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1924_03_23 Your Brother has Come Back


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And he said unto him: "Your brother has come back".


"Your brother has come back. And your father killed a calf, because he found him in good health." The contemporary learned men - the philosophers, mathematicians, scientists - always keep searching for the cause of things. Every phenomenon has a cause. Therefore, the understanding of the great processes of nature is dependent upon the inner understanding of life. By "life", I mean, in this instance, the awareness of man. We always regard material objects as things without awareness. When man loses his awareness, he doesn't perceive the phenomena of nature. When he is in full awareness, he is sometimes satisfied with nature's course, sometimes not.


"Your brother has come back and your father killed a calf, because he found him in good health." When the elder brother heard this he became angry and refused to enter the house. Is it wrong that the father killed a calf because his lost son came back? Why is the father happy and the elder brother angry? You will say: such is life. Indeed, on first thought, life appears to be a simple matter. - No, life is the most complex problem. For this reason, a man has to have a clear and sharp mind to be able to build his life on a good foundation. There is not a single creature, no matter how small, that doesn't know on what ground to build his life. No matter how you build your life, it is temporary and passing.


When you read of the incident of the lost son, you right away condemn the elder brother. You say: 'He shouldn't get angry”. Why do you get angry? Why are you dissatisfied? When you suffer you are discontent. When you are happy you are content. Do you know that your happiness is caused by someone else's suffering? You are selling your house and are sad to lose it. Whoever bought it, he is happy that he has gained something. He gave money and against it he received something. Consequently your joy doesn't mean that everyone else is happy. Those who suffer also don't mean that all people are unhappy.


You say: "We know these things, we are educated." You have to have a clear idea about science, the aims it pursues and the advances it achieves. For instance, you are studying anatomy and you think you know a lot. - What sort knowledge is this? As far as I am concerned, anatomy is a dry subject - of dead bones. Do you know what it means to learn about a bone, to know its every particle? If you don't study the bones in detail, you have learned nothing. The anatomist studies every bone, every muscle by itself, without finding any connection between them. This is why anatomy is considered a dry, dead science. Anatomy is meaningless without physiology. They say about someone that he is an excellent physiologist. He knows how all the processes in the living body take place. This is not sufficient. He knows how the processes function, but he also has to know their implication.


Now let’s take a look at biology. You say that biology is the science of life. But this is not enough. You study the life of the cells, but you also have to study the origin of life. Every mother has to study biology, in order to know how to give birth to healthy children. To be a real man, to get developed properly, you have to understand the life of the living cell - biology as well as psychology - the life of the soul. The psychologist speaks of the soul without seeing it. The soul is recognized by its behavior. This is so for the one who sees: he knows that the soul has a particular shape, just like the body. - Is it true? It is a facto for the one who sees. Consequently, when you express your opinion about something, don't jump to conclusions from partial observations. Partial understanding is not valid to everyone.


And so as I observe the sciences, I hold a special view on them. To me, every science is in its right place. It is essential that close connection exists between all the sciences. From the viewpoint of the materialist, sciences have application only in the physical world. But I believe that the sciences have relation to the human awareness as well as to man's inner life. Then today's sciences are only for the earth. When you go to the other world they will remain behind. Then what will you do in the next world? You have no awareness, you cannot enter into communication with the beings from the other world. To be able to benefit from the conditions there you will have to start from the a, b, c. There you will study the spiritual science. You say: "How come that I, an educated person, have to start again from the beginning?" The child who has just completed the 4 grades also thinks that he has finished 4 faculties. Yes, he has finished 4 faculties, but when he enters the secondary school he will start right from the beginning. There he will use only the base which he has acquired, and will build upon it. From there the student will enter high school, where he will again have to start from the beginning. From there he will enter the university where he is as well obliged to start from the beginning. No matter how much knowledge you acquire you will always be in the position of the small child. – "I am an educated person." When you go to the next world you will see how educated you are, and how much more you have to learn. In the other world you will see, how little you really know.


