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At 92, when I first met her, Sister Vessela Nestorova was a fragile elderly lady, living in a tiny attic room, almost bed-ridden by a slowly healing broken leg. Yet this is not a story about the troubles of old age. If anything, it speaks of the power of the Spirit, of this Divine Spark that lives in every one of us. It lit her young and beautiful eyes, it came through in her inspired singing, her words and the advice she gave to those who came to her door to seek it. The beauty and power of Sister Vessela's extraordinary Spirit permeated the tiny room and transformed it into a sanctuary, into a sacred space of goodness, peace and deeply felt meaning.

The Master, she said, directed us to live in our

Souls, in our Spirit, in the Kingdom of Love. …

There are no boundaries for the Spirit within

physical matter because It exists

beyond this material world


This life in the Spirit must have intensified all endowments which sister Vessela was generously granted. She met the Master Beinsa Douno quite young, before she was ten. From then on, until her departure from this world in 2002, she worked tirelessly to apply his Spiritual Teaching in her life and spread his words around the world during her travels or through her translations. As a graduate from Elmira College in the state of New York and a responsible disciple, Sister Vessela was entrusted by the Master with translating his talks into English. Upon his personal approval of her translations, the first edition of "Sacred Words of the Master" was published in the United States in the 1940s.
In addition to 10 volumes of translations some of which are yet to be brought out, Sister Vessela has left a rich legacy of poetic essays, spiritual songs and hauntingly beautiful oratories. All these have been inspired and engendered in the words of the Master, some of which you have already read or are about to read.

Aneliya Dimitrova


Sister Vessela Nestorova and Lubomir Haralambiev, who volunteered with great love as her rehabilitator
3 July 2001


Sister Vessela Nestorova in the center. From right to left: Stoyan Petkov, Lubomir Haralambiev, Dora Ivanova and Aneliya Dimitrova, 3 July 2001

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