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1916_11_16 Five discreet and five foolish virgins


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From the book, “To fall in love with God”, Sunday’s lectures (1916-1920),

First issue, IK “Janua”98, Sofia, 2009

The book to be downloaded – PDF

Content of the book



Five discreet and five foolish virgins


Then the Kingdom of the heavens will become like ten virgins that took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. And five of them were discreet, and five were foolish. (Gospel of Matthew 25:1-2)

This is a piece (quotation) that Jesus Christ had taken from a great Divine book and the ten virgins are characters from this Divine book. Of course, you haven't read this book, and few have read it.

I will do my best to explain the deep inner sense of  this section, but  are you going to find out what is useful for you?

Why does Jesus Christ take the ten virgins and not five? Then, He makes the difference between them-the five were sensible, and the five- foolish. Why were not two of them sensible and eight foolish?

There is an association between things. Many are asking the question, who are these virgins? These virgins-this is the whole mankind. So half of the people are sensible, and half are foolish. In this respect, we can split the people into blacks and whites. There have been so far four races in the world: red, black, yellow and white. White is the youngest race.

It was a time when the black race was on the pick of their development. Black people were not as unintelligent as they are today, in contrary, they used to be the most intelligent people. From this race the sin starts, and those five foolish virgins represent the black race, and the five smart represent the white race, which is now working to restore the Kingdom on Earth.

Perception is incorrect when you say that some people are good and others bad. A person cannot be both good and bad. A person can be either good or bad.

Gold cannot be at the same time valuable, and worthless. The valuable stone cannot be at the same time priceless and worthless.  The thing that is precious is valuable, and the thing that is of no value is worthless. One of the qualities of these five virgins was sensibility, they were sensible.

The word "sensible" is used by Jesus Christ with deep meaning. The word "einsof" had been used rather than the word "intellect", which means everlasting Divine beginnings, which occurs often in a man. These five Virgins had Divine beginning within themselves.

Now, you need to keep one thing in mind: the difference between the sensible and the foolish, the good and the bad is that the bad guys have their blowholes, pores in themselves, very quickly they lose their temper, and good people have no pores in themselves, they do not lose their temper.

I don't use the word "pore" to associate with channels in people’s body, but I use the word in the chemical sense. Just as there are unstable compounds, such as compounds of nitrogen, and when a person dies, his flesh starts smelling-then all nitrogen compounds decompose, every element is released and goes to its place. So at this time, when the master passes away, each element goes to the place from where it had come. This is called decay, smell. Make a note of the fact that heaven is a place of purity, of sense. Now when I speak about it, many people can understand it incorrectly. That twisted understanding lies in the fact that often people do not think.

And when you speak to them, when the truth is given to them, this truth causes bad smell to them, because people, who have bad eyes, they often smell badly. Abdominal pain is accompanied with such bad smell. In blood circulation there are also such reactions. So, a good person, a sensible person is able to manage these elements and turns the wickedness into good. You say: "This is a very interesting thing when a person can handle the wickedness and turn it into good.” And in today's chemistry and Alchemy there was striving to convert no precious metals into precious ones, into jewels. We might say that religion is a science, with which we can make the basic elements into more valuable, to convert simple thoughts into valuable ones. This is the deep science; it is the pursuit of religion. All religions that exist in the world have different methods that teach how to turn bad into good, how people can get on during their lifetime.

Therefore, from this perspective you can have any religion, as long as it gives you a method to grow closer to life.

This issue practically is very easy to solve. For example, you go to a town, stay there for a while and visit a restaurant. If the food is not good in that restaurant, you leave it and go to another restaurant, which is better and more expensive. If the second restaurant is good, you will continue going there. If someone asks you why you go to that restaurant, you will say: “It is really more expensive there, but the restaurant- keeper serves good food”. Therefore, the point is not in the cheap.

Anyone who sells cheap, he bears no truth in themselves. When I want to sell, either I will take a lot, or I will not give anything.

We have to value the Devine material. Someone might say: “God gives without money, as a gift”. It is true, but how do you understand – “gives gifts”? When a Bulgarian bride is getting married she gives away presents to her guests: to one she will give a shirt, to another a belt and etc. But, don’t you think, that when she gives them these presents she does not expect from them something else in return? It might be e baking tray or a pot or something else. Nowadays, people expect God to give them presents and they do not want to give anything in return.

