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1920_09_17 I Have Come that They May Have Life (Nik)


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Готов превод Аз дойдох, за да имат живот - 17.9.1920-ИБ-321 / .: 17.9.1920-ИБ-321

I Have Come that They May Have Life

I will read to you only one verse from the Gospel of John, namely chapter 10, verse 10.

"The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it abundantly."

In this verse, Christ speaks of two principles. This thief does not come from outside. He comes from within and is connected to our mind, our heart, our feelings. He has accesses there. Christ says that He is coming to tell you something, to give you a blessing. The thief does not come except to steal, kill and destroy. He steals, kills and destroys - he applies his principle.

In this principle is the negative element. Above this principle there is another one - Christ's: "I have come that you may have eternal life, and that you may have it abundantly." The words that Christ said, "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it abundantly." have meaning and represent one great principle. They express a strictly defined law. You can study modern technology and you will notice how the smallest mistakes produce great results. These two great laws that work here also work in heaven, and Christ Himself works on them. Some people ask themselves, "But how can this little mistake have such consequences?" If you make a mistake, you have let this thief in, and if he comes in, "he will steal, kill and destroy." For example, you start secular job and allow a lie. Eventually, this lie will ruin all your work, it is like a worm nested in a red apple. The worm will eat it, that is inevitable, and the apple will have no price. You are now disciples and you are not allowed to make any mistakes. If you make a mistake, it is the thief, do not allow him to enter. If you allow that, he will destroy everything, do not allow that in any way. This thief is always ready to enter you. You have a thought to do something good, but then you say, "This job can wait, it is not urgent." If you allow this second thought, the thief has already entered and will steal from you this thought that Christ gave you. You will no longer have good conditions and you will be left without any sheep. If a wolf comes, he will steal your sheep and you will be left without milk, sheep, cheese, butter and wool in the summer.

You are all afraid of the devil, but you must fear only God. If you are afraid of the devil, it means that he has set foot on you. You are afraid of each other. Instead of being afraid of a person, honor them. Students who are afraid of their teacher, they study. Any student who has not learned their lesson is afraid. Fear forces us to be diligent students. Here, in Tarnovo, fear hinders. Fear is distinguished by some features. If you see someone being cruel, they are cowardly. Good people are fearless. If you want to get rid of cruelty, get rid of fear. Whom you fear, such you will become. If you love a bad person, you will become bad, if you love a good person, you will become good.

Love and fear towards bad people give the same results, because when you love someone, you strive for them. You cannot help this way, he is a big merchant, do not give him money because he has a lot of debt. Do not give money or cash to a bankrupt person, do not save him, he has been compromised for a long time.

The thought that the Spirit leaves you: "This thief thinks evil of you." In all your actions, do not let him in. If you let him in, that will be bad for your children and friends. It is an internal principle. You cannot catch him. The angels themselves deal with this principle, but people can only be saved by Christ and God.

When you have the chance for a good deed, do it, do not think about the consequences. The Lord has blessed such a deed in advance, it will give results. The good you have done, no one can destroy. When the devil is outside, he cannot hear you. Do not confuse the two concepts. When temptations come to you, do not think that the devil has entered you. When this thief enters, you feel divided, you become restless, you cannot think well and feel good. You have to fight until you become quiet and calm, but I do not mean indifferent. When you reach this state, you can be good disciples. Life without studying is meaningless. If you do not study on earth, you will gain nothing. You have houses and fields on earth, this is a bag that anyone can take from you, but the acquired knowledge remains yours. When you are rich, you will learn to be generous and know how to help, and when you are poor, you will learn when and how to be patient. Beware of this thief and drive him out. They give you a foot out of ignorance, you bring me devil's foot and ask me: "Is the devil here?" I answer: Yes, he is. I want there to be an agreement among you and all your affairs will go well.

"Poor" means to be poor in evil, in lies, in stupidity, but let us be rich in knowledge.

The disciple who has embarked on the path of occultism should neither envy and flatter the rich, nor pity the poor, because they are both happy, they are both rich.

If they live in love, they both have equally, because the poor will visit the rich to eat. If you are two brothers - one rich and the other poor - the rich one will at least feed you, the learned brother will teach the one who does not know. Your mistakes are something else, they remain at your expense and are not harmful, but if you allow this thief, that is most dangerous. For example, the Lord tells you to love someone, then the thief comes and tells you bad things about him. If you allow this bad thought, you let the thief in. At the same time, the thief has also tried with the other person, who speaks ill of you. If you allow this negative principle to work in you, your face will soon darken, it will deform.

17 September 1920

Veliko Tarnovo

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

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Превеждали: nikolaysan (Николай)

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