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1920_04_04 They Marveled (Nik)


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Готов превод Зачудиха се - 4.4.1920-НБ-281 / .: 4.4.1920-НБ-281

They Marveled

3. Talk by the Master, held on 4 April 1920, Sofia.

"And when they heard it, they marveled, and they left him and went away." (Matthew 22:22)

Now, I will not talk about the reason for their surprise, you will look for it. I will only talk about the result - they marveled.

In the world, as well as in nature, two processes take place: ordinary and extraordinary or special. One is always amazed by the extraordinary process. For example, you eat three times a day, and when you get cooked food regularly, you find that it is natural, in the order of things. If you are told that you have to starve for two or three days, you are surprised, you see this as an extraordinary process. So, the surprise is due to the fact that the ordinary process becomes extraordinary. Those who do not understand the language of nature believe that extraordinary processes are destructive. A healthy person sees health as an ordinary process that is in the order of things, and disease as an extraordinary process. Therefore, the disease, as an extraordinary process, destroys the human body. From the point of view of the spiritual world it is just the opposite; there they consider health to be an extraordinary process and disease to be an ordinary one. The word "disease" sounds disharmonious to your ears.

They asked Christ an important question, and when he answered them, they marveled how they could not catch him in the snare they had set for him, but he slipped away. They also wondered to themselves how they could not set another snare for Him, to catch Him. A person wonders when they do not understand things. You also wonder about some simple things. For example, you wonder how a thief who goes to steal has not foreseen everything and falls into the hands of the police. The good man also marvels when he intends to do good, but fails. - He wonders how he failed to anticipate a simple circumstance that came his way.

Now I want you to get out of the ordinary processes and into the extraordinary ones. It is an ordinary process to think that you are good, or that you have to be good. It is the greatest misfortune for you to think that you are good. Why do you not think that you are good and bad? Thinking that you are rich is an ordinary process. While you are poor, people feel sorry for you. You look weak, dry, like a dry fish. If you become a master, your situation improves: in one or two years you gain weight, your entangled affairs are put in order. If you start gaining weight, you have applied for becoming a master. If you are dry, like a hook, you are far from being a master. I address this issue in principle, in all its forms - external and internal. If a person starts thinking that he is smart, he has already become a master. He has gained weight in the mental world. Whatever question is raised before him, he knows everything. If there is talk of a discovery in mathematics or astronomy, he will be the first to say: Wait, let me give my opinion. I am familiar with this question. The man knows everything, he has goodness. If you tell him that he does not know something, he immediately takes offense and says: You are ignorant, therefore you think I do not know. If you tell him that he knows everything, he is pleased with you. He says: Here is a man who understands things. This is a man!

The current society is looking for such people, namely, who will approve of all their actions and activities. If you dare to say that there is something wrong with the activities of a society, they will call you a simpleton, an ignoramus, a fool. When an individual or a society becomes very arrogant, nature - our rational mother - puts them in ordeal. She sends them an illness they cannot handle. They immediately seek doctors to determine the diagnosis, to help them. I ask: Why do you not diagnose your disease yourself? - I do not understand. - Why do you not help yourself? - I can not. Therefore, when you encounter hardships and sufferings, you will know that nature consciously creates them for you in order to show you that you do not know everything, as you tend to think.

