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1920_08_19 Way, Truth and Life (Nik)


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Готов превод Път, Истина и живот - 19.8.1920-СБ-303 / .: 19.8.1920-СБ-303

Way, Truth and Life


"Let us thank the Lord for all He has given us so far."

Bless the Lord, O My Soul. (song)

The Good Prayer.

Blessed Be the Lord. (song)

"The Lord's Prayer".

Christ says, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." Many have read this verse - you have also read it, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." But this Way, this Truth, and this Life are not yet understood. Things are misunderstood for us until we know how to place them and how to use them. If a student has a violin and keeps it locked in his chest, and when guests come to him, he opens the chest, takes it out, shows it to his friends, saying: "Look what a good violin my father bought me - it costs ten thousand leva." does he use it wisely? The guests leave, he puts it back in the chest and closes it. Other friends come over - he opens the chest again, shows the violin and hides it again. The friends leave - the violin stays locked in the chest. Well, after all this, has this student understood what a violin is, why it is, what is his relation to it and its relation to him? But suppose this student took violin lessons from a skilled teacher. What will he do when his friends come? He will not only know that his violin costs ten thousand leva, but he will also know how to play - he will start playing and everyone will listen to him.

Thus, the Word is a manifestation of thought. When we start living sensibly, we will no longer say how much the violin costs, but we will show our friends how it sounds and what can be expressed through it. The manifestation of the Word begins with music.

Christ says, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." We know this Way, and we know that one cannot walk without a way. The way is the visible world, this is the material world, these are all the possibilities we live with. And in order for the Way to become smooth, the Truth is needed to give us direction; the Life is also needed to give us the inner strength to walk this path.

We see today that the sky is clear - and what does Heaven above us mean? Heaven, this is the Face of God. Just as every resentment, every sorrow or despair, joy or love can be expressed in our face, in our eyes, and in the movement of our muscles, so everything is expressed in Heaven, because it is a thousand times more sensitive to all that God bears towards us. All blessings come from the Ethereal space, from Heaven, which is the Face of God. That is why we are looking up. And after all this, many ask where is God? He is above us. Many say, "Where is the Lord, prove His existence to us." Things are only proven to the blind, but to those who have eyes, they are not proven. If I catch an ant with my finger, it will not see me - it only sees my finger, but it does not understand how I feel about it as a person. In its consciousness, man does not exist as a being. The ant would say, "Prove where the man is!" It could go through my whole body and would finally say, "I do not know where the man is." Do we have to prove to this ant where the man is and if he exists?

There are both bad and good conditions in life. You are not on the right path and you say, "May God save me from these bad conditions!" I say no, the conditions are bad just because you are on the wrong path. I would not want to be outside of these Divine conditions; I prefer them to the royal crown, to the royal path. Bad conditions - these are the two fingers of God, with which He catches us and says: "I sent you to Earth to develop and improve these conditions, to use them, but what are you doing?" God sent us to Earth in order to learn. We say, "Lord, thank You for sending us to Earth in order to work and learn." The Lord asks us, "Well, what have you learned so far?" "So far we have learned to dig up the land and cultivate it, to cut wood, to slaughter chickens, lambs. We are cultured people!” The Lord answers us: “I did not send you to Earth to slaughter chickens and lambs, to make sausages and the like, but to learn and be good.” What is this goodness all about? Someone makes a visit, but they do not slaughter a chicken for him, so he says, "These people begrudge slaughtering a chicken, so they have cooked beans. And that was my welcome! I will not set foot in this house another time!” But someone else makes a visit, they welcome him well and he says: “These people roasted a chicken for me, they offered me some nice wine. That is true welcoming!”