There is no such a law in the world. When God gives, He manifests His responsibility, but we also must give- not because God expects our gift, but because this way we become more graceful. When we give something to a beggar, we dignify our feelings. When we see a beggar, he reminds us about the law of giving. These beggars are like restaurant- keepers, who feed us. If someone asks why beggars exist - the answer is- they will exist until people reach the time of their development.

Jesus Christ says that five virgins are sensible and five are foolish. This law is valid for every person as well. In every person there are two individuals –sensible and foolish, who are in constant fight inside him. When the foolish person comes and tells you: “Give me from your butter”, you should tell him the same way: “I cannot give you from my butter, because it will not be enough neither for you, nor for me. This is why you should buy it for yourself.” Now you understand why a person should buy butter for himself.

According to the parable, the five virgins returned, and the door was shut. And the Lord told them he did not know them. Why doesn’t The Lord know them? Each Lamp, which they were carrying, represented the human body, the oil inside was the heart, and the need of it to burn-this is the human mind. So we need to love, to think and to have a body.
The Lord says: “I do not need people, who don’t have a body, a heart and a mind. Their minds do not glow. Go to the appropriate places for you.” But you will object it: “Why would not He accept them?”

To give you an example I will use the following analogy. You have ten servants; you want to send them to work in a mine. And if five of your servants’ lamps do not work, they are damaged, will you send them in that mine?

No, you will not.  This means, that the light is necessary for them. The person, who enters the Kingdom of God, he will still be on the same land. I do not mean that it is the land that you know. I'm going to ask you: do you know what was the earth ten thousand, twenty thousand, one million years ago, etc. Some of you will say it was steam, but it is not the Earth. The steam was a process in the past development of the Earth. This steam was necessary for the development of the Earth. There was fire which also was necessary for the development of the Earth. But the steam and the fire are not the Earth, this is an inner process necessary for its development, the same way we have similar processes for our development.  We have blood, warmth, moisture, but all this is not the human soul. Human soul and Earth are synonyms in relation to the Devine life.

So these five Virgins are inside you. You have five feelings, but from a purely phrenology perspective every person has two halves, and in each half- there are five centres, so all together there are ten feelings. Five of the feelings stand in a passive state, in stock. When all these ten feelings begin to work inside the man, then the person is good.

You do not know how many wedding guests were there. Jesus Christ didn't say anything. You think there were just the bride and the groom. They had been ten, so we have the number 20. But then ten and twenty, that is a sum of all creatures taken together. Under the number 7 we understand God, and number 2 represents the material, which means a combination of all the small particles that are alive, all of them work. There might be that half of them are sensible and half of them are foolish, this is a different matter. The example which Jesus Christ gives is that every person wants to reap the fruit of their work. Your mind will serve only to you and therefore we must never rely on others.

For example, someone leaves - leaves this world. You do not rely on him to solve your problems from there; you have to rely on yourself.

A teacher can convey good lessons, but if you are dull, he can't do anything for you. A doctor can be very good, very knowledgeable but if you have more negative elements inside yourself, he would not be able to restore your health. And that is why Jesus Christ said: "you will be receiving according to your faith." in this sense, faith is a quality of the sensible person.

Faith and hope are the two wings in birds, and love is as head of the bird. These three things suggest one more thing, the fourth one. "Why do I need faith and hope?"To fly, and if you go down to the ground, these two wings are turning into legs. Hope and faith are similar for this, and for that world. Under the senseless" Jesus Christ understood that they did not have faith, they think that it is possible to live without oil. They think: When he comes, because He is Generous, He is merciful, He will give. He will give, but there are some terms and conditions. Why is it like this, why did God not give?

He gives, the Earth has a lot of natural recourses, but you need to have a grain to plant it. This grain will collect vital juices out of the ground and will give you what you need. This grain must be your mind, you need to have understanding. You need to take out the extract in order to use it.

 When somebody says, '”Isn’t it possible to be not like this? “This shows that he knows more than the Lord. I've never asked: "why did God do that?", and I study the root causes. If you ask the question: "Why is it like this?" you will never be answered.

