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1920_02_29 What the Spirit Says (Nik)


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Готов превод Що казва Духът - 29.2.1920-НБ-274 / .: 29.2.1920-НБ-274

What the Spirit Says

"He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” (Revelation 3:13)

Life must be understood in its true, deep sense. Understanding is known for the fact that it brings renewal.

"He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches." There are two important thoughts in this verse: "He who has an ear," and "hear what the Spirit says." The words "ear" and "listening" are two important moments, two important states of the soul. The ear is an organ that the soul has made. So, only the one can listen who has made an organ. It is said that the ear is an external organ that is related to the physical world. Just as there is a relationship between the ear and speech, so there is a relationship between hearing and the Spirit. Bulgarians often say that the Spirit is hovering somewhere. This expression shows that they have a misconception about the Spirit. By this they mean that the Spirit manifests its presence in a special way in life. When we say that the Spirit speaks in a certain nation or in a certain person, we mean that this nation, or this person, thinks, feels, and acts right.

Even in prehistoric times, which are spoken of in occult science, the first kingdom created by God existed on earth. At that time, people were in great difficulties that they could not resolve. Their king was a good and pious man. Seeing the plight of his people, he turned to God for help. His prayer was accepted. God sent an angel from heaven who brought him a grain of wheat and said: You will sow this grain and, when it bears fruit, you will not weigh it, you will not transport it, you will not throw it on the road, you will not keep it in barns. Everyone will take from it as much as they can carry on their back. If you and your subjects serve this law, you will be happy. On the day you change this law, great misfortunes will befall you. And if you ask me why you suffer, I answer: The people of today suffer because they measure the wheat with wooden pots, they transport it, they throw it on the road, they keep it in barns. And everyone carries on their backs more than they need. People have changed the great law that the angel wrote in prehistoric times. This law can be applied anywhere. The wheat grain represents a mathematical formula that needs to be studied. There are many things to study in geometry too.

What does geometry study? - Straight and curved lines, figures and bodies. As you have studied geometry, tell me what a curved line represents and what a circle does. Tell me what is the application of the straight line and what - the circle in life. You will say that the straight line represents the diameter of a circle. However, the straight line has a different definition and a different meaning. Modern physicists who study sound and light have made the following experiment. They take two tuning forks. One tuning fork is placed in a horizontal position and the other one - in a vertical position. They place a mirror against them and direct a beam of light against it. It is reflected on a white canvas. Then they bring the tuning forks in motion, which is reflected on the canvas in the form of a circle. As the waves of the tuning forks decrease, so the circle gets smaller, it turns into an ellipse until it finally becomes a straight line. Anyone can do this experiment.

What does the circle represent? It is a manifestation of the physical world. The diameter is a transitional stage, a neutral zone, a boundary between the visible and the invisible. As the energy of the physical world begins to diminish, we approach a straight line; as the energy of the physical world begins to increase, we approach the circle. This shows that our relationship to the physical world is measured and determined. If one of the tuning forks is set one octave higher than the other, the waves from the oscillations of the tuning forks will form a loop. The tuning fork, which is placed horizontally, represents the mind, and the vertical one represents the heart. It has been proven that the intensity of the mind is twice as high as that of the heart. This shows that the matter of the mind is more delicate, with higher oscillations than that of the heart.

"He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says." The ear that we listen with, is a great thing. - Who do we listen to? The spirit, i.e. the rational principle that God has put in us. Everyone must penetrate this rational principle. People suffer because they do not listen to the Spirit, but listen to everyone who speaks to them from outside. What will you learn from the drum that beats without timing? What will you gain if you listen to the jingle of a gas can? What will you understand if you listen to every noise that is made in the outside world? All people hold different positions: teachers, priests, judges, mothers and fathers. Ask them, however, what did they learn in the performance of their duties? Mothers have been giving birth for eight thousand years, but have their children got better? For eight thousand years, judges have been hearing cases and judging people, but have they fixed the world? For eight thousand years priests and preachers have been enlightening people, but could they teach them the great law of God? Soldiers and officers have been using force for eight thousand years, but have they put people in the conditions necessary for their development? People have been fixing the world for eight thousand years, but could they fix it? - Why did they not get what they wanted? Because they have strayed from the right path, which is why they do not understand the Spirit.

