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1920_09_26 Regarding the Upbringing of Children (Nik)


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Готов превод За възпитанието на децата - 26.9.1920-ИБ-323 / .: 26.9.1920-ИБ-323

Regarding the Upbringing of Children

(The alleged narrator is brother Boyan Boev)

Now, while we rest, I will tell you something about the upbringing of children.

Abstract thoughts should not be used in the upbringing of children. As a first method, it is recommended to give them a slice of watermelon, asking them to read (count) its seeds. They may be given pears, apples, for studying their shape, color, taste. Do you know how many seeds the different types of pears and apples have, how many seeds are in the sweeter watermelons and how many in the bland ones?

In the upbringing of young children, flowers can be studied, how many petal leaves and stamens they have. A child will be given a color to examine in detail, a detailed description will be given to them, and then make them draw it. This will gradually bring their mind to recognize the sweet pears from the bitter ones, and they will know why they are sweet and why bitter.

Educate children never to catch birds, not to spoil their nests, not to break their eggs, not to catch flies, not to tear off their wings, legs, by telling them that it hurts them too; do not tell them that it is a sin. The child will understand suffering, but it has not developed the concept of sin. It has no experience of sin. Only old people have the concept of sin. Tell them that flowers enjoy water. For example, take a flower pot, keep it without watering for 2-3 days, and then make the child water the flower and watch how the flower gradually cheers up after 1-2 hours. These methods affect children gradually but surely. Mothers and teachers should teach children to eat in moderation and show them the bad effects of gluttony. If they eat fruit and have a stomach ache, explain to them why it hurts, tell them that flies spit on these fruits and leave poisonous feces on them, so they learn in this way that fruits should be washed, namely with hot water. Children love fruit, but you will teach them not to rush, but to wash them first, then eat them. Let them study all the fruits. They have various influences from the juices they contain. Relate each fruit to a fairy tale. In summer, get the children to sunbathe 30-40 times, to wash with water heated in the sun at least 30-40 times. This is for the whole summer.

Young children are allowed to eat every 2 hours, and primary school students up to 4 times a day. If they eat more, they will develop bad habits and bad manners.

Children have a sense of justice and trust their teachers and their mother. Teachers need to be very honest with them. If they start doubting their teacher, he has already failed them. In occultism, there is a method of correcting a child who is disobedient. Do the following experiment: if you run your right hand over the right side of their head, they will feel some pleasure; stroke their left side and they will feel some annoyance. Occultism has another method of education through the use of light. In the future, rooms will be built, in which the light will fall in such a way that it will affect the child's eyes harmoniously. For example, if a mother wants to raise her child well, her face should always be in a good disposition. This disposition of her face affects the child's face. When the mother speaks, the child looks her straight in the face. The mother with her face can produce a positive or negative result. If she is hesitant about what she wants to impose, she cannot influence it. She should first calm down, wait an hour, a day, two days. Do not think that if you hurry, you will succeed. If you let nature work on children, you will have better results. The clothes children wear have a great influence on them. Let them choose the color of their clothes themselves. The mother is obliged to consider the child's taste, otherwise she will distort its taste.

In the new teaching, girls should have boys as companions and vice versa. If you start suggesting them from early age that there is a difference between them, and start separating them, you will create in them unwanted traits that adults have. Take the children out in the spring, when the trees are in bloom, to watch the fruits set, grow and ripen. Let them get acquainted with these things early. Make a story to explain why cherries are red; make the children look at the fruits, then give them two or three apples to describe one of them, let them describe as they see it, in a childish way, so that they put in at least one thought. It is good to acquaint them with the springs, rivers, streams, to tell them about the benefits they bring. You can develop these methods through observation and experiments. Then tell them not to break and tear off the twigs, not to pick the flowers. Point out that this causes them pain and suffering.

26 September 1920, 12:40.

Veliko Tarnovo

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
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Превеждали: nikolaysan (Николай)

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