanity and we are particles of the whole.


In one lecture I spoke about the parts and about the whole (The true wine). All these rules must be studied and it is not important what is the service. The service is only a temporary aspect. Some of you are women, others are men, learned men, poets, artists, doctors yet when I look into the eyes of whenever may be, I see something bad. Why? One of the sisters is an excellent artist. What is she lacking? - Nothing except that she has no chance to manifest herself.


And so, we all have accumulated so much energy that we wish to be able to manifest. It is not only a question of being loved, but we, who have come to this earth must all manifest. Our manifestation will be in expressing God's love. Two thousand years ago Christ said: "To love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind and power." This is a way to manifest this love! Now when I speak so much about love, immediately the thought generates in you: this man has something on his mind when he speaks to us so much about love. Or, after we have spoken so much on that subject someone comes and tells you: we have come to love each other so much, I love you. Can you lend me five or ten thousand leva? Something shocks you and you think: friend you have priced your love very high. For the time being, in all people, there exists only one material knot. Someone loves a beautiful woman with some intentions. Someone else loves the merchant also with other intentions. The student loves his teacher also for some special reason.


Everywhere one can see self-seeking and this must disappear! We must come to know the teacher independently from that which he has in himself, independently from his profession. We must know the doctor independently from his profession. We must know the mother not only in her form of a mother, but also we must know her soul which is free; in it there is more than only the manifestation as a mother. Christ says: "Those who fulfill the will of God are my mothers, brothers, sisters." What is the deep meaning of these words?


And so, I say: there is something higher than the father; there is something higher than the mother, there is something higher than the brother and the sisters there is something higher than the friend, what is it? - We do not know. It is so sacred that it cannot even be spoken of!


What is Christ saying about the world beyond? Someone will say: About cognate souls? To express that which is so great, one would speak out the words: "Lord, God of mine?" In the Bulgarian language there exist no more sacred, higher word than this. This is the word that contains everything. It is higher than mother, father, or brother. When the Bulgarian comes to a point where he cannot solve a problem, he sighs and says: "Lord, God!" In this moment in his soul comes a calm. The Bulgarian must change these two words into one. He says: Lord, God, Oh! - and he puts the object in front of himself. I say: now we all are in the position at which the Bulgarian has reached. He is a practical man. When his affairs come to a point of being mixed up he says: "Lord. God", if only once my affairs would come to a good development I will devote everything to Thee and I will serve Thee forever!" Yet, as soon as his affairs start going better he says: well, it was nothing so special. I spoke these words, I turned to God in a moment of weakness - and he renounces. Not too long a time goes by and God clenches his throat, but this time so that he cannot pronounce a word - he breathes his last, falls and is dead. In this way end all those who have said "Lord God" and after that have renounced. At the end they say "Oh" and pass away. In the same way will pass away the modern culture. You will say: "Is everything that is said to us the truth?" I give you ten years time to prove it. Always ten years! As many as go by, ten years always remain. Do not be fooled by anyone's words. Someone may come and tell you that all this is not true. Do not fool yourselves! Everything that people are saying to you is deceipt. Because of their words, the noblest and most sublime ideas become defiled. That which I am speaking to you now is not human but divine, once it has been. That which people speak, brings death for everyone in the future. If you say once "Lord, God," be courageous man! Stand resolutely and say: from now on I will serve bravely, selflessly and the sacred idea which I have seeked, I have found. I will not turn away even if the world should turn upside down! Start to sing, be cheerful and joyous and say: "Aumen!" When you rise in the morning say "Aumen!" Even if you should not have shoes to wear, it doesn't matter. "I thank Thee, Lord, that I can see my feet as Thou hast created them." You may not have clothes to wear. Then say the same. Why not? This I call love for God. When I see my torn clothes, the rags of which look like trimmings, laugh, and think that you are dressed in the latest fashion and say: My clothes are not so miserable, they may be raggy but in them I have implanted my highest and most sacred ideas! And in fact, if a sick person would touch these clothes he will recover, but from the fashionable clothes he may perish. It is true that the clothes of the saints have been powerful enough to cure people's diseases. These clothes of a saint are imbibed with the most beautiful ideas and are more beautiful than the most exclusive modem clothes. As you can see with my fine clothes, I look like you.


"For he knew!" We all mist know! I wish that all of you would know this sacred word and when you say it, realize that one day the sun will rise for you; it is for you! And when the sun rises, know that the first ray is yours. For when all these millions of rays come to shine, you cannot thank them for you will not know which is the first one, there will be so many!


And so we all must be bearers of the new culture and not be ashamed. I wish that all of you may now know what to do. When you go back home say: "Lord, God!" When you say that, then say the third word "Aumen amen" and start with the key Sol to pronounce the word love. The purpose of this will not be for people to love you, but when you pronounce the word love your clothes start to smoke and then your body will become hot, then become glowing and shining, to cleanse everything in you and to understand that life has a meaning, Only pronounced in this way these words can give meaning to your lives. This I call "resurrection." In this way true life will begin. It has been said that God will send His angels with trumpets to blow them and a man will resurrect, this is resurrection. The angel will speak with the new words to the living, and the righteous, and the trumpets are for the deaf, for the dead. For then, they will blow the trumpets so loud that all will jump out from their graves and there will be no place to hide. As the fisherman pulls out the fish in his net, the same way the angel with his trumpet will pull us out from the water and will bring us into Christ's court. This is the picture which the religious people present but in my mind there is a different picture. First all impurities of the people will disappear, after that their clothes will start to smoke, then their bodies will start to heat up, will become luminous, and we all will feel that in our rags were hidden the sacred words through which we could come to life.


And so, Christ says: "Make the people sit down!" And he fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish.


Lecture of the Master Beinsa Douno, Sofia, Bulgaria, November 29, 1925.



For He knew

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