He said unto him: "Your brother has come back". These words upset the elder brother innerly. He became angry and didn't join his father in his joy. Why did he get angry? Because of material considerations. He thought to himself: this brother, who has eaten and drunk his share, has now returned to father's house to eat and drink from my share. I thought that my father will be wise and will not receive him. That's why I don't want to join them... The elder brother appeared to be philosophizing, but actually, he was not satisfied with his father and was jealous of his younger brother, because his father killed a calf for him, but for him, who had served his father faithfully many years, he had never killed a calf. "You love him more than me." The father, who knows the heart of his big son, says: "My son, everything I posses, is yours, let's be happy for brother who was lost and is found, who was dead and now is alive."


I say: the way which you follow you have to understand thoroughly. You are sitting content, and calm and all of a sudden your wellbeing is gone. Did you account to yourself for this change? You say that your state of mind is changed, but you don't know why. You think that the reason is deep inside you, because you have become indifferent to life. - When did you become indifferent? Few moments ago you were content. If you are young it is natural that sudden changes of your disposition will occur, but you are mature, and settled in character. That indicates that the disposition changes in the young, elderly as well as old people. Today you are happy, energetic, well disposed, and in a few days your spirit falls and you say: life has no meaning.


Psychologists say of such a person that he has lost his objective in life. Consequently, if you lose the purpose in life, know that you have lost your objective towards which you could direct your energy. When the energy grows to excess the person feels tense. If he cannot alleviate it he feels depressed. How can you deal with this condition? You say: if I get any material reward for it I can bear it. Imagine that they give you two million in gold to carry to a place few kilometers distant. Is it easy to carry gold on your back? You say that you will carry it in a few trips. Even so you will become so exhausted at the end, that you will not want the gold or any other material goods. If they tell you to carry a sack full of sand, you will refuse right off. Why did you agree to carry the sack of gold, but you refused to carry the sack of sand? You say, because you will gain something valuable by carrying the gold, but nothing at all.


Often people burden themselves with so many desires and thoughts which contain nothing valuable, that they became exhausted as a result. The same as if they were carrying sacks of sand. You are reading a novel and you fall in love with the main hero. But he is a fictitious character, not a real one. The author had created a wonderful character, with whom you fall in love and as a result you are unhappy. This hero acts his role in the novel, but he is non-existant in real life. You see on the stage a generous man who is ready to help, but if you go to his home, you will find that he is not willing to help you even with a penny. If you want, he might lend you some money. But otherwise he doesn't give money away, even not to a beggar.


I say: life on earth is not real, it just represents the life of actors, who play strange parts. When the daughter cries for a new pair of shoes, she is acting. Is it a tragedy that she doesn't have shoes? When the child cries to his mother to give him apples and nuts, he is also an actor. When he gets his mother to satisfy his demand, he thinks: I am a good actor, I got what I wanted. The mother thinks: my child is good, he cried a little but he stopped soon. He makes some mischief, but she forgives him. I ask: the one who makes mischief is he not good at heart? He is expressing everything that is hidden in his heart, when a good person does a good deed in this way he expresses himself, they say about him that he is a benevolent person. When a man steals, and commits crimes, they don't say about him that he is benevolent. And he also expressed what is in his heart. What kind, of moral does he have. The true morality is common to all men. By this he means mutual respect for one another. Whoever applies this moral, he is distinguished through the fact that whatever he says, or whatever he promises he does. Honesty has to be a trait of all people. You have to be honest to animals, plants and people. He who doesn't carry out his promise, disturbs the harmony of the divine world. This is written in the divine book: "here is a man who doesn’t fulfill his promises." If you don't fulfill your promises the invisible world will take upon itself the task of correcting you. He says: this undisciplined child has to be put straight. Do you know that the angels rejoice over every good deed done by man, and suffer for every evil and mischief committed? - Do the angels suffer? They do, but not in the same way as men. For a single mistake of a person all the angels get to their feet. They all want to correct it. It is not easy to correct a person. Someone thinks that with the sweap of his arm he can improve himself, that this is an automatic process. If the world could be corrected automatically, God would have been the first one to do it. Benevolence is a quality which man can develop himself. Patience, self-control, abstenance, perception, all are qualities which man can develop himself.


