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To the Divine Teaching

of the Master of the Great Universal Brotherhood of Light

Beinsa Douno (Peter Dounov) in Bulgaria


By Vessela Nestorova
The century we are living in, will be recorded in the spiritual history of humanity as the highest peak we have reached for the last two thousand years. During this century Divine Wisdom was bestowed on the world—the Wisdom promised by Christ to His disciples that at a point in the future God would send His Spirit of Truth Who would reveal the whole Truth of life to a grown up humanity ready to understand it (John 16: 12--14). At the beginning of this century God's Messenger—the Master if the Great Brotherhood of Light—Beinsa Douno started His work in Bulgaria. In the course of half a century, He gave the science of the Divine Life which is starting on Earth. It begins with the process of cleansing and improving ourselves. All karmic depts.—personal, familial, social, national and international—due to the violation of moral Laws in the past and in the present, have to be liquidated. "A person is given free will and can choose to do good or evil, but they will bear the consequences of their deeds," says the Master. In more than 7,000 sermons, lectures and talks, He revealed the principles, Laws and meaning of life in a simple, comprehensive language for all.
The Master came to prepare us for the entire new Culture of Love. He brought a spiritual spring for the human souls. Never in the past has humanity been given such abundant Light. All fields of human life—science, religion, art, individual, family and social life, spirit and matter, the human and the transcendental—have been illuminated by the Divine rays of the Light brought by the Master. The many deeds and endeavors of the human spirit, as well as thousands of questions, find an answer in His Teaching. He said, "The Divine Teaching is preached to people today. It is Christ's Teaching. It is for all people, for the entire humanity, for all conditions, times and epochs. Those who attain to the inner sense of this Spiritual Teaching will find in it strength to renew their life and solve their problems correctly."
The whole Teaching is based on the three universal principles: Love, Wisdom and Truth. Love bears Life; Wisdom bears Knowledge and Light; Truth bears Freedom. Love is the greatest world which a person, as a disciple of the Divine life, must study, since it is the source of all creation. All the worlds through all eternity have come forth from the source of Love. Everything that we see, the entire cosmos in its completeness, is Love manifested and materialized. Outside of Love, we do not know God. There are four manifestations of Love in a person:


Love as aspiration within the heart,

Love as feeling within the soul,

Love as power in the mind,

Love as principle within the Spirit.


The world will not be transformed until Love permeates it. The first aspiration of the human spirit is towards life. The second aspiration of the human spirit is towards knowledge. The third aspiration of the human spirit is towards freedom.
Wisdom is the world of the eternal Divine forms, which are woven out of Love. Love is the substance itself and Wisdom represents the forms of harmony expressing themselves in music and poetry. Only Divine Wisdom can satisfy the human spirit. But the path of Wisdom is the most difficult. Only the perfect person, only the Master can manifest Wisdom.
Some say that Truth is abstract. No, Truth is the reality that is at the foundation of our life. It is the world of indescribable beauty. Everything is in motion and Truth gives the common direction of those movements, the direction in which everything in the universe moves—from the finite to the infinite. Only the Truth sets a person free. The aspiration and longing of the human soul is to be free.
The Master said:
From now on we shall serve Love, Wisdom and Truth, therein is the salvation of the world. Only Love, Wisdom and Truth can save the world. There is nothing more important than these three principles. Through them the Living Lord, the divine spirit is manifested. Love gives the Laws by which we can live a free rational life with all the possibilities of the great life of immortality. Wisdom is the bearer of the Divine Light which creates the most favorable conditions for the development of the human mind. Truth sets a person free, ready for sacrifices and gives meaning to their life. In other words:


Love bears life and immortality,

Wisdom bears Light and knowledge,

Truth bears freedom and progress.