Secular and religious people are now under one denominator. I am not saying that we are much better than the secular ones, but that we are not yet what God wants us to be. I am not blaming you, I am not saying that you are bad, I am just stating a fact and saying that your work is not yet done. I go to a worker who is digging in the vineyard, I see that he has not dug it yet. I go the next day - the same situation; I go on the third day - the same, the work is still unfinished. I draw his attention to this, but he gets angry, he tells me that I am insulting him. "I am not insulting you, but the vineyard has to be dug up in time." What is the vineyard? It is our body, our strengths and abilities that need to be processed just in time. However, this processing requires Love. In this world, people start working only when the weather warms up. But as the weather warms up, the wind also starts to blow. And so, one of the qualities of heat is that it produces movement and sometimes raises dust, wind, causes ventilation. Ventilation is a sign that Love has begun to work. When Love comes, it brings some ventilation, a manifestation of life, of work. When trouble comes to us, we start acting. The Bulgarians say that when we are treated to beans, it is bad, but when we are treated to chicken - it is good. But this is relatively good, as the absolute Good in the world is to be good to everyone.

The way that Christ tells us about, is the material world. We are all in this material world and we must now use the conditions of life, we must study everything that is presented to us. We must learn to be gentle, courteous with the small plants and animals that serve us. If your child catches a chick and starts slaughtering it, if it rips off the wings and the legs of a fly, do not expect him to become a good person or a genius. But if it finds a chicken or a lamb with a broken leg on the road, brings it home and starts bandaging it, this child will become a good person in the future. The new morality is to do good to both the smallest and the largest beings. It is easy to be kind to a person who has lent you ten thousand leva, and when you meet him, to smile at him, to greet him kindly. But if you meet a beggar, you will say to him, "Come on, leave me alone, I have nothing to do with a man like you." Imagine, however, that this beggar is a Christian; you keep him from bothering you, you go to church, and then you ask your companion, "Did you understand the teachings of Christ?" But you, who ask and who drive the beggar out, have not yet understood them.

One has to start with understanding the simple things in life - understanding and applying is the whole strength of life. That is why I want all of you to be polite in heart and soul, to have mutual respect and to strive for all this, because what you do to others, you also do to God. Each of you is a small part of God, a small organ of God's body, and when you do mischief to your brother, you do it to God's body. When your brother suffers, God gets blisters; sometimes the blisters that form on Him are so large that He descends to Earth to see what the matter is. Such are we, the beloved children of God - we make blisters on Him. When shall we stop making blisters on Him? When we begin to understand life correctly and when all the reasons for the obstacles are revealed to us.

This year we will start with Love - let us perceive and send its power as a great wave around the world. If I tell you now that I love you and slaughter a chicken for you, is this Love? This is not love. Love manifests itself only when you are ready to sacrifice yourself for a person whom everyone rejects, persecutes and no one accepts. Do you know what the law of Love is? When you tell someone that he is your brother, you are already held accountable in Heaven for that and they tell you that you are obliged to sacrifice everything for him - your honor, your property, and your life. If you are not ready to sacrifice everything for him, you are not his brother. Christ says, "I do not come to such a brotherhood." You have not yet begun to apply the brotherhood of Christ. Some will say, "But I make sacrifices for him, for her." I do not blame you, but everyone should ask themselves, "Am I ready to sacrifice myself for my brother?" Do you know when you can be my brothers? As long as you carry knives and slaughter my younger brothers, chickens and lambs, you are not my brothers and I am no brother to you. You stop slaughtering them, but you ask yourselves, "But what will happen to them if we do not slaughter them?" Leave them alone, let these little brothers live. This is figurative. For example, a mistress has a maid who works ten hours a day, so she falls asleep when sitting down. The mistress is angry at why she is napping. I ask: what if she is made to work ten hours a day, will she not fall asleep? The maid falls asleep because ten hours of work is unbearable for her strength.

You have to say goodbye to all your old views. These are unfavorable conditions for the Lord, and we cannot enter the future world with them, we cannot become citizens of the Kingdom of God. What does a Bulgarian do when a flea or lice gets into his body or head? He puts it on a comb or between his two fingernails and squishes her. The Bulgarian does very well - the lice should be placed between the nails of both thumbs. This means:

"When you got on my head sucking my blood, have you asked me?"


"Well, then I am also not asking you." - "Squish."

If we also do not do the Will of God, when we go to Heaven, they say about us: "We do not want lice!" Lice in the spiritual world means personal selfishness, which we must say goodbye to. There are jobs for lice as well, but we have to say goodbye to them.

