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THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE (April 19, 1915, in Sofia.)

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… whho whhen found a pearl of great price went and sold

all that he had and Bought it.10



This morning I shall speak on the apparently least significant verse in this chapter of Matthew in connection with the other Law—the seventh and the greatest Law of Nature—the Law of genus.


Everything has genus, or gender—masculine and feminine. Who does not know what a man or a woman is? There is only a dispute as to who of the two is higher up the scale. It is said that when God first created a human being, He created man. And men, defending their cause from their point of view, prove that because of this they are higher than women. On the other hand, the women, defending their cause, affirm that they stand higher than men. There is a dispute on this question even among the people of learning. For a long time the scientists have measured the brains of men and women to see how much they weigh and determine their qualities by their weight. They say that since man's brain is heavier, man stands higher than woman. However, there is an axiom in Hermetic philosophy according to which every truth is a half-truth and, inversely, every lie is a half-lie, by which it follows that every affirmation is half-true and every negation is again half-true. Therefore, when one affirms anything, if they want to be right, they should diminish their affirmation by 50%. You know the story of a man who was frightened and said to his wife, "Wife, I saw 100 bears in the forest and ran away!" "Come! Come!" answered his wife. "If they were not 100, they certainly must have been 80." "Come! Come!" exclaimed his wife. "They must have been at least 60." "Too many, my husband, how can 60 bears get together to run after you." The man diminished their number to one and then said, "There was a rustling noise in the bush, but I cannot say whether it was a bear or not."


In contemporary philosophy there are many exaggerations too. This comes from the fact that people take a subjective, not an objective, view of things. The objective standpoint is that of a man, the subjective is a woman's standpoint.   Consciousness is a man's aspect; subconsciousness—a woman's. There are different terms in philosophy. They say that a man has an objective mind and a woman—a subjective mind. Every object must be viewed from these two standpoints and then we shall have a true idea of it.


Now you may say, "What relation has the verse you read to man and woman?" It has a relation. See how pearls are made. They say that sometimes a small grain of sand gets into the clam which starts a liquid secretion to envelope it so it would not disturb it. The clam models it like a sculptor. It makes it smooth and turns it into a precious pearl. If the grain of sand does not enter a clam, it remains without any value. Since the grain is rough, it disturbs the clam which starts thinking—it cannot get rid of it without the organs to do that and thus it comes to its mind to make it precious, so it says to the grain of sand, "You are my enemy, but I shall start loving you and make you precious." This is the Teaching of Christ who says, "Love your enemies." You would throw out this grain of sand, but the clam makes a pearl out of it for which you pay much. Not only this, but Christ praises this clam for having done such fine work. I ask you, if Christ came among you, would he find your work as perfect as the work of this clam? Would He find pearls? You say, "We have no conditions." Women say, "When we want to work, men obstruct us, we have no conditions, no houses of our own, we need this and that and so we cannot work." Men on their part say, "We cannot work, because women disturb us, society obstructs us, and we cannot do anything." But the clam does not say it has no conditions: a being with no hands, no feet or human brain, out of a grain of sand it creates a pearl and Christ praises it. I ask you: can you not do as much as this clam? You can do something more than it.


Now let us come to the basic Law. The external forms are the result of the inner differences existing between man and woman. Every shade, every feature on the human face is due to an inner deep cause in a person's soul. When you consider this subject, you think there is no difference between man and woman. If I ask you what you want to be, you will all want to be born men. What progress would there be in the world then, if only men were born? God made man first. However, man said, "This will not do, I cannot do all this work alone. How can I cultivate this big garden, paradise, with all the trees in it? The animals cannot understand me." Then God said, "Very well, I shall create a partner for you to help you." And so this great Law, this process which moves the world, came into being on the stage of life. No progress, no development, no ennobling could exist, if this Law had not been created. You see only the external side of things, but there is a much deeper sense in them. The only thing you know in Nature is the female aspect; the male aspect is invisible. The Sun you see is a female sun—the male sun is invisible. The former sun draws energy from the male sun. Contemporary science confirms this fact by saying that energy is always manifested in the negative pole of the electric currents.


