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1924_03_16 Him Who Comes to Me


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"Him who comes to me I will not cast out."

John, 6:37


The words of men are like seeds. If you want to understand their inner meaning, you have to sow them in life. Therefore, if you want to know the meaning of a word, you have to sow it as a seed into the soil. Some understand the words, "Him who comes to me" literally, meaning that if one goes to a master to ask for work, he will not be sent away; or that if he works loyally for his master he will not lose his job. But one day you will be thrown out nonetheless, for there isn't a single man who has never gotten thrown out.


"Him who comes to me I will not cast out." These words have a deep inner meaning. Christ doesn't speak as a Jew, nor as a nationalist, but as a man who is proclaiming a great truth. He means that he who comes to God, that is to Love, will not be disillusioned. Follow through the history of human evolution and you will find that whoever has not lived according to the laws of love, whether he be an individual or a nation, has lost everything in his possession. On the other hand, whoever followed the laws of love lives until now. Not only did he not lose anything, but he gained more than he ever had. This is natural, because love is the foundation of life, and only upon love can one build. All civilized people should know this. Without love as the foundation, nothing can be built. The foundation of a building is love, its walls - faith, and its roof - hope. When the hope becomes weak, the roof of the house starts leaking. If they say of someone "the wind is blowing him", this means that his faith is weak. You say, "I have no roof over my head". This means that you have no hope. Therefore, in order to be carefree, you have to have a foundation, walls and a roof - in other words, love, faith and hope.


You ask: "Why don't people succeed in their lives?" - Because they don't depend on love, but on human selfishness, and say: The teaching of egoism is sacred and profitable. The mother says to her son: "My son, think of yourself; don't be stupid and worry about others." A little insect lives in this way. It, too, thinks only of itself. It, too, practices the teaching of egoism. You wonder where man learned this art? He learned it while passing through the kingdom of the insects. In this respect every man is an expert - he knows how to take care of himself. And yet the mother advises her son - who has graduated in natural science - to take care of himself. He already knows that very well; there is no need for her to instruct him further. His mind, even without her prompting, is filled with thoughts about himself. From morning till night man thinks about himself - about his clothes, his shoes, his house - he is fully preoccupied with himself. Everywhere one hears the same advice: "we have to take care of ourselves." Do you think that this is a basic science? Who doesn't think of himself? In the schools and universities we are taught the same thing - to take care of ourselves. But here, no. You will accept the new teaching and forget yourself. And this we had to be told - to forget yourself! It is very simple. If you don't forget yourself you cannot find the truth. If the principle, "to take care of oneself" were valid, let one man come and show us that after living according to this rule, he acquired true happiness. Is there such a man, be he a king, a patriarch or a layman? Everywhere those who have followed this principle have failed. Yet even today we still hear: "Let's think of ourselves, our children, our relatives." Which bird doesn't take care of its eggs and little ones? Which cow doesn't look after its calf? Who doesn't know this art? All of humanity knows the teaching "take care of yourselves" and practices it well. God first taught man to take care of himself, but this teaching has outlived its time.


Many people proceed from the secular world to the religious one, but still follow the old teaching, "take care of yourselves". For them the form changes only to: "take care of our faith". What do you think can happen to your faith? Are you perhaps afraid that you will lose it? Where did your faith come from? Where do your thoughts, feelings and desires come from? Who put into man these higher sentiments that inspire him? Where are these thoughts from, that fill your entire being? Everything that is pure, enlightened and elevated comes from God. In that case why do you fear? This is why man, when he opposes a noble wish or a pure thought, exposes himself to suffering. Therefore, know that the sufferings you pass through are caused by your suppressing the divine in you. When the divine enters you, you begin to correct it and to say: "Wait a little, God; I want to advise you." God tells you: "You have two houses and your brother has none; give one of your houses to him." "Wait, God. I need money now in order to educate my children, and then to marry them off. After these are accomplished, I will begin to consider how to carry out your suggestion. At the moment I do not agree with you. In the future some day I will carry out your will, but not right now." God writes into his book: he is one of the students who corrects the divine. After that, God turns to a priest and tells him: "Hear me. Go to your congregation, and tell them the truth." "Wait, God. We are servants of the church and it imposes upon us certain restrictions which we cannot violate. I am a sagacious, learned man; I cannot discredit myself before my audience and lose my authority. One day I will tell them the truth, but in the meantime I will continue to deceive them somewhat. You will see what bright ideas I can make up!" God enters into his book: the priest also corrects the divine. Every church and every faith has excellent laws, but there is always something lacking in them. What is missing? Love is not included among them. A person accuses me: "You love someone else more than me." You have not understood love. There is only one being in the world that you can love - God. If you love the little leaves, blossoms and branches more than God, you have not comprehended the divine. When I know a person, I know the divine in him. If I love him, it is again for the God in him. Without the divine, he is just a dry branch. As a dry branch he is worth nothing to me. I would throw him in the fire and burn him.