Christ says: "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s." This answer astonished everyone. The Bulgarian says about such an answer: "To have your cake and eat it too". It is wondrous, really, how you can give to God the things that are God’s and to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s at the same time. This implies two different Worlds, two different moments. You will give the material thing to Caesar and the Divine thing to God. In other words: To God you will give the precious, the eternal, and to Caesar - the transient, the unnecessary. You will give your heart to God and your work to Caesar. - What does Caesar represent? - An internal process that works constantly in man. This process seeks its external manifestation, so one constantly asks questions. Only the Divine in man answers the questions asked. The soul, i.e. the Divine wisely answers the question that the Jews asked Christ, and we wonder how it is possible for the soul to slip out of our hands, out of the snare we have prepared. Do you think that when you pass for good and pious, you always act pious with your soul? All your hardships and sufferings are due to the fact that you are disturbing the peace of your soul. - Is it possible for a person alone to disturb the peace of his soul? Peace is the result of the Great Beginning that works in the world. Love brings peace. It has worked on man for thousands of years and continues to work. Only the full one can be peaceful, not the hungry one; only the learned one can be peaceful, not the ignorant one; only the good one can be peaceful, not the bad one. These are magnitudes, achievements that make a person peaceful and holy. These achievements make a person strong, good in character and brave.

You say: Is all this contained in the words, "They marveled, left Him, and went away." It is both contained and not contained. It is like asking me: Is the whole walnut tree contained in the little walnut? In essence, the big walnut - the tree, is not contained in the small walnut, but it is by projection. Therefore, when I look at a certain verse or a teaching, I draw your attention to its primary, secondary, and tertiary substance. By "substance" I mean essence. So there is a primary, secondary and tertiary essence. The primary substance is spaceless, it is beyond time and space. They are external manifestations of this substance. According to mysticism, the primordial substance is nothing but the eternally existing, uncreated world. This world has always existed and will exist forever. It has no beginning, and no end. The human mind has no idea of this world.

The secondary substance or secondary essence is a world that is already manifesting. It is called the world of ideas. The tertiary substance represents the present, already created world. It originates from the world of ideas. These are the three abstract worlds, among which the tertiary one interests you the most.

Now, speaking of the three worlds, very few of you understand me. However, at some point I can make you understand me. This is the easiest thing. I will put in front of you a table with roast chicken, cheese pie, wine and I will say: Welcome! You will all line up around the table and will say: This man is very good, we understand him. You will ask me: Will you give us such a lunch for the second and third time? This means a substantial, real world. There is no life outside of eating and drinking. One lives while he is eating and drinking; when he stops eating and drinking, he dies. If I tell you that there is no life without eating and drinking, you will marvel. In a broad sense, by eating and drinking I also mean feeling and thinking. Can you imagine life without eating and drinking, without thoughts and feelings? You say: I do not want to think. -You are dead in the mental world. - I do not want to feel. - You are dead in the spiritual world. - I just want to eat and drink. - You only live in the physical world. This can be seen from your benevolence.

Study both types of processes - ordinary and extraordinary, and then combine them into one. The development of races, as well as of individuals, lies in extraordinary processes. Therefore, study these processes. Extraordinary thoughts, feelings and actions contain massive, great power. The ordinary processes are just exercises. You go into a house, they say, "Welcome!" You go into another house, they say, "Welcome!" You go to a third house, you hear the same words, "welcome." However, they do not give you anything anywhere, they do not give you a morsel of bread. You walk into an inn, but you do not have a penny in your purse. The innkeeper looks at you and, realizing that you have no money, immediately says "goodbye!". You enter another inn, you hear "goodbye!" again. The innkeeper says: If you have money in your purse, you are welcome; if you do not have money - "goodbye!" When the man returns from work, his wife says: If you are bringing something, welcome; if you are not bringing anything, goodbye! The woman returns from work, and her husband says: If you are bringing something, welcome; if you are not bringing anything, goodbye! Ordinary things are greeted with "welcome", and extraordinary things with "goodbye". I say "welcome" to a full purse and "goodbye" to an empty one. Who bows to an empty purse? I say goodbye to an ugly and a sick person.

