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The Two Masters


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The Two Masters


"No servant can serve two masters. You cannot serve God and the mammon."1


Two rational principles are functioning in the world. By saying that you cannot serve these two principles at the same time, Christ means that you cannot be twice more active than you can endure, i.e. greater pressure cannot be produced in a caldron than it can stand. These two principles cannot be placed on a single caldron. In the occult science these principles are called first and second, but in science they are termed as positive and negative. The positive principle is always stronger, and the negative - weaker. The creative force always manifests itself in the weaker principle. What builds in the world is not the strong, but the weak. That is why destructive people are always stronger than the good, the mild people. You have these two principles in yourself at the same time. For instance, when you get angry and cry out, "Put order here at once!" all the servants, women and children get frightened and obey. But this principle is not creative, it does not create anything. Only when you turn your attention inside yourself and get calm, everything acquires its natural state. The first principle, in which evil, hatred and lying originate, is not evil in itself. You have peculiar notions of hatred and falsehood. In order to be able to lie, one must be clever for a foolish person cannot lie. This is a great philosophy, but in contemporary society it is called "superior diplomacy." Women possess this kind of diplomacy as well. When the man is stronger in the first principle, his wife caresses him, calls him "darling" and by her softness, she tames him so as to assimilate this high principle. When these two principles are balanced, they begin to work together: the first principle gives of its surplus to the second one. Christ says, "You cannot serve the first and the second principle at the same time; you cannot serve hatred and love at the same time." These two things are mutually incompatible; they are diametrically opposed, as they do not move in the same direction. Take two merchants, for example - they can work together, for they are moving in the same direction having the same interests, but a merchant and a doctor cannot work together.


The word Lord means the highest principle, the noblest principle which creates. This principle is soft and plastic, but this does not limit it. It is immortal - death does not exist in this second principle. There is death in the first principle only because the strong destroy themselves by the power they possess. Only strong people can commit suicide. Take for instance the scorpion - when it is surrounded by fire and has no escape it commits suicide by the sting of its poisonous tail. It prefers suicide to being burned alive. The first principle has created the cosmos; the material world together with your bodies, energies and forces necessary for their upbuilding. When you want to give up the first principle, you must give back everything it has given you. But when you return everything to it, what will remain of you? You will return to the second - become one with God. There will be no John or Dragan, angels or devils and a general state of peace and calm will reign in the world. No questions will be raised as to which side will win in the war or what will happen after the war ends. All questions will be solved. All these things will merge in the first principle, which will withdraw into itself. When a person wants to become energetic, they must be salted; evil in the world is salting and a person should become bad in order to be salted. When a person looses their saltiness, God sends the first principle to produce salt. But people should not serve this principle. Christ takes it as it is manifested on the earth, not as it is manifested above among the angels. One cannot be rich and pious at the same time. I do not believe in such piety. When a person's purse is full of gold and silver and they pretend to be a saint, I doubt in their sanctity. All riches in the world belong to the Lord; and the moment you think the power and influence you have are your own, you are serving the first principle. This principle is individual and disunites all beings, because it is not a master of uniting, but just the opposite. It can create thousands of people; but it cannot create conditions under which they can live. This principle is possessed of anger which leads to the trashing and killing of people.


I shall tell you an anecdote as an example of this idea. A peasant had no children and often prayed to God to bless him with progeny. One day he filled a big sack with grains of wheat and prayed that God turn these grains of wheat into children. God answered his prayer and turned all the grains into children. When the peasant got up in the morning, all the children began crying and asking for food. That angered him very much and he said, "These children will eat my head off" and started killing them. One of the children, who had hidden behind a door, started crying and begging him not to kill it. This is the first principle in you - evil, which is active and when it comes, it says, "I shall destroy." But when the second principle - which people call love, the mother, the power of all things - comes into the world, it immediately softens the first principle and the two, joined together, give birth to the greatest and the highest in the world. When you serve the Lord, it is only through Him that you can influence the first principle. Only God has the power to save you from death. If you do not serve God, you will be swallowed up by the first principle for such is the law. Water returns to its original source; so does money and power. Everything returns, for all things have sprung up from the first principle. However, in Love, there is a manifestation in the world of the absolute God whom no one knows - the unknown God of whom people have no idea. "The God you will not know but worship is the one I am preaching to you about," says Paul. He is the only One who holds in Himself these two great principles through which He is manifested. Since one principle destroys, while the other builds; you cannot destroy and build at the same time. When you hate you destroy; but when you love you build and create. Some people think that the first principle has apparently the desire to build in some people; nevertheless it devours at the same time.