Often people say: "you received freely, give freely." - Given and taken freely can be things like money, bread, clothes, but wisdom cannot be given freely. Do you think I would be right, if when I have invited you to ray table for dinner and eaten the soup myself first; and then I would claim that everything can be taken freely? I have received freely because I ate the soup, but it was not the same for you. So when we come to eating, everyone has to eat for himself, it is not given as a gift. Everyone should drink for himself; and everyone has to earn for himself. By earning I mean the acquisition of certain powers necessary for our development. By "gift" I mean conditions created by our relations, and in these conditions we can develop.


I am asking: What do we base our wrong conceptions on? One french baron, by the fictitious name of Abizi, who was badly off materially, fell in love with baroness Melbi. As a man from a noble background, he held on his word of honor. He was very honest, but had no wealth. Melbi, who was from a wealthy family, wouldn't marry him. But she had the desire to help him. One day she said to him: ‘I am willing to lend you two-hundred-thousand francs, but you have to sigh a paper. It doesn't count in this that you love me. I am acting in this business like manner, because I want us to have a clear balance.’ The next time she lent him five-hundred-thousand francs for a specified period of time, and again she requested him to sign a paper. The same treatment was given him the third time when she lent him one million francs. At that time the baron fell in love with another girl. One day he was taking a walk with his girl and they came across baroness Melbi. When she saw him with another girl she wanted to embarrass him so she stopped to talk to him. The baron excused himself for a few seconds and went over to baroness Melbi. She came close to his ear and asked him whispering: "when are you going to pay me the first loan?" He listened to her then moved away. When he returned to his girl, she inquired: "What did this young lady whisper into your ear?" "I cannot tell you," - "That means you have a liaison with this woman." Yes I have, thought the baron, this is also a liaison eventhough of material nature, which could embarass me at any time. - What do you think, is the baron honest? Yes, he is honest, but he has to give.


All human conclusions, all philosophical meditations are like those of the baron. He is honest, but has to give. He wants to return the loan, but he has no money. Consequently, when someone whispers into your ear, others will ask you "what did he tell you?" I will tell you the story of the two friends and the bear. They were passing through the woods. Suddenly a bear appeared in front of them. One of them climbed quickly a tree but the other one remained on the ground. When the bear came very close to him, he lay on the ground and pretended to be dead. The bear came looked him over, sniffled him and as he thought he is dead walked away without touching him. As soon as the bear went away the first one descended from the tree and asked his friend: "what did the bear tell you?" "He told me next time not to travel with such a fellow like you." I am asking you what peculiarity is there in the character of baron Abizi? He was distinguished with a mysterious sort of pride. He didn't tell his girl what the baroness whispered into his ear not because he didn't want to upset his beloved, but because he didn't want to expose himself. The baron should have said to her "this girl lent me some money, and now she wanted to know when will I return it to her." The readiness of a person to tell the truth, even if it would embarass him, is called in Christianity the state of repentance.


And so to repent means to show your weaknesses, your faults, not before people, but before God. You will say: God I have a few loans which I have to return. - The loans represent weaknesses and faults which man has to cope with. If you can confess to God, you can also confess to your near ones. - What will people think of me? - Let them think what they want. You will present yourself as you are. This is what a real man is in the full sense of the word - honest and noble. Most people today play an unenviable role, because of which they appear dishonest and ignoble. For instance, the elder brother became angry because his father made a feast for his younger brother. He regarded himself as the good son, who worked for his father with readiness, but his goodness was put to a test. Instead of being happy because his lost brother returned, he showed his anger to his father. When I observe the people who come to listen to me, I read from their faces what they are thinking. I know the science of the contraction and expansion of the muscles, and by these I distinguish the good from the bad person. The muscles of the good person expand and his face acquires a calm noble expression. The muscles of the bad man get contracted - and his face becomes tightened. This is due to the law of head, by which the body expands with heat and contracts with cold. You will say that there are exceptions to this law. For instance, the water by freezing expands. This is true, but aside of this exception the law is correct. Observe your face, when you are in a bad mood your face becomes dark and the muscles tighten. When you see such a face don't attempt to talk him out of it, because such a face never listens or believes what you tell him. He says: I am not in the mood, I don't believe anything. So, you believe when you are content, but when you are in a bad mood you don't believe. This is no faith, just a mood. When the circumstances of your life are good, you believe, when they are bad you don't believe. The same way the beloved of baron Abizi lost her faith in him. - Why? - Because another girl came near him and whispered into his ear: "When will you return my money? Don't you know that the time is due?" What is wrong with that? The wrong is in the suspicion. The baron's beloved thought that there is some secret in the whispering.