Hearing the word "goodbye", people are amazed and ask: Why do they say goodbye to us? - Because your purse is empty, i.e. your mind and your heart are empty. - What should I do? - Fill up your purse; fill up your mind and your heart. This is the philosophy of life. Those of you, who are practical, say: If only someone could fill up our purses! A maiden who is planning to get married, sits somewhere twiddling her fingers to the right and to the left, and fantasizes. - Why does she twiddle her fingers? - There is a reason for that. She does not think of going to the fields or the vineyard to dig, or to spin, to sow, or to write anything. She dreams of some count, with black eyes and a mustache, with golden rings on his hands, with a full purse in his pocket, to make her happy. And this comes true. A count comes from somewhere and they start talking: How are you? - I am fine. - And you? - I am fine too. Time passes, lunch time approaches, and they both look at each other, who will treat whom. The girl says: You are a count, aren't you? The young man answers: You are a countess, aren't you? When they realize that their bags are empty, they both say: Goodbye! - Why do people get separated? Because their bags are empty. The maiden sits down again and waits, hopefully, for someone else with a full bag to come. There are many people in the world with empty bags who are greeted with "welcome" and sent with "goodbye". These are the ordinary and extraordinary processes in human life.

Many people gather in one place to listen to a preacher or a storyteller, and when they receive nothing from him, they leave dissatisfied, with empty purses, and say to him: Goodbye! He sits, waiting for something to be put in his purse, and when he receives nothing, he says: This audience is extraordinary, they do not understand anything - "goodbye"! And the audience finds the preacher unusual, eccentric, so they say goodbye. I would like to preach to extraordinary people, with empty purses. I do not like people with full purses. I will say to the one with the empty purse: Welcome! Open your empty purses, so that I fill them for you. Then, you can say "welcome". Do not say that I am a good person. This expression refers to irrational numbers. As you do not understand them, do not deal with them. If you start working with irrational numbers, you will not achieve anything. In order to know man, whether he is virtuous or not, you must master the great Divine science. How do you determine which person is virtuous? What are his qualities? You will not look for his qualities, but you will greet him with a "welcome". Why am I welcome? Because I have filled your empty purses.

So, try to be "welcome" to me, and I will try to be "welcome" to you. When will you be "welcome" to me? When you come to me sick, and I heal you, I will say: Open your purses! My visit costs only a hundred levs. I will examine you and say: Welcome! Your disease is on its way out. When I tell the disease to leave you, both I and you will be “welcome.” First, I was welcome because I gave; now you are welcome because you give. This is not an allegory, but a great truth, a great law of nature. Nature gives to man up to the age of 50. It fills up your purse and says: Welcome! You open and close your purse, it is full. When you pass this age, nature begins to take from you. You get indisposed, dissatisfied and start making visits - you give of yourself. One rejuvenates while giving; as he begins to take, he gradually grows old. Rejuvenation is an ordinary process and aging is an extraordinary one. A young man never thinks he will grow old. One day, looking in the mirror, he sees white hair on his head. - Why? - Because nature begins to draw from him and says to him: Goodbye! As one grows older, he begins to wonder and ask: Why should man be born and die?

Death is a liquidation of the old culture. You say someone died. Do not say that he is dead, but wish that you, like him, be liquidated with the old. Say to yourselves: Thank God, that with the death of my loved one He reminds me that I must also liquidate my old accounts. Therefore, when death visits our homes, it reminds us that it is time to settle our old accounts. - What are the old accounts? - Sins and crimes that constantly settle in your hearts, minds and bodies. If you turn your attention to man from a physiological, phrenological and palmistry point of view, you notice that due to sediment, a person is exposed to constant changes. This is the reason why it is said that a person is on insecure ground. Great changes happen to a person from youth to old age. You read the Bible in your youth, the letters are clear, you can see well. When you turn 50, you read the Bible again, but you find that the letters are not clear. You say to yourself: Why has this book changed? Why is it so vague? I am asking: Is the book unclear, or is there something in your eyes? - Something may have happened to the book, but, in fact, the change is in your eyes. When children learn to read, they like to follow letters and lines with their finger. By running their finger over the letters several times, the book gets dirty and the letters are erased. Another child cannot read from this book. As children run their finger over the letters of the primer, so adults run their finger over their mind and heart, and erase what the Divine has written. You do a good deed and then you say: Wait to see if I did the good thing right, if I did it on time. When you run your finger over the good several times, you finally erase it. When you run your finger over your mind several times, your vision weakens. You put a pair of glasses on your eyes, a second one, a third one, until one day the doctor tells you: There are no glasses for you.