Somebody asked Hermes a very important question - “Who was greatest teacher in Egypt”, Instead of answer, he just shrinked his mouth, without saying a word.  And if you ask me, I will answer that you do not have to question such things. You ask: "Why one saint is further away, and the other is closer to God?"  Have you ever been in heaven, to know that one is closer, another-further away? I see all the Saints are in the world and work hard, one is in the lab, another is in another place, etc. they are on Earth. And people are right thinking this way,   and I am right as well.   I speak what I know. There is nothing to argue, the experience will prove it.

When Jesus Christ says above parable, He determines the reason why these five Virgins were stupid. They have not done four things: they did not feed the hungry people; they did not give water to thirsty people; they did not take care of ill people and they did not comfort the ones who were in prison. Good virgins have done it, but foolish virgins   have not. Jesus Christ determines what is frenzy, using as an example the three servants and the master in the same parable.  Two of them acted as wise servants and one of them was stupid.  Two of them have doubled their benefits from what the master has given them, and one of them buried the money and told his master: “I knew that you are cruel and want to harvest what you have not planted. This is why I was afraid of you and hid the money. This is in my opinion what you should receive”.  When we are cruel, stupid, when we lie, we think that all people are like that. Everything in the world is a reflection of our inner world.
These five sensible virgins are a big power in a man, which we can use accordingly. This is not only for an individual person, not only for us.  When Jesus Christ comes again, He will not separate one nation from another. Why is in the Gospel written, that He will separate sheep from goats, the same way like the Sheppard does it? I know that goat milk is healthier than the sheep milk; it is better and safer for children than the milk from the sheep. But in the book, from where Jesus Christ takes this parable – goats and sheep are symbols.  “Sheep” refers to a sensible and noble person, while a “goat” refers to Crotchety and unreasonable man. A goat goes to places where nobody goes – on mountains, picks. It is as an acrobat. Sheep like plane land.

This is the essential difference between these two animals. Therefore, the stupid people love adventure. And in history there is one such example. One Greek King, who wanted glory, issued an order to burn the Temple of the goddess Diana. This is how he became well-known.
So, these are the consequences in life. -everything we think and wish hard, will happen. With a little story I would explain that. This is a story that was created perhaps ten or twenty centuries before the Christian era. One Persian King had the habit to look at the way the people in his town live. One night, having passed a very poor House, listening, three sisters to talk to each other and he along with his assistant listens to their conversation. One of the sisters said: "I would like to marry the Baker of the King, so I can eat white bread all the time."  The second sister said: “I would like to marry the butcher of the King”.  The third sister said: “I would like to marry the king’s son. I will bear him the smartest and well-behaved child”.  This was what they were talking about. The King’s son wanted to fulfil their wishes and the next morning he invited them and fulfilled their wishes. A man receives what he wishes. The King’s son married the third sister, but the other two sisters became very envious. They were not happy and they were very jealous because of the difference in their social status. This was what they wanted, but when they received it, the two sisters were not satisfied. I will stop this story here – this is one part of it.
There are some people in the world who think only for bread, the Lord gives it to them. Others think only about meat, it's a rich food; the Lord gives it to them. What is meat? It is the meat of the animals; it is the meat of the gold and silver items. And the one who wanted to marry the King refers to people who exist in the divine life, they want to bear something. And those who want to eat only, they are a watermill, the flour is digested, washed the stone again lay the wheat etc these people are dissatisfied with life; they say that life has no meaning. How to make no sense? If they wanted this thing, there is meaning in life. If you want your life to make sense, ask to marry the King's son, to have a smart and a good kid.
Our soul must have that target-to get in contact with God, to deliver something. When we give birth (deliver), we will forget about our personality. Personality is an external mask. An Individual matter- it is a higher status in man, where we have to focus. It is not important what are my relationship with people but what can be my relationship with the angels, the most high-ranking people. If I participate in an orchestra, people are not going to look at my pretty face or soft hands. They will see my good playing, whether I am in tune with others. To feel, to think properly that means you know how to play nice. If you feel well, your face would be nice. Everyone can make his face beautiful, as long as he feels the thinnest vibration of love, and then your face would be nice. Why should we think well? To be healthy, and then in our body we will have this jitter that will bring us joy and fun.