Today all people are afraid of the Spirit. There is no need to be afraid of the Spirit. It is a great principle that brings warmth to the heart, light to the mind and meaning to life. The spirit is a force that works continuously. It is more than just heat and light. If there is any interruption in the actions of the Spirit, it is due to the misunderstanding of the people. If I enter a castle with shutters and no light coming in, I will definitely get sick. Who is to blame for this: the sun or myself? It is scary to stay in the dark. However, man lives on earth, where light alternates with darkness, day with night. Day and night exist in the human heart and in the human mind. Every negative thought, every negative feeling and every negative action brings darkness into a person. Positive thoughts, feelings and actions bring light. Anger and rage cause darkness in a person. When you reconcile, light comes into you. The rotation of the earth around its axis and around the sun shows the processes that the soul goes through. The bright side of the earth represents the right attitude of the soul towards God. The dark side represents the wrong attitude of the soul towards God.

You often hear people say: Let us get along, let us improve our relationship! If you live on the dark side of the earth, you will not get along. We can always get along with a hungry and the thirsty person. It is enough to give a hungry person half of my bread and a thirsty person a glass of water, so that we get along immediately. If, instead of giving my bread, I take his last piece of bread, we will never get along. This is a principle that applies to the individual, as well as to all people. Give away, without expecting to be given. Whoever does not observe this principle encounters difficulties on his own. A small cause may lead to big consequences.

Years ago, there was such a big fire in Chicago, that had never happened before. One man was milking his cow. As it was dark, he was using a candle which he had put behind the cow. At one point, the cow kicked the candle, and the hay in the barn caught fire. The barn caught fire, and with it all the neighboring houses. A small cause had big consequences. The fire spread to almost the entire city. A rich man, trying to take his safe out of the office, saw the flames already touching the safe. How to take it out? At that time, a poor man was passing by the office. The rich man stopped him and asked him for help, for which he promised a reward equal to 250,000 leva. The poor man replied: I am not risking my life for any money.

Now I am saying to you too: Fire is coming! Chicago is burning! What are today's people doing? Today, both scientists and ordinary people are standing still and dealing with the question of how to take their safes out. Others are bargaining how much to get paid to help the rich rescue their safes from fire. If you keep on dealing with your safes, you will pay with your life. Chicago is on fire and burning. God did not send us to earth to become millionaires, mothers and fathers, priests and preachers. He sent us to earth to be disciples of the great Divine teaching and learn to live right. You will say that this teaching is at odds with people's understandings. Think as you wish, but in less than ten years you will find out for yourselves whether there is justice in the world, whether there are Divine laws. In the near future, there will be no one left in the world whose head does not mature. This is what I read in God's book. That is what I was told. There will not be a single head in the world left, who does not understand that the law of God is always the same and immutable. Everyone will understand that the wheat should not be weighed, nor transported, nor stored in a barn, and everyone should take as much as they can carry on their back. I do not want to threaten you with this, but I say: Some time will pass, and you will see for yourselves the truth of my words. Write these words down on a notebook to make sure that my words will come true. I am not saying that you should blow this trumpet in the world to scare people, but to take my words into account and fix your lives. It will not be many years, and you will give up your old master. God will fire all dishonest servants and leave only those who have proven their honesty and sincerity in their service.

You will say: Will we really cease to exist? - Do animals not exist? Animals exist, but which one of you would like to be in the position of an animal? What is the position of the horse that is harnessed every day? What is the position of cattle - cows and oxen, which have often tried the knives of their butcher masters? What is the position of innocent sheep, victims of insatiable human appetite? Have you ever thought about the great mystery of life, about the purpose of every living being? You will say: This is what the Lord has determined. - God did not determine it that way.