Spiritual science uses other glasses, i.e. other methods of vision. They are different from the physical ones. If you can keep peace and calm and focus your energy on the eyes of the blind person, there will be some enlightenment in him, and he will see more clearly. What makes people blind? - Misunderstanding the ordinary and extraordinary processes. The eyes do not weaken from crying, but from excessive grief. Someone has lost their wealth, another one - their son or daughter, and they cannot forget the loss. The eyesight gradually weakens from frequent reiteration of loss. A mother does not understand that she has neither lost her daughter nor won her over. What have you passed on to the big oak, which has grown from a small acorn? You have not passed anything to it. If it were not for solar energy, if oak did not draw nutrients from the earth, you would not do anything. The only merit of man is that he planted an acorn in the ground and looked after it from time to time. Can you consider the oak to be your own because of this small favor? That is a right of ownership, of possession! The walnut says: You have the right to enjoy my fruits while protecting me from evil. When you stop protecting me, I will also stop giving you my fruits.

Now, I take the walnut as an idea that penetrates human minds. Every idea, every thought and every feeling helps a person as long as he protects them. You know that man is made of billions of cells. In fact, where is the man? You will say that he manifests through his organs. However, where is the man himself? We know that after death, all the cells of the human body are scattered in space. Where does the man go? His spirit abides in the primary substance, his soul in the secondary one, and his body in the tertiary one. How about the saint, whose bones are looted after his death. Each of his worshipers takes a bone and puts it in a special box. Everyone says: Here are the remains of a holy man. I am asking: where is this man? The greatest power is in the one who has taken the head of the saint. He will be as smart as him; whoever has taken his feet, will acquire his virtues; who has taken the chest, will receive his love. Every bone of the saint gives something to the one who possesses it.

What do Catholics do? When they go to Rome, they want to see the Pope, to worship him, to kiss his feet. That is what some young men do. In order to show their love and respect for their female lover, they fall to their knees in front of her and kiss her feet. So, the girl is also a Pope for her lover. "Pope" means the father and mother of your life. Someone is said to have kissed the Pope's feet. - How many feet has he kissed! When a mother gives birth, does she not kiss her child? How many times she kisses it on the leg, on the back, on the face. She kisses it all over. Do not be surprised that people kiss the Pope's feet. Your child is also a Pope. They say kissing the Pope's feet is something extraordinary, but kissing your child's feet is an ordinary thing! Therefore, in order for one of our actions to produce the desired effect in the mental, spiritual or physical world, first of all, we need to know what its character is and how it should be performed. If the mother knows how to kiss her child, she can make it a genius. It is good for the mother to know where to kiss her child for the first time. The future science of upbringing will teach the mother how to kiss it. I still cannot pass this science on to the Bulgarians. It is one of the secrets of nature. So, a mother's first kiss is one of the great secrets of life.

Christ turns to one of his listeners and says, "I came to your house, but you did not give me a kiss." - Where was he supposed to kiss him? You ask: Is this question important? In my opinion, until people learn how to kiss, we cannot talk about any culture. Some say, Let us kiss! - Where? The leg, the forehead, the mouth, or the hand? It is not the same where you kiss a man. The spot where you have kissed a man, defines the relationship between you. There are kisses that bring health, there are kisses that cause disease. Man is a dynamo that produces different forces at different times. The same is said about the mouth: it produces different energies at different times. The lower lip is a conductor of passive forces, and the upper - of active ones. When a person's lower lip is very protruding, it shows great passivity. Such people expect a convenient moment for everything. When the upper lip is very protruding, the person is extremely active. He is the first to approach people, not waiting for favorable moments. The passive one says: If they bring me money, fine; if they do not bring me any, fine. The active one says: If they do not bring me money, I will go and get it myself.