Some people consider the word negative or passive in a bad sense. By passive we understand a person without character, a weak-willed person. This is a wrong conception, however, so scientists have substituted the word negative with the phrase cathode rays—the pole where all energy is made apparent. I shall explain many things on the basis of this principle. Humans have a brain, but you say sometimes, "There is nothing on my mind." Why is there nothing on your mind? Because you are a barren woman who cannot bear children. Someone says, "I cannot love." That means you are barren. Those who cannot think and feel, be they men or women, they cannot bear fruit. It says in the Scripture that anything that cannot bear fruit is near hell. I wish all of you to bear fruit. The greatest blessing for a person is to know how to create and to take care for their creation.


How can a person not bear, not create a good thought, or a good desire in him or herself? Giving birth to something is a creative principle, worthy only of thinking beings. Of course I am not speaking of that creative principle which can create something out of nothing—the Creator—but about the beings of the male and female gender. In Christian philosophy we call this Christ—the God-Man. No one has understood the principle about which Christ says, "The Father lives in Me." Nobody has seen God; no one has seen the Father of the world. We know the Mother because God appears in us as a mother who creates, nourishes and takes care. This way we know Him. It says in the Scripture, "Christ came to earth to manifest the Father to us." According to the same Law humans, who have come down from heaven, were originally like that tiny, formless, insignificant grain of sand, which the Divine Spirit, after a long time of work, made into a pearl. You should thank this Clam— the Clam you have entered—for all you have in yourselves. If you are of value today, you should be thankful to the Divine consciousness that has worked for a very long time over you.


According to this conception, the value of things sometimes is in their content, while at other times—in their form. Take a marble stone, sculptured by a skillful sculptor who has deposited in it a great idea, and see where this idea is expressed. This idea is hidden in the delicate lines the artist has chiseled in the stone. If a foolish person destroys these lines, an ordinary stone of no value will remain. What gives you value are the noble thoughts, desires and acts, deposited in you by the Divine Spirit. Only those traits that God has inscribed on your brain, on your heart and on your soul give value to you as a person. The same is stated by science. Contemporary scientists affirm that the number of thoughts your mind can produce depends on the number of convolutions in your brain. What are the convolutions? They are the traits that are visible on it. These fissures canalize your thoughts. Some people want to have a smooth face like a ball, thinking a person is handsome when the face is smooth. No, the face is a mask then. There must be certain marks on the human face that show first that one is good, second—that they are just; third—that they have love, that they are wise, that they are truth-loving. These things must also be expressed externally as well. Therefore, all people are written books in which their qualities can be read. Some people ask me, "Do you hear God, have you ever heard Him?" I answer, "I do not only listen to Him, but I see Him as well; I see Him when He speaks to me and listen to His words." Human words can be heard only, but God's words can be seen as well. God, Who is glory, has become incarnate in Christ and become visible. Each one of you is Divine glory expressed, incarnate, and visible. And after all this you ask me if I have heard or spoken with the Lord! For two thousand years I have been listening to Him. Christ's Teaching is an excellent philosophy—not a philosophy by which we grope in the darkness, but one by which we can see, touch, smell and taste.


An anecdote tells about a learned European who studied the esoteric sciences. He wanted to investigate the profound mysteries of Nature and once he happened upon a society of blind people, whose eyes where caved in. When they were speaking with him, they asked him, "In what way do you differ from us?" They touched his eyes and understood that they were bulging, which was the only thing he differed in. Then they said, "Let us make his eyes caved in so he can be like us." Contemporary philosophers are of this kind, for when they find a person with bulging eyes, they press them down and say, "You must reason like us, your ideas of the world, of man and woman should be like ours, you should think like us." Yes, this philosophy is related to life, to a great reality which you must test every day, every hour, every minute, every second, because you must work, build. You often ask, "Why are all the misfortunes?" Do you not have a positive science?! You know how many stars there are in the sky, you are wise people measuring space, the sky, you can make compounds, you know what oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen are, but you do not know how to put order in you home. Thus there are things you do not know. Some say, "There are unattainable things in life." You should know that everything is relatively, not absolutely, unattainable. Everything is attainable, but time is necessary for that. A child understands little at first and gradually begins to understand more and more and when they become a grown up person, their view on the world changes. Now I shall ask you a question, "When you come to earth after a thousand years, what will be your views?" Of course, they will be like the ones you have today with a certain addition.