As you read the Bible, it says in Genesis that God determined food for animals - grass and roots, and for man - fruit. Nowhere is it said to slaughter sheep, oxen, etc. But as they left paradise, people formed a circle, different beliefs were created, but human ones, not Divine. Thinking that your belief is right, is only 50% true. True faith is only that which emanates from the Divine temple, from the Divine paradise. When someone says that his faith is right, I ask: Do you live in paradise? - I do not live. - Then you have no right to speak. You say that you are a strong man. Try to carry a load after starving for three days. This is how you will test your strength. - My faith is in agreement with the church. - Which church are you talking about? The gospel presents two ideas: about the church and about the kingdom of God. The church is an internal process, and the Kingdom of God is an external process that shapes everything. I am asking the church: Where are your forms? Where is your faith? You say: We believe in the One, True God. If you believe in God, do you believe in His Love? - I believe. - Do you believe in His Wisdom? - I believe. - Do you believe in His Truth? - I believe. - Do you have a granary? - I have. - Wheat? - I have. - Do you have a donkey to carry the wheat? - I have.

Then you have neither Love, nor Wisdom, nor Truth - everything in you is human. These are not my thoughts, thus says the Spirit. Thus speaks the living Lord, Who holds everything in the world. Thanks to Him, all ministers, fathers, mothers, teachers, preachers today enjoy His blessings. Do you think that the living Lord is somewhere far away? He is close, among us, and He listens to everything. His ear is so sensitive that it perceives even the faintest sighs of those suffering.

As you read Revelation, you will come across verses that speak of the suffering of slaughtered animals. Their souls are protesting. It is not a matter of feeling, but of applying God's Love - of accepting the Divine teaching. It is a very old teaching. How many times have you studied it! - How are we going to apply it? - When you come to me, I will tell you: I do not weigh the wheat, I do not keep it in the barn. Come in and get as much as you need. You pass for scholars, for Christians, but you have bills of exchange with two or three guarantors. You say: Indeed, you are an honest man; your mother and father are honest people, I believe you, but to be sure, let them sign the bill of exchange. This shows that this person trusts you only 50%. And now, as I speak, people trust me only 50%. They say: We want guarantors! - I do not offer guarantors. I have one guarantor - the living Lord. If all Bulgarians agree to live as I tell them to, they will check for themselves that God rules the world. Only then will they believe me. I do not use scholasticism. Whether I or you will do the experiment, it does not matter. There will be a person who will one day make this experiment. Some people envy that someone has achieved something. Everyone wants to get famous. When you make a car, someone will always come to help you. - I am not happy with him. - Then make it yourself. - I can not. - If you cannot, you will be happy with what others are doing. It is a different case once you get in your car. You can command there. You will be silent while they are making it. Your child is sick to death. You need a doctor. You choose one doctor, another one, you are not happy with them. It does not matter which doctor comes; it is important to help the child.

The current society is sick. I am asking: Where are your doctors? How will society be healed? If you think that society will improve with the current educational methods, it will trample the same mud. Current methods cannot elevate society even by a millimeter. A solid foundation is needed. In order to get a person out of the mud, I need to have a solid foundation. If I take him out temporarily and then he sinks into the mud again, I will sink together with him. Such are the current reforms. People are to be reformed! - How? - Someone climbs on the chest of another. In this situation, both of them will fall: one sooner, the other one later. - Why? - They have no foundation. Therefore, when a new teaching comes that can uplift people, raise children, restructure society, it must be respected. Everyone should respect the right of man as a soul, because fundamentally it is Divine and originates from God.

"He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” What will happen to the one who has no ear? Years ago, something interesting happened at the port of Bourgas. Passengers, with tickets in hand, gathered at the port to get on the steamer, to take their seats. A shepherd from a Bulgarian village also went to the steamer, accompanied by his dog. He had not yet reached the steamer, when his dog started pulling hard on his clothes, for him to go back. The shepherd tried to resist the dog, but it kept pulling him lightly. He began to hesitate whether to give up his journey, and finally decided to go back. When they saw that he was coming back, some of the passengers said to him, "Why are you coming back? Your ticket will be wasted." He replied: "I will listen to my dog, who has never lied to me. It does not matter that the ticket will be wasted. Indeed, this steamer suffered a major accident and no one but the shepherd escaped. To this day, it is not known what happened to him.

