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Alexander I and the Punishment of the Soldier, 169
Elisha and the Syrian Army, 173
Moses and the Shepherd, 146
Mr. Gladstone and the Sweeper, 168
Noah’s daughter, 40
Paganini and the Old Violinist, 152, 153
Spurgeon and His Brother in Christ, 158
The Bag of False Diamonds pieces, 33
The Bet of the Frost, the Wind and the Sun, 196
The Boatman and the Philosopher, 46
The Bored Rich Woman, 103
The Buffalo and the Thorn, 81
The Bull, the Snake and the Mouse, 29
The Clam and the Grain of Sand, 61
The Cleansing of the Preacher, 14
The Confirmed Believer, 113
The Devil and the Hermit, 19
The Disciple who Raised the Veil of Truth, 56
The Eagles Who Tried to Spoil God’s Plan, 138
The Englishman and the tigress who taught her little ones, 80
The Fisherman and the Gate-Keeper, 104
The German Prince and the Prince of Gnomes, 183
The Little Angel Who Wanted to See the Earth, 144

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