When I talk about kissing, I mean purity in people's relationships. Through the kiss, I bring forth a great law that operates in nature itself, both among humans and animals. When two pigeons meet, for example, they approach their beaks and kiss. Those who do not understand this, think that the pigeons have grabbed their beaks and are fighting. The beak is a symbol of something. It is curved in the form of the Hebrew letter yod - like a comma. There is no life without commas. What the nose means to a human, it is what the beak means to the bird. One nose is curved on one side, another nose - on the other side. The two forms have different meanings. - What is their meaning? - It is a secret that I will not reveal. And you need at least one small comma as a symbol to convert energies from one state to another.

Christ says, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s." This language in which Christ spoke is figurative, Kabbalistic. Translated, this means: we must use physical methods for the physical energies, and Divine methods - for the Divine energies. For example, if you are angry, you will take a hoe and go to the fields or the vineyard. You will move the hoe up and down and you will say to yourself: As I strike the earth, so I will strike the one who causes my anger. So, instead of hitting the man, hit the soil, at least you will do some work. In this way, you will transform your anger and will return home calm and satisfied. Do not say that your wife is angry, but buy her a hoe and send her to the vineyard. Do not say that your husband is angry, but make him harness the oxen and go plowing. What are today's people doing? An angry man and an angry woman get together and complain about each other, about their children, and instead of helping each other, they get more angry. In my opinion, such a man and such a woman are needed for the fields and the vineyard. This is an ideal way to resolve all contradictions.

Someone gets discouraged and says: Nobody loves me, nobody has kissed me. - Go outside to meet the rising sun. It will kiss you. Then you will say to yourself: There is one who kissed me. If you meet the sun every day, it will kiss you every day. What better lover are you going to look for than the sun? Everyone can live with this lover. Talk about this lover freely, without any fear. If someone hears you and does not understand you, they will condemn you. However, once they understand, they will not criticize you. Everyone is looking for the love of the sun.

Today's people do not know love yet. We need kisses. -Whose kisses? - The kisses of the sun. We need kisses. -Whose? - The kisses of pure water. We need kisses. Whose? - The kisses of fresh air. We need kisses. - Whose? - The kisses of light. These are not ordinary things in life. When I say that you should seek the kisses of the sun, through that I want to direct your gaze to the Divine sun. Whoever has received a kiss from the Divine Sun, would never seek a kiss from the physical sun - a servant of the divine one. The physical sun shines and burns. Who has not tried its black rays? Ladies wear veils on their faces and umbrellas to protect themselves from this sun. The American woman wears a big white hat. By this she means: I do not allow the servant to kiss me. If anyone has to kiss me, it is the Divine Sun.

In the past, Jews asked Christ various questions, namely, how to resolve social and family issues. To this day, people are still asking the same questions. They are asking Christ how to resolve their family issues: the relationship of the man to the woman, the relationship of the woman to the man, the children to the parents, and so on. So far, people have not resolved their issues because they are not serving God. Many say they want to serve God, but in fact, they are serving themselves. In order to properly resolve your relationship with a woman, you must leave her free to draw energy from the Divine source. This is how a woman should treat her husband too. Only in this way, they will have a real value as souls. A person must know one's strength. Is it not a delusion on the part of the small river, which waters only a dozen cabbage plants, to think that it waters the whole garden? As dangerous as small things are to exaggerate their power, so dangerous it is for big things to reduce their power. If you are small, you have one valuable quality - purity. Therefore, one must be small sometimes. Small people are small, pure springs, and big people are big, muddy rivers. If you do not believe my words, you will try them yourselves. If someone is said to be a great man, I already know that he is a big, muddy river. A thirsty man needs a small spring, a small, clean river, and the merchant needs a big river; the gardener needs small rivers and the miller needs big ones. The miller says: I do not need so much clean water as I need lush, strong water. Whether it is clean or dirty, it is important to turn the wheel. This statement is true as long as there are mills. If there are no mills, we need clean water. What kind of water do we cook with? What kind of water do we use to wash our dishes? Therefore, the mill needs any kind of water; it is important for it to be lush. Divine things, however, need pure, crystalline water. Whoever wants to enter the Divine world, the sources of his life must be pure. This is a law that also applies to nature. In clear waters and beautiful trees live songbirds, beautiful birds. No birds live in muddy waters. Healthy, good disposition, happiness are beings that love pure springs. If someone asks me why he suffers, I answer: Because you are a big, muddy river.

