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THE DIVINE PROVIDENCE (May 24, 1915, in Sofia.)

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But thhe very hairs of your head

are all numbered. Fear

not: ye are of more value than

many sparrows.26


People today want many arguments, facts and logical inferences to be convinced that there is a Divine Providence which directs human life by certain Laws. All thoughts, desires and acts are determined by certain Laws. At times some things which happen in life are strange to you and you give them a wrong interpretation, in result of which in the course of many generations you have created the odd philosophy that everything is arbitrary in life, i.e. there is no Law and order, that might is right and only the prudent, the shrewd, succeed, and so on. Is there any need of proving that this is a great delusion?


As we observe Christ's life, we see that Christ always paid attention to little things. He said to His disciples, "Fear not, your life is insured," and as an example He points out that out of five sparrows not a single one falls to the ground without the will of the Father. Why did not Christ take one, but five sparrows? Here is a Law and everyone who is under the influence of number five, does not fall without the will of the Father. In the second comparison Christ says, "You are insured, the hairs on your head are all numbered," and there He stops. You may say, "Of what importance is it that the hairs of our head are all numbered? That is namely the important thing. If these hairs are numbered by God and He keeps account of them, they must have some significance by all means. Do you know the number of your hairs? Many have counted them. Some people have 250,000, others have 320,000 hairs. And God keeps an account of all these hairs as a gardener of his fruit-trees by putting a number on every tree. You may pull out a hair and throw it away, but this hair is doing some service on your head.


If I start discussing the meaning of the hairs27, I shall digress from my subject, so I shall refer to the comparison of the sparrows, which means that our spiritual life is under the protection of the Divine Providence. The comparison of the hairs of the head implies on its part that our physical life is also under the protection of the Divine Providence. Now it is necessary for you to have faith in this Providence. If you believe in It, you can develop rightly. Every doubt, which enters your minds and hearts that there is no Providence in the world, draws you away from a right understanding of things and makes you create another order and other rules according to your own views. When a man and a woman get married, they think that God has given them a certain authority. The man says, "You have lived freely with your mother, but in my house you will be under a new Law. I am a bit quick-tempered and touchy, you must be careful with me, or I shall apply a strict Law if you offend me." The woman on her part says to her husband, "I am very sensitive, delicate, not used to heavy work. If you violate this Law, things will change immediately." As you see, all people work out their own Laws. What happens in the end? Both begin to quarrel. Why? Because the stand they have taken is false in its very foundation.


I say, real marriage was not created on the Earth. There are three kinds of marriages: some are contracted in heaven, others on the Earth; some are contracted by God, others by people, and still others by the devil. Every marriage established by God will bring Love, peace, joy, a bad word will not be heard and the spouses will live a blissful life. Every marriage established by people has the purpose of perfecting the couple: there will be frictions until the relations start running smoothly because two sharp stones do not grind flour. Such a marriage is not a creation of God, but of people and as the mind is, such will be your human deeds. When God creates something, as all- wise, He orders everything perfectly; but when people create something, there will be friction among them. This is necessary for their self-perfection and for polishing their characters. But when the devil marries people, then there is discord and lewdness in a home and all the worst things in life. In a home where there is such life, the marriage has been established by the devil. Thus, you must give a right definition to everything exactly and must not mix the acts of God with the human, or the devil's acts.


Therefore, to think rightly, logically, we must understand the source of things. If there is anything rational in the present day sciences, it is the fact that they establish the existence of certain Laws in the world, which regulate the relations of things, and no one can violate these Laws without bearing their consequences in one sense or another. Therefore, there are three kinds of people: some who perceive things in a Divine way; others in a human way, and a third category who perceive things in a devil's way. The first state is when a person perceives things as they were ordered in the beginning by God; the second state is when a person thinks that God does not take part in everything, therefore we must interfere and smooth things up a bit. That is why when God does something you say, "God has not been able to do it as He should, wait till we correct it." The third state is when a person wants to become God themselves. Thousands of years ago, humankind perceived things in a Divine way, but they lost this perception in the process of their decline. You, too, when in a good mood, believe in God and when things go smoothly you say, "Thank God, He takes care of us." But as soon as misfortunes come, you say, "God has forgotten us." I ask you, on what grounds do you maintain that God has forgotten you and He is the cause of all your sufferings? God says, since you forget me, I too shall forget you." If you draw away from Him, He, too, will draw away from you.


Some think that God, Who is changeless, in His Love, when they begin to draw away from Him, He must start after them as a mother after her child and cry, "Wait, my son, so not draw away from Me!" No. God keeps His place and when you say He is drawing away from you, I understand that you are drawing away from Him and not vice versa. The path of the movement of some people around God is right with insignificant changes—they draw away a little and approach Him again, as the course of the Earth round the Sun; while others' path is like a wandering comet which at times gets very near the Sun and then for centuries it does not get close to it. So when you draw away from God, you say, "God forgot us," but I say that in 75 years when you get close to Him like Halley's Comet, God will remember you again. This depends on the orbit on which you move around God. When your path gets close to Him, He will be reminded of you again.