The dog is a symbol of loyalty and friendship. It loves man and remains faithful to him. With this, the dog pays for its sins. I am asking, "What should be done after God has credited us?" - We have to prepare for the afterlife.

Where is this afterlife? In my opinion, this world and the afterlife are in the same place. If you live in only two rooms of one big castle, do you live in the whole castle? However, both rooms are in the castle. So they are part of the whole castle. For the same reason, the earth also represents a part of the whole world.

We do not see the afterlife. - This is a different matter. It is due to your limited vision. You say that you see a person. What will happen if this person is placed at special angles of refraction and becomes invisible? Your vision is determined by the shadows, by the reflections that light undergoes. If the angle of incidence of the light rays changes, you will see the objects in a special way, and not as in ordinary vision. The angle of incidence and the reflection of the light rays determine what world you will fall into and how you will see things. Therefore, vision is determined not only by means of sight, but also by means of other senses. What will you see if your mind is locked in a stone? The more the eye reaches out of the stone, the more you will see. However, if your hearing is also involved, it will help your eyesight. If the sixth sense in you is developed, you will see things at great distances, as well as behind opaque barriers. Just as with the help of the radio you can hear what is being said in America, for example, so with the help of the sixth sense you will see what is happening in America at some point. You can check this at any time, so that you get convinced of the truth of my words. For example, you see from here that a professor in Chicago is giving an interesting lecture on biology. Check on the phone to make sure of your inner vision. You check and it turns out that your vision is true. How would you explain this fact? You will say that there is some confusion here. Who is confused: the one who has the sixth sense, or the one who denies the truth? It is not a matter of proving who is confused, but of proving that there is a sixth sense in man. One who has a well-developed ear can perceive even the most delicate tones, for which a person with an underdeveloped ear remains a stranger. An artist, who has a well-developed eye, understands colors that a person with a normally developed eye cannot perceive. A writer conveys to his style such subtleties that the average person does not perceive. Can you, in this situation, deny human abilities? It is enough to fall into the hands of a good phrenologist, for him to conclude whether you have an ear for music, philosophical abilities, or some special gift. You will say that only God knows these things, and only He can speak about man.

A Bulgarian qadi (judge), this happened in Turkish times, went to a Turkish master. The latter received him well: he slaughtered a hen, roasted it, poured some wine. When they had eaten, the master said to him: "Listen, Effendi, the weather will soon be bad. There will be a great cold, hurry to leave." - How do you know? - The pig told me. The qadi listened to him and left. The weather immediately turned cold. Then he met their hodja and asked him: Do you know when the weather is getting bad? - I do not know. - Strange thing, the butcher's pig knows that, but you do not.

What is required of man now? He must know the relationships that exist between thoughts and mind, feelings and heart, actions and willpower, and between soul and spirit. You will say that you do not believe in these relationships. The hodja also does not believe that the weather can be predicted, but the pig predicts it. Not only the pig predicts the weather, but also the spider and the bee do. Whoever observes these things is convinced of prediction, not as blind divination, but as a natural law. One must observe nature and study its phenomena. When I say that I read from the book of nature, it means that I observe phenomena and study them. I look for the cause of every phenomenon. I see a river flowing fast. - Why? - It has a high incline. Another river flows slowly. - Why? - It has a low incline. One man is violent, another one is quiet, meek. The incline from which the first one descends is high, and the incline of the second one is low. There is a certain analogy between the violent man and the fast river, just as there is an analogy between the quiet man and the quiet river. I enter a forest and see that the branches of some trees are sticking up and others are hanging down. What is the reason for this? The former trees are young and the latter ones old. When a young man decides to get married, he twists his mustache up. When he is disappointed in his marriage, his mustache hangs down. If a person says that life has no meaning, he resembles an old tree, the branches of which hang down. Do not keep in your mind any thought that you are old.

The words "old, poor," were coined by the devil. Be young and rich, not old and poor. I do not recommend poverty to people. You must all be rich in mind, heart, spirit and soul. If you are rich like that, everything else will come by itself. When God appeared to Solomon and told him to ask what he wanted, Solomon wished for neither wealth nor glory. He wished for wisdom. People's mistake is that they do not know what to want. If the Lord asks me what I want, He will say: Lord, I want Your Love, Your Wisdom, Your Truth, Your Justice and Virtue to always abide in me. Since God will appear to everyone for about ten years, be ready, so that you also ask the same. - How will God appear to the people?

