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1923_06_03 They honor Me in vain


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They honor Me in vain

"But they honor me in vain,

teaching the doctrines and commandments of men."

I will read chapter 15 from Matthew, until 21st line. I will talk on verse 9.

"But they honor me in vain, teaching the doctrines and commandments of men."

This that I will talk today is irrelevant to you, but to the most erudite, the most elevated, the most noble people, to those which want to serve God. Because if I say something unpleasant, consider that it is not for you, it is for the smart, and you are only invited guests to hear what I can tell to the smart ones. Among all preachers in Bulgaria I am differ by that, I know to whom I serve; that my teaching is divine. I will not defend this teaching, I have not come for this, there is someone to defend it. And whoever opposes me, will meet God. By what is the human differing from the Divine? Every human teaching limits. At one time the oxes and the horses were intelligent, as the people today. They could talk. The ox told to the horse “Tell me, please, why our master puts us yoke and we are constantly working for him? What are the reasons for that?”

The horse said: “I do not know, but you tell me why the master gets on me, and puts a saddle on top of me? And why they treat me like this? – “I do not know” said the ox. We will have to send erudite people to study the psychology of our master”. The donkey heard this and said: “Please have in mind myself as well and ask why I am beaten on the back, and sometimes on the head; why the master gets on me and often the children mount me. What bad have I done, why is this injustice? Now translate this symbol, look at it regarding yourself. There are people who are by name in the mouths of the others. This happens not only with the uneducated people, but also with the pious people. Such opposites   are encountered.

By what the human teaching differs from the Divine? – by two essential properties. The human one limits and kills. If you do not believe in that ask all herbivores which live with the people and work for them. Is there an ox, which does well by man? Tell me which ox, which sheep, which pig or goat has become a philosopher, writer or musician? These are all subjects of the human teachings. All these beings have lived so many thousands of years with the people and have become stupid. At one time they were smart, and now they have become stupid, because they are taught of human teachings. The people will object that God has created them in this way. Were you there, when God created the world? There are various theories which interpret how the world was created. And the theologians which have not seen the face of God, say that Moses wrote in this way, otherwise he wrote for the creation of the world. Where is the original of that, which Moses has written?

Are you sure in what Moses has written? – But there is a document. – There are no documents. “So says the legend. The legend can be 50% true, it can be 50% untrue. Therefore there is not need to go back several thousands of years to look what Moses has said or to go further. Now we can check the truth. We have such documents and evidence, against which and the thickest heads of the scientists cannot oppose. Only in 5 minutes they can believe. For this a big philosophy is not required. “How will you convince people?” – It depends on me. It is night time. Imagine you are reading a book in one room, where you have turned on the lamp. But you do not dispose with the keys of this light. For example you all read, but I switch off the key and you cannot read. You turn the sheets of the book, but you cannot read. I switch on, the light comes, and you are already educated, you read again.

I turn off the key, you are again ignorant. Erudite and ignorant – these are two states. The ones pass for erudite, the others – for ignorant. Ones have light, they are educated, and the others do not - they are ignorant. Do not deceive yourselves! If your teaching rests on the book, you have to read from it; as soon as you close the light, you cannot read anymore, therefore you are not erudite. If you can read on a closed light, in the dark, you are educated. If you expect light, you are stupid. So simultaneously you can be and erudite, and stupid. In the divine teaching it is reversed. There is freedom, growing, expansion, and immortality. I wonder at the present-day people, at the corruptness of their hearts and minds. For so many years I am examining the hearts and minds of the people, who pass for spiritual. They are in a state to interpret incorrectly and the most innocent deed. There is coincidence of the things. For example you are walking, you stop and you peep towards one place – there lies a murdered person. You continue your path. But a policeman reaches you and asks you: “Who killed the person? “ He catches you, arrests you. Here is one coincidence. Because you are the first person, which they catch at the scene of the crime, they think that you have done it. How will you justify that you are not the murderer? Often you catch this, who has not done the crime, and you ask him: “Tell me, what do you think now?” Wait, I still have not started thinking. Do you think that as I am sitting in the darkness, I think? If I start thinking, the question is complete.

