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1920_09_12 Do Not Lend Your Heart to Anyone (Nik)


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Готов превод Сърцето си никому в заем не давайте - 12.9.1920-ИБ-318 / .: 12.9.1920-ИБ-318

Do Not Lend Your Heart to Anyone

We are expecting Christ to come now, but He will not come until we move at least halfway to meet Him.

Do not lend your heart, your mind, your ears, your eyes, your tongue to anyone. A maiden lends her heart to someone and then suffers. One piece of advice from me: do not lend your heart to anyone. Do not give your heart to anyone for rent. Christ says, "I have chosen you." Do not lend your heart, your tongue, your mind, your feet, your eyes, and so on.

If you do the right thing, when Christ comes, He will say, "You have worked well, you have done well," and so on. Now I have nothing to prove to you, but I say: Whoever lives well will not be harmed. I was young and grew old, but I have not seen anyone righteous begging for bread. The psalmist says, "Whoever lives for God, will not encounter evil." Read the life of Job to see that this is true.

In the current conditions of life, you will be brave and determined. It does not matter to me whether you apply that or not. I have applied it and seen the good results. You resemble those young people who put their pants on the roof and ask how to put them on. Look at bees, wasps, birds and other animals and you will see how they live. The Lord takes care of them.

The law is such: to get up early, to have breakfast on time, to go to school or work on time. You have to wait for the sunrise, but it will not wait for you. And therefore Christ says, "I have chosen you." People say, "What will happen to me when I die, what will they dress me with?" You should all get dressed 10 minutes before the sun rises. Do not lose your minds. The sun rises once, it sets once, and whoever is late has already lost. And at the station, when the last bell rings, whoever has come will get on the train, but the one who is late will be left behind. We also must be ready now, because the last Divine train will come in 10 years at the latest, and whoever is ready to get on this train will get on board earlier, but whoever is not ready will be left behind. Thus, there is a mutual relationship between spiritual and physical life. All cultured nations that have energy, they are the ones who understand these qualities well. Now I recommend you to be brave and determined. Do not get discouraged. He gave the example of a friend who regretted not making some deals, but the Master said to him: Be grateful for not being in prison now.

We sang "I Will Rejoice".

12 September 1920.

Veliko Tarnovo

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: nikolaysan (Николай)

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