He will appear with a cheerful and smiling face to some people, but stern and serious to others. When a scientist falls ill with an infectious disease, he begins to convulse, to shrink his face - he suffers. This is the face of God reflected on his. God asks him: Why did you not apply your tongue or your hands and feet to the Word of God? Do you understand now how to live? Now a drum is beating over you. - Why? - For you to be tamed.

When the Indians want to tame an elephant, they turn it on its back several times. In this way, it becomes very meek. The elephant is proud, angry. Woe to the one who tries to catch him. When God wants to tame a man, he puts him to bed and turns him on his back several times. When he calms down, he understands how to live. He no longer swings his trunk back and forth, but begins to help the weak and the infirm. When I speak to you this way, it does not mean that you have to believe in everything. You will try my words yourselves. It will not be many years, and you will see for yourselves. I would like that you do not try the bad side of life. Christ says, "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit of God says."

Many listen to me, but few believe my words. Some will say that I am deceiving them, that I want to make them believe. I do not preach belief, but faith in the living Lord. Faith uplifts both the poor and the rich alike. If you have faith, even if you are poor and ordinary, you will be uplifted. If you do not have faith, even if you are rich, you will fall. The reason for the fall of man is the lack of faith. When he falls, he starts smashing stones and says: Life was good once. I say: As long as you weigh the wheat with wooden pots, as long as you transport it, as long as you keep it in barns, you will always suffer, and the bread will become more expensive day by day. - What should we do? - Do not weigh the wheat. This is achieved only with love. Only in this way will you understand how nature works. Everyone must carry the love of at least the mother and the father. This is what is ideological in the world. I speak of maternal love as a higher degree of love. The love of the young is human, not divine. It is a love of change. I do not condemn the love of young people, but I state things as they are. Do not exaggerate or understate things. Therefore, when you speak of me, do not exaggerate neither my good nor my evil. Someone says I am good because he tried my fortune. Another one says that I am learned because he has tested my knowledge. If you say that I am learned but I cannot help you, heal you, where is my learnedness? I will look like the doctor who recommended to his patients to apply kerosene topically. I do not recommend drugs that peel the skin. If you want to improve the situation of society, mothers and fathers must start first, then priests and teachers, and finally judges. If the priests and teachers start first, nothing will come of it. Mothers and fathers must set the tone of life. They say the church will save people.

I say: Salvation comes from mothers and fathers. The father, who initially gives the best to his children, is a priest, a patriarch, a bishop and a king. The mother who, from an early age, brings bright and sublime thoughts and ideals into the souls of her children, is a queen. Being a mother and a father are sacred positions that God has ordained for man. Today, people take their mother and father out of their position and say: Let the teacher come and preach to our children. Let the priest come and preach to our children. - They can preach to the extent that their mothers and fathers have instilled bright and sublime ideals in their souls. Only on fertile soil can you sow what you want and expect results. You cannot sow anything on sandy soil.

"What does the Spirit say?" The Spirit tells everyone to prepare for the afterworld. - What is that world? - It is the Divine world on earth. This means living on earth, but fulfilling God's will. - What is God's will? - That we live well, that we acquire immortality. This is the meaning of life. According to some scientists, the meaning of life is in the study of nature and its laws. These are shadows of life. This is the outer side of life. The true meaning of life is in the good life and in immortality.

What is the cause of death? Man dies because he has pledged his soul to the one who can only destroy it. If you connect with God and live as He wants, you will gain immortality. Even if you die, your death will be only physical. Priests will not follow you to sing to you, to say: God rest his soul! May the Lord mention him in His Kingdom! Whoever does God's will leaves for the afterworld, de does not die. He says goodbye to his relatives and knows where he is going. He knows that he will be resurrected and will come to earth again to continue his work. - This cannot happen to us. We cannot be resurrected. - What can you do? - You can weigh the wheat, transport it, store it in barns, open wars, fight. After all, scientists are wondering: Why was the world created this way? Why is there so much suffering?