Christ says: "Him who comes to me I will not cast out." In the Book of Love there is not a single code according to which love can send anyone away from her. So abundant is love, and so many methods does she possess to amend the mistakes of the ignorant and incorrigible people. She welcomes people who have been forgotten in the cellar of nature. If their legs and arms are broken, she heals them; if their eyes are lost, she gives them new ones. Christ tells his followers, "Whoever comes to me I shall not send him away," This is a sentence which can be easily twisted into different meanings. Some say that Christ means this, that Christ shall receive whoever believes in Him. In other words, whoever thinks that Christ is the Son of God will be received. Many other meanings are attributed to this verse. This is not a problem. In life one has to use the following rule: in all your sufferings and trials throughout your life there shouldn't ever appear a shadow of suspicion in your mind that there is a flaw in God. I tell you, don't put God far away from yourself. He is always present in the soul of man, and talks to him all the time. If you contemplate committing a crime, immediately you will hear the divine voice talking to you. It whispers to you softly, "don't do this". If you think of going someplace where you shouldn't go, the divine voice advises you again, "don't go there". After you commit a crime, you confess to God that you have killed your brother. God resurrects your brother in your mind and, wherever you go, he accompanies you. You get up in the morning - your brother is with you. You go to bed at night - again he is with you. You just cannot get rid of him. Then you remember that you had heard a voice which advised you not to commit the murder, but you disregarded it.


Christ says: "Him who comes to me I will not cast out." This means that God lives in us and we in God. All people will understand this. I am speaking about those whose conscience is awakened. And to those whose conscience is not yet awake this is immaterial. It is said in the Scriptures: "Sell your possessions and divide the money among the orphans." You ask how it is possible to give up all you have worked for all your life? This is natural. I can demonstrate easily how this can happen. A ship loaded with goods is under sail. On the sea it cannot unload, but as soon as it reaches the harbor it will. Why? Because this is its destination. Doesn't this make sense? I tell some friends: you will unload in the harbor. To those who are yet at sea I say: you will sail on with your goods. When you reach the harbor you will unload. I ask someone: have you arrived at the harbor? Yes, I have. Then soon you will unload. I ask someone else, are you still at sea? Yes, I am. Then you will wait until you reach the harbor. Someone is not satisfied that he is still at sea. Someone else has reached the harbor but remains loaded. If you are loaded and have reached the harbor, you have to unload. After that you go to the city of God, walk around a little, take what you need, reload your ship and return to the harbor from which you sailed.


Christ says: "Him who comes to me I will not cast out." This is also the way a true friend feels. Do you know what it means to have a friend?


In one American harbor passengers were coming down from a ship. Everyone of them was met by either a mother or a father, a brother, a sister, a relative or a friend. All were kissing and embracing and happy to see each other. One traveler, a poor man, came down from the ship, but there was no one to meet him. He was thinking, "Isn't there one God-loving man to greet me?"


At that very moment a man came towards him, took the poor man by the hand, kissed him and said, "come on, brother, lets go". So there was a man who loved God after all.


I say, when man comes to earth he has to have at least one friend. Who is your friend? In the dark night of your conscience, when you are very discouraged, deserted by all and very depressed, a still, small voice whispers to you, "Do not fear! I am with You." I ask you now, is there a reason for you to be discouraged? Do you have to contemplate suicide? No, here is no place for death. Who is this at the harbor who is meeting you? It is He, your true friend. He is the one who says to you, "I am going to arrange for you a dwelling and when I return, I will take you to Me, because where I am you shall be, too." Christ not only will not send you away, but He will take you to Him. When I say that Christ will take you to Him, you begin to fear and think that death is awaiting you. No, this is not death, but true life. When they tell you anything about the other world, you are afraid, and yet you come to earth crying. He, whom Christ takes to Him, will not die. According to me all those who sin are dead people. In the Scriptures it also says: "The sinners are dead people, and those who love are alive."