“They honor me in vain, teaching doctrines and commandments of men.” So we cannot serve God with doctrines and commandments of men. In this understanding there are also extremes. Be calm, these words have no reference to you. I consider you listeners from another planet; this does not concern you, you are noble people. I accept as a noble that one, who confesses his good and evil like facts and knows his life. For example an artist paints a painting and see his mistakes, does not wait others to criticize him. To that one, who criticizes his painting, he says: “Here is my mistake.” And points the eyes, the nose. That artist, who does not know his mistakes, does not accept the criticism. He says: “There is nothing wrong. The eyes are such, because the light was not full.” To all remarks he justifies himself. The musician justifies himself, that he is not playing well, because the strings have loosen themselves because of the humidity. The great musician has one quality, which is missing in the others. As he passes his aura through the violin, the strings does not change by any circumstances.

He is a master of his art, and the ordinary violinist constantly tunes up his violin. Why does it happen like that? – Because his soul cannot pass through his violin. This has not reference to you, I am asking the educated ones: Does your souls pass through your body, as you fulfill your positions of the earth your strings not to change and to hold your body correctly, in equilibrium. The scientists justify themselves: “Science has still not discovered this.” What has present-day science discovered? – It has discovered a way of preparing of dishes, but has not still discovered those processes, which happen with digestion, in order to eliminate all depositions. By certain conditions of eating depositions of sediments remain in the organism. The method of Louis Kuhne recommends sitting warm baths for the removal of these depositions, which happens through sweating. I ask: How many such baths we have to do, in order for all depositions to be removed in the organism? How many years are required for that? For example one writer says that there is God, another one says that there is no God. One says that God is just that the world is well arranged, other – that God is not just and the world is not well arranged. A philosopher says that man for the man is a wolf – and another that a man for a man is a brother and there is not a more noble being that the human. Which of these teachings is more correct? The word “human” initially has not meant wolf. If a man for the man is a wolf, it is degeneration. If a man for the man is a brother, it is an increase of his title, another element is infused in his soul.

And that the poor widow dies of famine, that she leaves orphans hungry, naked, this is a minor issue. I ask now: What is the essential? Are these things essential before God? If we enter now in the invisible world, how much will our believes cost? Now I will give you an example. Imagine: an erudite mister, graduated two faculties, married an erudite woman, and she graduated two faculties. Before they marry, they write to each other excellent letters, filled with poetry. She cites Shakespeare, Goethe, various philosophical teachings. He brags in front of his friends about the good choice and finds out that there is no woman like her. And she brags with him, that he is noble and smart. While they were writing the job was running well. Then and both of them were in different cities. But when they married a new element appeared in their relations. It turned out that she cannot cook. The dish she served the first day, he did not like it, he could not eat it. – “How” he says – “you write so beautiful things on a book and you do not know to cook a meal?” – “But you are offending me!” And arguments and misunderstandings start. In the mental world they lived like angels, and in the physical world they clash by the eating.

They write well, they think well, but they start bad. I then ask: Where is your philosophy about life? A brother says to me: Gentle Master, you are sent from God, you talk so well, but when it comes to the application, we cannot do anything.” And as we live together, there is no “Gentle Master”, he angers and says that I have offended him. – “With what did I offend you” – “When I came to you, you did not give me the first place; another time I had to wait 4 hours in the yard. You did not turn to me, you talked to others. Is it possible a student to be ignored by his master like this?” Well, what would you say about a student, who does not respect his master? But this does not relate to you but to the scientists to which I am talking today and have passed through this school. They understands these things. In what does the internal religious life consist? In citing of verses?No, the soul has to enter in a new phase. I consider a noble that one, who after he has done a number of mistakes, knows how to correct them. For me the fallen angels, who have corrected their lives, cost more than those, who have never wronged. Many Christians relies on the church, on their Teacher, they to help them. But there is something, on which they cannot rely. You can glorify God three times a day and this to not help you.

