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1920_03_09 Ninth of March (22nd March) (Nik)


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Готов превод Девети март (22 март) - 9.3.1920-ИБ-278 / .: 9.3.1920-ИБ-278

Ninth of March (22nd March)

The Good Prayer

Ninth of March is a symbolic day. Symbols acquire meaning only when their inner meaning is interpreted. 9th March is the day of the equinox. But so, simply put, 9th March, the day of the equinox, is the day on which man was created, was born. And that day falls on a Friday. Do not think that there was no equinox before - there was. The equinox of man is the rising of the sun from south to north. The south is down and the north is up. With the advent of Adam, man began to evolve, to ascend to God. Now, if you can celebrate 9th March, in the sense that you are born today, i.e. the divine powers hidden in you to begin a new evolution, to evolve towards God, it is an equinox, or a transition from one state of being to another. The equinox should always bring the best thoughts, the best desires into the human soul, and then all those seeds that are hidden in the earth begin to grow, develop, bloom, and then their fragrance appears. The same law applies to man. A man without the Divine is like a bare earth, and we say, "This man is cold, disgusting, there is no beauty in him." But when the hidden, the Divine comes to man, these seeds, grasses and flowers gradually begin to grow, the flowers turn red and man becomes beautiful. This beauty cannot appear until the Divine Sun appears. Since the sun comes from the northern to the southern hemisphere, i.e. from one pole of being to the other, the north always means truth, and the south always means virtue. But the north also means death, and the south - life. A man cannot live until he dies. This is a law. Life begins first with death. This seems to be a contradiction, but it is a fact inside nature. Every seed, every form in which things are clothed, must die.