"I shall love you. I love you but I shall eat you up." This is the way a cat plays with a mouse until finally it presses it down and swallows it up. This is what people call love! Some think that the Hindu idea of "Nirvana" is merely blending with God, not building. This is partly true - there is both blending and building. One must be in accord with the second principle and live with it. There is an eternal aspiration in the second principle to unite all beings into a whole. It is the aspiration of Christ that God should be manifested individually by every Soul. God wishes to create in the world small abodes in which He can live. He who can understand this profound principle is a great Soul.


Many contemporary philosophers are tangled up in these two principles. The first principle has taken upper hand in all pessimists, anarchists and that kind of people both in the religious and social aspects of life. I am observing society and have many statistics of this fact. A woman marries a man and, in the course of two or three years, she exhausts him, tires and destroys him and marries a second time. She exhausts her second husband also. She marries a third time and does the same thing to her third husband. Then people say, "This woman brings bad luck to men." The same thing applies to some men. A man who cannot live with a woman is one in whom the first principle has taken the upper hand and when he marries a woman, he destroys her. For such a woman and such a man the second principle must be so strong that it will create balance with the first. In religious societies such disputes often arise in which the first principle comes to the fore. For instance the question as to who should take the first place nearest the altar arises. On the physical plane it is not possible to put many chairs by the altar and if all should want to sit up there, the priest will not be visible. The same questions arise among teachers as to who should be the principal. How many principals can there be? Only one. The question of superiority can be found among preachers, military men and so on. This is a natural struggle, it is a great divine process which all angels have undergone. Many angels have passed the test, they have passed through the first principle and have entered the second one and now they are serving God, while others have not passed the test, they have fallen and now they serve the first principle - mammon - that is why they are called demons.


Among people there are also some who serve the first and some who serve the second principle. After some time when humanity ends its evolution, takes its wreath, everyone will go to their place. This is why Christ says, "Without Me - meaning the second principle - you can do nothing." There is deep meaning in these words: if you remain alone to struggle in the world, you will become servants of the first principle and then all negative qualities as tiredness, jealousy, repulsion, discontentment, which destroy you, will become manifested in you. In this principle you cannot find any benefit for the world or any sense in life. That is why Christ says, "You cannot serve both God and mammon." If you serve mammon, you will be on the bottom of hell in constant discontentment and you will never understand even why you are a man or a woman. You may pass through all forms of creation, but you will always be discontented, because people by themselves are never content. The word "discontentment" means that you cannot be content with your outside appearance since human spirit is much greater, requiring a much larger activity than the one we actually perform. You have a small body, but the spirit wants a greater one. An eternal struggle begins. And in this struggle you say, "Might is right", which is the first principle, but when you say, "The weak has the right," that is the second principle. Someone commits a crime and by giving the judge two or three thousand leva2, the latter acquits them. Just as during the Middle Ages by buying indulgences, one's sins were forgiven. However, in the building of your life, Christ does not tolerate division. If you are divided in yourself, you must rise above that state and work within God. Only then will you understand the deep meaning of those forces working in the universe.