Many people speak about secrets of nature. Strange are the people who seek secrets. There are no secrets on earth. If you are looking for secrets, then go to heaven where you will find them. What kind of a secret can you find under the snow and ice? If you ask the ice what secret is hidden under it, it will answer you – "wait a little. When the spring comes, and the sun begins to shine stronger, you will see the secret - grass coming out." If you ask the river what is hidden under the ice, it will also tell you – "Wait a little until the ice gets melted, and then you can see the life of the underwater." Consequently, all secrets of earth can be discovered easily. It is just a question of time. When the spring comes the sun gives greater heat and all the secrets one by one come out. — After all, aren't we living in a material world? - Isn't our life real? - When you live, you will yourself become convinced how real you are. This can be proved from the viewpoint of today's science. It is easy to prove even the idea that man is made out of ice. You can see that this is true from the fact that man lives such a short time on earth. In the present condition, man can live at most 120 - 150 years. Is there any record in history of man having lived for 2-3 thousand years? In the Bible it is said that someone had lived for 900 years, but this anyway is in the past. Today no such an instance occurs. That's why I call the men of today men of the ice and snow. The contemporary man is made out of ice. When the sun shines, he melts. When the sun begins to shine even his benevolence turns into water. He lives on earth for at the most six months. You say to someone: "I love you, my heart is burning for you. I am ready for any sacrifice for you." This is so, but how long will your love last? Until spring. When the sun begins to burn the ice will begin to melt and your love will also get melted. When the sun begins to shine even your promises melt. No, say to your creditor: "My friend, I owe you thousand dollars. I am ready to pay you, but I don't have money. You are a big merchant, you own a large restaurant. Let me work for you, and repay you with my work. How much will you pay me?" "Thousand dollars a month. Are you satisfied?" "Yes I am. This way I will pay you my debt and be free."


When you hear me speak like this, someone will say: "How can I, a respectable person, go and work in a restaurant as a simple labourer. This is impossible." Then, how will you pay your debt? "Whenever I have the money I will settle it." This is the philosophy of contemporary people. This is the way educated as well as simple men behave. This is how people also behave in moral issues. The scientist reads about a theory, throws in something new, and claims he invented it. This theory is not his. He didn't think over it. - He just added something. What matters is the fact that the theory is from another scientist. One poet read the poems of several other poets, collected a little from each and wrote it into a few verses. Then he passed them for his own creation. But these are someone else’s verses. I call a poet the one who writes only one poem but it comes from him. If you create a theory, it has to resemble you. When you write a poem it also has to resemble you. What is created by you has to resemble you. Otherwise, everything which doesn't resemble you is foreign, borrowed from somewhere.


He said, to him: "Your brother has come back". The elder brother is not satisfied. Tie gets angry with his father. In Sofia there are also people who are not satisfied with themselves. They ask: "How was this spiritual movement created? Isn't the church sufficient for us?" All the things that are written about us in the papers! The elder brother became angry with his father because he killed a calf for his young son. What is wrong with that? "Your brother has come back" His return is a fact. It would be something else if we your brothers, would come to eat your share, to eat and drink away your wealth. In that case you have the right to be angry. But be sure that we won't take even a penny from you. We will go to work in the field, and with sweat on our brow earn our bread. We will never extend our arm and say: please in the name of God, help us! Who follows the way of God doesn't have to beg. God, who resides in us, never begs. I am against begging, against asking favours from people. There is a sense in asking from Got, but to ask from people is wrong. When you are in need of money you will find it. - How? - In an honest way. Imagine that you can heal people. You go to an ill person of whom the doctors say that he will not live, and you help him. You are poor and the ill person is wealthy. At first he will ask you how much you want. — "I will tell you, but I want to see what is the disease." The doctors say that I have cancer in my stomach. - "I want from you 10,000 dollars. Right away I will sign that I will cure you. And if after one year your disease doesn't get repeated, you will give me the promised 10,000 dollars. If the disease comes back you will give me nothing." Every art has to be put to use in life, otherwise it will remain untried.