"He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says." I would like you to listen not only to me, but to listen to all the scientists who have created something; all musicians and artists who have immortalized their name. There are thousands of flowers, rivers, forests and mountains in nature, not just one flower, one river, one forest or one mountain. The great Divine Spirit is manifested through all the flowers, rivers, forests and mountains gathered together. We are all brought together to consider an important issue, to find a way to develop and process the inner wealth that has been given to us. You. you have no idea what wealth you carry within you. As you develop this wealth, you will come into contact with nature to understand the Divine Spirit working in it. Now you are in the position of a person who does not know where he came from and where he is going. You have come a long way. You have been walking for millions of years, and today you have stopped at a station to give something of yourselves and gain something. And the earth, together with you, is traveling through different places in space.

An Englishman wrote the book "Poisoning the Earth", which caused a great storm, great noise, and ridicule. When doing his scientific research, the Englishman came to the conclusion that the earth will pass through an etheric layer in whose atmosphere people will suffocate, they will not be able to live. Newspapers write about this book derisively. They say that people will fall asleep and, having passed through the etheric layer, will wake up again. This is what they call the resurrection of the human soul. I say: People, indeed, will go through such a layer, but they will not suffocate. They will go through fire. Some of them will burn and others will light up. This thought is written in the Holy Book. Ether is the Divine fire that will purify people. When you see that some people catch fire, burn and get scorched, while others burn but do not burn up and begin to shine, you will know that the Divine fire has already come. The former will die as today's people die, and the latter will leave consciously. Someone says: I cannot stand this fire. - If you cannot stand it, you will die. Whoever is not ready to endure this fire will leave the earth prematurely. We must prepare to withstand the vibrations of noble and bright thoughts and desires. Whoever is not ready will be confused. Did the same thing not happen to the Jews? They said to Moses: We agree with everything, we can endure everything, but we cannot endure when God speaks to us. Moses promised that he would talk to the Lord and then pass the conversation on to them. They could not talk directly to the Lord.

"He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says." It is important for you to understand this living, great truth. When it enters your soul, your eyes will open without bulging, as in greedy people. Your look will become soft, clear, pleasant, full of intelligence. Have you seen how open the falcon's eyes are? Its eyes are open to see its victims from afar. So, your eyes should be neither too bulging nor too open, because this shows great greed and rudeness. The eyes should not be too sunken, because such people tend to first see the bad in a person, and then the good. If the eyes are very open, bulging, or sunken, these are anomalies in human life. When love comes among people, a person will have the following external features: his lips will be symmetrical, with small corners raised up. It is not good for a person's lips to be stretched like a straight line. If someone's lips are like that, do not be discouraged, but put more love and faith into yourself. He must believe in the good of all people. Muddy water, when penetrating deep into the ground, through sandy layers, becomes clear. - Why is a man unclean? - He is a big, long river that comes from afar and collects a lot of dirt and sludge along the way. A good person struggles, suffers and thus gets rid of impurities. He becomes poor, but pure. A bad person is not responsive. He walks, he does not stop on his way. The poor and suffering stop him, they ask for help, but he does not help anyone. The bad person is said to be rich - rich in sludge and dirt. Evil can be outside and inside a person.

One thing is required from you - to help each other. You are under different conditions, you are not in the same situation, so you have to feel like brothers, to help each other. You are actors who came to earth as a stage to play your part. Everyone must help the weaker than himself, to fulfill his role. No one can play his role well without love, wisdom, truth, justice and kindness. If you have more love, give him some of yours. A girl full of love should marry a boy poor in love. Conversely, a boy full of love should marry a girl poor in love. They say the poor should not get married. You have to know what kind of poor they are talking about. One's wealth is determined by his mind and his heart. One must study, know oneself and one's neighbor. Today people hide from each other, they do not want to know them. I have done research on the skull of the Bulgarian and I have come to the conclusion that man is a complex mathematical formula. Each organ, small or large, also represents a mathematical formula. There is a certain relationship between these organs, as formulas. At the same time, it has been noticed that every external or internal deficiency of the organism corresponds to some of its internal qualities. For example, a short thumb indicates that there is a deficiency in the willpower of man. The thumb distinguishes man from animals. Once upon a time, in the past, criminals were punished by their thumbs being cut off. Thus their willpower was paralyzed. We see that there is indeed a certain connection between the willpower and the thumb, from the fact that when someone falls ill, he begins to clench his thumbs. If this is noticed, the treatment of the patient must be started from the very beginning. The main attention should be paid to his willpower, so that its activity is maintained.