Those who have started on the Way, the initiated, have a greater experience. Why? They are suffering more than the worldly people because in Christianity, along with the first principle, the second one is growing stronger. Where Love is manifested, the first principle also manifests itself; though it remains as a mere shadow - a shadow of creation. By "a shadow" I mean a principle which causes death. The first principle in itself is dark and brings darkness, but the second principle always brings light to the mind. When the first principle acts, you feel great sorrow and have no sense in life, but as soon as the second principle comes, you become high-spirited and rise. In the first principle you grope for an exit and if you do not find one, the thought of the scorpion obsesses you - to commit suicide in order to get rid of the unfavorable conditions of life, which you have created yourself. Thus the first principle is extremely avaricious and insatiable; in it there is no end to desires. What life can there be in the insatiable? What meaning can there be in a life moving forever in a straightforward line? Supposing you travel through the universe with the speed of light - what meaning can that motion have for you? It makes no sense to enter one, two or three houses which are empty. There is meaning in getting acquainted with those who live there; to have communion with their minds and hearts. Acquaintance and friendship in the world is to be in accord with this divine principle which, here on earth, is expressed in Christ.


The first principle has created many illusions in the human mind. Since it bears all the shadows, it is strong; it has created many combinations by which it gives Divine Love a chance to manifest itself. Thus, Love finds expression in it and the first principle is like its soil. Nevertheless, it is striving to conquer the second principle - Love - but Love cannot be conquered. It is a Law which regulates all things in the world. The first principle is afraid of the second for when it faces the latter, it comes into the Light and, seeing its image, is obsessed by fear. Just as when you go to someone who loves you, your heart begins to throb. It says, "You have come to your Master, I have swallowed quite a number like you." Men, women, children - the hearts of all quiver. A man and a woman who have a hidden thought - the first principle - want to dominate; but when they realize that this principle does not yield, they say, "Here is my Master, here is the second principle, the Divine One, which gives expression to life and immortality." The Scripture says, "Love casts out fear," and in order to be happy, we must by all means be joined to Christ, otherwise our path is lost. If we do not serve God, we shall serve the mammon. If we serve God, we have torn down the mammon; but if we do not serve God, mammon will come and say, "You will serve me!" Every one of you must know this. Someone says, "I want to be free." You will be free if you serve Love, otherwise you will serve mammon and be a slave. You cannot serve God and mammon at the same time. It is impossible! People often say, "Let me beat them and they will have fear of me." You can beat them up or frighten them, but they will not love you. I would like to see someone among you who have gained a person's love through beating them. I have not yet met such a person. I am not the only person who says this: all great people and all saints have stated it.


When the first principle gains the mastery over the human heart, the individual becomes dry, hard and begins to stiffen. Everything in them stiffens: their heart, their muscles, their hands, their legs, their arteries and so on. Then the doctors say that such a person is sick of arteriosclerosis. I say that this is due to the first principle, which has hardened the person and obsessed their heart. When God sees a person possessed of the first principle, He begins to bring in disunity, i.e. the second principle begins to act. When Love enters the first principle, it begins to organize it within itself. This is a struggle which acts mechanically in the world. It takes place in all social strata; in the minds of philosophers; in religious societies; everywhere. It acts until the second principle takes predominance and organizes our hearts, our bodies and we become immortal. Christ and the second principle wish to have predominance in our cells and in the monads in order to render them indestructible, immortal. Only then shall we pass from the transitory to the unchangeable and enter the region of Eternal Unity - the Eternal Divine Harmony. That is why the world was created, so that the human hearts and minds should pass from the first principle into the second. The process is from left to right. For instance, how do you work? You move to the left so the right hand may exert greater pressure. There are exceptions as some people are left handed, but generally when one works, one moves from left to right. This principle is the reason why the heart has moved a little to the left. Physiologists today say it is because of the way a child has lain in the womb of their mother but this is not the reason. In time, the heart must move to the middle between the two lungs; only then will there be harmony between Wisdom and Love.