But now, to return to the topic. Why does this difference exist? People must not be alike. The Law is such: people are alike in essence, but different in degree. There must always exist a certain difference among people. This is the Divine Law. And if you want someone to love you, there must be some difference between that person and you which should be harmonious as between the tones in music. The harmony we admire lies in these regular combinations, in this very difference. We should come to that harmony which actually, essentially, exists in both man and woman, and we must apply this Divine principle. Woman is the emblem of Love. Love cannot be manifested in man. I am not speaking of the man with a moustache, because woman can also have a moustache, as some animals, but I have in view certain qualities which distinguish man from woman and these qualities will remain in her forever. Another Divine power lies in man which is called Wisdom. When Love and Wisdom marry, the Truth is born. If you want to acquire the truth, you must find your father—Wisdom—and your mother—Love—and after they give birth, they will tell you what the truth is and how it can be manifested. The Truth takes after the father, it is of the masculine gender—it is the son of Love and Wisdom. The father and mother, i.e. Wisdom and Love, will give birth to Virtue; that is your sister. And Virtue joined to Truth—that is Righteousness. This is how this question stands.


If you want to create this pearl, your soul must cultivate it. But what are people engaged in? They often ask me, "Do you preach things in conformity with the church?" I preach things in conformity with the great Divine Law. I do not lie before God. It is all the same to me whether my Teaching is according to your views, or not; it is important to me that my views should be in accord with the great Law, that I should not be like a liar before God, before heaven, before the angels, before the saints. This is the important question for me. If everybody understands the Teaching this way and thinks this way, there is nothing to be afraid of. Some say, "You have a purpose to found a sect." According to me those who found sects are petty people. Everyone can form a sect. How? Take an axe, cut up a tree and you will form a sect; take a hammer, pound up a stone and you will make a sect; go among people, make the quarrel and you will make a sect. Sects are easily made.


In an American church there was a dispute on the question whether to raise the cup when the communion is being sanctified or not. Those who maintained that the cup must be raised forgot to do it. You often forget what you preach; you forget that principle that unites you. Our problem is to restore the Kingdom of God on earth. We want to form a sect, but what kind? To become conductors of the Divine Law which should take possession of all minds and hearts that all—men, women and children— should become Sons and Daughters of the Kingdom of God and start living on the Earth as they should. And now when people complain that great misfortunes have assailed them, I say, "I am happy your prisons are being torn down, your old concepts are falling off." Why? If water that has been kept for a long time in a bottle, is not poured out, new water cannot be put in the bottle. When Christ came to earth, the Jews should have cleaned themselves the same way and started a new life, but they said, "We know Moses, we do not know you; you want to form a sect." But He did not form a sect, as you see, although from a Jewish point of view, He was a heretic. Some ask, "Are you a true believer?" I may be a true believer before God, but from the point of view of the church, I may not be such. They were saying about Christ also that He wanted to destroy the Hebrew nation, but we should not reason as the Jews after 2,000 years. I ask you, what did the Jews gain by crucifying Christ? Nothing at all. They were scattered all over the world. There is nothing easier than crucifying a man— only four nails are necessary.


I shall take up our subject again. I want you to reason and think deeply about these things. I shall say something more about the principle of man and woman. First, you must love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength; secondly, to love your neighbor as yourself; and thirdly, to love your enemies. I just spoke about your enemies—the small grain of sand. Christ did not come to earth to save the noble and the righteous, but those rough grains of sand—He descended to hell for them to take them out. In order to take the pearls out of the clam, it must be caught and opened. By the same Law, people are caught in heaven, opened up and when the pearl is found in their soul, it is taken out. When someone dies, people say, "The clam died!" They walk behind this clam and weep, "The poor clam is gone!" I say, it has gone to heaven to take the pearl along which it has created and cultivated. If it had not made that pearl, it would not have gone to heaven and would have been of no value.


I shall consider some basic features of man and woman. Those who have studied the human constitution say that the external features of a person are due to their inner nature, i.e. what a person is inwardly, is outwardly as well. There are no two opinions on that conviction. They say that the feet of a normally developed man or woman must comprise one sixth of his or her height; the face must comprise one tenth of the height, the chest—one fourth, the length of the hand—one tenth; the neck must be double the circumference of the wrist. Naturally, there will be some differences among different individuals; some people have long, pear-shaped faces; others—round faces. What are these features due to? People with round faces are not very active, they are conciliatory and diplomatic. Round faces are more typical of women, or people who follow the female line. By giving you these descriptions, I want to make you take a new view of Christianity and comprehend it more deeply as a science of life. Christianity is a positive science which must teach us how to live. People differ only in terms of application—there is one type of application in the physical and another in the spiritual world. Men and women cannot be alike; there must be a difference between them. If your husband is active and brisk, you should be happy and do not say, "I want to be a man." In every manifestation there must be activity, if not on the physical plane, on the mental, and if this activity is not in the mind, then it should be in the heart. A person must be active. Activity means work, production in a triple sense—physical, mental and spiritual. All people cannot work at the same time at one and the same place and in one and the same direction. They will work in different fields.