Only God's love can heal our wounds and unite us. Only love can bind us to God and make our lives meaningful.


Love recommends a person. What recommends a good painter? - His paintings. If you are a painter just because you have paints and brushes - then anyone could be such a painter. No, it is the paintings, the creations, that make one a painter. What recommends an author? Is it his pen? No, it is his books with valuable thoughts that distinguish him. What recommends a good man? - His virtues, not only his good deeds. His soul is expressed through his virtues.


I say, people who live on earth for thousands of years could not at once change their way of life, but they have to begin with the new life from within. Even the doctors come to this conclusion. They begin to realize that the cause for many diseases is food, and that's why they prohibit the sick to eat meat, and advise the healthy not to indulge in food. What should the sick do? He should eat a little toasted bread, light vegetable soup and fruits.


Imagine a glutton, who has been eating only roasted chicken and lambs, to have to be satisfied with such simple food! But if the doctor prescribes the diet, there is nothing he can do but to comply. A doctor told an American millionaire: "Listen, I know that you are extremely wealthy, but for the sake of your health you must eat nothing but oats." This is also the diet of a horse. And this millionaire ate nothing but oats for three whole years. To you such a diet must be a deprivation. But actually it is a happiness to spend three years of your life on a strict diet which will purify your thoughts and desires. What greater bliss is there than to be able to purify your mind and heart to the extent, that when you come across a kindhearted person you don't have the desire to take advantage of him. If you are not purified, the moment you meet such a person, you will want something from him. He will give to everyone without impoverishing himself. But what sort of people are those who always want to be given? A liberal minded man went to a millionaire and demanded: "Sir, you have millions of dollars, you owe me part of your wealth." "Yes, I do owe you." And the millionaire sits down and begins to calculate: "On earth there are two-and-a-half million people, and I have two-and-a-half million dollars. Here is one dollar for you. This is your share. Let the rest of the people in the world come and claim their share. I owe them too." That's the way it is. Everything on earth belongs to nature, consequently to all of humanity and not only to some individuals. This is true not only in words, but in actuality as well. Everything on earth is a common wealth - everyone has equal right to partake at the banquet of God.


All people as souls have equal rights. - Why? - Because they all are created by God and He regards them all equally. God regards all creatures the same, from the smallest to the biggest ones. - How is this possible? Doesn't man have the image and likeness of God? Man is higher than all the other animals, and so God should treat him in a special way. - You have no right to speak this way. The present day man is far from the image and likeness of God. Today, when there are millions killed on the battle fields one cannot speak of man having kept the image and likeness of God! Only those who love, have the image and likeness of God. It is impossible to encourage killing and speak of love. In the Scriptures there are also stories of killings, but what is the result of such deeds? When Cain killed his brother, God asked him right away: "Cain, where is your brother Abel?" "I don't know, I am not his servant to follow him everywhere", answered Cain. "The blood of your brother cries to you. And so that no one will kill you, I will put a sign for recognition on your forehead. Thus you will carry the sign of your crime for centuries." And inspite of this, you pass for Christians, civilized people. You let this one be hanged, that one killed. How dare you preach Christianity at the same time? If the world could have been saved through killings and hangings, it would have been saved long time ago. And is the world actually good? Then this law is wrong. The world doesn't get saved through killing and executing.


The Jews also preached about God, but they had a wrong conception of Him. When a prominent man came once to Christ asking what he could do in order to inherit eternal life, Christ replied: "You call me benevolent. If I tell you the truth will you accept it? " Christ told him, what he had to do in order to gain eternal life, but the man became thoughtful, got up and left. He had to decide whether or not he wanted to divide his wealth among the poor. And he was questioning whether this would be in accordance with the traditional ways of his contemporaries. If he gives away his possessions to the poor and follows Christ, what would the wise men say of him. I tell you, you need not worry, there are no wise men in this world. You will say that the religious people are crazy. But all the people are crazy. The whole world has fallen into sin - say the Scriptures. If this is true, then people don't know what they are doing. They are like half-wits. We are people of the Twentieth Century, we are civilized. - I acknowledge only one culture, according to which not a single crime is permissible. - It is impossible for us to practice this culture in its absolute sense. We live on earth, have children, we have to take care of them. We cannot be absolutely honest, we have to lie a little and steal a bit. But the fact that you have children and live on earth is not an excuse. You have to live without lies, without theft. The mothers lie on a grand scale, and the fathers as well. The mother tells her child, "Go, dear, do this for me and I will give you something." The child does the task, but he receives nothing. Next time the same thing happens - the mother wants something from her child, promises to give him an apple, but she doesn't keep her promise. At the end the child concludes: "mother and father lie, brother and sister lie as well, therefore I will also lie." This is not moral. After some time the mother starts moralizing to her child: "Don't lie, don't steal, there is God in heaven who punishes the bad and unruly children." But no matter how much she moralizes to her child, it is of no use now. The child follows the living example. You insult someone with a bad word and he jumps up and starts defending himself: "How dare you insult me, I am an honest man." It's too late, you have lost your reputation as an honest man. The truly honest man is he who doesn't get tempted by the lies and promises of the devil. If you believe him, befriend him and then you discover that he cheated you, you will suffer and torment yourself.