Now, speaking about your heart, I imply the idea of harmony between your thoughts and desires. Your desires always dominate your mind. You think well and say, "I shall do this, I shall do that," but you get angry and destroy everything. A man and a woman are in love, but one day the woman meets another man, handsomer than her own husband; one who has a fine moustache, black hair and eyes and she says, "I found him at last!" And the home, built for twenty years, is destroyed. This woman is unfortunate for she has found the first principle. The same thing applies to men and children. A child thinks their father is foolish and bad and says, "That other father is better than mine." Children often compare their mother with other mothers and say, "Those other children's mother is more beautiful and better than ours," and at once disharmony arises in their home. The first principle has sneaked in again. I am not speaking of the depth of this philosophy, but only to point out how weak you are. As I see you, you are still weak, you are like nails which must be pounded in by the hammer.


When the hammer comes, it will ask you, "Do you know me?"


"I know you."


You will be pounded in so well that you will even come out on the other side. You will realize that you are nails and that the strength is not in you, but in the hammer. The hammer says, "Do you see where you go when I pound you?" The force, however, is not in the hammer, but in its handle. It is not there, either; but in the hand.


The hand says, "The force is in the brain, not in the hand."


If the brain does not give an order to the hand to be raised, what will become of it? It is the same with people. Two friends, two nails get together and start talking. One says, "I was pounded in twenty centimeters, do you know what weight they hang on me? No one can pull me out, I do the greatest work." This is the reasoning of nails. A Christian enters a church and says, "I did this for the Lord, I turned a person to Him!" You are like a thief who robs someone's purse and opens it: you have stolen the heart of this person and carried it away, leaving the person to complain all his life.


Some mothers think they have given life to a child and then leave the child at a children’s ward. Why do you deceive the child that you have given it life! The second principle does not tolerate falsehood. Lying, violence, hatred, jealousy - all these things are compatible in a society of evil people. Those traits seem natural to them and when two bad men fight, they feel a satisfaction for a time. It is the same with a wolf and a lion after they tear up a sheep and eat it up. They feel; however, in a few hours' time, they feel the need of tearing up another victim. In the contemporary civilization we can find many similar examples. A similar thing took place in America in the city of New York where a court case was brought up. A doctor felt great satisfaction in killing people and in a short period of time, he actually killed twenty-five persons. He hired a woman secretary and killed her first by cutting her piece by piece, watching the effect of his action. He did the same to 24 other persons and burned them all up in a stove. That man was obsessed with animalistic hatred when he was slaughtering his victims. He was examined phrenologically in a New York prison and they found that his eyes and jaw were deformed. He had been under the influence of the first principle. Often such criminals have a desire to have long beards. The big beard is a sign of the presence of the first principle. I do not wish that you go to another extreme and understand me wrongly. The big beard provides more energies, but a criminal has a rude and hard hair. When your hair becomes hard, the first principle has dominance in you. In order to know how good you are test your hair and skin every morning. When your skin becomes dry and thickens, the first principle is in you. This principle will swallow you up as a snake swallows up a frog. It catches you by the foot and if you do not turn to God, you will go to the bottom of hell and find out about the other philosophy of life: what it means to serve mammon. No one can escape this eternal judgement of things. That is why Christ says, "Turn to Me."


