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1920_10_10 When You Meet (Nik)


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Готов превод Когато посрещате - 10.10.1920-НБ-327 / .: 10.10.1920-НБ-327

When You Meet

More than 50-60 people attended the meeting.

We sang, "A Solemn Day is Already Rising".

The Lord's Prayer.

The Master read several verses from the 12th chapter of the Gospel of John, verses 1 to 14.

We sang, "Blessed Be the Lord our God."

I will take one of the ordinary verses - verse 12: "The next day a great multitude that had come to the feast, when they heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem,"

Many times people do not see anything extraordinary in ordinary things. For example, take a grain of wheat, if it is given to you, it will look somewhat ordinary and you will throw it away, because it seems to have no value. For example, there are 16,000 grains in 1 kilogram, which were once sold for 1 penny, and now for 3 leva. Calculate how many tenths of a penny a grain costs. The one who understands the great laws that govern the Universe, sees a great secret in it. And if the modern world were to be deprived of this one grain of wheat, it would greatly feel the significance of this grain of wheat, because this one grain of wheat, which came alone, is filling up the whole world today. Jerusalem is the visible in the world, which has a form that modern people call reality. But people contradict themselves. I am asking you, has anyone seen love? No, people strive for it, for the invisible in general. People soon get fed up with what they can see. "I saw the man," says someone, but this is only an illusion - the outward form, the shadow of his manifestation, but the real man is invisible. "I met John," someone says, but it is just an illusion. What did you see? You saw the fat John, etc., but he is not the man; you have not seen John, you have seen his manifestation. If the teacher says to the student, "Write (draw) an ox for me," well, can the real ox be drawn? This is not possible, but he must say: "Draw for me the image", i.e. the icon of the ox. And people go to church and want to see Jesus. Jesus is the central person and a point they seek to see, because he is a messenger of God who came to save and heal the sick.

Icons are images and shadows, but the essence is invisible. The people also went out to see the shadow of Christ out of curiosity. Curiosity is a stimulus in life.

Have you seen sick people, with what impatience and interest they await the doctor? And this Jewish people in their souls thus expected healing from Christ; so in the soul of this people Christ is not just a curiosity, but they came out to meet Him out of love. Whoever is loved, only he is welcomed in this world. The Jewish people also had a love for Jesus, and the high priests, seeing that the people were going to welcome Jesus, they resisted and plotted evil against Him. Why does this split happen? Are priests, who persecute the Lord's messenger, right? I say that they are mercenaries.

The clergy, who claim to serve God, to be ordained, to be God's elects, they persecute and have always persecuted those who come, and are the true messengers of God. Therefore, they are not God's true elects and priests.

When some people come out to meet and rob you, it is one thing, but when they meet you to take you home and feed you, it is another matter.

Let me get back to the essence of this life. What is the relationship between this people and Jesus? Do you think that if this Christ came into the world today, there would still be no dispute over whether it was Him or not? Take one of the greatest forces in the world - the love that acts - you can neither touch it nor see it, but until it is there, everything makes sense, and if it goes away, that is without it, everything loses its meaning and appeal.

Love embodies itself, takes on a living form and descends to earth in order to save. Christ is also embodied love. He says, "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly". At one place in the Scriptures, the Apostle Paul says, "Love edifies, but knowledge puffs up."

The word "knowledge" here implies a distorted life that makes people proud. And this is misinterpreted by some Christians. But nowhere is it said that wisdom, i.e. true knowledge, puffs up.

Jesus came down to earth to give people an example of how to serve God. If you ask me why there is suffering on earth, I will say because we do not know how to serve God. If a student does not study, if a trader does not do well in trade, I will say to young people, doctors, mothers, etc., it is because they know nothing. When someone says he has knowledge, I ask him: your home, your children, your friends, your church, etc. are they in order? And if he replies that they are not, I tell him that he has no knowledge.

These people go out to meet Jesus because they are fed up with the lies of their clergy. To those who come to me after killing, robbing or stealing from someone, I tell them: Go, give everything back to those you have harmed, and then come to me.

