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1920_09_26 With Love and Faith (Nik)


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Готов превод С любов и вяра - 26.9.1920-ИБ-324 / .: 26.9.1920-ИБ-324

With Love and Faith

We sang "Bless the Lord, O my soul"

The Good Prayer

"Blessed be the Lord God" (song)

The Master read chapter 14 of the Gospel of John, “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me..."

I will speak to you on verse 12 of chapter 14 - ““Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.” These words of Christ have both narrow and broad sense. Now, as you study the life of Christ, what deeds was He doing?

First, he was enlightening the people, healing the sick, and feeding the hungry. Some modern Christians think that as human beings they cannot do what Christ did. If we have both a large and a small candle, even a small child will be able to take it out and point the way to the lost passenger. The largest candles are no heavier than one kilogram, so a small child can carry them. Words that may help people, can be spoken by a small child. Suppose you are far away in the woods on a dark and stormy night, and you believe that your family is in your home, warm and fed. What good will it do you, unless you warm up and feed yourself? When you believe and stop, it is the faith of darkness. When you believe and move, then that faith is light. In common faith, everyone says they have it because you believe that the father has this or that, but it does not help you. The faith of darkness does not move, it does not go forward, while the faith of light is movement, it is life-giving and it brings results. A worker was digging a vineyard and took some of the dug up weed in his pocket, and when he was called to dig in another vineyard, he took that weed out of his pocket and asked if there was any of that weed in it. And if there was, he did not go to work.

And Christ says, "The faith of light does not ask whether there is any weed or not, but it will always go forward."
Today's Christians are also like the secular people who, when they get married, ask if he is rich, if he has any merchandise - and then they get married, but do not ask if he is smart and honest and so on.

Modern Christians, when they suffer, they get fed up with suffering and then accept everything with distrust. A shepherd in Kotel (town), when talking to people who asked him where the Lord was, took out his revolver, started looking for Him, firing and saying, "Where is your Lord, I will kill Him," but the next day his sheep started dying and so all of them died. After 11 years, he met the same people and they asked him, "Well, did you hit, did you kill the Lord?" A person can have anything, but if his stomach is upset, he will only look at these things without being able to taste them. The faith that the Lord speaks of, is the faith of light.

Envy is the very first darkness.

According to me, rich people are not happy people. Yes. Being rich in these times is the most unfortunate thing. What kind of people do robbers kill and plunder? They used to say in the past, "Blessed are the rich"; I am saying: Blessed are the poor, for there is nothing to be taken from them.

Christ says, "If you have faith, whatever you desire, you will receive." A bird builds a nest every year and when it collapses, it makes it again; while a man builds a house with 4-5 rooms, but he will also need servants to clean it. A man needs a small house that can be made in 4-5 days, if 4 poles are erected and it gets entwined and covered. I prefer a small house, but its light to be inside and the darkness outside. I prefer to eat dry bread and be much happier than anyone else.

Christ says, "This faith which I bring, is our daily bread; give it to us today." There is no word of butter, cheese, rice, sugar, etc. True faith does not tolerate all these things. This is the new teaching, but the old teaching only wants to cut off the heads of both animals and humans.

When 25 thousand people were slaughtered in this war, what was gained? This fulfilled the Bulgarian song: "Grow up, maiden, grow up, so when you grow up, I will gird you with a sabre", etc.

So far, no one has worn crosses for the sake of Christ's faith, but they are worn for slaughter. Christ says you will do greater things for good. And indeed, there are much better conditions in our time with this literature, for great results to be produced. Today, a gardener can plant a few fruit trees and thus bring benefit. What do today's people need? They need faith and love. In order to have love, God must live in us, and in order to have faith, the angels, who are distinguished by courage and to whom the word "I cannot" does not exist, must live in us. People need to gather with the angels, who will show them the way.

In order to gain faith, one must connect with the angels, and they will give him the strength to understand the true faith.

The poor understand brotherhood and equality well, because they have nothing, but the rich do not understand it, because they will have to give.

And now, in modern Christianity, we have many such Christians. This is not true Christianity. There are many great people who always complain that this or that is not there and so on, but a person should always be satisfied with what God has given them.

