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The Pentagram


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In the notebooks of the Great Spiritual Teacher Petar Konstantinov Danov (also known as the Master Beinsa Duno)1 dated 1897 - 1900 there were various symbols related to the Pentagram - letters, images, and drawings: a candlestick, rainbow, cross, and pentacle sketches. In a letter to his disciple Penyu Kirov the Master mentioned similar symbols, such as letters, a tube, unsheathed knife, the image of Christ, and others which he had observed appearing in the sky on August 20, 1899. In their correspondence from 1898 to 1917 they discussed the virtues corresponding to these symbols. At the spiritual gatherings in Veliko Tarnovo (1910 - 1922) Beinsa Duno explained the meaning of some of these symbols.
At the Gathering in 1911 a new drawing was hung next to the portrait of Christ - a graphic representation of the Pentagram in black and white. At that Gathering the Master clarified the meaning of the symbols shown in the Pentagram. He paid special attention to the affirmation inscribed around the image: In the fulfillment of the Will of God lies the power of the human soul. At the end of the Gathering on August 15, reprints of that Pentagram (65x50 cm) were given to all attendees.
At the spiritual Gathering in 1914 the Master gave additional explanations about the meaning of the Pentagram and its correct use. In 1922 a new, bigger (180x140 cm) color Pentagram was placed in the prayer room of the building, where the spiritual gatherings in Veliko Tarnovo were taking place. It was a work of art created by a Czech artist on the Master's special request and instructions.
The color Pentagram differed from the black and white one in some peculiarities of its features. New symbols were introduced to the outer circle - the signature of the Master Beinsa Duno and a winged wheel with a bright sphere underneath. Some of the already existing symbols were also slightly rearranged: the Cyrillic letter "Ж" [Zh] was moved one level up and to the left; the Eye of Wisdom was placed in an equilateral triangle, not in a circle as before; the circle of the affirmation was outlined by the rainbow's colors and the Master was portrayed at the top where the Truth is - instead of a man's head. The images in the middle circle were drawn not inside, at the beginning of the rays, but outside, facing their tips. Also, out of the Pentagram's circle several new images were added - of Angels painted above the circle, and of children (representing human souls) - below the circle.