I say: The people of the 20th century in whom the awarenesses is awakened, are distinguished by great Intelligence. I use the word "intelligence" in a broad sense. The intelligent person has to have in him the qualities of the real man. It is time that you get rid of your wrong conceptions and conclusions. When you see someone move his arm or leg you have to know why he is doing so. When he is moving his head he may be threatening someone. When he is tightens his fist, he shows that he wants to fight. Many children are born with closed fists. - What does this mean? - 'They want to indicate that they are not very noble. The old person keeps his fists open to show that he is noble, and ready to sacrifice everything. This is good, also. The young and the old have to be natural. This is good and as well bad. For some it is good, for others bad. For instance, you can save a man with a rope who had fallen into a well, and with the same rope you can hand another. This depends on the Intelligence and wiseness of the person. The intelligent persons can use his power for good and evil. I ask you, what do the military people make their swards out of - gold? The part of the sword which kills is made out of steel. You say: "We have no need of knifes. - No, you do need knifes. They say about us: These people speak of peace and love, but they also make use of knifes. - This is it, person has to have character, namely a knife, iron is required of him. Iron is a necessary element for man. If it is absent in us, we cannot speak of a resistant, stable character. If you don't have gold in your blood, you cannot be noble. In order to be quick and intelligent you have to have silver and copper in your body. All the elements are necessary to the human character.


And so, our life, as well as our body are a books, of which we can make use. In this respect, everyone has to study himself. People say of someone who likes to carry his head high, that he is too blown up. The one who carries his head backwords, is lacking in balance. According to the laws of nature, man has to carry his head straight, so that the centre of weight would fall downwords. Otherwise at the slightest deviation from this balance, he nay stumble and fall. You take care of your physical balance, but not in the mental and spiritual world. You borrow 10 - 15 thousand dollars and promise, that after two three months you will return them. But the time for returning the money comes and passes, and you don't want to know. Where is your stability as a person? What does this show? - That you are not clever. This you should know. You should have borrowed as much money as much as you could return. Never borrow more than you need. Never secure the life of others. If man was wise and worked only to make his own life secure, there would be less suffering people on earth then there are now. All great Teachers, who had come to earth, have given many maxims, many rules about life. It is not my business to quote what these Teachers have said. But what they have preached needs to be explained. Today we cannot live the way people did during the time of Christ. After thousand years we will live a little better, but not like during Christ's time. Every epoch requires its own conditions for development. Wt are not the only stimulants for the creation of conditions. There are other creatures above us. God had foreseen a certain plan, which has to be realised. Everything happens in its own time. God demands the reformation and the correction of the world. We are not the ones who are doing it. God demands that there should be order in the world. He wants people to be truthful, honest, just, quiet, controlled, etc. If you think that it is you demanding this, then you are wrong. Be sure of the things God demands. Whatever it is it will be fulfilled.


You say that the world is bad. - No, the world is the way it should be. You think that God created the world bad, but this is not so. The world is bad in relation to your development, and not because God created it bad. From the philosophical point of view we cannot say that the world is bad. In comparison to the future, the world is not perfect, but in comparison, to the past it is better. In the past times, when men fought, how did they treat the war prisoners? - Cruelly. - How do they treat them today? - More humanely. They take the wounded to the hospitals where they treat them and then they exchange prisoners. Then there is betterment in men. The relations of the sons and daughters with their parents are better then in the past, but still a lot is demanded from them to become the way they should. We also could be better then we are now. When I say this I mean that we should utilize better and more rationally the conditions we are given in our hearts, minds and souls. For instance, in Bulgaria there are many natural resources, but there are no men who would utilize them, There are ways in which with a little of fuel, more energy could be produced. The sunrays could be utilized for this purpose, but scientists are needed who would use the natural powers and resources. - Why? - Because, if an inventor comes along, ten others will come up who will be in his way. The Bulgarians are not socialistic minded. They are great individualists, everyone wants to be first. The ambition for being first is well represented in the painting of one artist. He expressed symbolically this idea, this ambition in one high mountain peak. Millions of people want to reach it. The first one who wants to climb towards the peak is grabbed by the others and pulled down. In this moment another one manages to start towards the peak but they pull him down too. This happens with everyone. They pull, grabb and stumble each other, fall and rise, as if they are dancing a group dance, but no one can reach the peak.