There was a sister here to whom I was giving advice, and I recommended her to have patience and faith in order to be cured, but she did not listen to me and is now experiencing the consequences of her thick-headedness, because she asked to be treated by doctors, and now, when her suffering came, she began to repent. Now, when you listen to me, what do you say to yourself: "This man, if we listen to him a lot, we will go on a fool's errand!" You are going on a fool's errand even now, and you will be doing that again 10 years from now.

When you die and they put you on a stretcher, when the priests come, will you not be going on a fool's errand? The words of Christ are: "If you do not believe in Me, that is in life, you do not believe in God too. "

In this age, faith in the living Lord is required, so that to connect with the angels through faith and with God through love, otherwise we are lost. Why do people mourn at the grave of the deceased? When they mourn someone, the dead man, who has possessed his wife, cries himself, and she begins to say: “You fool, you fool, it is my turn coming!” The living do not cry, but the dead cry. And whoever dies with faith, that is in Christ, he does not weep and will not be carried on a stretcher, but we will only say goodbye to each other.

In the olden times, Moses was not put on a stretcher, but he left a man in his place, retired to Mount Nebo, and died there. It is still unknown where Moses' body is. The rich man hires servants to look after his child because he has no faith, but the poor people let their children go free and they go where they like, then come back.

The new teaching requires a pure and sincere faith in God. If we have faith, we will be calm and strong, and no one will take our wealth. We must never procrastinate and say, "Let us settle our affairs today, so that we will live according to God in the future." The law must be fulfilled immediately in order to live in the name of God, because the time has come for many to start working in the name of God.

In a town in America, there lived a worker whose motto was, "The Lord will provide," and his wife kept scolding him and trying to save some money for herself. A crisis ensued and after a while he was fired by his master. He spent even his last penny. One day, while he was praying, a boy came and threw a magpie to him through the window, saying, "Here you are, the Lord will provide for you." He took the magpie, and as he began to examine from what death it had died, he found in it a chain of pearls belonging to his mistress. He brought it to them against his wife's will. Then his master asked him about his situation and gave him a much better job.

If we all, as we work, say, "Everything that we make is mine," but we possess nothing for ourselves, if everyone work voluntarily to enjoys all the fruits, then great happiness will come. So now, Christ is preaching a faith of love.

The Bulgarians fought two wars to liberate themselves, and what did they do? They accumulated a debt of 20,000,000,000 leva. But if we had followed the law, to trust in the faith, this misfortune would not have happened to us. Let us set to apply the teachings of Christ - faith of light and love of warmth. God's Love is of light and warmth.

When you do not have any faith in someone, you do not love them. These two qualities are inseparable. Where there is faith and love, there is everything, there is no hatred, there is no death.

When we love someone, let us have absolute faith in them. Where there is faith and love, everything can be done and be blessed. That is why Christ says, "I am the way, the truth, and the life."

So, you will now look for the living Lord, Who is not written (painted) in the churches. God is not in the churches, He is not present in churches. He is not in Jerusalem; today He he is with the poor, with those suffering and he is committed to fixing the world. God is fed up with our lies, we have lied to Him 999 times. He is already fed up with the faith and worship in churches. Who goes now to ask the Lord for work will receive it, but whoever wants only to be forgiven will not even called by Him. The Lord is fed up with lies, deceptions, and bright crowns and garments.

The way that I am talking to you, you think that this teaching is very difficult. I find it very easy. I believe that you understand me, but there are other spirits in you who do not understand me. You will say to them, "You should be leaving now."

Now are the last hours of the old world, which is already leaving. The Lord wants pure hearts with faith and love, and now you should say to the spirits within you, "May the Lord forgive you, go away!", the same way as lice are removed from the head, because we know that the head is not intended for lice, but for sublime thoughts and feelings.

Now women work 9 hours just for cooking, and it may turn out too much. In the future teaching, the man should work for himself and the woman for herself, they will both work for the Lord and He will work for us and settle our affairs.

26 September 1920, 11 am.

Veliko Tarnovo

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