"They marveled." And when you get out of here, you wonder what to do when you live in a world you cannot harmonize with. You wonder why the world was created that way. There are things in the world that God has not made. Who made your houses, mills, factories? Who made your clothes? Who invented cooking? The world that you are dissatisfied with, was created by humans. It is a human world. You say that the world created by God is bad, it means you are either not telling the truth or you do not understand it. Someone has dyed his hair black and says it is the color of his hair. He does not tell the truth. Why not say that he has dyed it? Hair can be dyed, to turn black, blonde, red, white - whatever you want. If God had dyed our hair, it would not have fallen out. If we were born of God, we would not get sick and die. The feeble body is a human invention. What idea can be put in such a body? A human idea can be put, but not a Divine one. Do you think that God will pour the Divine nectar into a fragile bottle? You say: I want the Spirit of God to dwell in me. - If you want that, you have to get a bottle made by angels. Work in this direction to get such a bottle. Then only one kiss of the Divine Sun will transform your life, it will bring an impulse for a new work in you. The divine principle within you will take root deep in the physical world and will draw the juices necessary for the new life. This means the resurrection of the human soul. This is the real man who walks among people like a big elephant. They bite him, stab him, make fun of him, but he goes forward, not paying attention. They tell him: For you to remember when you passed through our kingdom. The elephant walks calmly, beats time with his trunk, wags his tail and says: For you to know when I passed through your kingdom!

"And when they heard it, they marveled, and they left him and went away." Consider in your mind the thought that your bottle is human, not made by God. If so, which bottle will you enter after leaving the physical one? You will say that even if the bottle gets broken, it is important to keep the water. - Where will this water go? - Either in another bottle, or it will spill into nature. It will travel there, but will not end up in the place assigned to it. And this water is not Divine. True, scientists say that water is made up of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, but they do not know the whole truth. This water is a tertiary substance. Scientists do not yet know the secondary and primary substance of water. From the point of view of true science, water is not composed of hydrogen and oxygen, but they are composed of it. Do you think that with the knowledge you have today, you can transform the world? This knowledge cannot make you cultured. Today, it is unlikely to find one person in a hundred who truly thinks in a Divine way. The thought of many philosophers and scientists is as simple as beans. In some ways, their thought is simpler than beans. This is not a reproach. I am presenting the facts as they are. If you put a dry stick near the bean plant, it will wrap around it. However, if there is a living tree next to the bean plant, even further away from the dry stick, it will prefer the living tree and wrap itself around it. In this regard, many people will do the opposite: they will wrap around the dry stick. - Why? - Because it is closer to them. Today, most people are wrapped around dry sticks and, despite that, they expect some transformation in their lives. As long as you wrap yourself around dry sticks, no transformation can take place.

"And when they heard it, they marveled, and they left him and went away." Free yourselves from the dry sticks. Take them out, and instead of them, make your own fence of living trees, so each of them speaks to you: Lord, I did my job according to your will.

I wish you all to fence yourselves off with a living hedge, to enter and leave the Divine garden freely.

Strive to find the secondary substance of things.

3. Talk by the Master, held on 4 April 1920, Sofia.

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