You have to live Divine life! There are two main beginnings which you have to apply. Christ says like this: “If my words survive into you; if my sensible Word, which has saved thousands and millions beings, which has raised thousands and millions of angels in the past; if this Word lives through you, if you survive in these sensible conditions, which Father has created, I and my Father will come to build something new into your life and I will show myself.” In what will this showing consist? – In this internal, sensible Word, in that internal Love, which will give meaning to your life. Every one of you wants to be loved. -  How? – If you come to me and want me to feed you, I can make to you the best dish. But if your stomach is sick, the dish will affect you badly, it will not be of use. The first condition is your stomach to be healthy. The dish which I will give you is prepared by all rules of the Divine science. The present-day people have to go among nature, to learn to cook from the plants and to preserve the sun energy.

The present-day preservation of the food are deposition, sediments, which cause different diseases. “Why does death come? – Because of our mistakes, because of tarnishing of the Divine life. The people die out of famine in the end. Everybody says: “To secure your life” And after you secure yourself, you die again of famine. How do we die out of famine? As you are sick, you want to eat something tasty, which you liked as you were healthy. They bring you one, second dish, tastily prepared, various fruits. You look at them eagerly with your eyes, but you cannot eat anything, and so you die hungry. Not a single dish, not one fruit does not want to merge with you and says: “Our life cannot merge with yours, we do not love you, you have lived sinful life”. When Christ says: “I and my Father will come and make a home in you, to live in you.” God will pour his Divine life in us and we will resurrect. How will we attract God to us? After the sensible God’s Word survives within us; after we survive in the sensible Divine conditions, which Father has put in us, The Divine life will pour into us in a natural way.

The present-day teachings are not false by nature, but they do not have methods for application of the Divine teaching. If you ask the Bulgarian leaders or the leaders of any nation which are methods through which a nation can uplift itself, everyone will say that it is necessary a good education to be given to the young ones. But which are the methods, in which way can this be achieved? They say: “Freedom has to be limited. The young ones cannot be left in complete freedom.” In this regard they are wrong. Others support complete freedom, but their results also lead to a bad end. And they apply Moses law, and the Christ teaching, but the work is not going well. Very natural. The Christ teaching is distorted, there are no methods for its application. We talk about Love, but we apply Moses’ teaching. Not only is the church guilty of that. All believers have to apply in their life the Christ teaching.

Only one soul, which has tried the authenticity of this teaching, only it can apply it. As we are preaching the Christ teaching, we will come to this, which Christ has said: “If you have two shirts, give one to the poor.” Here it does not have to do with the clothes. Further He says: “If your right eye is seducing you, take it out.” What does Christ want to say with this? Those, who have written the Gospel have taken out a passage without giving the complete interpretation. Not only one person to take out his eye, but also entire nation take out its right eye, the world will still not be repaired. “If the right hand tempts you, cut it off.” The question is not resolved in this way. As I am citing these verses from the Gospel, you say: “We have to think over them.” But do you know what is the law of a thought can be formed. Somebody says: “I think” – “Where is your friend?” – “He is gone.” – “You are not thinking.” – “But I thought.” Only between two sensible beings can a sensible great thought appear. This is a law. When we say that we are thinking sensibly, it is understood, that only between God and us can a sensible thought form. You are asking: “How to connect with God?” – How come that educated people do not know the simplest – to connect with God!