So, now the Lord has awakened in you - seek Him, He is inside you. The sublime thoughts, the noble motives that are now arising in you, this is the living Lord. Sometimes you do a bad deed, a bad thought comes to you; He says, "What you did is not good." Scholars will say, "This is the voice of our conscience that speaks to us." I say, this is the voice, the language of our Father, Who says, "Son, what you have done is not good." If we begin to understand that the Lord is speaking to us, we will be attentive to what is within us.

This year, our Heavenly Father wants us to renew our thinking, and if we are ready, other powers will come from above to help us. We have the opportunity to do everything. Just as the wheat grain contains all the possibilities in itself, and the Sun provides the conditions for its growth, so when we are ready, the Lord will give us all the conditions for work. Until you decide for yourself whether you are ready to serve the Lord or not, the Lord will not give you anything. This is what your life will be like by this time: you will go to bed, get up, get dressed and undressed, eat and drink, live, trade, and finally they will say about you, "Come on, throw this one out!" you will be lowered into the grave and you will remain as you are.

You will say, "When we go to the other world, then we will think about it." No, it is a different matter when you go to the other world. When you go there with this consciousness that you have, all the evils you have done here on Earth will stand out in front of you, you will see how many lambs and chickens you have eaten. Then you will understand that you have lived a meaningless life on Earth and that the beauty, the good that has been invested in you, has remained undeveloped. You will pray for a long time to come to Earth again, because it has all the conditions for work, because life starts from the Earth, everything comes out of it. If someone is good here on Earth, he is good up above; if he is bad here, he is also bad up there. Do not think that if you are bad here, you will be good up there - that is not true. In my opinion, a good person is one who, even in the worst conditions, strives to do the Will of God. Goodness is valued according to the efforts you make to be good. When the Lord sees that you are making an effort, He says, "This man is good." If you are a king and sign a death sentence on one or another without thinking, it shows that you are not good. Then the Lord says, "This child is wayward, he does not think right - he will not become a man."

So, there are conditions for all of us to be good, smart, honest and fair.

When we look up at night, we see the face of God dotted with many stars. I have often watched the father, when he comes home, takes a candy out of his pocket, holds it up in his hand and the child, when seeing it, looks up, watches the candy. I call these numerous stars in the sky candies. And the Lord says, "If you live well, you will have all the conditions you need to grow. If you are good children, I will send you upstairs and let you live in one of these beautiful stars." But you say, "Let Him give us one candy here on Earth and leave the stars for another time." Earth is just a workshop, you cannot own it. Property is the biggest delusion. The earth is a great school, and when you learn the art that you came for, you will depart, leaving the scissors and all the tools - you will not take anything with you.

So, Christ says, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." Christ and we are one and the same thing. How should we interpret this? If we can love all people, sacrifice for them, we understand the words of Christ, we understand our brothers and sisters. If we can feel the souls of our brothers when we meet them, and if we can help them, we understand Christ.

Now we are gathered to be co-workers with this Father of ours, with this great Brother of ours. Christ is the first, our greatest Brother, Who was born, Who was the first to apply all the Divine rules, all the Divine Virtues. He is the first Brother, Who passed his exam successfully, Who sacrificed everything for His brothers. These mountains, rivers, everything we see in Nature is an expression, a manifestation of this great Brother. This is a grand thought that you have to work on for thousands of years to understand its inner, deep meaning. The relevance of this thought, that you will understand, is this: you meet an ugly girl and you say, "This girl is not beautiful, she is worth nothing." But ask the young man who loves this girl how he sees her. For him, the ugly face disappears and he sees her soul. And everyone says this man is crazy, that he is blinded by her. No, he is not crazy - he is a clairvoyant and sees in the girl what others do not see. The same is said of religious people - what do they see in God, where do they find Him? They go towards God like the young fool who loves the ugly girl, but they do not know that these religious people see what others do not see. Christ is now visible to some and invisible to others. I will not prove Christ to you - you will find Him in yourselves, you will find Him in Nature. And I will not tell you anything about God - God is the rising Sun; it is a symbol of God. The Lord for us is the Father, Who says, "These children of Mine suffer greatly." Suffering is necessary until we become wise; for us, however, suffering is unnecessary. The time has come for us not to create suffering for ourselves.