Two young men, who were good friends had always talked a lot about the nature of woman. They had both heard that woman is a monster and very difficult to handle. One of them was a strict and serious pedagogue. He got married first, to a good girl. As he had known that women are terrible creatures, he right away on the first day of his wedding decided to give his wife a lesson - he took a cat and tore it to pieces in front of his wife. When she saw this, she became frightened and decided - this man is terrible, how I didn't know him before. If he can tear up a cat, without blinking, he will stop at nothing. I have to be careful. So she began to treat him with care and respect. Whatever she intended to do, she always consulted him. She addressed him "dearest" and he her "sweetest" and so they lived for ten years in peace and harmony. The second man got married as well, but his life was not good. His wife always quarreled with him, she never listened to him and she didn't want to know him. One day he asked his friend: "brother, how come that you live so well with your wife, and I have had no peace or quiet ever since my wedding." "Listen my friend, on the first day of my wedding I tore up a cat in front of my wife. She became frightened, and decided that in order for us to live well we have to respect each other." "If this is the case, I will also tear up a cat in front of my wife." He took a cat and tore it up in front of his wife, but she only looked on and smiled, then said to him: "It is too late, my friend, even if you tear up ten cats in front of me I will not get frightened. Nothing will help now." After you commit a crime you also realize and say: "do you know that I am an honest man?" - It is too late. There must be no division and breach in your conscience.


Christ says: "Him who comes to me I will not cast out." He will not only send no one away, but where he is we shall also be. How is the young generation being brought up these days? The mother says to her daughter: "Daughter, think of yourself, guard yourself from other people, they are evil." The father says the same thing to his son. But I tell you, put preaching aside. Inspire your children with love. There is no other way. When you instill love into your children you have achieved everything. Begin with love. In order to bring up your child, you have to feel that you wish his good as you do your own. You have to give him all the rights and privileges that you reserve for yourself. While you are on earth you have to realize that the sun shines equally for man as well as the smallest insect and plant. But whoever thinks this way today? You regard the animals and plants as an amusement. But God looks at you also as an amusement. What do you say to that? All your sufferings and difficulties are diversions for God. - Doesn't he see that we suffer? - He sees and understands everything, but he only looks at you, smiles and says: "Just listen to me, and do not be afraid. He who listens to me I will free him from all his sufferings in one moment." Everyone can try this. When you become discouraged think about God and His love, and put all your trust in Him. Your conscience will immediately become cleared, your mind will begin to work, and you will feel inner peace. This is what it means to live in happiness and joy, to be a citizen of the new life.


Whenever you are unable to manage your life, you say: "Let's get out of here! Let's leave this land!" There is no reason to leave. "The world is bad, our life is difficult." You shouldn't run away, life is a great blessing, but people themselves poison it with their crooked thoughts and desires. They put poison in their own lives. "What should we do then?" Like chemists, you have to remove all the poisonous elements from your desires and leave in them only the divine, which is powerful enough to enlighten your minds. "We want to be free." How will you win your freedom, with wars and murders? If you read the Bible you will see that no other nation fought for their freedom as much as the Jews. Did they achieve freedom? Even today they are not free yet. They are working and fighting for the foundation of at least a tiny state. God, whom they served and whom they crucified, is teaching them not to be selfish, to open their hearts wide, and to love God and their neighbors. Every nation must know that it cannot become great through wars, but through the path of God.