Life in our present state manifests itself in two directions: in contentment and discontentment, in ascending and descending. There are no other directions of thought. It is true that a rich person cannot be a saint; but a poor person cannot be a saint, either if they are discontented. By the word rich I mean a person dissatisfied with him/herself; and by the word poor - a person satisfied with him/herself. When a person gets rich, they become dissatisfied with their state; buys one house, then a second one, a third one, buys some furniture and tries to enlarge this circle. Discontentment shows a rich person; contentment shows a poor person. By saying content I do not mean that you should become indifferent like some fakirs in India who hypnotize themselves and fall asleep. There was one who, in the course of twenty years, concentrated his thoughts and lay so immobile that the birds took him for a tree and started building their nests on his head. I do not approve of such a state of contentment that birds should begin to inhabit your head. God has created trees for that purpose. In order to be content you must begin to work for God and serve Him. To be content means: if you earn three leva today, be happy and thank God. If on the next day you earn three, or four, or five leva, thank God again. Do not say, "How little have I earned!" "Enough for the day is the evil thereof." If you earn a copper penny, thank God for that; if you earn ten coppers, again give thanks to God. This is sufficient for you. The one makes a person happy. If two people love you, they cannot make you happy, you will be unhappy. Love can exist between two people; it does not exist among three persons. In order to give rise to a third element, the two must deposit an equal share and to them their child will be born. The father says, "They love me more." The mother says, "No, they love me more." Sometimes the father scowls at the child's love for the mother and vice versa. Why? Because this principle is not balanced in both parents. Your virtues, your forces will always correspond to your Inner State - neither more nor less. This is the whole truth.


When people talk about me, I say, "I deserve it; that is my lot." I do not get angry at the person who speaks badly of me, they are working on me. They will do me good and I must thank them. That is why Christ says, "Love your enemies." You cannot overcome the enemy - the first principle - but by Love. Evil cannot be overcome by evil. To withdraw into yourself and look humble is not the means; you should love them with all your Soul. You will say, "This person has the right to hate me." Do not think that when a wolf catches a sheep, God says to him, "You did not do well." On the contrary, God says to him, "You are doing very well." When the sheep complains to God, He says to it, "It is good you are weeping, you are obliged to weep, but he is obliged to eat you up." The sheep goes out to the meadow and eats the grass. God says to it, "This is your work, you eat the grass, but one day a wolf will eat you up." This is the present evolution of life, but this is not life in the true deep sense of the word. To break stones for thousands of years to pave streets, or to carry water - this is no life. You may be a pack animal, such as a donkey, and carry ten tons of gold from one place to another during your life, but what of that? This is no life. You may have read much, gone to church to hear a sermon, but what of that, what do you know? You have carried 10,000 tons of gold on your back, but what is your knowledge? You may know how different elements combine, but what of that? If I know how may particles comprise the material world, of what use will that knowledge be to me? If I have much riches, but cannot use this wealth, of what use is it to me? If you have a wife who loves you, but your heart is hardened and when your children kiss you, you do not feel anything, of what benefit are your wife and children? The Philosophy in Love is to give and receive at the same time so that the exchange should be right. You say, "He does not love me," that is the first principle. You doubt - that is the first principle. There is no God - that is the first principle. When philosophers say that everything in the world moves, that is true, because the first principle is in eternal motion. Life manifests itself in the second principle, in the right construction of things. The second principle is active in you. Everyone must unite these two principles with Christ. Only in this way will you be useful everywhere - to society, the nation, to women and children and so on. This is what Christ told the Jews 2,000 years ago, but they accepted the first and rejected the second principle. That is why a great misfortune befell them.


Today people test the first principle on their backs by this war; and it will go on until people get exhausted. When it finishes its work, Love will be manifested, i.e. God. People say, "He who hates much, loves much." This is half-true. God commits His energy to the second principle, and when it comes, His rational spirit begins to build. You cannot love and hate at the same time. Do not be deceived, this is a false philosophy, a false teaching. When the Divine Principle enters us only then can we love and say, "God is Love." Only then shall we understand the real meaning of the material world since Love is necessary for the development of our life. Just as the houses are necessary to people and as nests are to birds, this principle is vital to the world.


Some ask, "Why did God make the world this way?" It is not your business - it could not be made in any other way.


Others ask, "Why did not God create that?" Because He could not be untrue to His Nature.


"Why did He not manifest Himself?" Because He could not be untrue to His Nature.


"Why did He not make the world better and put us in the right way?" He has done that, but you do not understand Him since you think only of your own way, which is as different from His as the earth is from the sky.