Ninth of March has another meaning too. Man has to learn that great law of self-sacrifice, to get rid of the unnecessary things in this world that hinder his development. If a 100-200-year-old walnut tree wants to enter your home, if it is a rational, conscious being, could it enter? - It cannot enter in any way. Or if a 500-year-old oak wants to pay you a visit, could it to that? In such a state as it is, it will not be able to. If you would like this walnut tree or this oak to visit you, they should turn into a little nut or acorn, to pass from hand to hand among your children, to go around you all and finally get received inside you as a guest. Do not think that when this walnut gets inside you, it dies. No, it is planted in you. There are walnuts that grow in the human soul. You have to learn to see in the external nature all those symbols that are hidden inside it. And this will happen when we start living by the rules of God's Love. Some of you do not believe in God's Love. You look for it and say that it is a good thing, but when it comes to you, you are not heroes to accept it, to apply it. Why? - Because you do not have a heart, and it wants a heart. If your heart is broken, punctured, it will leak out. How many times does it enter your hearts and leaks out! Why do your hearts break? - Because they are made of stone. That is why it is said in the Scriptures that this stone heart will be taken away from them and will be made of flesh, so that this Divine Spirit may abide within them. The first thing you need to try is whether this Divine Love has penetrated your hearts. See if this Love can grow the seeds in you. When a person goes to school and finishes a class, does he not make a small attempt to see what his knowledge was like before starting and after leaving school? If there is something gained, it is the result of the knowledge acquired in school. In the same way, we will check with Love. We will see if there is a difference before and after it gets inside us. One cannot be suddenly perfect. By the word Love I mean God, Who must get inside us. God creates, God makes, so no creativity can manifest until He gets inside us. For example, even the smallest flies have an impulse in their minds that makes them do their job, and they have started it. Butterflies, whose wings are so well variegated, they also understand their work. That is how I read this thing, and I see that there are butterflies that stand higher than many modern people who pass for learned. Such learned men have existed for thousands of years. A learned man from a Divine point of view is one who knows God by experience. By "experience" I mean that we are ready to do everything for God and not to deviate from His word. So we must always be ready to do what the Lord wants us to do. Many Christians are now in the following position: they resemble that Christian woman in England who, during the Gallic movement, prayed for 12 years for the Lord to honor her, to make her useful to the people. Another friend of hers was also praying for the same thing, and one night she had a dream: Christ appeared to her and said, “What you are praying for is not for you, but go to your friend who has been praying for 12 years. and tell her to start the work.” She went to her friend and told her the words of Christ. Her friend said, "Ah, I cannot start such a work now." This woman, seeing that she was giving up, started the Gallic movement on her own. Now we pray for many things, but when they are offered, we say, "Not now, it is not the right time yet." And we find reasons to apologize. We will find excuses, whether the wife, whether the husband, the children, our friends or society. We wash our hands like Pilate until this Divine idea is gone. The situation this year will be favorable because it is a year of judgement. This year, people are being judged in the spirit world. Each of you must open your notebooks and, whatever your receivables, liquidate your accounts. You two hate each other, you will liquidate your accounts, you will start with 5 up, 5 down, 10 up, 10 down. You will say, "Who will start the work first?" - The one who is a master. - "Who will start teaching?" - The one who knows. - "Now, do I have to humiliate myself?" - You will be humiliated and you will go beyond, you will be humiliated to the point of disgrace. If you think you will not be humiliated, you are wrong. When someone is buried, he is humiliated. There is no king, no bishop, when buried, not to be humiliated, not to stink. You say, "Oh, to go apologize to someone! I will not do that." You will do it in the grave. Cemeteries are for those who do not want an apology, they are a place for repair. We pray for the dead. What could be better than their situation. They liquidate their accounts. The deceased says, "Lord, I will give everything." And indeed he gives all his flesh, all his blood, and when only the bones remain, the Lord says, "Let him go now." Thus, in both the mystical and the Christian world, there are living places, our desires, which we must leave and give up as insignificant, unreal. Do not think that I am threatening you with this, but you all think that these things will not come to you. They will come to everyone. Now we all want to walk in this Divine teaching, but you must know that it cannot be applied by force, but by your good will. Not only good will is needed, but there must be goodness in that good will; not only goodness but also justice; not only justice but also love; not only love but also wisdom; not only wisdom but also truth. Therefore, your good will alone is not enough. You will say, "What should we do then?" - You will try to forget any insult, because otherwise you will give place to the devil in your heart. And what is the devil? It is a statement of God's wrath against all righteousness. So, when you say that you cannot forgive, it is because the devil has come to your heart. You say, "Christ has come in me." When you forgive and you are relieved, Christ has come. Tomorrow you repent, you say, "Oh, I cannot forgive him." - The devil has come to you. You resemble that girl who likes a man because he is good, beautiful, but she is dissatisfied and hesitant because he has no house, no money, no reputation. She likes another one because he has reputation, knowledge, but she hesitates because he is not good. She wonders whom to choose. Now the devil in this world has houses, position, everything, but Christ has nothing. You think the churches belong to Christ. Make no mistake, every church has a trustee, they are locked, it is not time to be opened now. Some will say, "At least hospitals are Christ's." Justice, I think, still belongs to the devil. Some complain, "They did not give us the right." They will give you the right according to the devil. Because the devil also has his own right. He says, “To me 3-4, to you 3-4. If you do not agree, get outside." What is happening in the world now should not bother us in the least. This one died, that one died. People will die, houses will burn, steamers will sink, and so on. The evil is not that houses will burn, that children will die, but the evil is that you do not forgive. Now, as I speak to you, you say, "I am ready to forgive." Christ says, "Not only to forgive, but to be willing to give everything." But what are you doing? Let us forgive each other. You kiss, forgive each other, and the next day you start tearing each other to shreds again. I have nothing against this forgiveness, but when you come to the Divine world, there should be no worm gnawing on your mind. Every worm is alive, it eats the best fibers, the veins of flowers. When there is a worm hidden inside you, it will bite you. Someone will say, "How interested he is in my worms!" I am not interested, but I am drawing your attention to the fact that this worm will gnaw the most beautiful and tender roots and the flower will wither. We need to understand this devil's deception and tell him, "We have been listening to you for 8,000 years, but from now on we want to gradually apply the teachings of Christ to our lives." Some will say, "Thank God we are advanced."

I will give you an example so that you know yourselves. Imagine that you are in a crowded gathering where a fire suddenly breaks out. There is a great commotion, a collision, everyone is pushing to come forward. If you push everyone to run away first, Christ is not with you. If you remain last, Christ is with you. So, if in some danger you are last and in some good you are last again, Christ is with you. This is the new teaching. If you do so, Christ will look favorably on you and say, "These children of mine have understood life." And so the Lord will send you to work. But now he will say, "You have not understood anything." I watch how young children treat each other, especially in the villages. The mother goes out to the fields and leaves the older brother to look after the younger one, leaves him milk with cream so that when the little one gets hungry, she can feed him. He skims the cream from the milk, and when the mother comes back, she asks, "Did you feed your brother?" - "I do not know what happened to the milk, Mom, it was not there." These small things in life show that even when they grow up, they will do the same. The law is the same.