An example: at the Sofia market two thieves deceived a peasant, they took a pot of butter from him, gave him a note to go to the priest to get paid. The same thieves went to the priest before the peasant, gave him 20 leva and told him that in a while a mad peasant would come to him to read prayers for his health, and so they gave him this money and left. After a while, the peasant came to the priest, who immediately put the vestment over the peasant's head, took the service book and began to read. The peasant was glad that the priest was very good, so before paying him, he readily prayed about his health, but when the priest finished the prayer and started to move away from him, the peasant shouted at him: "What about the money for the butter?" And he replied that he had not taken any butter and that a while ago two young people came to pay him 20 leva, asking him to pray for the health of the peasant who would come soon, and they left. Then the peasant told him, "Father, please pay me at least half of it." And when the priest refused, he said angrily, "You must be friends with the thieves." Now, if this priest did not read prayers for money, he would not expose himself. Those people who read prayers for money, are partners with robbers. Nowhere in the Word of God is it written that prayers should be read for money, but it is said: "Freely you have received, freely give."

The most guilty people in the world have been bishops, priests and preachers; so it was in the time of Christ, so it is now. The misfortunes in our country come from the wrong understanding of things. I am not talking about the Bulgarian clergy and I do not blame only them. I am saying to the bishops, the priests, etc., that they must have a pure heart, a bright mind, a noble soul and a sublime willpower, while mitres, vestments, clothes and everything else are meaningless and pointless.

Christ comes into the world and the people welcome Him, you are also greeted by your thoughts, they are the people for you. Therefore, when your thoughts greet you joyfully, it is good for you, but when your thoughts do not greet you joyfully, it is bad for you. That was 2,000 years ago. What change has occurred for 2,000 years? It has occurred, but this change occurred in the astral world.

In the future, we must all lead a clean and holy life, and each of us, who does not have the above mentioned four qualities, is a priest.

The greatest crimes in the world were committed by monks, bishops, priests, kings, etc., only the Roman Church burned 50,000,000 Christians.

The true church is in the invisible realm, in heaven, in the spiritual world, and it is intangible. The church is a communion of people who live by love and wisdom, who do not lie to each other, but live in brotherhood. This is what Christ meant when He spoke of the Kingdom of God.

We are priests too. You, who condemn the priests, must show in practice what the true priests should be, and if you are like them, you will find yourself in conflict. An example: the Turk's contradiction over the sacrifice. A Turk bought a ram for sacrifice and while he was carrying it along the road to take it to the hodja, the ram was moving and he was calling it all kinds of names - pig, infidel, stray dog, etc. When he took it to the hodja and told him everything he had said to the ram, he asked the hodja if it was suitable for a sacrifice, the hodja told him that it was not suitable; so he returned it and sold it, then bought another ram instead and started carrying it along the road. That ram also began to move. The Turk got angry and said to the ram, "You are also like that one, but never mind, have it your way" and he did not dare say anything to it, and when he brought the ram, it was approved for sacrifice.

Jesus represents man, i.e. the Divine soul, that state when we are ready to do the will of God in form, content and meaning, and we are ready for all sacrifices.

That state in us that makes us ready to do the will of God, as is the law within us, is called Jesus. An example: you beat someone but you ask what you should do, i.e. you pretend you do not know the right way, but as soon as they beat you, you say the opposite, that is: "They should not have done that to me, that is not right", etc. I am telling you: You know how to live, but do not live properly.

For Christians today, a lot of pressure is needed for them to learn how to live. Years ago, a mother in Varna made her daughter read the Lord's Prayer; she urged her to say the Lord's Prayer, and when the daughter did not want to read it, the mother lifted her up and threw her on the ground, then she immediately shouted out "Our Father". The Lord will also shake people in this way and they will start reading the Lord's Prayer willy-nilly, i.e. whether they like it or not.

People say they do not want to be fooled by priests' sermons, but they tell the daily lies of journalists, who are also paid priests. And when we come to this position to understand the deep meaning of that state of affairs and to distinguish the various scents of matter, that is, pleasant and disharmonious, my nose says, "Stay away from the stinking ox."

And the Divine feeling, which is inside us and which is indignant with sin, tells us: "Stay away from sin." And what defiles the soul are all of these harmless-looking, insignificant and tolerable vices. My point here is about welcoming Jesus. This meeting must be internal. When you meet the sun, do you give, or does it give you? Whoever you meet, they give, and whoever welcomes, they take, so when you are welcomed, your pockets, your bag must be full, otherwise people will be reluctant to welcome you. The sun, food and water, when you welcome them, they give you. For example: we announce that I am giving someone a million leva of money, to give away to the poor. Such a man would be greeted at the station with flags because of the million that he carries. It is the same with priests. If priests under this law want to be welcomed, when they read to a poor widow, instead of asking her for money, they should give it to her when they see that she needs support. Now, what is true of the priests, also applies to us. Do you think that there will be at least 10 priests in Bulgaria who would do the same - to give to the poor the money taken from the rich?