Today many say: One cannot live honestly. - Why not? - Because we have not yet arranged our lives. When we get settled, we will live well and be honest. - No, in this way you cannot reach the top. There are more then one way in which we can reach the top. Why did the elder brother get angry when he was told that his younger brother came back? When we love someone, our heart gets opened and we feel happy. Whom we don't love, we are not happy to see. They say: This is my brother. - No, only the one you love can be your brother. This is the law of God. If you love someone he is your brother; if you love someone he is your sister. If you don't love him he is not your brother nor your sister. You become joined with someone you love. The one you don't love you stay far away from him - there is no connection between you.


And so those of you who are advanced in your development, you have to have the correct conception of life. For this everyone has to strive to fulfill the will of God. There is no other will higher or wiser then the divine. In our solar sphere have lived "before us many other more intelligent creatures. They had achieved a high level of development. They are called angels. There is a close bond between the souls of the angels and men. One day they will be our brothers and people will be their sisters. In the house of God there are both sons and daughters.


Today all the people on earth are women - there are no men as yet. Don't imagine of yourself that you are sons of God. There are no sons yet. They are elevated spirits. Until you reach this high position, you will have to work on the fields, make bread and cook. You will work for a long time on the fields and vineyards as farmers. But this is not a task for one person, everyone has to take part in this work. They say about someone that he is a great man. No, the great men are in heaven. The great man have created the solar systems. And on earth both men and women are occupied with insignificant things. Yon continuously keep hearing that Ivan, Peter, Dragan have stolen something, or misused a certain sum of money. What kind of science is in this? What is the sense in caring about the honesty and dishonesty of others? This is woman's business. Only women are occupied with small things. Therefore if men get concerned with small things then they are only woman. You say - a certain Ivan, Dragan, Peter stole something. - What is the sense in getting concerned with other people's affairs? The great life demands a wide scope. It excludes small women's ordinary business. You, sisters, will please excuse me. If you get insulted you have not understood me. Who gets insulted is a woman. Men are still in heaven, they have not yet descended. Only women are on earth. Everyone has to know his role in this sense. Some women wear pants and men's hate and pass for men. But don't imagine anything, you are all women, I can prove this easily to you. - If a man's wife dies, he cries. - Why? - Because he is a woman, only women cry. The angels never cry. They are not familiar with this art, of having tears run from their eyes. The crying is the art of women. You say: which man doesn't cry? They also cry like children. You see someone has got four doctorates, and he cries and still he passes for a man. If he cries he is not a man. It is not bad that you are women, but what is your calling as women?


"Your brother has returned." The father was happy and killed his best calf. But the elder brother got angry and didn't appear at the banquet. - Why? - "Let evil rest under the rock". I say: The discontent of man represents the old-fashioned distorted outlook on life. People still kling to the old. Christ says: "If you don't become like the little children, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God." It hasn't been said anywhere that you will enter the Kingdom of God if you become like the old." But it is said that if you become like the children, then you will enter the Kingdom of God. It is the same way in our environment on earth. Therefore if you cry and become discouraged, you are women. This is the nature of woman, to cry, to get discouraged. She has to know that one day her brother will come and she has to await him, to be ready to welcome him.


Today people are divided into men and women. Actually, the men our brothers, are up there, there they work. Now they are coming our brothers, our advanced brothers. When I say earth, I don't mean the ordinary earth. It is said in the Scriptures: "God will make a new earth and a new heaven," I believe that you will understand the things correctly. I consider you to be wise. The new doesn't contain the qualities of the old. Consequently, the material from which our earth is made, will be changed completely. The material will be taken from the space and from this will be created a new earth. The earth will be changed innerly. New things are being created now. You also are not the same today the way you were last year. Man is constantly transformed, his cells, his thoughts, feelings change and are renewed constantly.