The difference existing among people can create either harmony of disharmony, it depends on them. When the husband and wife are quick-tempered, they should make concessions to each other; when one says something, the other should listen to them; when one is "playing the fiddle", the other should be listening. This is the Law in force on the physical plane. If one can keep quiet, the other one will appreciate this feeling of patience and will repay in another way. However, if the wife does not behave like this, her husband will say, "There is no worse woman than my wife; she has a very long tongue. May God liberate me from her or her from me." Do not think you will be liberated! If you have persecuted one another in this world, you will do the same in the other world too. What can change your life is your understanding of the Divine Law and its application to life. You will make thousands of mistakes, God will not judge you for them, He will forgive you, but under the condition that you learn the Divine Law and work. However, if you do not learn any lesson after one hundred mistakes, God will not forgive you.


All things in the world must be made use of. If there are thorns on the pear-tree, or on the rose, this is in the order of things; they have not been put haphazardly. Those who climb the pear-tree should not wear clothes which can be torn. I have seen children hanging from pear-trees who had to be brought down by a ladder. Those who do not know the Law say, "This pear-tree has thorns, it must be cut down!" It is thorny, but it bears nice pears.


Now, I shall tell you a story about a woman, but it concerns equally both men and women. A wife was a very nervous and stubborn woman who never did what her husband wanted her to do; on the contrary, she always did just the opposite. One day she wanted to sit on a well, but he told her not to, adding, "If you sit there, you will fall in and I shall remain without a wife." "I shall sit on it," answered the wife and she sat, but fell in. He started wailing, "I told you that you would fall, if you had obeyed me, you would not have fallen in the well." After an hour he saw a white-haired devil, coming out of the well. "What is it?" asked the man. "My hair turned white in an hour because of a woman!" The devil said this and ran away. The man began to think how to make use of this incident. Finally he thought out something. When he visited homes in which there were evil spirits and used all kinds of conjurations and prayers to make them go out and they still stayed in, he finally began to say to them, "Run away, for my wife is coming!" At these words all evil spirits ran away. In this way the woman, who fell in the well, did much good to the world. When her husband saw that she frightened the devil in the well, he understood that the devil is afraid only of woman, not of man. It was enough for him to cry out, "Run away for my wife is coming!" and all devils were chased away. Thus, thousands were liberated by the suffering of one single man.


That is why women have the keys to the Kingdom of God. And when Christ said to Peter, "I give you the keys to the Kingdom of God," He meant this deep inner Law that there should always exist an essential difference between man and woman. In the difference lies the basis of the love which man has for woman. The day woman changes the position in which God has placed her, man will stop loving her, regardless of the precious diamonds and the silk dresses she may deck herself with; no external power can make man love her in such a case. Man is the Lord for the woman, she must see that God lives in him. To be loved by God, she should deserve His love. How? By doing some work for Him. Since He Himself cannot come down to earth to work, He gives us a mind, a heart and strength to conquer the Earth and put Law and order on it for which work He sends us all the blessings in life.


Some people say, "God will come and put order in the world." He puts order in it now, yet not Himself, but through others. On the one hand, the Germans, on the other—the Russians, the French, the English are putting order in the world by their guns. Some ask, "When will people stop fighting?" When the wall they are breaking is broken through. It can be calculated mathematically how many blows a stone can stand. Some stones break after 100 blows, others—after 200 or 500 blows. The same way it can be calculated when the war will end. The war will end when the necessary shells and bombs have exploded and when a new consciousness dawns on people about their destiny on earth. Then, they will say, "We have done an excellent work."


When Christ turns to His disciples, He says that the man who sought the pearl—the sense of his soul—when he found it, he went and sold all that he had, in order to buy it again. If you are not ready to sacrifice everything in this world, you will not gain anything. You still have to make some sacrifice, in order to gain some pearl, something sensible. This sacrifice must be sensible. There are people who sacrifice all their property, but do not gain any pearl. Why? Because they sacrifice it for drinking and gambling. If I would find the pearl Christ speaks about in a poor person, I would sell my whole property. In order to do good, it is not enough to give all your property to the poor. Why? When Christ says we should do good, He has in mind that this good should be done sensibly. It would be an insensible thing to give a wolf a lamb every day; they do this in the zoological garden because they keep the wolves there on exhibition, but this Law cannot be applied in any society. We cannot sacrifice the lambs for the wolves, we can sacrifice them for the people—there is sense in that—but not for the wolves.