You say: "We have to realize our national aim." What is your national aim? "We have to become great." To me, a nation or a man is great only when he is united with God. Therefore, if there is only one man, who is united with God and lives according to His laws, he will raise not only one nation, but the entire world. "Then why don't you unite the Bulgarian people with God?" - I have not come to unite anybody. I have come to show people the right way. "Do you preach the truth?" Come and find out for yourself! There is only one thing people have not tried yet, - the union with God. Connect yourself with God and you will achieve everything. The new way of life will not make monks and nuns out of you, it will not deprive you of worldly goods, but it will make your life meaningful wherever you are. And if you have the lowest position, if you are united with God, your life will be paradise. Wherever you will trod streams will spring out, and you will bring blessing.


I will give you an example from life - One rich merchant had bought himself a turkey and was looking around for someone to carry it home for him. He looked here and there and couldn't find anyone. At the same moment a gentleman passed him and inquired of the merchant whether he could be of help to him. "I have bought this turkey and am looking for someone to carry it home for me." "I am ready to help you." The merchant handed the turkey to him and the man took it to his house. Then the merchant took out a dollar to pay the man who had helped him. "No, thank you, but I cannot take your money." "Why? You are not satisfied? Do you know who I am?" said the merchant and handed him his card. At the same time the man also handed his card to the merchant. You can imagine how astonished the merchant was when he read on it: George Washington, President of the United States. There is another story from Washington's life: Some ten soldiers were working on a bridge. They had to lift a heavy beam. They tried from here and from there, waved their arms excitedly, ran around it, but they just couldn't lift it. They saw an officer passing by and asked him for help. But he shouted at them: "Don't you see I am a field Marshall?" At the same time there was a gentleman passing who heard the refusal of the field Marshall, and right away came up to the soldiers and put his shoulder under the beam and helped them move it. When they finished he gave his card to the soldiers on which they read with awe: General Washington.


The contemporary merchants and field marshalls feel their nobility and don't lower themselves to carry turkeys or lift beams. And still you preach about Christ and cry for Him, because he had to carry his heavy cross. Both men and women lament for Christ, but don't get disturbed by the thought that there are somewhere Christ's brothers and sisters who walk around naked and barefoot, who have to sell their chastity. I ask - what sense does such Christianity make? If the thought of Christ and his love enters the hearts of all living creatures, the world will be saved in one moment. God speaks to those people, who want to apply His love and live in the new way.


Christ said: "Him who comes to me I will not cast out." This applies to those who, having arrived in the harbor, are ready to follow the laws of Christ. Everyman can fulfill His laws. Man's mind is powerful! If you believed in Christ the way you should, you could also fulfill His laws. But most people regard Christ as an historical person who had lived on earth 2000 years ago. This is a literal understanding. God lives in the hearts and minds of men even at present. He occupies the whole universe, all the worlds - the Sun, Venus, Jupiter. God attends even to the smallest beings, speaks with them and arranges their relations with the bigger beings. To man, a higher being, God gave more endowments and told him: "Always be good and wise, and express your love towards all living creatures." This is the new teaching which you have to practice. When you follow it conscientiously your face will light up. All will recognize that you are with Christ. "Do you believe in God?" "It doesn't matter to me what I believe. What counts is that I am ready to share my bite with my brother," "What about your bed? Or your room?" "I can share with my brother everything that belongs to me. But the problem is that I don't own my bed and room. If I possessed anything, I would share it all with him who is in need. Tomorrow they will come and throw me out of my room. But I have one place where I can receive anyone in need and this is in my heart. I pray for the salvation of every soul and, for the well being of all living creatures, without them knowing it. My wish is that we all pray for each other." - "But how do we pray for each other?" You will pray with love and from the depth of your hearts. I have seen how the older child implores his mother to forgive his little brother. He takes his mother's hand and begs her not to punish him. The mother loves her children, but when she sees how her children also love each other, she is touched and ready to forgive them.


