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1921_11_27 I Will Raise Him Up! (Nik)


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Готов превод Аз ще го възкреся! - 27.11.1921-НБ-401 / ...: 27.11.1921-НБ-401

I Will Raise Him Up!

"Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day." (John 6:54)

I will read to you part of the 6th chapter of the Gospel of John - from verse 41 onwards. Some conclude that no one has seen God. It is not like that: many have seen Him. Christ says, "Not that anyone has seen the Father." Everyone who is from God has seen God. I will speak on verse 54. Some of Christ's disciples, though being disciples, were seduced when Christ told them, "Unless you eat My flesh and drink My blood, you have no life in you" This is a fact: the flesh and blood of all animals - geese, turkeys, lambs - that people eat, is the body of Christ. And these people are seduced. This is literally true. For 8,000 years, humans have been feeding on the flesh and blood of these lambs. Christ wants to say, "You have eaten My flesh and drunk My blood, but you have not obtained eternal life"- that is literally correct in the true sense of the word, but there is something more significant about His teaching: "Unless you eat this flesh and drink My blood, you will not have eternal life." That is, if you do not accept my teaching and apply it, you cannot gain eternal life. And then he adds, "At the last day I will raise him up." The first phase: they will eat and drink - that is what people do. But that is not the point. When will this true meaning be revealed? - At the last day, i.e. I will resurrect them when people change this order of things. Which is this last day! - -The one that everyone is afraid of. It is terrible! They say, "It is the last day!" The merchant who has to pay 100,000 says, "It is the last day, they will come tomorrow," and he does not have a penny. Someone is being put to trial. His heart is pounding - it is the last day, he could be sentenced to 10 years in prison. The maiden leaves her father's house, she goes to the young boy - it is the last day, there is a transitional state. Therefore, the last day is the day when the great life begins. The great, the infinite, the one that has meaning in itself, always begins on the last day. And therefore each of you, who does not start with this last day, cannot achieve that great Divine science which God has ordained and invested in the bowels of Nature, i.e. to those goods which are prepared for his chosen children who live on earth today. So far you have always been preached about heaven, and you are all preparing for heaven; you imagine heaven in various ways, you imagine the angels, the saints. But all these things are vague in your minds. Have you been to heaven? Have you been? - You have not been. When I say that you have not, I mean in the form of your present consciousness, not the past one. With this consciousness, you have not been in heaven. And when someone says that he has been in heaven, we understand not what he is now, but it is another consciousness, the super-consciousness, through which he can enter. Christ says, "On the last day I will raise him up." Now, there is an eternal dispute between modern religious and secular people. Some want to live permanently in heaven. Religious people say: "We are tired of life on earth - in heaven, in heaven!" Others say: "We are tired of hearing about heaven - on earth, on earth!" Here it is, this is the whole philosophy. The debate is whether to live in heaven or on earth. And in all the university lectures they prove subjectively and objectively, through the concepts, the feelings, the willpower, they all prove whether we should be in heaven or on earth. But we say, "You will be both in heaven and on earth." For the Scripture says, "When God created the heavens and the earth"; but because the heavens were arranged perfectly, the earth was to be developed. The Scripture says, "And the earth was without form." This implies that the earth had to go through a period of evolution, to cultivate itself. And cultivation is a natural process. I also say: the maiden, when getting ready for marriage, has to go through a certain evolution, the bride's clothes, then strings, then hats, then ribbons, then this, then that, and a whole evolution; then, about a dozen people will dress her, prepare her - a whole evolution must pass, and when they dress her up, there will be a whole escort after her - with parents-in-law, with bridesmaids, with bagpipes. What is a wedding? - It is a whole evolution. The bride was unorganized, not dressed in bridal clothes, and had to get dressed. This means: the earth was without form, it was an ordinary lady, so it took a long time before she adorned herself like a bride to get married. And when this wedding takes place, then everyone leaves with the bagpipes, with the whistles. This is pleasant in life. Now some, listening to me, say, "This language is not religious." I have long since given up speaking a religious language. And I am writing a new dictionary in which I say this: every reasonable person must learn to speak in the Divine way; every reasonable person must study the Divine grammar: verbs, adjectives, nouns, conjunctions, pronouns, prefixes, affixes, and how you say them - all these things must be learned. Do you know how great this thing is?

Now I will teach you some math: "And on the last day," says Christ, "I will raise him up." How many permutations do you have to make from the word "resurrection", so that they make sense? If you, who are mathematicians, take this word, how many permutations can you make? I am taking four letters as an example: a, b, c, d. See how many permutations I make from a, b, c, d:

abcd bacd cabd dabc

abdc badc cadb dacb

acbd bcad cbad dbac

acdb bcda cbda dbca

adbc bdac cdab dcab

adcb bdca cdba dcba – 24.