The Pentagram is a sacred symbol, existing from ancient times in the schools of the Brotherhood of Light. However, the Pentagram given with the guidance of the Master Beinsa Duno along with the affirmation inscribed in the inner side of the shining sphere - In the fulfillment of the Will of God lies the power of the human soul, and also with the names of the virtues and the symbolic signs - is quite new and marks the opening of the Esoteric School at the beginning of 1922. In fact, this representation of the Pentagram has become an emblem of the School led by the Master Beinsa Duno - that is why his sacred signature was added to the figures of the outer circle and his image was placed at the top where the Truth stays.
You will find in the text below some of the explanations on the Pentagram given during the annual spiritual gatherings in Veliko Tarnovo and later in some of the Master's lectures and talks.
The Pentagram presents the waytotheConscious Life - it depicts the path of the human soul toward God. It is not an ordinary geometric figure, but a sacred one created by the Laws of Sacred Geometry and esoteric forces are working through it. "The Pentagram represents Great intelligent flows in Living Nature, flows of Light. These are five Great centers in which powerful processes take place. They consist of five positive and five negative forces: the ascending or the positive forces, are at the tips of the [implicit outer] pentagon turned with its top upward and the descending or the negative forces, are in the inner pentagon turned with its top downward."
At the Gathering in 1911 when the Master handed out reprints of the Pentagram, he said: "Study it and grasp its essence because we want to form within you a center - an altar for God. God manifests Himself in a nation only when there is a sacred place created for Him." According to one of the disciples, the Pentagram was handed out to the first followers of the Masters along with personal assignments. One accepting the Pentagram was also accepting certain obligations in regard to the Master, the Brotherhood of Light, and one's own life.
When we take a close look at the Pentagram we can see that it corresponds to the human body - it resembles a human figure with open arms and legs. Thus positioned, the arms indicate that the person is moving - the Pentagram is a symbol of the human being in motion. It also indicates harmonious distribution of the intelligent forces in the human being - this is someone who works and serves God.
The affirmation: In the fulfillment of the Will of God lies the power of the human soul, is inscribed in the circle around the Pentagram. In the esoteric science a circle symbolizes the favorable Divine conditions. Therefore, a circle represents the Divine in which one lives; thanks to which one has favorable conditions to develop and achieve perfection. "Immersed in God" - this is the meaning of a circle.
Five words are written in the Pentagram: Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice, and Virtue. These five virtues are the qualities which one should attain in order to become perfect. The meaning of Love, Wisdom, and Truth is clear, but what about Justice?
Justice or Equity has a deeper meaning than it is given today by the modern science of law. One manifests Justice when one has respect and honor for everything alive in the world: the ox, sheep, spider; the small flies, and blades of grass - as God lives in all of them, there is a Divine Plan for their future. So, by insulting an animal one violates the Law of Justice. The bounties which God provides need to be distributed rightly among all beings, as they are for everyone and everyone should benefit from them. The third meaning implied in the notion of Justice is that everyone is given a certain budget - a certain credit - at one's birth. As every being receives a credit from the Invisible World, the society should provide all necessary conditions for one's development and growth. If this is applied, then the Law of Justice is observed.
What is the meaning of Virtue? Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice, and Virtue, these are all virtues. The word virtue is used in a broad and in a narrow sense. In its broad meaning it includes all virtues, all moral qualities and perfections. When used in its narrow sense, it means good actions or doing good, and in an even more specific sense it implies serving God.
The numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are inscribed in the Pentagram. These are the numbers of virtues.
Within the Pentagram there are three Cyrillic letters inscribed: "В, У, Ж." They stay for: Великото Училище на Живота (Velikoto Uchilishte па Zhivota) meaning "The Great School of Life." The Pentagram in fact depicts the Great School of Life in which we are enrolled to study.
pentagram_1.png* * *pentagram_2.png* * *pentagram_3.png

"We can visually present modern life as a handwritten letter "X" [Ch/H] in an inverted position. To overcome the contradictions, one

should draw a perpendicular line in the middle (the result is the Cyrillic letter "Ж" [Zh]). The perpendicular which reconciles all contradictions in life is the Divine presence in the human being. When one applies the Divine source in one's life, that one can overcome all difficulties and contradictions."


First, we are going to give interpretation of the Pentagram as a path toward the evolution of the human soul, and afterward - explain how to apply it to one's life.


When one is still a young soul incarnating to gain some experience in life from now on, this one first walks the outer path of the Pentagram. The symbols of the outer circle of initiation - a sword, cup, book, candle, and scepter - are outside the Pentagram. It means that one walks this path before becoming a spiritual student, while still living "in the world." At the beginning of one's development the individual starts with the primitive and egotistic force, making use of it, either rightly or wrongly, and this is symbolized by the sword.


However, by the Law of Karma, if one uses violence and injustice, this one experiences the effect of sufferings, in other words, this person begins to drink from the bitter cup of sorrow. That is why the cup as a symbol follows the sword coming as a consequence of it. One should drink to the dregs the cup containing all sufferings which that one has caused to others, increased fourfold as well. However, suffering has another meaning too. There is an esoteric Law according to which suffering can be transformed into Love; in other words, all these sufferings which the humankind undergoes will prepare the new human being - the one of Love. There is also another esoteric Law: the emergence of a new idea in the human being is always preceded by sufferings - these are the "iabor pains" for the New to be born. Moreover, the cup resembles a blossom indicating that by enduring the sufferings, our life will flourish and the blossom will produce good fruit.