"Him who comes to me I will not cast out." Why will He not send anyone away? Because love is in Him. It solves all cardinal problems. The scientist who is filled with love, will remain a scientist, the lawyer will remain a lawyer. It is important that the soul of man would be filled with love, and become as pure as crystal and sparkle like a diamond, Christ says that he will not throw anyone who comes to Him out, but people speak constantly about casting out. We cannot throw anyone out, we don't have the right to. God has created all living creatures, and only He has the right to dispose of them as he likes. God has given life to all creatures and human beings. Therefore we have to live according to His wish. -"We want to love each other, but don't know how." Turn to God. He will show you how to love each other. Now, I am not teaching you something you don't know. I am merely reminding you what you had known but forgotten. You know how to love; you know the teaching of love, I will only remind you. In the Scriptures it is written: "When the Spirit of Truth comes, He will teach you and remind you everything." I also will merely remind you of love, and whoever is ready will accept it. And then you will be free. Only in love is there freedom. Where love exists, there is inner understanding among the people. When you love, you are not only considerate to the person outwardly, but innerly as well - towards his mind, heart and will. In love there is no doubt, no insult, no despair. Everything is positive in love. Negative powers do not thrive in love. They burn in it. Love invites them to her, treats them hospitably, disciplines them and then they stay in her domain as faithful servants for ever. People's opinion that the sinners will perish, means rather that they will reeducate themselves and rise higher, and then they will say: "One time we were blind, but now we can see. Once we thought that way, now we think otherwise." Remember, God lives in your hearts. In order to revive yourself, to free yourself from slavery, to make use of your powers, turn to God with the words: God, we want to follow Your laws, to execute Your will and to express Your thoughts. Fulfill everything with thanksgiving for God's love to you, and do not doubt Him.


"He who comes to me I will not cast out." We roust turn our hearts to Christ and to thank Him for His love to us. When you love, that means you are fulfilling Christ's law. When you follow this law you are uniting yourself with God. What greater bliss can there be than such a union. It means that the whole world is open to you, that you have a free ticket to travel. You can go wherever you wish. - You think these are lies? - But they are not. You have to visit the world of the angels to see what culture they possess. Whoever had been there and then had returned to earth, he could never reconcile himself with the rough conditions of life on earth. Only strong and self-denying people are permitted to enter the world of the angels. For this reason Christ says: "Who doesn't denounce his mother, his father and himself, he cannot become my disciple." It is also said: "Love God with all your mind, with all your heart and all your soul and all your strength, love your neighbor as yourself." This means, to pass from death to life - e.g., from life on earth to the life of the angels. You cannot understand the culture of the angels before you enter their world. "Can we also become angels?". Yes you can. "When?" - When you transform yourself not only in mind but also in being. In Bulgaria there are many angels in mind, but not a single one in being. To be an angel in being means to be able to say at a time of personal disaster - such as losing his wealth - in a quiet and calm way: "Blessed be God, God gave, God took." Or in the event of the death of a beloved one: "Blessed be God. God destroyed the old house, he will give a new one, there is no evil in the world which God's love cannot turn into good." This is a truth which is hundred and one percent correct. When you know this apply your faith and do not get discouraged. You ask: "Does this apply to us?" It applies to all. If I had the time I would write a personal invitation to everyone of you. Since I don't have the time I am writing it to all: God of love invites you to return to the path of love, and to follow its laws. "How do we know that we are on that path?" Your sufferings will disappear. For it is said: "God will wipe away all your tears, he will erase all your sins and he won't mention them again," In this way joy and happiness will pervade the world. Young and old, women and children, all will live in joy. There will be no death on earth. This is what it means to live in love.


"He who comes to me I will not cast out," says Christ. And today Christ sends you also a special invitation. Take the invitation with you and when you reach your home read it once again carefully. Put the invitation next to your heart. Hide it so people wouldn't see it. The same way that the young girl hides her love letters from her mother. Her mother sees that she is hiding something and asks her what it is. But the girl denies everything because she doesn't dare say the truth as she is shy. I say to you: read and reread the invitation of Christ, until your heart is filled with love. There is nothing greater in the world than the love of God. We should be in union with Him.


You complain: "My nerves are unstrung. I don't know what to do." - Your nerves need love. Your mind requires enlightenment, your heart warmth and your will strength. And all this you can receive from universal love. By universal love I mean the living God, who calls upon all the nations. The Kingdom of God is coming to earth. - "When will it come?" It will. In the Scriptures is said: "The word of God will not return without bringing its fruits." This is only a matter of time. When the time comes all the people and nations will embrace this great truth. And then the verse: "the wolf and the lamb will feed side by side" will be fulfilled. This was said by Isaiah several thousand years ago.


"He who comes to me I will not cast out. I am going to my Father to prepare a dwelling and I will return and take you with me, because, where I am you shall be too." Where there is love, there is Christ. He lives in the soul of man. Therefore the time is approaching, when we will become citizens of the great Kingdom of Love, where there is peace, light and freedom of thought.


"He who comes to me I will not cast out."


1. Sermon of the Master held on 16th March, 1924 in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Him Who Comes to Me

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