"Your brother returned". One of these brothers, who came to earth was Christ. How did the Jews receive this brother you all know. When He returned to heaven He said: how they had received Him. The Jews were dissatisfied with Him because He told them that they don't live well. He showed them the right way but they didn't listen to him. Today the most beautiful words we can pronounce are: "Your brother has returned". This makes everyone happy. What nationality this brother is makes no difference. Let him express what God has put into his soul. Do not stay in the way of God! Do not correct the divine plan. You will say that you have to have varied opinions. - Yes, you can all have different opinions, but there has to be agreement in the applying of love. We all have to apply the Divine Love. In nature exists great differentiation. All people are not the same hight, but all have to work. As long as people work their lives are meaningful. You will say that the wise people have to work. No, all have to work - the plants, animals as veil as men. What would happen if the plants and animals were to disappear from earth, and only the wise people would remain to work? Each animal, each plant according to the level of its development does some work. You will say that this is not in accordance with religion.


"Your brother has returned". So that you don't get into the situation of the elder brother, throw every bitter feeling out of you. The brother who returned is a Divine Spirit. Therefore when he comes don't fight him. What does the Spirit represent? It is an angel who makes life meaningful. You say: The Spirit entered me and then went out. - This is a childish notion. When the powerful, strong spirit enters into you must say: Brother I am dependent on you, on your power and strength, let them guide me. The student has to let his Teacher guide him completely. The brother has to guide his sister and not the sister her brother. This is the law. It is d in the Scriptures- "I will send my Spirit and it will guide you as to what to do." In the Churches they interpret this in different ways. By "Spirit" I mean in the broad sense the elevated beings - the angels. They are directly concerned with our situation. Their future development depends on their contact with us. When they make this contact they are ascended one step higher. If they don't make it their development will be arrested.


The same thing applies to us - if ye also don't achieve contact with the angels, our development on earth will stop. Then this contact is necessary for our awareness to become broader, and to pass from one phase into another. Many people see that something new is coming to earth. This is spiritual sight.


Now I speak to you of things that happen in the spiritual world. As you are listening to me, you will say, that this are illusions. And of those who believe in this they say that he is hypnotised. - What does hypnotism really mean? - It means the putting off of all the candles in your mind. They leave only one candle to burn. When a person comes out of a hypnotised state all his candles are again putt on. The hypnotised state is necessary. - Why? - So that the person can forget that certain situation which could stumble him. For instance, if the kings son doesn't forget his situation, he wouldn't be able to study. - But he has royal blood. -It isn't the blood which gives knowledge. The king's son has to study with all the students together. He can live without knowledge, but in no case must he remain illiterate. So when we come to earth we have to forget our royal heritage, to forget that we are descendents of God. We have come to earth as kings sons, to learn, and when we acquire knowledge, to return to our fatherland. This way we will have one plus because eventhough we descended from God we have acquired more knowledge.


"Your brother has returned". As some people don't understand the meaning of this verse, they say: Beware of this brother. - What kind of a person is he? Where did he come from? - From broad. You will say that he is stupid, he shouldn't have returned to his father, he is not normal. I ask you, are today's people normal? Let the scientists show us the prototype of the normal person. They say about someone that he doesn't reason logically. I would like to know of what consists the correct logical reasoning. According to me the people of love are the normal people - not of the ordinary love, but the one which raises the person. The person of love is powerful. When he waves with the stick, the table becomes set. When the meal is completed, the table clears itself. You have need of money. You wave the stick and the money comes immediately. - You want to travel someplace. You wave the stick and you find yourself there. What ever you wish you receive. For the ordinary men who are women, the trains are needed to take them from one place to another. All the communications are made in the feminine way. Today women govern everywhere, in the churches, in the government. It is also said in the Scripture: "My country is governed exclusively by children." The children those are women.


The first child that got "born brought unhappiness to the world. But one day, when the woman will complete her development, she will make an excellent sister. Then they will say about her: Thin sister has gone on her own way. How she is a winged angel.


"Your brother has come back". We should be thankful to the father that he was happy when his son returned and killed a calf. We should be thankful that he welcomed his son with joy and made a big feast for him. Let us also enter his house and partake in the joy. We shouldn't be angry with our father like the elder brother, and not to say that the world is bad, but to be thankful that our brother has returned.


"Your brother has come back".


2nd Sermon of the Master, held on March 23rd, 1924 in Sofia.


Your Brother has Come Back

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