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1920_08_30 Original Language (Nik)


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Готов превод Първоначален език - 30.8.1920-ИБ-315 / .: 30.8.1920-ИБ-315

Original Language

There is no Love like God's Love. God's Love is not like human love. When a poet creates a famous work, he feels love, but this is love of the mind, not Divine love. A girl in love also feels love, but it is love of the heart. A soldier shows love on the battlefield, but his love is love of the willpower. A mother loves her children. That love is the love of the soul. A judge, when he judges and administers justice, also shows love, but it is love of the spirit. However, God's Love is a synthesis and harmony of everything, it is at the same time love of the mind, the heart, the willpower, the soul and the spirit, but the body must be an obedient servant of the Divine Love. When it dwells in man, it serves only as a manifestation of the good in the physical realm. One can manifest this love through any action - either with their hand by helping someone, or through language by saying a kind word to someone, etc. When the Divine Love dwells in you, in your heart, in your mind, in your willpower, in your soul and in your spirit, they will start vibrating in harmony with the heart, mind, soul and Spirit of God. This is the first explanation: when the Divine Love dwells in you, your heart will be in harmony with the hearts of all your brothers, your mind in harmony with the minds of all your neighbors; your willpower, your soul, your spirit will be in harmony with the mind, willpower, soul and spirit of everyone - this is the second explanation; and I am also giving you the third explanation: the hearts of all your brothers will be in harmony with your heart, with your mind, with your will, with your soul and with your spirit, you will all be in agreement with everyone, you will be one.

Life is fully manifested in love. What people now call love is not love. What people now call life is not life. They aspire to earthly possessions and therefore their lives lose their meaning. Life is movement. Everything that moves hides in itself the beginning of life. The beginning of the movement is the first step of life. When this life begins to be realized, we have the second step. Then comes a sense of life, this is the third step. After the feeling comes joy. Joy is the fourth step. And the fifth step is using the joy for growth.

Life manifests in four directions: mind, heart, willpower and soul, and their center is the Spirit. Living nature is the body of God. God is the greatest creator.

All who write make more or less accurate translations of the great book of the Creator. And sometimes these translations are so detached from the original that there is no mention of it. And when we read any translations, we will try to compare them with the original and then we will draw a conclusion. But we must learn the living language of God and His living speech. And for that purpose we will have to start with the alphabet. Some will say, "We are going to start with the alphabet again?" Yes, again from there, because it is the beginning and you have all forgotten your original language. You are all good students and when you come next year, I want you all to know at least one word in this language, otherwise you will be sitting outside. You will not have access inside, because the Apostle Paul says, "If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am nothing." You may learn many languages, old and new, that is good, but the living language of nature is most important. In the realm of truth, everything is precise and strictly defined.

On earth, every statement also has a negation. If we say for example "I can" about something, it means that there is something else that you cannot. Conversely, if you say "I cannot" about something, you mean that you can do it in another way. In the Divine world, "I can" and "I cannot" have a completely different meaning. As long as you have love, "I cannot" means "I am not capable of doing evil." It is like a guard who watches and says, "You cannot go out of the door that I let you through." And when you say "I can," it means "I can sacrifice myself for my brothers and sisters." "I can" and "I cannot" are two great guardian angels at two gates. "I can" is in front and says to the trespassers: "I can unlock the gate for you to enter", but "I cannot" says - "You cannot go out through the door that you entered."

Now I will tell you how good things can be developed. When you go somewhere to visit, they put a nice pie in front of you and you eat with pleasure, but to satisfy you, they start bringing you all sorts of things, so you eat and overeat, and you start thinking about your full stomach. So, you will leave everything else and will only focus on the nice pie, you will only think of God's Love. But do you know how to make a pie? First of all, old people cannot make a pie. A nimble young bride will make a nice pie. She will clean the kneading trough well, leaving nothing stale, she will sift clean flour, she will bring clean water from a spout, she will warm it (I do not eat a pie kneaded with cold water), then take fresh butter, fresh cheese, milk and will knead the pie. So you also have to learn how to make good pies and when I come over to your place, I will want you to treat me with a nice pie.

You are 40 people, so I have provided 40 pies. Now you have to provide yourself with pies when you leave.

When I talk about a pie, it is an image. You will unravel the symbols; as you translate, you will see what the kneading trough, the flour, the water, the butter, the cheese, the milk and the salt mean. Today is Monday, today is the day of the Moon. This shows that before you start making the pie, you will need to clean your kneading trough well. Everything that is old and worn out should be thrown away. Today you cannot knead a pie, you will just make a preparation. Tomorrow is Tuesday, the day of Mars, so you can knead. Mars means war, but not the way people fight today. The very kneading of the dough - it is war. This is how each of you will make your own nice pie.

30 August 1920, a.m.

Veliko Tarnovo

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: nikolaysan (Николай)

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