This year we will make it a rule to be right in the little things, in the little virtues. One day I met a nicely dressed girl who saw an old man bent down to tie his shoelaces. As soon as she saw him, she immediately approached him and said, "Wait, Grandpa, I will tie your shoelaces." The old man said, "Here is a girl who did a great deed." This girl could have passed or at he most could have said to him, "Grandpa, tie your shoelaces," if he had not noticed. That is where we have come to. We see someone in a difficult situation, but everyone shrugs and says, "May the Lord help him." In the new teaching, the words "May the Lord help him" are understood differently. If a farmer or a brother of yours is ill and he cannot plow the fields, the others say, "God help him," and they roll up their sleeves on the fields for a few hours, plowing and digging. If he has a vineyard and cannot take care of it due to being sick, let everyone take a hoe on their shoulder, and go to the vineyard. God help him.

In England, somebody named Sparzhen preached in a rich church. Many rich people gathered in this church, their purses bursting with gold, and they were saying to themselves, "Let us pray to God to help us." The preacher told them, "Let us not tempt the Lord. I open my purse and give that much money for the poor.” One by one, they started giving. Praying to the Lord means opening our hearts. Now I see your bags are bursting with gold. You are very rich. You have not given anything for 8,000 years. You are a rich soil, into which the Divine enters and produces excellent wheat. You are a rich soil. Your purse, that is, your heart, will open now, and you will begin to serve God because He has already descended into this hemisphere. How many years are there from 1914 to 1920? - Six years. It has been six hours since the sun crossed your equator. Every day means one hour. See what the weather is like today. They say from above, "These people need cleanliness, they need to be white as snow." That is why it is snowing today. If they do not listen, their white clothes will melt, they will turn black. What does moisture show? It shows that your seeds need moisture, water, i.e. life. The northwest wind that blows shows that everything you do must be motivated by the truth. Because where the truth is, there is also light. You are doing tests with God like that, not with me, because you behave very well with me. I see someone laughing, he is happy, but when he sees me, he suddenly becomes very serious. There is no need to hide, this is hypocrisy. Be natural. When a person looks at you, your face, your eyes should show a willingness to do good, to be fair, smart, to love and to tell the truth. Sometimes we pretend that we are indisposed, but this is just a tactic that should not exist in the new teaching. You will show your face the way God made it. Well, does an artist's picture change? It does not change. Whatever image the Lord has set for you, let it remain so. If you are natural, no matter how you laugh, your face will show goodness. When your face is serious, it should mean that you are thinking of telling the truth; when you are silent, let your face show that you intend to act. If you frown, it shows that you try to remember something. You remember that someone did you harm. No, when you frown, it must show that you will do this good in the name of God. So, whatever movement you do, learn to translate those movements. Because in each of them there is a certain power. If you cannot turn a movement, translate it, one day you will form bad karma. If you cannot have a good thought, a good desire or action in these movements, to balance these forces, to straighten them, you will find yourself in conflict with them one day. Christ says, "For every right action there will be an answer." And I say, "For every bad movement of the face and eyes you will give an answer." When we say this, do not be frightened so that you do not know how to act, but by moving your arm or moving a muscle, you will enjoy this nice movement. There are special societies in Europe where they learn how to act, how to move their face, eyes, etc. Entire schools of this nature exist for secular people. Every good person should have such impulses. Sometimes you are dissatisfied with yourself, you feel that your eyes are heavy, or you feel some irritation in the nose, or itching in the ears, somewhere on the face or eyes, try to look for its reason. Bulgarians say that if their right hand itches, they will give, and if their left hand itches, they will take money. If your left eyebrow twitches, something bad will happen to you, if your right eyebrow twitches - something good. So every movement has its own inner meaning. This is the physical world, but these movements are also related to our spiritual life, so we must strive for free movements. Now, as I am telling you this, do not be afraid, do not wonder in what position to stand. I will show you another time how to stand, how to sit, how to walk, you do not know that. And see what disposition you will have by walking the way I will show you. A friend of yours comes and folds his arms in front of him. What does it mean? It means that he has closed his chest and is posing in front of you. So do some teachers in front of their students. Sometimes someone puts their finger on their blind eye and thinks. That means he is looking to settle his scores. We must turn all these movements into movements of the new science. That is why you must have purity of thoughts, movements, as well as external purity. We must be an example. If you see that you have something unclean, clean it. If you see your nails dirty, clean them immediately. This will give a boost to your soul towards good. If you see your hair disheveled, if you have time and no one is chasing you, stop and comb it up, because combing up makes good sense. It helps a person's thinking and that's why poets talk and lift their hair up from time to time. Modern secular ladies do not comb their hair up, but scatter it on their foreheads in the form of bangs and thus cover their foreheads. The new science cannot stand it, you know? Some people tie their hair back. You do not have to pull your hair back so much. By doing so, we will introduce the new education. You say, "Let us educate people." How are we going to educate them? By cultivating your willpower, you will be able to straighten your face and get rid of any ailments that you have. As a motto this year, I am giving you the task to develop your willpower - a willpower supported by virtue, justice, wisdom, love and truth. These are the rules for the occult school. This is an innovation to those formulas I gave in one of Thursday's talks: ordeal, hope, salvation, work, faith, exaltation. Put in your mind to cultivate your willpower and not to have any disturbance in your hearts. Let your disturbances remain outside, but be quiet, calm and joyful in your souls. And if you find the devil inside, catch him by the tail and go outside to drive him away. If he does not want to go out, do not mince your words. Whatever promise he gives you, do not believe him. Ask him, "Are you ready to forgive and are you ready to love?" - "No." If you are not ready, then out. Another will come in your place, who will be able to do this. (Songs are heard below. They sing the song "A solemn day has come") Those who sing below are the Bulgarians, a symbol of those who closed the school.