Now I shall tell you briefly a story. In prehistoric times two kingdoms divided by an impassable mountain range existed. In both kingdoms the wise men said that he who could dig a passage through this mountain and connect that way the two kingdoms, would do the greatest good to these two nations. But this should be done under the condition that the one who starts to work should not turn his head back until the passage is dug. Many people appeared and started digging, but each time one would start work someone else would come and ask him what he was doing and he would turn his head to answer him. The moment he turned his head, the place he had dug would get filled up again. Finally a prince appeared and started digging. People who passed by asked him what he was doing, but he kept silent. Once a philosopher, passing his way, wanted to show him an easy way of digging the hole, he turned his head to listen to him and the hole he had dug got filled in with gravel. He promised himself he would not turn again no matter who spoke to him and started digging again. People passing by spoke to him, but he paid no attention to anyone. Finally he dug the passage, connected the two kingdoms and married the princess of the other kingdom. In this way these two nations began to live a happier life.


This is not only an allegory, but a great truth. The big mountain, which separates the two kingdoms, is the human sin which separates earth from heaven. If you were clairvoyant you would see this black wall with fortresses, guns and sentinels. Christ came to earth to dig this passage, this hole in the mountain and he did it. And when He says that there is only one path which leads to the Kingdom of Heaven, He implies this hole, this narrow way. For two thousand years this narrow way has been dug, but few are those who walk on it. There are many broad paths, but they do not lead where the narrow path leads to. Many people do not believe and say, "Prove this to us!" It is easy to prove it. How? It is enough for a person to go out of their house, but they say, "I do not want to go out." However, everyone will go to this wall and come back again. That is why knowing that you will pass through this hole only by the Law of the genus between man and woman, you must become related. When we speak of new birth, repentance, we understand that harmony must be achieved between us and God. If God does not love you, who can love you? Someone says, "I have no friends, no one loves me, God does not love me either." This is not true. God loves you but you must learn to love Him too. He is not invisible—you can see Him everywhere. God speaks to you everyday at least ten times, He meets you, advises you and so on. When you think of doing something evil and you meet a friend in the street who tells you not to do it, God speaks to you through them. And now when I am speaking to you, again God is speaking to you. The words are mine, the cover is mine, but the content is of God. You receive a gift. What should you do? Take the cover off and you will see its content.


Therefore, men and women must understand each other. You have certain wrappings about yourself: you want to become great, rich, to have houses, knowledge, power, and to be loved by all and, whatever you desire, to achieve it at one scoop. However, this is not done like in the lottery. You must learn the Divine Law and start inwardly. If you take the verse of the pearl and spend only ten days a year, or a month in meditation on it, do you know what secrets you would learn? As a scientist takes a few prisms and puts them in a certain combination, can see below them the most microscopic beings, in the same way, if you combine the prisms existing in your mind, you will see many things which cannot be seen by the ordinary eye. As a scientist sees under the microscope a whole world of life in a drop of water, the same way those who make use of Divine Wisdom will see things others do not see. Sometimes in the morning you get up badly disposed, but you do not know the cause. You do not succeed in some work—there is a cause; you are ill—there is a cause; you are not beautiful—there is a cause. Beauty must be an ideal for man as well as for woman, because all angels, saints, Christ, are beautiful. When a woman says her husband does not love her, I understand that she is ugly. Every soul in which the words Virtue, Righteousness, Love, Wisdom, Truth are inscribed, is a great, beautiful soul and everybody can love it. And if nobody loves you, it means that you have none of these qualities. Go to God and say, "God, let your hammer work more on me so that these virtues may become inscribed." If God does not work with His hammer on someone, they will remain an ordinary stone of no value.