If a brother comes to me and says, "I want to test your Love, to see if you love me," and makes an incision in my arm to test my Love, I am silent, I say nothing. Another brother comes and makes another incision on me to test if I have patience. Finally comes the third brother - he also makes an incision until my whole body is covered with cuts. After all this, they will say, "He passed his exam!" Yes, but there is nothing left of me. They ask me, "What are these cuts on your body from?" "To prove my love for you." If I shed the blood of some brother, what will I gain from that?

The new teaching that is now coming into the world must heal every wound of the soul, heart, and body.

Somewhere in Varna region, the son of a Bulgarian fell ill with some kind of ulcer, a wound that formed a thick crust and something like calluses, which caused pain to the boy. He kept healing his wound for ten years, but nothing helped. One day his younger brother brought home a falcon and began teaching him to hunt sparrows. For this purpose he brought a beef liver and began to teach him how to hunt. The older brother took the beef liver and served it to the falcon, teaching him to hunt sparrows. But instead of a liver, the falcon grabbed the young man's diseased hand, ate all the ulcers on it, thus healing the hand.

And so the New Teaching will act like a falcon. There are misfortunes in the world, but the falcon will eat the ulcers and we will be healed. Ulcers are a sign of all the infirmities that exist in us. The diseases, the misfortunes that befall us, are the result of the wasted Divine juices, but when the Divine Spirit comes, He will renew and correct everything. But living faith must come!

Today the sky is clear, which shows that we have all the good conditions for work.

Let us start the New Life with the true Love and let all of us - both small and big - to compete in it!

Mutually good feelings, noble feelings, these are the bearers of a great power. This year we can do an experiment to see what the power of collective thinking is. If we focus our thoughts on the good of one person, he will become good, everything will be fine for him. If someone is sick and we focus our thoughts on his healing, he will be healed; if someone is healthy and we focus our thoughts on him to get sick, he will really get sick.

So, we can all do a lot collectively. If we fail, it is because what we conceive inside, we spoil with our heart. We must not allow any bad desires in our heart, and no bad thoughts in our minds. Therefore, the future culture will be the culture of the heart.

Now I want you all to be cheerful, happy, to leave your old life and not think about the past. From now on, leave your old notebooks and decide to live for the Lord, decide to do His will on Earth, believing that God is manifested in all people, in all nations. What will happen next, I will tell you: God will put everything in perfect harmony and the day will come when all people will live fraternally with each other. From time immemorial, the Lord has said through the prophets, "I will give new hearts to people, I will settle in them and will live with them." The New Culture begins from the heart.

I will give you some instructions for some smallest experiments. The school that you follow requires all of you to be cheerful, calm in heart and mind, so that you can work. During this annual meeting I will give you a little work - just one grain of wheat. And if you use it wisely, it will bring you God's blessing.

I am confident in the success of what we do, because God is with us.

Throughout this day, as on all other days, you will try to have harmony in your thoughts. Embrace life in all its manifestations, not one-sidedly. Try to be bright-minded and good-hearted, so that to break all the negative thoughts that come to you. We will experiment and make sure that God is great and that He will destroy all evil. Let no bad thought, no bad desire or action arise in you. When you have good thoughts, desires, and actions, I will show you what God's science is. It is a profound science, but you will make experiments that will convince you of that. You will try to heal the heart, as well as in all other areas. If some have come here to spy, to distort my thought, the Lord is a witness. Let no thought of sectarianism arise among you!

This teaching is about brotherhood. If some people ask you what you study there, answer, "We study the science of brotherhood, what are the great laws that govern it." We cannot reveal all the secrets that it uses. There are reasons for this. We cannot open our stomachs to people to show them how it works. If we open our stomachs, then our life is over. If we open our skulls to show our brains to people, we will die. The brain cannot be revealed. This is what the Lord has done, and we will not spoil what He has done. Therefore, what the Lord has closed, we will keep closed, and what He has opened, we will leave open. Never keep your eyes closed! Someone will object: "But I am closing them." Nevertheless, they can still be opened. Your mind also has to be open.

Now I welcome everyone to the school!

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