We learn by suffering, so when one comes to the book and by studying it acquires knowledge, gets enlightened and becomes wiser. The next symbol is that of a candle: when the candle is lit within, the person is learning. The light source represents the human mind; this is someone who reasons, who thinks because to think right implies to emanate light. This person is already aware of where to go and what to do.


When one is enlightened from within, this one comes to the scepter symbolizing power. Two are the symbols of power: a sword and a scepter; but these are two different types of power - the mundane power that kills and takes away; and the spiritual power that gives and resurrects. These two types of power are mutually exclusive. The scepter also indicates attaining of certain self - control as well as mastery over some of the forces and Laws in Nature. While the sword should stay in a horizontal position, the scepter is kept in a vertical position, which symbolizes the striving toward God.


Passing these five phases of the first circle of the Pentagram one completes the external studies in life which usually happens without conscious recognition. After that one undergoes an inner crisis of discontentment and dissatisfaction with oneself. And through this discontent the individual begins to search for the deeper meaning of life. Whoever has gone through the sword, the cup, the book, the candle, and the scepter, already steps on the path of the spiritual student. This is the second or the middle circle of the Pentagram.




So far the external life has influenced the human being without the active involvement of the human consciousness, but from now on one will become responsible for one's evolution. It means enrolment in the Divine School. This person will become a spiritual student, in other words, he or she will begin to consciously work on attaining the Divine virtues characterizing perfection.

In the graphic black and white Pentagram, the symbols of the second circle are inscribed in the pentacle itself, whereas they are next to the tips of the rays in the color Pentagram. First, there is an arch - a wide open door through which the spiritual student enters the School. With entering this Path the trials begin. At the beginning the trials are easier so that the student can pass them; as symbolized by the stairs with comfortable steps. This process is illustrated by the tip of Virtue, at the beginning of the Blue Ray of Truth, which leads upward to freedom. The Truth begins to enlighten, but only partially, the mind of the spiritual student. And only when the student becomes perfect, will this student discover the whole Truth.




The second image in the middle circle is that of the Master, whom the student meets. It is depicted just above the tip of Truth and at the beginning of the Green Ray of Justice. Christ's Spirit begins to act upon the spiritual student providing inner guidance to take the path of Justice.




After the spiritual student has learned the Law of Justice, he or she comes to a place with a steep stony path and a narrow door standing at the top - this is at the tip of [the Green Ray of] Justice and at the beginning of the Pink Ray of Love. This second door is narrower than the first one. The narrow path mentioned by Christ2 should be taken to come to it. The steep path to the narrow door means renunciation or rejection of worldly things which have been temptation before. Once past the path of renunciation, the student takes the path of Love. The Master said, "Be ready to do at least one sacrifice for God. I n the Old Testament they sacrificed animals, but now the sacrifice implies something else - to sacrifice yourself. Self - sacrifice implies advancing in the direction of Love."




When Divine Love is developed to a certain extent in the spiritual student, it brings Wisdom. The Eye in the triangle symbolizes Wisdom. It is depicted at the end tip of Love and at the beginning of the Yellow Ray of Wisdom. It is the Divine Eye, the Divine Spirit, "...that will teach you how to understand the Divine Truths." This is the inner knowledge given only to the people of Love because they will not abuse it and use it for themselves.




When Love and Wisdom are attained, the Tree of Life begins to blossom. Its image is at the end tip of Wisdom and at the beginning of the Orange Ray of Virtue. The life of the spiritual student is bearing fruit - virtue is manifested in the mystical sense of the word. In other words, the individual comes to the realization of the purpose of life -  to the understanding that the meaning of life is in service to God. With this ends the second circle of development of the spiritual student - that is the Path of Dawn.