Two persons quarrel and say, "Why don't You come down, Lord, to reconcile us?" God is not in division. Someday when you grind one another to sand, God will look down from above (with His Eye) and see if anything can be made out of this sand. With a smile, God watches people today - those earthly philosophers and warring nations - and leaves these children to fight, hit one another and weep. Sometimes we want to sting God like a mosquito and bite Him so He would feel it. He, of course, is calm and does not care about all this. He only slightly flips us with his finger and we are carried off to the cemetery. Everyone who bites God goes to the cemetery - God sends them there. Regardless of who they may be - kings, princes, colonels, judges, priests, preachers and philosophers, God knocks them just the same. The same thing applies to you, if you philosophize much, you will fly off. You are like the mosquitoes, too, trying to sting someone. However, when you start on your way to God, you should not take your sting along - the sting of the mosquito - but rather stop, raise your eyes up and sigh. Do not think God is sleeping and does not see anything. God has been looking at you ever since you started from the earth. If you have started toward Him with Love, He will look at you, take pity and say, "You have understood the meaning of life - come to Me." Those who like to sting are pushed away by God until they learn their lesson.


I am giving you these thoughts to make you think and start building your life; yet not as you have been building it until now. First of all give up biting. When a man complains that his wife bites, what will God do? He will knock her, she will die and he will be free from her. When a woman complains of her husband, what will God do? He will knock him and the man will die. A son using his sting will have the same fate. This is the way God acts. Some think that God acts like people act and does whatever comes to His mind. This is not true. He makes absolutely no mistakes: in this respect He is All Wise. His deep desire is to see us reconciled, living like brothers, using no violence, never stealing and so on. "What is the use of reconciliation? What have we eaten and drunk up in this world?" you ask. You meet someone who does not greet you and you get offended. Do they owe you anything? Both of you are small beetles moving on the earth. Another person says, "But you must be a gentleman, do not push me!" The force pushing you is a different one. If you take 100,000 small grains of sand and shake them in a bottle, they will ask one another, "Why are we pushing each other, why are we quarreling?" If you enter this first principle which shakes you up, you will ask, "Why are you tormenting us, Lord?" When the bottle breaks, you are spilled around - God liberates you.


Thus, God has started to knock people today. He knocks them with the middle finger. The middle finger is the Law of Saturn - of Fate. In the Law of Divine Righteousness everyone must reap what they have sown. I want you to get rid of your old habits and the eyes of your mind must be open when God starts to knock. If your stinger is out, God will knock you. If He knocks you in the evening, you will not meet the day. When He pats you, you will rise from the dead. I wish for God to pat all people, i.e. all people might be touched by the second principle. This is the Christian philosophy which can explain all existing contradictions among people. The misunderstandings arise from the fact that we do not understand each other's language. You want me to give you facts. What facts can I give you? If I give you money, do not think I love you; I may be planning to steal your house. A man visits a poor man to help him. But the poor man's wife is beautiful. Do you know what hidden motives this benefactor has? How do you know he is sincere and would not carry the wife off? What are your arguments about this? There is only one argument: if from birth to death he does not do any harm to anyone, he is a sincere man, there is no deceit in him. There is no greater argument in a person's life than this one. This is how everyone should live. If I only philosophize and do not live as I should, this is deceit in my life. If I live in accord with this Great Law of Life, there is no deceit. You all know this.


I notice some who look serious when they are outside, but when they come in, they put on a smile. This is an artificial act. Do you know how the Turkish men speak of a woman who smiles? They say, "She smiles in my face," thinking that she is already with them. Smiling is a bad sign for them, but we consider it a good sign. Yes, but if you get caught by the foot, you will be swallowed up like a frog. I am not alluding to your personal life, but simply state a fact which is taking place in me as well as in all of you. I feel cold and heat, light and darkness, but these things originate outside of us. They are not us, but things separate from us. Light and darkness do not represent our life, but when they are joined in a principle, life is manifested, i.e. the third principle. And this principle can manifest itself only on the equator of life.