So, I congratulate you on March 9 and wish you all to have willpower. The tiniest good that I want you to do this year, is to tie the shoes of at least two old people and have mutual respect for each other and among other people, to compete doing services. When the Lord and Christ see that you voluntarily worship and love each other, it is pleasing to them. If I start scolding you that you are this or that, nothing will come of it, and I am telling you that you are very rich but lazy. In my opinion, laziness is not a sin, but it shows that you have been in the shadows for a long time and you have become a bourgeois. Now the sun is coming, grab a hoe and a plow and become a worker. You are now workers. This year, Christ wants from you willpower, willpower. Remember that next year there will be no more talk of willpower. Then you will be 100 years ahead of your current state. Do not wait, because if you stay and do not work, the following year we will be 200 years ahead, and those who have not worked will be left behind. Progressing is very fast now. I believe that all of you have good will, but it is weak to manifest. You have good wishes, good thoughts, but they are weak, that is I mean, you do not apply them, but postpone them. You are given seed to sow, but you say, "Well, I will sow it tomorrow or another time, there are more important things now." No, this year all things must be sown. If a good thought comes to you, sow it - this is the most favorable moment. Listen to Christ, because He is now walking from door to door and knocking, but you are saying, "When will Christ come?" - He has already come. Some say that when we die, then Christ will come. Christ comes when you are alive, not when you die. When do people stop under the trees? When they are dry or when they are alive and bearing fruit? - When they are alive. Jackdaws alight on dry trees. So, you are good, you are all good. In what sense are you good? If you are bad sometimes, it is because you have thought of yourself as bad for a long time. You gather somewhere and say, "Ah, I know him or her, they are not as good as we think they are." You are all good, but when the devil enters you, then you are not good. When you say that he is not good, he is not good, then he finally becomes like that. The devil has done well what he is doing today. He wanted to become God, to rule people, and today he is bad because he wants to take what is not meant for him. That is why we must not serve him. So, you are good. You are good because you have pimples, but touching them can spoil them. You touch your own and other people's pimples, but touching them can ruin them. And we get bad today because we touch those pimples. If we do not touch them, we will have apples and cherries in abundance. How does frost come? They have just blossomed, the frost comes, you are deceived, look, the whole blossom is gone. "Let there be no frost." I say to all of you: There will be many nice buds, there will be a lot of blooming, there will be a lot of setting, let us only hope there will be no frost. I will not talk about salvation now, but I will talk about change. Salvation is spoken of to sick people, who are still in the hospital, but to you who have come out of it, I will not speak of salvation. We must collectively apply our good thoughts and desires. Someone is in a good mood, but says, "I have no spirit to pray." Do not be fooled. One should always pray, but prayer should not be monotonous. Prayer implies striving, talking to God.

(They ask the Master to speak louder.)

My voice is for very few people, but the world is wide and therefore it is not heard. If you hear my voice, can you do what I am telling you? Do not hesitate, this will be an excellent year spiritually. Fertility, there will be as much wheat as you want. The snow shows that the year will be fertile. There will be wheat, but this wheat will have to be turned into internal wheat.

9 (22) March 1920, 8 pm.

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