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1912_11_10 To Everyone According to the Eternal Truth (Nik)


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Готов превод Всекиму според вечната Правда - 10.11.1912-ИБ-69 / .: 10.11.1912-ИБ-69

To Everyone According to the Eternal Truth

This meeting was attended by members who had not been present previously. Mr. Deunov, after reading Chapter 18 of Matthew, said:

The words "Where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them." are important. For every job in the world, there need to be two people to start working. You have to find out who these two people are. You need to think about these words. Think about who these two people are, who need to come together. Three people are already a direction, the direction you should strive for. But in the number two, you will always find that there is no order. The one who wants this from that number does not understand the order of things. Why do we want God? - Because we need Him, just as the student needs the teacher and the child needs the mother, both are necessary in times of need. In times of suffering, we must call on the Lord. Call on Him in days of sorrow, and He will appear, because only then does He appear. Otherwise, He is in His so He does not come down here. Whenever a medicine is given to someone, he must take it, otherwise it would mean that he does not want to be treated, he does not want to evolve.

It is said that two or three, whatever they ask in My name, will be theirs. But know and keep in mind that two elements cannot be combined without the required conditions. Ask any chemist about this matter, everyone will tell you the same. It is the same with us. Only if we have the required conditions will the Lord answer your requests. For example, if you do not listen, the Lord will not answer you. If misfortunes have ever been sent to you, thank God for them. Be happy in both abundance and misery. Never blame the Lord for your misfortune, because you are the ones to blame. Everything is good in God, there is no evil in Him, but only when man does not do the will of God - suffering occurs. Yes, this suffering is the result of disobedience.

Why is it only said about "two people"? The two, it is darkness and light, it is good and bad, truth and falsehood. In this life, do not expect to be happy. This is an illusion. The earth is not a place for man, but he is an alien on it. It is for him the so-called "Vale of tears*". This land is covered with the cries and tears of billions of beings who have cried, cried and cried. This is your destiny too - you will be given only so much relief. If you want more, it is of the devil. If you want to live forever on earth, it is also of the devil. If you want to be rich, it is also of the devil. If you build your happiness on this earth - you have been deceived because we have at our disposal another home, not made by human hand, eternal. And when you hear the voice of your neighbors, who have gone there before you, you will understand the meaning of life.

By the way, I do not want anyone to grumble. I have decided to put an end to any grumbling. Everyone forges their own destiny, and it is God who determines for everyone according to eternal justice. Whoever feels ready for the Lord's way - that is good, but whoever does not, can remain in the world.

Finally, think that you are given husbands, wives, children. Why are they given to you, have you thought about and understood that? Well, try, work hard and give the right answer to these questions.

So, the most basic thing for you now is obedience. This should be the only password through which to knock in heaven, and as soon as you knock with it, whenever you do so, it will open to you. But if you do not listen, you can knock as much as you want, you can cry as much as you want - they will not accept you. Yes, the power is in the obedience. And obedience is the fruit, the result, the expression of love.

* The word "vale" in the original text comes from the Old-Bulgarian word "yudol".

28 October 1912, Sunday

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: nikolaysan (Николай)

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