Here is to what I liken the present-day scientists. In antiquity there was a gardener, who planted in his garden many fruit trees. Later on he gathered beautiful fruits from his garden. He wanted to express his gratitude towards his master. He placed on a tray chosen nice cherries and he went to give it to him. Along the way, because it was hot, he ate a cherry until on the tray only one was left. He brought it to his master. – “Here you are master, this is from my garden.” “How is this fruit eaten?” – “Like this” – said he and ate the last cherry. As he did know how to eat a cherry, the gardener showed him. And the scientists ask how to connect with God. “Here, the cherry is in front of you, and you ask how to eat it. This is simple job, there no need to be shown how it happens. And the children can solve this question without asking. We solve the question by form, by content and by meaning. But in the eating there is a danger. One salesman in the Varna area loaded up on the car of a Turk 2-3 baskets with cherries and sent him to sell them in the near city. Along the way the Turk ate cherries and swallowed their pits. He ate cherries, he ate almost half a basket and he always swallowed the pits. But as he reached the city, he could not get out from the car. It was needed to make a surgery to him, to take out the pits from his stomach – all nine kilograms. So in the stomach of the present-day people there are so many pits, that the doctors are wondering what to do. The pitful questions in the church, in the society, in the state has to be freed from the pits.

“They honor me in vain, teaching doctrines and commandments of men.” Every person has to be connected to God. A connection to God is needed, in order for the sensible thought to appear, and after that the sensible feeling will come. Freedom can be only between two sensible beings. And when God created the friend of the first man, in order to be free, Adam could not understand this law. And until now we have still not understood it. Women and men, which have to live like brothers and sisters, torture themselves. Why? Because of the single reason, that they are not connected to God. Now I will give you an example. Among us there was a sister, who everyone thought is crazy. Not only that but they interfered as they said that her deeds are not right. I made tests with her, but the things did not get better, but got worse. And what came out? This sister showed the degree of your culture, namely of you, of the educated people.

A number of generations you lead an impure life and the depositions of this life stay in the last generation, which brings the consequences of all past generations. A genius can be born from a mother, whose blood has been unclean. He will be under the oppression of this ailment and it is unlikely to be able to free himself from it. In order for a great thought to be created, a connection to God is needed. The genius of the person is not able to help him free himself from the depositions of the previous generation. In order for the present-day person to raise himself, it is required the Divine in him or the Unified God to come to unite with the person. Only this is capable to raise the human soul. And when you ask what should be done with the world, I say: “All people to unite with God, nothing more! Christ says: “All people, who does not live through in God, have to be cut off.  And so, the correctness of our thoughts, of our feelings and our freedom lies in this law. I do not want to say that you are not connected to God, but to you the listeners I say: “You will be recognized them by their fruits.” There is nothing to be angry and complain about, nothing to justify. Every tree, every life will be recognized by the fruits. Soon all of you will become ripe. Now you are still green, but latest after four, five months you will become ripe. Ones are like the pear, others like the cherry, like the grapes, like cornel-cherries. It will be recognized what you are by the fruits. What is hidden in the cherry? In it deep feelings are hidden; in the cherry the law of freedom is hidden. If you have constipation, eat cherries, they free the stomach. What does the cornel-cherries give? If you are weak-willed and loose as you are eating cornel-cherries you will gain stability and endurance in the character. They give iron in the blood. I would like for you to have the stability of the cornel-cherries.

We are already in the last period of the epoch. Once and for all we have to stop with the lie, with the deceit. There was a time, when God was forgiving towards us, as towards little children; others have carried us, but now we are adults. The law has changed, there is nobody to carry us. The father says: “Come on, son, take the hoe, you will work” – But why are those sufferings? – There are also other sufferings. On your place now will come other small children: the little midges, the beetles, birds, and you will be their older brothers. The scientists will say: “This is not written in our books.” What is written in your books? If we take a look at the human brain and we take the present-day knowledge, it can be printed in 90 books as the Holy Scriptures and in the brain of the human there will be place left for 900 more such books. I ask: What will we place in the empty place? So there is something else that is foreseen. We are only just in the beginning of the great Divine book. From now we will start to study the law of the immortality of the soul.

We will learn in what way we can free ourselves from our mental and cardiac ailments, in order to gain light minds and pure hearts. To have people with stable character and diamond will; to have one society, permeated by love for the neighbor. And then there will not be bills and notes of hand, so that you receive money. With complete trust you will lend money, without doubting whether you will receive the sum back. The relation between a creditor and debtor will be brotherly. But this is the external side. Now take out every doubt from your soul. I have said to you so many times: The good which I will gain, is not for me.  Every person is like a spring, which cannot keep the life in itself. Do not think that you can keep it. From every life which has passed through us, the redundant will flow outside, and on us will be left this purity, which is necessary for you. The life of the people is crossed correctly and those who oppose of this law, fall into discrepancies, from where all sufferings come.