To step onto the spiritual path of discipleship or the so called steep path, one must go through the narrow gate mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. Once on the other side of the gate, the student meets the Great Teacher - Lord Christ face to face, as it is shown in the black and white Pentagram. Further on, the student is in constant communication with Christ and the way ahead has a connection with the five Mounts: Ararat, Moriah, Sinai, Tabor, and Golgotha. Only those who have an unwavering Faith in Christ can meet Him and become His disciples. Their Faith must be as a granite rock in which the waves of life's sea crash. This Faith is symbolized by the Mount Ararat where the Noah's ark landed. In the Holy Scriptures an example of such unwavering Faith is Abraham - he was honored to be called a friend of God, but instead of making him arrogant, this honorable title made him so humble that he did not hesitate to sacrifice his son at Mount Moriah. Holding such humility one can progress much faster on the Path of Light and can ascend as Moses did on Mount Sinai, where he received the Ten Commandments from God. While he was receiving them, he passed through a transformation and the Spirit descended upon him - this happened on the Mount Tabor.


Moses transformed himself, but that is not the end of the Path yet. The end is immortality and in order to become eternal, one must renounce oneself, in other words, one must die for the world. "If you do not die for the world, you will not have an eternal life," said Christ.3 The eternal life - this is a resurrection from the dead which happened at Golgotha.


These are the five initiations which await every spiritual student following the Path of Christ and guided by Him. Everyone who walks this Path needs to reflect on the meaning of the five Mounts for at least five minutes daily at a specific time. In this way one gets closer to the Mounts first with one's thought, then with one's heart, and finally with one's entire soul becoming one with them.




After passing the middle circle, the third phase of development begins, which is in the very center. The central circle is also called the Sanctuary of the Pentagram. The Master Beinsa Duno did not give many explanations on it as we are not yet ready for it. There are two snakes there as well as a straight line, a circle, a cross, and again a circle. The two snakes show that human beings are struggling with their lower nature, which needs to be transformed - they need to take control over their ego-based life. Here the spiritual student undergoes the greatest sufferings and goes through the most difficult test - the test of Golgotha. When the higher nature is victorious in the human being, such a person defeats the evil within and passes through the cross. The cross implies full self - renunciation. As a result the human being becomes one with the Divine and fully completes one's development. The Eternal Day has come at the end. That is why we say that the Pentagram shows the Path of evolution of the human soul, or the Great School of Life, through which one needs to pass in orderto become perfect.


About the power of the Pentagram and its correct application the Master said:


"You carry the Pentagram, but this is idolatry. Why do you wear it as an ornament? You should know that it has a great dynamic force. The Pentagram is a source of light; every clairvoyant can see how rays are coming out of it in all directions. So, when you are aware that it is so powerful, wear it with awareness and not lightly. If you wear it without awareness, you are idolaters. If someone is aware of the power of the Pentagram, this one possesses a powerful spiritual tool [of protection]. Every place in the Pentagram is protected. It emanates strong vibrations which surround you and protect you from negative vibrations and dark entities cannot reach there. When the Pentagram is pointing up, it is correctly placed; it must never be placed with its point down."


Whoever has a reprint of the Pentagram must put it in a frame under glass and place it not in any room, but where they pray and where strangers rarely enter. No bad words must be spoken at that place because if the power released by the Pentagram meets the counteraction of some inverse power, it could be catastrophic. If bad things are said, thought, or done where the Pentagram is, it would act destructively because two types of influences are mixed: a positive and a negative one.


When someone prays before the Pentagram, it is good to contemplate on the inscribed affirmation: In the fulfillment of Will of Cod lies the power of the human soul. Then this person could see mentally two other circles situated in this circle. In the middle circle to be inscribed: "For Cod so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him would not parish but have everlasting life."4 And in the third, most inner circle, you could inscribe mentally the Bible quote: "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."5 When one is praying and visualizing these three sacred affirmations, the Pentagram has a greater power.


