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22 methods for developing love in a person


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Gratefulness for the pleasures, the joys and sorrows.

Gratefulness does not mean reconciling oneself to suffering. You should thank God for these, yet meanwhile you should work to eliminate them. You should know, however, that as long as the suffering continues, it is moulding you in order to awaken something new in your consciousness. Gratefulness is a peculiar kind of radiant energy which is emitted towards the cosmos from where we are sent light in return.


The law has is: suffering is always transformed into love. The human soul and nervous system are refined through suffering. Thus a person becomes better suited to perceive and endure the finer vibrations of Love.


One has to learn to overlook and never discuss the drawbacks of anyone. Each bad thought or word directed at someone is the frost bite withering the delicate flower of Love that has sprouted in our soul. Every human soul is beautiful and therefore it is worth seeing the virtue innate in a person and love them because of it. Here on Earth, some people are still imperfect pictures, yet the Great Artist goes on working on them and that is why we have no right to pass judgements on the unfinished aspect of some person's life. When the picture is completed, it will glow in its beauty and perfection. Until then, perceive and think about that beauty which will be manifested in the completed picture. And, for the time being, seek to find at least one good trait in every single person.


The prayer is one of the basic methods to establish a link between evetything inherent in it- love, high ideals, powers, etc. By the prayer, all that is within God starts flowing into us. By praying, a person acquires a new insight ofLove; elevated thoughts and impulses dawn on his consciousness. People strengthen spiritually and exhibit the Divinity deposited in them.


Meeting someone, let us inwardly direct our Love toward them and call down God's blessing over them. And seeing a flower, a blade of grass, trees, birds: whatever we see,·we should look at these with the glance of Love. Let us imagine that Love descends like spring water from up high, flowing through our hearts into everything God has created- we thus get in touch with the spring well of life.


Select three brothers and sisters and send them your Love every single day at a set time or when you have that opportunity. Observe what change will be effected in them. If they are ill, they will be restored to health; if they are vicious- they will become virtuous; if they are talentless- they will become gifted. Secretly direct your Love and silently observe the changes wrought in them. Thus you will get to know the power of your Love and if you achieve some result you will experience such a joy which no one can take away from you. This is the way we examine the influence of Love while at the same time we are giving it room to work within us. Experiments have been done in that respect with flowers, trees, crops- where a person's attention and Love was focused, these grew better than the rest, which were not treated in that way. Why does Love work in that fashion? Because it brings life and therefore we deposit life in whomever and whatever we love.

Similar experiments may be canied out by teachers regarding their students. Let every teacher send his/her love towards the students and he/she will notice that they will love him/her. Because Love gives birth to Love. Love is the most important factor in anyone's upbringing. This method is to be used by mothers as well; th.ey should apply it to their children- without needless talking or lecturing- only directing Love towards those children who still know and understand a few things, yet who will feel the love sent by the mother and subconsciously change in response. Thus will come the people of active Love. Experiments can be made in all spheres of life­ these will assure you in the magical influence of Love and, on the other hand, they will bring about the growth of Love in your very self, after sending it to others.


A wise man or woman needs very little to experience happiness because even the tiniest blade of grass for him is a telephone receiver connecting him/her to the world of the Sublime Intelligence that has created it. Perceiving God in every single thing, a person experiences inward joy immersed in a world of beauty and hannony where he/she can feel the Great Unity of Life in the Universe. Thus a person can enter the Sublime World transforming everything into beauty.


Serving God is the most sublime science. A scholar will find an abundance of material in the talks and lectures. The law has it: serving God, a person acquires his/her inward beauty and achieves harmony with the whole Universe. Only a free person can love- this is the second law. That is why serving leads towards Love.


Your everyday prayer should go like this: "Dear God, send me a suffering soul whom I will attend to in Thy Name." Goodness springs up from the Sublime Intellingent Principle .in the world. Therefore, whenever a person makes good deeds, God is manifesting Himself in him/her. God is present in a person and consequently everything inherent in God is reflected in him/her as well. Why is a person joyful after a good deed? - Because at that moment .they have a visitation from the Sublime Intellingent Principle in the world. True goodness is only that one which springs from Love.