In the great school of nature, which I call occult different methods are applied. If you are worthy students, these methods will be entrusted to you. I notice that you read little. Many learn only from this which is written in the newspapers. Ask someone from those, who consider themselves as scientists, have they read some author, they will tell you: “We do not need those things.” They have not read even the Bible, have not researched reasonably the more important places, neither have they done their scientific notes. I would like in all of you the desire to read to be born, and after that to work – to apply what you have read. Reading and applying! These are two essential things for you. You repeat what I have said. But I bring out what the alive nature is saying. You have to work on yourself. I do not want to say that you are not working, but you don’t rely on yourselves. Some of you have finished university 20 years ago and are not reading, do not follow the new scientific studies. You have to be up-to-date. The entire world is in motion. It is important through what we are going. A connection between the past, present and future is necessary.

Now that a harsh discrepancy appears between you, the educated ones and the new teaching, I do not find any contradiction. Evil and Good are two necessities in the world. The evil is created for the good, and the good is created for the evil. As the life is developing, it is in its place, but the mistake is there that we cannot use life. A brother comes in the Brotherhood and among other things says: “You are not such as we expect you to be.” Good, but what are you? What did you bring? So you are a critic. You have to enter alone, to try the new teaching on yourself, to connect with God and then to say: “Here, this is the new teaching.” Everyone alone has to do his tests; nobody has the right to judge until he does not finish the tests and sees the results. Then he will say: “Here’s what I did.” You have a lot of desires and you are from the fast ones. I will give you an example. A rich Englishman went to Germany to study philosophy. He met with a German professor and told him: :”Mister, I am an Englishman, I do not like to procrastinate my time.  How many years is the course of philosophy by you?” Four years. I would like to complete a course for six months. Do you have such? The professor told him:” ’When God wants to create an oak, uses for it a hundred years, if he wants to make a pumpkin uses six months.” If you want something solid, a hundred years are needed. You want one course for six months – you will be a pumpkin!  Work, work is required, serious reading is needed. One, two, three, a hundred mistakes you can do today, one, two, three troubles you can have today – you have to conquer them. You will take one trouble and you will defeat it. Many are afraid from the Devil. No, you will enter in a fight with him: you on top, he below; he on you, you on him until you come on the top. He will break your ribs, and you – his horns, so that as the Devil comes out, to say: “I broke his ribs, but my horns are gone.” Two ribs can be broken, it is not a big deal. And to break the horns – this shows a person with a character. A hero is that one who is ready to fight. And the present-day people as they hear about suffering, their hair stands on end. You will fight till the end. The suffering is coming, these are tests for you. And you say: “I am afraid.” When a person cannot win, he suffers. By victory he feels a big joy. So in life a person is fighting to overcome the difficulties. If you do not succeed, you will fight, until you bring the fight to endmost victory. I say to everyone: you have to connect to God. I will ask you: “Did you make a connection to God? – We did, Master, we have already a connection with God.” I am glad, hold on to this connection. As the child is connected to its mother, through which connection it develops, reforms and forms its body, that’s so as with our the connection with God – God will mould our bodies, He will  take us at good end. Then we will see His face. Therefore the Divine teaching is a teaching of light. It is teaching of freedom. It is a teaching of Love. The human teaching is a limitation, from it all of you have experiences.

They honor me in vain, teaching doctrines and commandments of men.” All human teachings and orders will have to stay aside. Everyone have to take up to fulfill the great divine teaching. Everyone has to have only one thought – to respect the Divine thought, the Divine Love and to apply it in our lives. This is the teaching, which now comes into the world.

A talk from the Master, delivered on the June 3, 1923 in Sofia



Translation Teodora Kavroshilova

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