Whenever in need or in danger one can do the following: to form a Pentagram around oneself - first to do it mentally, then with an arm, and afterward to make use of the three affirmations around the Pentagram; and the many obstacles which one has will disperse immediately. The Pentagram is a powerful tool of protection against external obstacles and stumbling blocks as well as in inner struggles with negative forces. When in danger, one can imagine holding a Pentagram in front of oneself, with the right hand holding the Ray of Justice, and with the left hand holding the Ray of Truth, pointing the top of the Pentagram at the object of threat and saying: "In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I pray to God, the Great and Mighty One, to do whatever is needed and acceptable before His eyes."


The holder of a Pentagram needs to work for the Glory of God. When used correctly, the Pentagram will be a source of bounties and blessings. If you desire to use its power well, you must irrevocably make a decision within yourself to serve God

without looking for a way back.


* * *




1. The names of the Master are given according to the currently used ISO 9 System for Transliteration of the Cyrillic characters into Latin characters. You can see the same names transliterated differently in other publications and references: Beinsa Douno  -  Peter Deunov/Dunow/Dunoff.


2. See Luke 13:24, "Strive to enter through the narrow gate, for many, I say to you, will seek to enter and will not be able." And also Matthew 7:14, "Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it." [From NKJV]


3. See also Matthew 19:29. "And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, for My name's sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and inherit eternal life."


4. See John 3:16.


5. See Matthew 6:33.

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The autograph of F. Shlambora can be seen in the lower right corner on the cover pages of the book "Songs of the Universal Brotherhood" in its two editions: Sofia, 1921 and 1922. His drawings added spiritual symbolism to these publications.




The big color Pentagram (180x140cm) was also signed in the lower right corner by the same artist F. Shlambora, August 19,1922.


This color painting of the Pentagram was introduced in 1922 at the spiritual council of the Brotherhood of Light (19 - 25 August) in Veliko Tarnovo. It was placed in the prayer room there. It is one of the significant works of the Czech painter and graphic artist Franz Shlambora. The granddaughter of Franz Shlambora, Maria Mazarova - Gineva, has learned from her grandfather the fact that he knew the Master Danov and people from the Brotherhood. Shlambora continued to be in contact with some brothers and sisters until his death in 1955. She knows for sure that the Master Danov has sent one brother to the painter with a special invitation for a meeting for discussing a proposal to the artist to paint a large color Pentagram. In the family of Shlambora, the fact that at that time Petar Danov posed many times to the artist to make a full - size sketch of him is well - known. During these sittings the two of them had long conversations.


Until the end of his life, the artist Shlambora kept saying that he had never met a more intelligent and interesting person to talk to than Petar Danov. He had a great admiration and respect toward the Master.


Franz Shlambora was born on December 1,1881 in Prague, in a family with twelve children. He studied graphic arts in Prague. Shlambora came to Bulgaria most probably in 1906 together with some other artists. They left the Austro - Hungarian Empire because they did not want to serve in the imperial army.


At first F. Shlambora lived in Veliko Tarnovo and worked as a retoucher in the studio of the photographer Serafimov, with whom he traveled around the region to take pictures of weddings. At one wedding in Gorna Oryahovitsa he met his future wife Yonka, born in Lyaskovets. They got married in the spring of 1909. Their daughter Slavka was born on March 10,1910, in Coma Oryahovitsa. As a student in the conservatory, Slavka met and married the world famous Bulgarian tenor Todor Mazarov.


The sons of the Shlambora family, Lyubomir and Aleksandar, were born in Sofia.


In 1908 Franz Shlambora opened his own photo studio in Veliko Tarnovo. He became a famous photographer in the town and worked as such until 1911, when he and his family moved to Sofia. In 1909, by the recommendation of the Tourist association in Veliko Tarnovo, the famous architect Georgi Kozarov hired Shlambora to take pictures of significant historic events and interesting architectural, archeological, and historical monuments. Some of the first postal cards of Veliko Tarnovo were created from these pictures, which were then distributed throughout the country and abroad.