And do you know the meaning of the incense burner? It means the fire of the heart that the priest must give to the world. The service book means the living word that must be given to the world pure, without any impurity.

We, who judge the priests to be bad, are we good? Each of us is a priest before God. Have you entertained the poor people, have you given them shelter, etc.?

A student studies all year round, but at the exam he may be asked such questions and tasks, that he fails it. It is the same with you. The life we are going through now, this Divine life teaches us to understand how we should live it. If you were asked what you wanted to become, one would want to become a professor, another one a teacher, a third one a bishop, etc., all noble positions.

There are one billion six hundred million people in the world, and how many of them could be noble? Real life does not take place on the outside. When a good thought enters your mind and you feed it, it does not need clothes, it does not need a hat, etc., if you only feed it and return it to the invisible world, you are a good person in front of God. So, in the world, we can nurture good thoughts without the world knowing us, and everyone can do that. And I say that the expenses for feeding a good thought costs only a penny. And there is no person who cannot nurture a good thought.

Now keep in mind that Jesus, Who descends to earth, comes down from a higher world, leaves His peace and descends to endure all the contradictions out of love, in order to teach people. And now Jesus is here among you, he has appeared to many saints and he has appeared to many people in Bulgaria.

In order to see the Divine light, you must have love in your soul. Whom is a blossom revealed to? Is it not to the sun, while it shrinks in the cold.

We ask, "What should we do to make people love us?" - Do what the sun does - give.

We are going to build our house. We collect materials first. This is not essential. The important thing is not the construction of the house, but the important thing is who will come to live in this house. A child who is born of a good mother will definitely be visited by its mother, and a child who is not born of a good mother will not be found, will not be visited by her.

You are also Christians, but have you seen Jesus at least once? It will be ridiculous for a child to think about its mother without seeing her.

I would like you to think about praying for the Lord to appear to you, to see this Lord Whom you believe in, to know your Lord, to walk in His ways. My Lord, I know Him, He is the same as yours. This is the living Lord. He is on earth. The word "heaven" means rational life. The Lord is in the rational life. The Lord is there. The rational, the sublime which is in man, that is the Lord, i.e. Our Father, Who lives in our rational life. Before you ask your Lord, do not go to the priest, to the bishop, asking them if this is so. Because they will start opening books and quoting authors what they said.

Do not turn to the bishop, even to me even in various difficulties, but say: "Lord, tell me the truth, teach me or send me at least one person to teach me."

I would like there to be priests who were initiated by God. I call "initiated" a priest and a bishop, who, when initiated, they give away everything they had.

In the old days, when they laid hands on someone, they started speaking different languages, the sick were healed and handed over their property. When we want to be like Jesus, we have to be like Him and act like Him. A priest is one who is ready to follow the example of Christ.

Christ was strong because he obeyed the will of God. I am showing you the way to be happy and to live according to God, and then your work will go smoothly and be blessed. In the old days, a saint who came to Athens stayed hungry for six days, and when there was no one to feed him, he started shouting, "They killed me." People gathered around him and asked him who had killed him. He replied, "Hunger." Then a rich man asked him, "Would you sell yourself to be a slave and for how much?" He agreed to sell himself for 1,000 dinars and when he went to the rich man's house, he stayed there for 10 years, turning his two daughters and his whole house to God. This world was created by God and life is rational. Faith implies that you need to have an art, with which to serve people. That is why we need to know any kind of craft, so that we can make a living in all conditions and changes in life.

Christ knew how to heal, he also knew carpentry. Today's priests know neither how to heal nor any kind of craft. The priest should know how to heal people. There is only one good teaching in the world: the one that teaches people to know how to heal themselves, to know some art with which to help people; this is the true teaching - the rational teaching. But a teaching that divides people into Catholics, Orthodox and others, is from the evil one.

Names only distinguish a man from another man. All people breathe the same air, all people drink the same water, they eat the same food. Eating is according to the law of love. Same is with drinking and breathing.

All people and animals eat, drink and breathe the same and accept everything, but the wolf turns the light into one thing, the sheep into another, etc. And therefore the Divine teaching is one, but people distort it.