Now, let us come to the application. How must the man and the woman work? They want to have children. Children are bearers of Truth. Know that if you want to understand Truth only your children can teach you. If you want to learn humility, only your children can teach you what humility is. A woman who has never given birth to a child can be neither good, nor humble—she will always be proud. The same thing applies to man. Every thought and every desire of his take on life when they are born. These manifested thoughts and desires house a great being; an angel is concealed in them who, at some point, will be your friend. Some time in the past, the children you have now have been only a dream in your mind, which you have clothed now. You have in yourselves the pearl Christ speaks about, only that some of you, instead of making it noble (as the clam does with the grain of sand), want to throw it out of yourselves. You say, "God has not made it well," and you hew it a bit, but it looses its sense. Do not hew the lines God has put in the human soul. I am against these philosophers who say, "Since the world is not made the way it should be made, let us hew it a bit." For instance, a woman wishing to look slimmer puts on a corset. If you do not wish to grow fat, you must fast. Now you eat three times a day, try to eat twice or once a day and see what noble traits will develop in you. You say, "We cannot live without food." Do you know how much food you must eat in a day? There are certain Laws in life which regulate eating. If you have no appetite for several days, do not eat—wait till a natural hunger appears in you. A man says, "My wife must eat or she will look bad." She looks ill now, but will look well if she does not eat. There are animals that do not eat when they are indisposed.


I say that you have the pearl of which Christ speaks, only some of you want to cast it out, which is nothing other than abortion. The statistical data show that there were one hundred thousand abortions in the city of New York in 1905. If some want to be Christians, they are not allowed to apply abortion—in the body, in the mind or in the heart. When a good thought comes into your mind, you say, "I shall apply abortion!" You will do that but you will be ill after that. Some say, "I had a bad thought." It is not a sin that you had a bad thought, but it is sinful to apply abortion. All people do this and wonder why there is no order in the world. Why? Because of abortion. The bad thoughts and desires that torment you are those aborted children of yours in the past and now they say, "You are an unworthy mother." They obstruct you in all your initiatives and you are an unhappy person. If you want to be happy, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, it is best that from now on you should not apply abortion and pray to God to forgive you your misuse of all good thoughts and wishes—of all your aborted children whom you have killed and robbed of their riches.


That is why in the future you should mature every noble thought, every noble wish, since they shall have an effect on your nose, eyebrows, eyes and you will attain to the Apollo type of head and face. At present many people look horrible and ugly. If they go to heaven on this day and see the beauty of the angels, they will run away from there.


Now you must pray to God to help you bleach yourself. This is not hard word. If a clam can make a pearl for which Christ praised it, can you not do the same? When you enter heaven, what will Christ praise you for? Someone will say, "I was first minister in Bulgaria." Christ will ask him, "What good have you done to the Bulgarian people?" "Nothing." "Have you a pearl?" "No." "Then, go out, go and stay on earth until you make a pearl, for I cannot receive you in the Kingdom of God without this pearl." A bishop comes along: "What have you done?" "I taught people to do good, I believed in you." "Did you make a pearl?" "No, I did not." "Out with you!" To those who have made a pearl, Christ will say, "I am happy, my son, that you did not shame me. Come to me; you are a worthy son." The same way when you, men and women, go to heaven, there you will meet some son—your pearl—who will say to you, "Thank you, mother, that when I was a big sinner you took me in your womb and made me a person. In this world I shall serve you with all my soul." This will be your happiness.


This is what Christ wants to say in the verses I read of which I chose the least meaningful. You see how much it contains, the others contain much deeper things which you will learn some day, but not on the Earth—when you go to heaven. Then you will have new conceptions, new emotions, and new abilities. Then you will see other pictures which you will be able to understand. At this time you can be given this much. If more is given to you, you will not be able to bear it. This would mean blowing a soap-bubble more than it can expand—then it will burst. That is why, when Christ says, "You women are the emblem of Divine Love, God lives in you," women must listen silently, modestly and show themselves worthy of bearing their share. You say, "You should know, Lord, that the present world is not such as You have made it." There is no need of you Teaching the Lord. When He speaks, we must keep silent. When He stops speaking, we shall begin our lesson and say, "I did this in such a way, that in another way." Then God will tell you where you are right and where you are not right. Therefore, the Teaching of Christ implies our listening to God and applying His Teaching in our life. And when Christ says to woman, "Love your neighbor as yourself," He means she has to love her husband as herself. And when He tells man to love his neighbor, He means that he should love his wife as himself. If you give such examples, then your sons and daughters will follow them. This is what the creation of the pearl means—the alchemic Law, applied in the physical world.


Sermon held on April 19, 1915, in Sofia.



10 Matt. 13:44.



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