These are three worlds containing all the possibilities of eternity. The epoch we are living in is especially important. The Living Lord, Who manifests as Love, Wisdom and Truth, is putting us to a test and watches to see how we shall pass it.
I wonder at the mind of Christian nations who admit that Christ has come to save the world and consider His Teaching as ideal, yet they say that His Teaching is inapplicable. Now is the time for the application of Christ's Teaching. It brings the new knowledge and it will teach people how to be freed from suffering. Everyone can apply it according to their degree of personal development. We need the great Divine Science by which we can transform suffering into joy, weakness into virtues, abolish all illnesses, destroy all prisons and turn life on earth into music and song. Is it possible? Yes it is. When? When Christians decide to speak the truth and be ready to sacrifice everything for God.
The Divine Teaching is coming into the world to awaken the consciousness of people, to show them that they must undergo an inner transformation and apply this Teaching in all realms of life and in all social strata. It is a living Light for all people, for all societies, for all nations, for all worlds. It will lighten the whole earth. Boundless is the Light of the new Teaching. It is as necessary as light, air, bread and water for us.
God is giving the Third Testament to the world today. He descends to us by sending and activating His Spirit. Only the human soul has contact with the Spirit, serving as a transmitter of His Wisdom.

The Master constantly taught us to see the beautiful and the good in life. "Give up all negative criticism, all negative thoughts and feelings which destroy your inner harmony," He said. We must realize the Laws of musical harmony. The Master was a Divine musician, creating a large number of songs. Singing is most essential to spiritual life. All His lectures began with songs and prayers.
He created the Paneurhythmy—morning exercises to be performed every morning to the accompaniment of a string orchestra, starting on March 22 to September 22. They contain the magic power of inspiring, uplifting and renewing us both physically and spiritually, connecting us with the living forces of Nature and the higher worlds.
Life in the mountains was another factor of our spiritual development. The Rila mountain where we camped by the second lake at a height of over 2,000 meters, is a great spiritual center of our planet. It is the home of highly advanced souls who are helping human evolution. We are to attain a cosmic consciousness by developing our potential spiritual powers. We live in a multidimensional world and humanity is on the way to the fourth dimension—the dynamic spiritual world. For this reason a new type of life is required—a life of absolute outer and inner purity. Our vegetarian diet, drinking of hot water, deep breathing, right thinking, feeling and acting, all prepare us for coming in contact with the finer forces of Nature. Our consciousness must gradually expand toward the cosmic consciousness. The human bond with God should be restored and only Love of God can connect us with Him. God is the closest being to us and our constant Helper.
The sixth race are coming to our earth; they will be highly evolved beings—people of Light and Love. The Master said that He is preparing us for this race by His Teaching. Humanity has passed through a dark era which is coming to an end. It was a culture based on "the flesh and contradictions." A new culture of Love is starting today when the nations will unite in a great world brotherhood and no boundaries will exist. The angels have prepared this culture which will come to earth. In the future no karmic souls will incarnate in our world, since "the meek will inherit the Earth." A great future is ahead of humanity. The Master said that His Word has filled the Earth and is imprinted on the etheric sphere of our planet. People will gradually receive it with their minds. In fact the Master said that the new era started in 1945 and the credit of evil is taken up already. The Good will reign.
The living quarters of the Master and the disciples with whom He organized a brotherhood are located in the south-east district of Sofia, called I%grev meaning Sunrise. The Master gave three lectures a week at five o'clock in the morning and a sermon for the general public on Sundays at ten o'clock in the morning. In 1922 He inaugurated two esoteric schools—one for adults and one for young people. All relations and work were based on complete freedom—work in the grounds as cooking, planting fruit trees and flowers, etc was voluntary. There was a daily lunch at noon, prepared by the sisters living in the Izgrev.
The Master Beinsa Douno was born Peter Dounov on July 12, 1864 in he village of Nikolaevka, near the city of Varna on the Black Sea. His father was a teacher, a priest and a reviver during the time of the Bulgarian people's struggle for liberation from the 500 years of Turkish rule which ended in 1878. The Master received His higher education in the Drew University in Madison, New Jersey, and Boston University, Massachusetts, in the USA (Theology and Medicine).
After Sept. 9, 1944 the Soviet Union took the grounds and built their embassy there. Now only the grave of the Master exists in the Izgrev. The Master left the physical plane on Dec. 27, 1944. This is the last formula He gave us on Dec. 24, 1944:

May God be glorified in the Brotherhood of Light,

And may the Brothers of Light be glorified

in the Love of God.

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