Things that are built by man fall apart, but those built by God are lasting. The European people have suffered from disobedience. So have the Bulgarians. And if the priests had listened to the voice of their people, they would have saved them. If the priests had listened to the voice of the people in 1912-1913, these wars would not have ruined us. They acted in a human way, so they received in a human way. Reunification could have come, if everyone had united in harmony, respecting each other. There is no man in the world who does not succumb to the influence of Divine love and light. For example: someone treats a sick person in a dirty room. A sensible doctor comes and says, "Bring the patient out to light," and then the patient recovers.

And today, because we live in unhygienic homes, i.e. our teaching is not right - we get sick. When Jesus comes to your home, He will make a good reform for you inside your home.

You pray in the morning, and half an hour later the Lord decides to visit you in the face of a beggar, so he knocks on the door for help, and not only that you do not help him, but you drive him away, telling him: "Come on, go away now, as I have work to do.” Property and wealth should not be taken from the rich by force, but everyone should decide their own destiny and consciously give their property and wealth away. God has given them wealth and given him them willpower to deal with it by themselves. I will not tell the rich to give their wealth away, God only prompts. If they asked me, I would say: Get the rich out of prisons. And to the rich, I would say: Confess to the people and voluntarily give what has been taken unjustly and everything will be fine. But taking wealth by using courts and prisons is violence. Nor am I telling you to give it away, because that would be a second violence. And now they are being prosecuted in this way, not the true way. True judgement! Judgement with love. It can be said: From now on, I decide to live in love - a conscious life, not as before; priests, bishops and judges, etc. they are always prosecuted and imprisoned. Voluntarily, voluntarily and voluntarily, and with love.

The example of the girl who was loved by a rich guy and he lied to her, but she became a nun and kept thinking about him. She did not do the right thing. And she must say: "This one was not from the Lord." A rich man wanted her, she lied to herself, not he to her. She should say, "That is what God said."

Now I will also say about your city: Has Jesus come, have the people come out to meet Him? Has Lazarus risen? Has Mary anointed His feet? I am telling you that whoever does not want to crucify Jesus, let them do the will of God voluntarily, and then the Kingdom of God will come here on earth, and then the living Lord will appear to him.

A learned gentleman came to me in Sofia and said, "I hear you were a clairvoyant, tell me what I am thinking at the moment." I replied, "You are thinking that many have lied to you so far, so this one will also lie to you."

This is the great teaching that Jesus preached among the people. There are three great laws that should govern us in life:

Faith in our Father - God.

Faith in our soul - the manifested Lord within me.

Faith in our neighbor, that is, we should see the manifestation of the Lord in our neighbor. There are still 5-10 years left and the Lord will open all the coffers, He will lift you up, will knock you to the ground and everyone will read the Lord's Prayer aloud.

There is a delay of forty-five years in the Divine Plan. There are 10 years left and God will open all hearts and coffers.

Whoever does not see the Lord now, will see Him in 10 years. Whoever does not see Him in 10 years, will see Him in 100 years. Whoever does not see Him in 100 years, will see Him in 1000 years, but in these three periods everyone will definitely see Him.

And now Jesus is coming to see if you are going to meet Him.

I believe in visible and living icons. People kiss the icons, but they pass by their suffering brother.

As many churches as there are, each one has a St. John, but St. John is one.

For example: in Russia, an emperor asked for the head of John the Baptist to be brought to him (Some talks refer to the head of John of Kronstadt). And they brought him one head each from 40 monasteries, 40 heads in total, while St. John had only one head. Then he said to the Chairman of the Synod: "Do not deceive the world!" And Christ today does not have 40 heads, He has only one head. This head lives up in heaven; it is nowhere on earth, it is up in heaven, in the rational life of man, of all those who live a rational life.

I would like you to leave with this thought today. To meet this Jesus and do the will of God willingly, without waiting to be shaken. To do the will of God and turn to God this year. Then the remaining 9 years will be a blessing for you.

Do you see how good the weather is today? The Lord is saying to you, "Thus it will be in the soul of everyone who voluntarily does the will of God." This is it, my teaching. Amen.

You have to see Christ like the child, who has a living mother and sees her. For example: in America, a girl had not seen her mother for 16 years, but when she became seriously ill and in a transcendent state, her mother arrived, laid her hands on her and the girl shouted: "Mom", she recognized her and recovered immediately.

10 October 1920, 10 am.

Veliko Tarnovo

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