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1920_10_10 Without a Doubt and Without Delay (Nik)


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Готов превод Без съмнение и без отсрочка - 10.10.1920-ИБ-326 / .: 10.10.1920-ИБ-326

Without a Doubt and Without Delay

After a 14-minute break, the Master read verse 10 from the 5th chapter of the Gospel of John: “The Jews therefore said to him who was cured, It is the Sabbath; it is not lawful for you to take up your bed.”

Notice that the contradictions in life begin with the Divine good. When a person recovers, he begins to take up his bed and go to his place. Now I will interpret who this sick person is. Someone has got into debt and everyone wants a claim their receivable, but he has nothing to give them. Imagine that the man gets rich and decides to pay off his debtors. Then come people who advise him not to pay anyone, and then the contradictions in life appear. All the hardships in life stem from the fact that we have not paid our debts off. But the law is such that the bed on which we lay, must be taken up. Do not lie down at all where the sinner has lain, do not follow in the footsteps of the sinner. And now, do you know what these destructions of cities and villages are for? That is why these sufferings are coming to the people. Do not put on the clothes of the sinner, it is better to walk naked and barefoot than to put on the clothes of the sinner.

When the time comes to do the will of God, do it without any delay, without listening to the voice of the tempter.

When you do the will of God, then you are strong. Time does not make people smarter. When a person becomes cowardly, stingy, he has become more stupid, not smarter. If you want to become smarter, stronger, and then do the will of God, you are in the wrong direction and on sandy soil.

I call "young" every person who does the will of God, and "old" the one who hesitates to do God's will. I prefer people who do the will of God and make mistakes, than those who do not make mistakes and fail to do God's will.

When the Lord sends you to speak to people, do not hesitate, but go and do what the Lord tells you.

And now you will take up your beds. Whoever has taken up his bed is young, and whoever has not taken it up is old. Always finish the Lord's work first, and then yours, and then everything will go well for you. (He gave the example of that man who said, "Whether the Lord has said it or not, I am going to the vineyard," where the policeman caught him and beat him up. Then he returned home in the middle of the night and said to his wife, knocking on the door, "Woman, if the Lord has said, come and open the door for me")

Notice that the contradictions in life begin with God's good. When this man was healed, the Jews told him, "You are not allowed to take up your bed, because today is the Sabbath." I will now explain to you what this bed is.

For example, someone owes 40-50 thousand leva, he has nowhere to get them from and does not intend to pay them off; all creditors leave him. One day it dawns on him that he has to pay off his debts, i.e. to fulfill the law of God. And exactly when a person decides to fulfill God's law, the contradiction will appear. The Jews went to the man to whom Christ had said, "Rise, take up your bed and go home," and they said to him, "You are not allowed to take up your bed." I am saying to everyone today: Take up your bed, because whoever does not take up his bed will not be healed - his disease will remain.

Bulgarians have a custom of handing out clothes of sick people after their recovery. All the difficulties in life come from taking up beds. This is what Eastern peoples call karma. The law is that anyone who is healed has not changed his bed, his disease remains, and whoever lies on this bed, will get ill; that is why many people who sleep in hotels get ill. Therefore, do not lie down where the sinner has lain. Suffering comes because houses, beds, and every step bear the traces of man, the righteous or the sinner. You may walk naked, sleep in the streets, but do not put on or use the clothes and objects of a sinner, and do not lie on the bed on which he has lain. When God has spoken, fulfill His word immediately, without any delay, doubt, or philosophizing. When a person decides to do the will of God and take up his bed, then the tempter comes and says: "It is not the right time, you are weak, you are young", etc. You do not listen to him, but namely with this willpower, with this faith, with these thoughts, with these feelings and knowledge that you have now, fulfill the will of God immediately and without doubt, and know that now is the time. When you decide to do the will of God and you fulfill this desire without delay and without hesitation, you are always strong, smart, but if you hesitate or postpone the fulfillment of the will of God, you are weak and stupid every such moment. Know that it is not time that strengthens and enlightens people, it is not old age that makes people smart and strong, that intelligence depends on the moment you decide to do the will of God without doubt and without delay, and that it is not time which will make you smarter. When you become stingy, hesitant, you are not smarter.

The life of a Christian consists in this: the moment he decides to do the will of God, he is a strong and smart man, but the moment he hesitates, he is weak and stupid. Therefore, when God tells you to do something, it is time, do not philosophize, do not delay and do not doubt. Do not think that old people are smart. I call "young" the one who does the will of God without any doubt, without delay and without philosophizing, and I call "old" the one who doubts, postpones and philosophizes. The young man always knows that he is strong in doing the will of God, while the old man knows that he has knowledge but he has not done the will of God exactly and on time, and that he is weak. I prefer the one who makes thousands of mistakes in doing the will of God, over the one who does not make any mistakes, but also does not do the will of God.

I prefer a sinner who does the will of God to a righteous person who doubts and hesitates to do the will of God - therefore whenever the Lord tells you, always speak, act without delay, without doubt, without philosophizing, and know that the Lord always sends you to speak to stupid, inexperienced, grumpy and weak people; that those who you are told to speak to at that very moment are such, so do not philosophize, do not procrastinate and do not doubt, because this moment will not be repeated according to the same law and meaning of this verse.

I am also telling you today, take up your beds and go home, as Christ is coming today precisely to check who has taken their bed and is going home, who is young and who readily does the will of God, without regard, without doubt and philosophizing. Keep this thought in yourselves: When you do the will of God, you are young, strong, you are rich and everything will always work well for you everywhere, and vice versa - when you do not do the will of God, you will always be old, weak and poor, and you will come across shadows in everything. Therefore, if the Lord tells you immediately, that is, without fear, without hesitation, without doubt, without philosophizing and without delay, finish primarily His work and then your own. Then start doing your work and know that you will then succeed in everything you do and undertake, but if you prefer or undertake to finish your work first for whatever reason, due to lack of time and so on, or you postpone it due to doubts and so on, you will look like that Bulgarian Lazarus, who, going to the vineyard one morning, said to his wife: "Woman, I am going to the vineyard to work." His wife told him: "You should say, if the Lord has said that, I will go to the vineyard," but he angrily replied," Whether He has said that or not, I am going to the vineyard," and then he left. But on the way he was met by Turkish policemen who drove him around all day, so he could not go to the vineyard until the evening. He hardly managed to return home, tired and weary. Then he himself admitted that his wife's words were true, that we could do nothing without God. This is the great thought in life. If you receive the Divine thought to do God's will, that is, to speak or do something for the Lord, first of all do it without delay, without regard, without philosophizing and without hesitation and doubt, and then you will succeed in everything you undertake, and only then will you be young, wise and rich.

10 October 1920, 7:30 am.

Veliko Tarnovo

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