Now you are all moving a certain way, but you cannot understand me equally. Why? Because you are not moving along the same orbit. But I am not judging you for that, because I look at things objectively, philosophically. You will answer, "Such is our way." It is a question of whether your way is such or you have made it such. I maintain that your way is not such. There is a railroad line between Sofia and Varna which is very often damaged and consumes much money for repairs—has God made this railway? If God has constructed it, it would have been made very wisely, but since people have made it, it is such as it is. If in constructing a railway line you would act according to the Laws of the Divine Providence, no accidents whatever would occur. And yet the technicians have a better conception of what is needed in a construction than Christian believers have of life. They say, "We must make mathematical calculations of the curves and declivities a train would make on its way, in order to regulate the power of the movement; if this is not done, many collisions will occur." The Christians, however, say, "God is good, He provides for us, no matter what slopes we take, it's all the same, He will help us." When the carriage turns over, they say, "Things are not going well." Of course they will not go well, because you act unwisely. Your train turns over because in establishing the Laws of railway lines, you have not taken into consideration the Laws of the Divine Providence.


That is why in some cases the spiritual people must use the experience of the worldly people and become their students. There is nothing shameful in being a student. When it comes to spiritual things unknown to the worldly people, then the latter must become students of the spiritual people. One cannot be a teacher in all cases—sometimes one will be a teacher and other times a student.


The Divine Providence has determined strictly all things and all phenomena—nothing in the world happens by chance. All events of whatever nature they may be—physical, psychic or social—are determined by a Higher Being, Who watches over their course. As an engine-driver is obliged to drive the train and be responsible for the life of the travelers inside, in the same way the Earth, which moves in space, has its engine-driver who at times puts more fuel in the engine and less at other times. In its movement the Earth makes certain curves by means of which sometimes it approaches a bigger planet which affects it. These are distant things which you will study and understand in the future.


Now to clarify the Divine Providence, Which is necessary to you, I shall tell you a story which you may take as a pre-historical legend, since the events it describes are allegorical. Some consider this story from the time of Solomon, but in my opinion the things spoken about refer to a much earlier epoch. The story goes that once upon a time lived a learned and wise king who understood the language of all animals. He summoned them every year to a congress where he taught them and in the end always concluded his speech with the words, "No one can spoil what God has made." At one of the Congresses two big eagles called Roka were present. One of them said, "I can spoil what God has made." The king said, "Very well, prove this by facts," and dismissed the Congress. The same year the daughter of another king was married to a prince. On returning from the temple the couple was happy in each other's company when one of the eagles swooped down, grabbed the bride and carried her off to his nest on top of a big tree on a desert island. The groom, after finding himself alone, in his despair started on a long voyage.


This young man got on a ship, which after a few months' travel suffered shipwreck and the waves washed the unfortunate groom ashore the same desert island where his bride was carried. He began to complain to God, "Was not my misfortune of losing my bride enough for me, oh, God, that I should be cast away on this desert island besides that? It were better for me not to have been born!" His wife, who was in the nest of the same tree beneath which the groom was bewailing his fate, heard that a man was weeping, came down of the tree and saw her groom. She then hid him in the nest. When the time for the next Congress came, the two eagles came, took the nest with the bride and carried it off to the Congress. The king made his speech again, ending it with the words, "No one can spoil what God has made." Then the eagle spoke up, "I spoiled one of God's deeds!" "Prove this," said the king. The eagle told the story of the marriage. The king wanted to see the bride. The eagle called the bride to come out of the nest. What was the amazement of the eagle, when along with her came her groom! When he saw he could not spoil what God had made, the eagle burst its sides with rage. By eagle in this story, we must understand the human mind. We say sometimes that we can spoil what God has made, to spoil the form of things, but in the end things remain such as God made them. And then we, as the proud eagle, remain deceived.


Teachers today preach all the time, "Mind your step! The world cannot be run by foolishness." I say, thank to the foolish for God keeps the world for their sake. There are not more clever spirits than the devils. Have you ever visited their kingdom to see how they live? You speak of human intelligence, but if you go down to these fallen spirits, you will see that they have knowledge of physics, chemistry, and psychic activities as well. They have much knowledge by which they may deceive you, or do anything, but their knowledge cannot introduce Law and order into the world because it does not rest on those elements which can cement life. Knowledge of all kinds must be cemented by the Divine Love. Therefore, when one speaks of knowledge and facts, I ask, "Have you got cement to cement these things? If you have this cement, you actually have Divine knowledge. However, if you have only bare facts without cement, they cannot be of use to you." I ask if you should collect 200,000 or a million hairs of a sheep and do not know how to consolidate them, of what profit will they be to you? Only when you spin and weave them in a definite way can you make yourself a garment out of them.


By the same Law, when you can cement your thoughts and desires by the Divine cement—the Divine Providence—you will be able to make yourself a garment and clothe your inner nakedness. This Providence is necessary to all, so that you may live and develop. That is why Christ says, "Fear not, ye are of more value than many sparrows." You are better than many sparrows. Here you have the number five—five sparrows, five senses, and five fingers. The number five is an emblem symbolizing the human being on earth. This number signifies the sensible, the wise person. It says that this wise person does not fall until they sin. So long as you are wise and do the will of God, you will not fall; however, the day you sin, God will allow one of the sparrows to fall to the ground. As soon as a sparrow falls, the hairs of your head will begin to fall, which means that your life will begin to be destroyed.


Thus, always keep in mind that the Divine Providence watches over you so long as you walk steadily by God's Laws. As soon as you draw away from Him, your life begins to disintegrate. Turn to the Sun of this Providence again in order to start growing anew.


Sermon held on May 24, 1915, in Sofia.



26. Luke 12:7.

27. According to the Master, human hairs serve as antennae through which we receive thoughts from the Spiritual World in the very same way a radio picks up different frequencies. Our task is to learn to distinguish among the sources of the different types of messages we get this way (ed. note).



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