The limpid water of a lake reflects the sky. Here the lake stands for the human soul, and the sky symbolizes the Sublime Intellingent Principle. Enter purity into your heart and Love will flow through you. Those of pure hearts will see God. A pure, selfless life is required from those who yearn to be visited by God.


The communion with nature awakens all beautiful traits of human nature. Because nature is a manifestation of those Sublime Intelligent Forces working within it with which a person comes in touch. Through nature a person establishes communion with God. New ideas and the impulse to live for worthy goals awake in him/her, everything trivial drops off from his/her psyche and he/she is ready to forgive and start loving even the enemy. In the mountains people can have some insights towards the solution of difficult problems. There they easily fall into the mood of praying and meditation. Therefore, the Master insists that it is impossible to follow the occult science without having hiking trips into the mountains. Of course, the mountains exert an even profounder influence if a person devotes some time to spiritual tasks in seclusion.


Observing life, you will see that God's finger has intervened in your life in an unexpected way settling everything. This is God's providence, the fmger of Love. How many are the instances when you have had a warning about a mistake you were about to make or a trouble, you might have encountered in yom life! A person should be on the alert to see in his/her whole life the presence of God's providence, of the Great Design.

Delving deeper, you will see that in the unity of life God's providence is in effect as one Sublime Love penneating the whole life and leading mankind and all creatmes towards a momentous goal according to a wisdom-woven program. At first you will discern God's intervention only in some separate cases in life, yet, when you pore deeper, you will become aware that He is constantly at work in every single moment.

If a person sets it as a goal to meditate daily upon the manifestation of God's Love and life, he/she will be filled with awe and a sacred excitement towards God and all His creation. Thus an impetus will be stirred in the person to have their share towards the fulfillment of God 's plan which directs all creatures on the road to perfection.


Meditate on its laws and methods and its all-permeating power and it will enter yom soul and you will become its conduit. Love is condescending. It is patient, does not seek its own, bears mercy and kindness. Truth is stem. It does not suffer mistakes and sinners. Apply Love in your relations towards others, and Truth towards yow·self. Bear in mind how kind, merciful and long-patient God is. These qualities will gradually strut transfusing in you and you will be able to perceive even deeper into the mighty laws of Love which brings life.


Through offering forgiveness a person frees him/herself from the shackles of destiny (karma) and all confining limitations disappear. Through forgiveness person enters the anteroom of Love. And a person wil l have to lerun the lesson of forgiving for thousands of years, because forgiveness without Love is not true forgiveness. Through forgiving, you lerun bow to love your neighbor as well as yom friend. This is the way to achieve the great liberation craved by the human soul.


Thinking about Christ is the most sacred moment of all in the life of the disciple. Pore over Christ's Love and His readiness to serve God, to sacrifice Himself; ruminate about His self-sacrifice. Doing this daily, one will achieve excellent results, results that go beyond human perception. Christ's Love goes beyond the human perception and comprehension concerning it. It will start transfusing into man, transfonning him/her- their very visage will be spiritualized. It will become beautiful. Contemplate Christ as an expression of God.


Think about their beauty, selflessness, Love, mercy, spirit of service, wisdom and power. In that way their qualities will start manifesting themselves through you. If a person contemplates the life of Angels daily at least for 5 minutes, in a couple of months he/she will be completely transformed.


The Master calls St John's Gospel - "the Gospel of Love". This is the greatest book written in the history of mankind. Reading from it, you form a bond with Christ and Christ's Spirit who will start visiting you. Poring over St John 's Gospel introduces the disciple into the life of mysticism and awakes the latent springs of his/her spiritual powers, stirs all his/her talents, gifts and abilities.