To sum it up, we cannot serve God and the mammon at the same time. If we serve God, we shall be happy, if we serve mammon, we shall be unhappy; if we serve God we shall be healthy, if we serve mammon, we shall be ill and poor; if we serve God, our stomach will be unimpaired, if we serve mammon it will be sick; if we serve God, we shall be respected in society, if we serve mammon, people will despise us; if a nation serves God, it will be noble, but if it serves mammon, it will become perverse and degenerate; if we serve God, our mind will develop normally, if we serve mammon, our mind will be perplexed and darkened. These are the two principles. When you get up in the morning with a disturbed mind, you should go to God. Turn your mind to Him and if He lays his Hand on you, He will create balance and change your disposition. That is why Christ says, "Come unto Me all you that suffer and are heavy laden, and I shall give you rest." In order to avoid the bad consequences of the first principle, which brings misfortune, walk daily with Christ. The first principle by its nature does not want to bear misfortunes, so it places them on the back of others.


Today you learned how to protect yourself from the middle finger of God. When the priests pronounce Benediction, they join the thumb with the fourth finger and raise the other two fingers up; however, they have long ago lost the key. They have forgotten the meaning of the Science of God. In another sermon I shall speak to you about this. It is a whole philosophy which had existed 10,000 years before Christianity. But you will say, "The world was not created such a long time ago, what world was there before Adam?" Before Adam’s fall there was another Adam, another great culture. After Adam fell, people disintegrated and now we say, "We are the first Adam." Your first Adam is a wild vine - divine only at its tail-end and still evolving. Not having anything else, God took some soil and made Adam out of it, leaving him to live in a small paradise as a gardener. We say that our first father was naked. He was naked because a man who allows a woman to lead him by the nose is a silly man. A woman who leaves herself to be led by a snake is silly, too. The Adam you know is not the Son of God. Christ was before Adam and before Abraham. He is the one called the Son of the Living God. When Christ came He said, "I am the One who was before Adam and Abraham." He had lived in that great epoch, great culture when the angels had been singing in the Divine Dawn of Life, in the Golden Age of human life. When sin came into the world, then came the great father - the devil - who now lives within you. That is why you are children of the devil. If you do not realize that you are in sin, you will die, you will always serve mammon and you will never be happy.


When I say "the second Adam," I mean Christ. He is second in relation to the Law of Love, but is the Primary of Origin in the manifestation of God.


Now I believe that when you return home, you will begin to search for the third principle in yourselves. Those of you who have not studied mathematics much should start with the study of equations; and then as a result of an equation, you will find the third principle. You will place your mind in the first part of the equation, your heart in the second, your body will enter the third part and in these relations you will find what your life will be. Put it in your mind to become united with Christ. Life is in Unity and Harmony. Let every bitter word vanish from you! Let every discontentment and desire to sting your neighbor be done with. This is what serving God means. What serving it would be if I would expose your sins in a sermon and peck at you. This is a false teaching. Pecking is an easy thing, but if I hit you with a hammer, one day you will raise the same hammer over my head. "With whatever measure you mete, it will be meted unto you." Therefore, whatever you hear, do not think I am pecking you because I can keep silent too. I am revealing a Great Truth to you which, after many long years, you will learn yourselves. This is what I have learned during the long years I have spent in matter here on earth.


You complain, "My husband is bad," but I shall say that the first principle works in him.


The man says his wife is bad - the first principle works in her.


The daughter is dissatisfied - the first principle works in her.


"The Bulgarian nation is fighting," the first principle is in it.


You must think about why people are fighting and why the world is bad. You must think of all this so that someday you will understand.


"Let us be Good - that is the second principle.


When everything is calmed down, when Peace sets in, then the third principle will come.


Therefore, put in your mind the idea of serving God - therein is your salvation.


May the blessing of the Love of the Living Lord be with you all.


Sermon held on January 21, 1917



1 Luke 16:13

2 The Bulgarian monetary unit. (ed. note)

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