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1917_08_02 A Letter (Nik)


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Готов превод Писмо - 2.8.1917-ИБ-175 / .: 2.8.1917-ИБ-175

A Letter


I received your letter. The Lord my God will get everything right. Suffering in life begets experience, and experience begets the conditions under which faith, hope and love grow. As long as everyone uses them equally. I want peace, joy and Divine love to reign among all of you, that you compete to serve each other and honor each other. Be inspired with the Spirit of Christ. Be smart and good-natured, strong in faith and patience, brave and fearless in God. Be guided by the inner voice of the Spirit. Be diligent in acquiring virtues. Forgive easily and be kind, more courageous, in deeds rather than in words. I am not writing this as a reproach to you, this thought is far from me. I want to remove all criticism, if possible. I am only reminding you of God's way, God's good, in which God rejoices. May the Lord my God teach you and guide you in all His good ways and in His Word. Greetings to you and all your friends specially by name. May the Lord's Peace rest upon us all.

Yours Faithfully

P. K. Deunov

2 September 1917, Varna

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: nikolaysan (Николай)

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