In Sofia, Franz Shlambora worked as a freelance artist. He was interested in the liberation movements of the Bulgarian nation and this was expressed in his works created in 1912 - a series of paintings entitled "The Great Bulgarian Glory." He also illustrated some patriotic books by the poet Lyubomir Bobevski. In one of these books -  "Under the Shadow of the Sword," 1917, there was a portrait of L. Bobevski painted by Shlambora. He dedicated an artistic album with 400 color images of the Jewish Bulgarians who died in the wars (1912 -  1918), published in Prague in 1919. In a 1933 calendar, published by the Female Macedonian Association, there was a reproduction of his painting "Exiles." Shlambora was also an author of geographic maps, advertisement materials, and many more.


It is possible that Franz Shlambora had part in the creation of the graphic in black and white Pentagram from 1911 as well. At the time of the first spiritual gatherings of the Brotherhood in Veliko Tarnovo (1909-1911) he was already a famous graphic artist and photographer in the town. It is likely that he met the Master back then, moreover the lithographic print of the Pentagram was made in Sofia by another Czech - Ivan Praze.


Considering Bulgaria as his second homeland, Franz Shlambora left there the memory of being a highly moral and talented artist, influenced by the ideas of the Master Petar Danov and the Brotherhood of Light.

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Given by the Master Beinsa Duno - Petar Danov


October 12, 1897 (Sunday, in the afternoon).

The Lord manifested His blessings and mercy. He revealed the Testament of Divine Love (through the letters and the Eye) "for it is God Who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure."6

(From a transcript of the original personal notebook of Petar Danov, made by Tereza Keremidchieva and kept in the SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library.)


March 19, 1898 (5:00 PM). The Testament of the Rainbow was manifested and the Lord looked graciously at His servant at 5:00 PM. Blessed be the Lord now and forever.

(From a transcript of the original personal notebook of Petar Danov, made by Tereza Keremidchieva and kept in the SS. Cyril and Method/us National Library.)


August 20, 1899 (Friday, 10:00 AM-i2:oo PM).

The Lord's Glory - "That Divine pillar which guided the Israelites in the desert."6 It came from the west in a sky that was clear... Approaching the center of the sky this Divine pillar divided into two parts: the bigger part headed south and caught the Sun in which different colors appeared. Then a beautiful cross was formed, a tube and a drawn out knife. Later on a human heart appeared near the Sun, behind which another image was visible. The northern part formed a lampstand with three candles and further in the northeast the Cyrillic letters Л (L) and И (I) emerged with two broomsticks beneath them... This happened around 10:00 AM and lasted for whole two hours. I tried to capture everything I saw and I made two sketches. To my surprise after I had put everything down and had begun to examine this rebus, I saw also interwined the letters Б (В), P ®, Я (Ya), A (A) and even more letters appearing in the sky.

(Letter №24 of the Master Petar Danov to his disciple Penyu Kirov dated September, 1, 1899. Epistolary dialogues, Part I, page 122.)


August 25, 1899 (Wednesday, 10:00 AM). Today seven Angels and four benevolent spirits visited me. The Angels had white veils on their heads. The two of the benevolent spirits were little children carried by the two Angels. And the other two were walking among them. It was at 10:00 AM on Wednesday... I contemplated on the vision which I saw on the 20th this month... and on the great Divine ways.

(From the personal notebook of Petar Danov, page 98 - 99.)


August 29, 1899 (Sunday, in the morning). On Sunday morning I saw three rainbows: the first was in the west, the second - in the northwest, and the third - in the southwest. The Glory of the Lord has emerged from its dwelling place in the east, and the Power of the Lord was coming from the west.

(From the personal notebook of Petar Danov, page 98 - 99.)


August 30, 1899 (Monday, 6:00 PM). It was a heavy rain today. In the evening at 6:00 PM I saw two rainbows in the the east and two others in between them crossing the northeast side of the sky in the form of bright streams and forming the letters И (I) and X (Ch/H) which I interpreted as follows: The Lord Jesus Christ brings salvation and hope to this world.

(From the personal notebook of Petar Danov, page 99.)