If you are watering a plant- water it with Love because it is an expression of the Sublime Intelligent Principle, because intelligent forces have shaped it. Once the Master addressed one brother with the following words: "Pass me that little brother so that I can plant it." These words are the expression of his love towards the sapling; they are the manifestation of a deep outlook, a profound comprehension of Existence in which all creatures are our siblings and there is something similar, something akin in all. Hence comes the possibility for Love towards all beings. For example, giving a glass of water to someone, you should fill your heart with Love and then hand it. The other person will absorb your Love together with the water. Writing a letter to someone, you should write it putting your heart in it. The person will receive this Love of yours and in this way your letter will make a significant occurrence in your life. Whatever you do- whether you write, make shoes, or cook- place something precious for the person to have it. They will feel and absorb it. This is serving yourself and others, serving out of Love.


Once while we were clearing a mountain spring with the Master, we bad to shift a boulder under which a worm came out. The Master asked us not to lay the boulder on the same place lest we should crush the worm. It, too, harbors a particle of the Great Unified Life, penneating the Universe - the life of God; the same life that infiltrates us and all living creatill'es. Comprehending it in such a way, the world will be transformed in our vision. The Great Love will relate us to the whole Universe. This Love flowing out of God spreads over everything and we are its expression. Therefore, whenever you meet a person, try to discern the beauty of their soul which is a temple of the Sublime Intelligent Principle. And you will find out that they disserve your Love. Entering a house, direct your Love towards all its inhabitants and wish them inwardly that God's blessing be upon their home. Your Love will be like a magic potion which will bring about change in the attitude of all sad people. If they were sad­ they will rejoice; if they had quarrelled- they will get reconciled; if they were despondent- they will cheer up. Thus, you will bring a paradisean ray in that house without its inhabitants knowing where it had come from.


Of all the different races, the representatives of the contemporary one are the most beautiful, because the spiritual essence has manifested itself to a greater extent in it than in the more primitive races. This reveals that the source of beauty is the manifestation of the Divine principle, the increasing expression of God. The Master claims that the faces of the people belonging to the sixth race will be even more beautiful than of those of the fifth one, the contemporary one, because they will give spirituality an even greater vent. The angel visages are beautiful beyond description because they reflect God even better. Consequently, all beauty is a reflection of God. The more perfect a creature is, the better it evinces God; the more beautiful it is. Why do music, poetry, art, sculpture, architecture, nature, noble deeds stir the Divine impulses in a person? Because through the world of beauty we enter in a communion with God which in turn gives us the opportunity to reveal our superior soul, to evince Love. Since beauty awakens the Divine particle in a person, it helps people befriend each other and brings harmony among them.


The Master points out: "collective prayer, collective singing, joint eating, joint work unite the souls." Keeping in touch and collective work can truly unite people not in a mechanical junction, but in the genuine bond of love among souls. Hence, each member should strive towards developing love in him / herself.


Implementing all these mles for spiritual work, for perfecting life and connecting person to God and Love, evety morning send a thought into the world for the Sublime Justice of God to rise up in all people, their Love of God and their desire to perform His will to augment. Forward the idea that they join the path of joy, happiness and peace; this is the path of Love. These ideas transmitted through the air will reach all souls and will awaken in them sublime promptings and desires urging them to devote their life to God. This work of yours, this call to all souls will not be futile. It will bear fmit of its own, will contribute for the development of Love in you as well as in others. Have in mind that every activity, every creative work has a result only if it is prompted by Love. Outward creativity is necessary, yet it is Love that unlocks genuine creative processes. By its very nature, Love is active. As soon as Love is developed within a person, it will provide new direction to his/her actions. Love is the only power that can bring about the proper resolution to all social controversies.

"All the methods expoWlded above should be tested and put to practice if the disciple aims at any results. I have tested everything I have told you through thousands of experiments," the Master points out. The Universal White Brotherhood uses Love, Wisdom and Tmth. Therefore, strut with these methods which will connect you with Love, if you want to have a glimpse of the tme knowledge that will lead you on the path towards perfection.


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