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1913_12_30 That Which Will Uplift Man (Nik)


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Готов превод Онова, което ще повдигне човека - 30.12.1913-ИБ-79 / .: 30.12.1913-ИБ-79

That Which Will Uplift Man

A letter to brother Penyu Kirov

Dear Penyu,

I received your letter. These things that you are telling me are interesting, simply as a manifestation of the Bulgarian spiritual way of life. This, to my knowledge, is not for the first time.

Even more interesting things have happened in this people's past. The present is an echo from the past and it must be repeated in abbreviated form. Now is his time, let everyone show what they have gained for centuries. "At the end of the harvest I will have the word," says the Lord. "The fruit will show everything in its true form." First Corinthians 3:1-23. I know the soul of this people very well; it has suffered a lot from its teachers, preachers, and rulers. It has a little more to suffer, after which it will be freed from the old slavery once and for all. I know that you are sad to see what causes suffering happen. It is hard on your soul to see the small divisions happen, but such are the laws in this world of God for the time being. God has allowed everything to grow and develop; He has determined a place for both good and evil. If the first man, placed under the most favorable conditions, could not stand in his first purity and betrayed the Lord; and if the first woman, taken from the purest essence of the human soul, fell in love with the alluring words of the serpent and committed the first crime, what do you expect from their offspring now?

Can water rise above its source? - No.

The cure of all things must be sought elsewhere. "That which is born of the flesh is flesh," says Christ - the present situation; and "that which is born of the Spirit is spirit," - that is the future, which hides the elixir of life, of new revival, by resurrection and immortality. Great vision, deep knowledge and vast wisdom are needed here. Training and upbringing are two completely different things. They are as different in nature as addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division. One process covers the outer - mechanical side; and the other one, the inner - organic side. Whoever learned just to add and subtract, has not understood life. The first people sinned there - in addition and subtraction.

Eve did the first addition of the forbidden fruits and revealed the taste of the fruits, and the Lord did the subtraction - the expulsion. In the beginning they were told to multiply and reproduce. I am hinting to you, a hint of a great spiritual law, on which all life rests. You often blame everything on the devil. Yes, this is true only in those relationships of life where there is addition and subtraction, but not where there is multiplication and reproduction. My words will become clear to you if I quote the words of Scripture, which say: the works of the flesh and the fruits of the Spirit. Are deeds and fruits the same thing? - No. Therefore, whoever expects to get uplifted through his deeds, is a first-class ignoramus*.

What can uplift a person are the fruits of the Spirit. These fruits are said to multiply and reproduce within the human soul.

Desires and thoughts, these are the hidden seeds of Divine life. And I will proceed to show you where evil begins.

A father called his three sons and gave them three nuts each: the first ate them, the second gave them, the third sowed them. From the first one were born all wolves, from the second one - all sheep, and from the third one - all men. You eat - you are a wolf. You give - you are a sheep. You sow - you are human. Now the art is to understand what the father wants. It is said, "be fruitful, multiply, and have dominion over the fish, the birds, and the earth." But this requires knowledge and wisdom, and strength. It is not said, "Have dominion over men." And anyone, who seeks to conquer what he is not allowed to do, is on the wrong track. These are the works of the flesh. This is food, this is the wolf, these are quarrels, hassles and the like. I want to make you look deeper, more broadly at God's ordinances. We will cry when we are children, we will laugh when we are young, we will think when we are old. Now, those who cry, let them cry; those who laugh, let them laugh; those who think, let them think. Some people are like second-hand goods salesman, they buy everything. Others are like young ornate maidens, just waiting. And others are like young men, well shod, spruce, stamping, knocking, looking for their happiness. And the others are considering which of the three paths to take.

The little thing with Love is preferable to the big thing with discord. Keep in mind that heaven can give its riches and power to you, only when you are worthy in mind, in soul, in heart, and in faithfulness, and humility.

Give space to the tree, to the tree of life, so that it may branch out, expand, multiply and reproduce in you, and bear fruit worthy of eating.

Give space to the father - Love and to the mother - Joy, and to the child - Peace, in order to be in connection with God. Give space to the father - patience and to the mother - grace, and to their child - mercy, so that you may be in communion with the angels. Give space to the father - faith and to the mother - meekness, and to their child - abstinence, so that you may be in touch with the good people on the face of the earth, and with your loving advanced brothers and sisters in the kingdom of peace.

My heartfelt greetings to all my friends and brothers.

Yours faithfully

(signature) P. K. Deunov

17 December 1913, Tuesday


* ignoramus; comes from the old Bulgarian word невЪжда

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