October 16,1899. My soul is happy for rejoicing in the Glory of the Lord. He is a Tree of Life and today He appeared before me in His glorious pillar of the Tabernacle [ancient Jewish temple].

(From the personal notebook of Petar Danov, page 104.)


October 30, 1899. The Work is in progress, the Spirit is in action, the Truth is being established, Virtue is resurecting, Justice is coming, Love is being enthroned.

(From Letter №25 of the Master Petar Danov to Penyu Kirov. Epistolary Dialogues, Part I, page 131.)


November 7, 1899. The Spirit of the Lord is guiding you toward the Absolute Truth... The devoted obedience to His merciful Spirit is a great Virtue... We need to arm ourselves with the Lord's Wisdom first.

(From Letter №26 of the Master Petar Danov to Penyu Kirov. Epistolary Dialogues, Part I, page 132.)


February 15, 1900. Here, you will receive a sign from Me this month (a drawing of a pentagonal dark star inscribed in a bright circle).

(From a transcript of the original personal notebook of Petar Danov, made by Tereza Keremidchieva and kept in the SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library.)


June 20,1900 (in the afternoon). In the afternoon the sign of the Lord appeared before me, which brought comfort to my soul. I was at the rock at that time. (From a transcript of the original personal notebook of Petar Danov, made by Tereza Keremidch ieva and kept in the SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library.)


June 29,1900. Ж (Zh) (The horizontal line of this letter is placed above its middle part. The letter is inscribed in a circle).

(From a transcript of the original personal notebook of Petar Danov, made by Tereza Keremidchieva and kept in SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library.)


June 30,1900. "God will do His work" - this text was inscribed in between two parallel planes drawn in perspective. The number 30 was marked in the upper plane.

(From a transcript of an original personal notebook of Petar Danov, made by Tereza Keremidchieva and kept in the SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library.)


July 7,1900. How good are the paths of the Lord our God (followed by a handwritten letter X (Ch/H), but horizontally drawn with three parallel lines).

(From a transcript of the original personal notebook of Petar Danov, made by Tereza Keremidchieva and kept in the SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library.)


July 8,1900. Have courage, the Lord our God is coming to support you. The sign of God's mercy and goodness appeared before you in the sky. He is Christ, your Savior.

(From a transcript of the original personal notebook of Petar Danov, made by Tereza Keremidchieva and kept in the SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library.)



1. Beinsa Duno, "Harmonizing of the Human Soul" (Acordirane na choveshkata dusha), Archive of Boyan Boev, Volume III, Sofia, 2001.

2. Newspaper "Brotherhood's Life" (Bratski Zhivot), №38, June 2009.

3. "The Universal Master Beinsa Duno and Veliko Tarnovo" (Vsemiroviyat Uchitel Beinsa Duno i Veliko Tarnovo), Volume l-ll, Varna, 1995-1996.

4. Danov, Peter and Penyu Kirov, "Epistolary Dialogues," Part I, 1898-1900, Sofia, 2010.

5. Danov, Peter, the Master, "Mindful Relationships" (Razumni otnoshenia), Lecture held to the General Esoteric Class, December 10,1930.

6. The Personal Notebook of Peter K. Danov, Sofia, 2010.

7. Transcript of the original personal notebook of Petar Danov, made by Tereza Keremidchieva (Archive of the SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library).



6. See Philip 2:13.

7. See also Exodus 14:19, "And the Angel of Cod, who went before the camp of Israel, moved and went behind them; and the pillar of cloud went from before them and stood behind them."


* * *



Compilation in Bulgarian: Galina Gerasimova

Illustrations: I yudmila T. Dimitrova and Velichka Draganova

Cover design: Galin Gochev

Translated Into English: Milena Boyanova, Valentin Boyanov, Maria Braykova, and Antoaneta Krushevska

Editorv George Kilmer and Steve Bonn

The Pentagrame-13.jpg

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