Our misfortunes come from the fact that we, like these girls, want to get married to a Baker, butcher, and fulfilling our ideals, we will say: “it was not worth it to marry this man". Yes, I agree, it is not worth it. And I for Baker and butcher wouldn't be married. On one side we will put the Baker and on the other side the Butcher.  The one who created this story, he was a great thinker.

He said that in the physical life there is always a division, but in the spiritual world there is no separation. When the divine element, the divine sense is born in us, IT's going to teach us how to collect the oil, how to use it, how to lit it. And when Jesus Christ comes, He will recognize us for sensibleness because oil, the candle –they represent the wisdom within us. You can't have butter, oil, unless you are sensible.

Exploring the deep meaning of life, you will see that the first manifestation of God was the logos, sensibleness, the word, and after that it appears to be the light. The light is one of the results of this divine element, like a virgin, who says: "I want to give birth." and then you're not going to be a servant, but a master.

Jesus Christ said to the five foolish Virgins: "I don't know you." Do you know why Jesus Christ says: "I don't know you." When friends come over and you say: “I know this person, I know that one." What is the relationship? Both are human beings. Someone you know in some point in your life made you some service, some good, and the one you don't know- you don't know him because he has never done any good to you. The person who saved your life,  you owe him something, and the one who has done nothing  for you, he has not lost even a single hair from his beard for you, the one who has not given you anything,  you do not owe him anything.
And Jesus Christ says: "Since you've fed me, you have taken care of me, I be obliged to you and you will be with me in the Kingdom of God. And those who have not done anything for  Me, you'll stay out, I will send you to work in another era and, in future time, maybe  something can be done for you. “Some say, ' I want to be in heaven with Jesus Christ." You can be, but I would like to ask you, have you ever sacrificed your live for Jesus Christ? If you have sacrificed it, you will be with Christ, if you have not, you're going to stay out. You can believe in one or the other, one may be true or not, but there is no a middle way. The right thing can be verified, to be demonstrated.

There is a hidden power in your brain and in your body which has to be developed. Some people say: “Mr. Danov does not want to reveal this power.” I am not a magician. Everyone can reveal it.  Spend one hour a day to think about great things and you will see that on the day when you get married to the King you will see the thing differently.

Now, I will continue with the second part of the story. The third sister, who married the king, gave birth to a child. However, her two sisters stole the child and gave it to people to take it away from the parents, and they gave a crippled child to the queen. And the father became furious because his wife did not keep her promise, but gave birth to a child idiot; this is why he ordered to put her in a jail. The king’s son ended in a family of a gardener, who worked in King’s yard. The king’s son grew up as a very handsome young man. In the same area where he grew up there was a very beautiful girl, called Halyal – Kazya, and lots of kings sons who wanted to marry her, went  there and to all of them after she was pronouncing the words - “Became a stone!” they turned into stones. As a result of this, all that area was covered with stones. The King’s son also decided to try his happiness. He went up to this place and shouted twice: “Halyal- Kazya!” and his legs turned into a stone till his knees. He told his horse, that when he called her name for the third time the horse must start neighing very loudly. After he shouted her name for the third time, the horse neighed very loudly which surprised the beauty and she did not said the words to turn him into a stone. The king’s son then asked her to wash him and to turn him into a human being again. After that he rode his horse and shouted – “Raise all you heroes from the past centuries, follow me!”

He took Halyal – Kazya with him and told the story of two sisters. This Halyal- Kazya is a human soul and all you are the stones.

Some people say that all the people are alive. There are two types of people – some of them who have died when still alive, and the other type- who lives even they have died. I would like everyone to be alive.

When the human mind manifest the divine light, each maid would say: "He is the one, I am looking for."

Everyone on the earth is looking for God. I don't want people to look for me but to seek the Lord. Christ said: "this word, which you hold, this is God, not Me."

Which one of you has devoted a year to find out these Virgins? Read this parable. But after you read it, stop, pray to God for one - two or several days and little by little you will be given some kind of revelation. You will understand these Virgins now after you heard this thing. You have four Virgins, and you are one, this is how you become five of them. The four Virgins-will all become one in you. These five Virgins, I work out that are: the body, the heart, the mind, the human intelligence and the human soul. They all have to come together with Christ.

Until you reach to the heights of your mind and enter the field of your soul, you will not be able to find Christ.