One must think right and not blame others for one's mistakes. A doctor had an argument with his wife and, in order to intimidate her, drew his knife against her. She got frightened, startled, and fell into slight derangement. Her relatives immediately put the blame on me. She got deranged because she had attended my talks. If, indeed, my ideas are the reason for this, I volunteer to cure her. Then I will advise her not to attend my talks anymore. I do not want people who go crazy. In fact, the reason for this is her husband's knife. He knows his guilt best. Let everyone know this. Thus speaks the Spirit.

I do not want the Bulgarians to offend the Spirit who lives in me. I bring good to the Bulgarians and I say: The wheat that I give you, I do not want you to measure it with wooden pots, nor transport it, nor store it in barns. Let each take as much as they can carry. Do you understand now? This is not what I am saying, but the Spirit of God who lives in all people. One is the Spirit. It educates the mother, the father, the teacher, the judge, and the priest. It distributes all goods as it sees fit.

"What does the Spirit say?" - Let us all live in complete harmony and agreement, so that God may live in us as our Father, and we as His children. And by listening to God, we will have the right thought and the right understanding. You, as Bulgarians, are required to be heroic. In one of the last talks I said that the English are distinguished by their honesty, the Germans by their diligence, the Slavic people by their self-sacrifice. And you, as Bulgarians, I would like you to have self-sacrifice as your motto. Only then will you understand the meaning of life. Where there is self-sacrifice, the Spirit abides. If you do not sow, how will you reap? If a mother does not give birth, how will she know the mother's love? Apply self-sacrifice to bring love and peace to homes, among men and women. May complete harmony, complete agreement among all people occur. When a husband returns from work, the wife should welcome him with joy and delight, should be ready for any sacrifice for him. Seeing this, he will be filled with love for her, ready to serve her in everything. How do men and women manifest their love? If a man loves his wife, the relatives begin to act on his self-respect and say: Why are you so stupid to follow your wife? Can you not see she is leading you by the nose? Let her know that you are a man, that you are the master. He is influenced by their words and gradually changes his attitude towards her. Elsewhere, they speak to a woman against her husband until she is set against him. And she also gradually changes her attitude towards her husband.

A mother sent her child to the shop to tell the father that lunch was ready. The husband did not leave for home immediately, because he had a lot of clients, he had to send everyone away. His wife got angry, eager for him to return. And when she saw that he was coming, she grabbed his walking stick and hit him hard on the arm. That is how she showed her heroism - she broke her husband's arm. As he was walking with his hand bandaged, his relatives asked him how he had broken his arm. - I fell off my horse and broke it. This man was strong, he fought with wrestlers and knocked them to the ground, but his wife could break his arm with one hit.

"What does the Spirit say?" It tells you to leave your shop and go out. As soon as he tells you, obey his order immediately. Otherwise, it will hit you once and break your arm. And when they ask you how you broke your arm, you will say that you fell off your horse. The cause of the broken arm is not external, but internal. The reason is that you sit in the pub, that you measure the wheat with wooden pots, that you transport it, that you keep it in barns. In order not to break your hand, do not go to pubs, do not measure wheat with wooden pots, do not keep it in barns. And everyone should take as much wheat as they can carry.

For now, this lunch is enough for you. The Spirit that dwells in you will give you more than that.

Christ says, "When the Spirit of Truth comes into you, He will teach you what to do and will remind you of everything I have said to you." The Spirit will teach you everything. He will remind you of all that the living Lord has told you. He will rise in your souls.

Sunday Talks

29.02.1920 Sunday, Sofia

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: nikolaysan (Николай)

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