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1935_08_06 Rejoice!


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Be glad about that which is fulfilled!


Do not regret that which is not fulfilled!


Everything that is fulfilled is due to God.


Everything that is not fulfilled is because of man.


If something is not fulfilled, do not grieve; if something is fulfilled, be glad.


Be glad about the one head which you have. Do not regret that you do not have two heads; i.e., do not be sad about the two heads which you do not have.


Do not climb a high mountain with a heavy pack! He who climbs a high mountain with a heavy load cannot go far.


This is enough for now. If you are given more, you will be overburdened and will not be able to climb high.


Now let us descend and be glad about that which is happening, and let us not regret that which does not happen.


August 6, 5 A.m.


John 8.

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