It is not because the fault is in you, it is  not because you do not have the desire, but you need to climb high, because if the horizon on which you stand, is a Valley, hence you won't see anything. And if you get high, you'll see that the Earth was a bright woman and from her belly button a great light goes out.  They say the Earth was sinful. It is not sinful-it is a woman from whom the light comes out; It only sometimes becomes angry, shakes around and say: "Children, please behave."

I would like you all to be patient as the earth-it was burrowing, threshing, reaping, etc. All you get from it, but only ever the earth steams and dissolves all the entrances. Let's all be patient – not as The God, but as the Earth.

Some say: "when will I be free of Earth?" the Earth is a paradise, a place where Saints live. And there, where you live, there's a terrible place. Although in Scripture they say that the Earth is deplorable place. You are deceiving yourselves; the Earth is an excellent mother. You say: "It's got us." But you never know who's got her-you got it, or it got you

So, we are blind to this mother, who has fed us for so many years, prepares us to meet Christ. Some say: "I would like to live on another planet." wherever you go, there is a land. No one planet will accept people who don't respect their mother. If you go, for example, of Venus, you'll need a passport. Some say: "I will go to heaven." Where is the heaven? On the Sun, on the planets, or elsewhere?

You will be on the Earth, because you have not paid the tax on the land of his mother. So says the Lord: "by not listening to, send him to his mother." and as she accept it, they bury him. The Earth says: "don't worry; I'll make you another nice outfit." As it sends you back to the Earth, it will send you those ten Virgins again, but did you know that in some cases the Royal sons spoil the servants? These ten Virgins are you.

Modern philosophers imagine the life in the following way. For example, a Wolf met a lamb and asks him: "Why did you swear at me last year?" The Lamb responded: “But I wasn’t born last year, how is it possible to swear at you?   "Why are you muddying the water?" asked the Wolf. "I do not muddy it"-Lamb said. The Wolf leans and ate it. We in life behave in the same way.

The Wolf can eat a lamb, but it does not matter how many he will eat, he will still remain a Wolf. Someone has done a bad thing to you and you say:  "I will take revenge on him." Today you will take revenge on somebody, tomorrow, and finally you will have wrinkles on the face. And when Cain killed his brother, the Lord put wrinkles on his face, so people can recognize him and do not kill him. Let him live, because otherwise he would be more damaging.

Your bad desires, your thoughts- the devil, engage them in work. Induce people say- “ Kill all your desires”.  However I say: “Force every desire in hard work, do not kill it”.  Jesus Christ said:  “Reject yourself”, I say “Love yourself” How you can understand me? You can say that it is a contradiction – why do you have to reject yourself?

Now it's time for you to get in love with yourself. The one, who cannot love himself, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. In a different place Christ says: "who does not love himself, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.", when you fall in love with yourself, you're going to be one of the smartest and most noble people in the world.  When you fall in love with the Lord or yourself, or have an ideal, you will become a better, noble person.

I don't want to leave in your mind now the consideration, among which of these two types of people you will be, because this will scare you and you will start thinking where are you?  Are you among smart ones or fools? I suggest you to think that you are among the smart ones, because of the fact that you have come to listen to me. Therefore you do not need to think whether you will be the ones, who have been chosen. If you think that you have to be chosen now, it is wrong, you should have been chosen long time ago. It is better not to know whether you have been chosen or not. The urge to become richer, without knowing that you're already rich, is better.

Firstly, these five Virgins have relation to the human mind. It has three sections: first, objective or deliberate mind, second, higher intelligence, and third, the mind of remembrance or the memory. Then, there are special, high feelings in a man-his moral feelings and love he has towards his closed ones. These all are the five Virgins. One Virgin is in the rear of the head, the other is on top, and the remaining three are in the front of the forehead. All form a triangle. Those Virgins are inside us, they are, that make us think they are that make us sublime and noble. They say that a man has two angels. And I say that he has five such angels, who are smart, and five that are not smart, so all-ten. When you are visited from the five foolish, you go out of the way, and when you are visited by the five smart ones, you work; your job is successful, going forward. When the foolish ones come to you, they strip you and when the others come, they bring to you all the blessings. So, when you have these blessings, which follows all periods of your life, you're not lost, you are in balance.
Every person in their life needs to have the right balance-it does not matter how many times he is dangling, he should go toward the direction which they know.   

I will make a comparison: this life can be compared with a modern ship - very well built, equipped with good machines and with its sailors, passengers. This ship goes on a long journey in the great ocean. You can have the confidence in the Capitan and question him whether your life is secure and safe. Or you can have a look at the equipment - how the machines are built, whether coal is enough, etc. In any storm you will be scared, but it's not going to help you, because if the ship is not strong enough, you are powerless. If it is strong, there's no reason to be afraid of.

The Earth is a ship that carries us, it is the most beautiful, the most firmly made and all the forces inside of it are in place, and after some time it will bring us in the divine world. Earth will never be destroyed. It can grow old and will rejuvenate again. Again the mature age will come, again it will become old, but there is no demolition. In the world there are only four periods during which a person passes: youth, adolescence, adulthood and old age. This is the Earth. When the Lord comes, says the Scripture, sinners will not rise. When the ship is passing a harbour, all passengers get off it, and their passports are checked, and if you don't have one, you will be returned back to the ship. And those who have a passport, they will go down to the city. Those who reach the port and return to the ship will say: "We reached the sky." and those who come into town, they say: "We have seen the sky."

This is what happens with all the people in the world. They will return again to the mother Earth. It will only take care of your better behaviour in order for you to improve and you will all become good people. There is no other way, just some will come earlier in the Divine world, and others later. The five Virgins came earlier, and the other five were left out. You might say: "Why do we have to live such a stupid life, to create the conditions, to live so many years and still suffer?"  But we have to realise, that we are the ones that create sufferings.  

Now I will preach you to listen to your mother, the Earth. And when you eat a fruit, say: "Mom, thank you for this PEAR, and from now on I will try to be better person." when you get a loaf of bread, say: "Thanks for this bread." But what you say now:  "How bad this bread is.”   But the Lord is very strict. He will ask you: "Why don’t you respect your mother?" This is why when you return home, you must learn to respect your mother, the Earth. This land is not lamentable icon, It is very good. God has created this Earth. Earth and Heaven is a whole large thing. The one, who lives well on Earth, will also live well in heaven; and the one who lives well in heaven will live well on the Earth too.  If you learn to live here, you will go through the entire situations on the Earth; you'll learn all the rules and orders in life.

 There is something good in any animal in the world. For example, an Ant has hardworking skills; a spider- has a good skill to interlace. And a caterpillar is a good Weaver, too.  All the things that have been created in the world are good and pleasant. Sometimes you condemn the louse, but it has its sense, it makes you good. It is the same with fleas. They are doing you a favour. People, who do not want to have lice and fleas, they need to have a comb. If you don't wash, the lice will come to give you an experience, in order not to follow a bigger evil. And now they all say: "Everything is worthless in this world." We are the only one important.

A gentleman in America meets with an editor of a newspaper in New York City and asked him: "Where have you been?" "I went to see a gentleman and find out how he trained fleas." "Do not mess with me!"-said the first gentleman. "It is true” - the editor replied. “ I saw fleas lined up on two squads, battalions, regiments, and I saw how they have been commanded.” The gentleman became interested in this matter and decided to check the truth of the words of the editor. He went to check everything himself and saw that it was true, indeed. He saw that the fleas were well trained in military art. If the fleas are able to learn the military art, are you not able to learn the Divine art? They asked the gentlemen how he had managed to achieve this success. "The biggest difficulty I met in this was to get out of their habit to jump-he replied. I achieved this, by putting them between two pieces of glass. And so they stood there until they got out of the habit to jump, and after that I started training them. "Sometimes Lord put us between two pieces of glass in order to quit jumping. This is an exercise for your heart, your brain. And in this way of thinking you can realize who the five sensible are and who the five foolish virgins’ ones are.

Prudential people say that everything in the world makes sense, and foolish people say that everything is meaningless.  Now, I want you not to marry  bakers and butchers, but the king’s son. And I advise you to give birth.  Then go and find the King's daughter Halâl-Kazâ, let’s make your horse winning before you start talking. Think about this matter, and a new light will come into your mind.  I am giving you the framework, and you need to fill in the rest.  When you fill in the rest, it will be a blessing to you.   


16 November, 1916, Sunday,  10:00.   Sofia

translated: Maria Ivanova



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