These are all permutations of these numbers. These are mathematical ratios of those elements that fall into this series. We made 24 permutations of the four letters: a, b, c, d. How many combinations can you form from the word "resurrection"? I would like to know that. Tell me next time. Women who know, when they have no other work, and those who do not know, let them call their husbands, and calculate a second time how many permutations there are. The basic law of the resurrection must be understood. Resurrection is a transitional state from subconscious life to conscious and superconscious life.

Therefore, when a lower animal passes from a subconscious to a conscious life, the self-consciousness that arises is resurrection, revival. Therefore, in the present life, your self-consciousness is necessary to correct your past and present mistakes by replacing them with something reasonable. Your life is not what you expect. Realizing all your mistakes, all these shortcomings and shortages of this life, the sufferings that result from ignorance of these laws, then you will prepare for the resurrection. You will decide to finally come out like a frog from this swamp that has already dried up. As long as a person thinks that there is no change in his life, he lives in the process of the subconscious. The current white race will pass fully into full consciousness, not into awakening and falling asleep. It is a connection of the superconscious. It is a resurrection, it is the new life already. Therefore, Christ says, "Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life." From the lower one comes the higher one. "All who have eaten and drunk, I will raise them up." Why? There are deep reasons, because Christ did not want to lose his capital and his word to remain fruitless. It is not the point now to dwell on whether we should eat the flesh of Christ or not. That is another matter. Christ says, "I will raise him up at the last day." You are now at the last day. If you decide to awaken this self-consciousness today, you can be resurrected. And the Scriptures say that when Christ was resurrected, many bodies were resurrected with him, and they appeared to many of their friends and convinced them that there was another life, more reasonable, more stable, and happier than the present one. The notions of modern religious and secular people about life are so distorted! This does not stem from an evil will, but from an optical illusion of the human mind. The higher mind is not yet developed in modern people. Theosophists call it the "higher manas." The lower mind, in which human egoism is located, has developed to the detriment of the higher one. And the aspirations of this lower mind are diametrically opposed to the higher manas. You often ask yourself and cannot explain why there is a struggle between flesh and spirit? This is not a struggle - many are deceived - this is a law, necessary for the development of the human soul. And it is determined by the following fact: if you take two enemies who hate each other and put them on a beam or board, under which there is an abyss, one is at one end, the other - at the other end, and both are facing the same danger - what should they do? They will stop any dispute. They should not come close. They have to keep their balance. If the flesh opposes the Spirit, there are reasons for that; and if the Spirit opposes the flesh, there are other reasons. Because if they upset the balance, they both lose. Modern people quote the verse, "We must destroy the flesh because it opposes the Spirit." No, you must not destroy the flesh or remove the Spirit, because the Spirit and the flesh are two elements in the Divine world necessary for the development of the human soul and the human mind. There is no internal antagonism or internal dispute here. The dispute is only about the conditions under which the Spirit and the flesh find themselves. Is that clear now? Things need to become very clear in your mind so that there is no dispute. Now let me explain another law. Ancient alchemists took earth, water, air, and fire as the four basic elements, and modern chemists considered carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen to be the basic elements. So these elements are basic, hydrogen - one of the lightest. Now these four elements play an important role in human life. Oxygen and nitrogen are mixed and thus form the air, they are not combined, but only mixed. While they are mixed, our development goes properly, but on the day they combine, a poison is formed. Someone says, "We are not sent to earth to form compounds, but only to be mixed." You say, "We will form a brotherhood through union."

I say: You cannot unite to form a brotherhood, because if you combine, like oxygen and nitrogen, you will form a poison and you will poison all humanity; however, you can team up. Therefore, it is not allowed for the air to combine its oxygen with its nitrogen, because then the air will disappear. And what is the philosophy? Men and women now want to unite. No, they do not have to unite. Under current conditions, men and women are not allowed to unite. One is like oxygen and the other is like nitrogen in the air. If you unite, you will poison your life, you will poison your children. And I can give you an example: many mothers and fathers whose children die, the reason is that they are united, and as a result they poison their children's bodies. And people will say, "It is a deep matter, who will sow millet among these roots?" If you do not sow millet, your children will not live. You will sow millet and make boza (fermented malt drink popular in Southeast Europe) from it. Someone says, "I will not sow millet." You will sow millet! It is necessary, this millet should be sown. These roots are necessary for the development of our lives. You have to be mixed in order to understand your positions to each other. Because if the mother and the father fall in love, they forget their children. If a man and a woman kiss all day, if they constantly say to each other, "I love you so much, I am dying for you" - the children will die hungry. Now both men and women are complaining, "There is no love in the world." You want to unite. Whoever this woman unites with, she will form nitric acid, which will become poison to anyone. Therefore, under the current conditions on earth, the woman should not unite. Do you know this? I do not take this as an absolute law. If you did not have children, I would say that you unite. But for the good of your children I say to you: You shall not unite, because you will sacrifice their lives. Is this logical? Yes, I think logically, it is a philosophy that has an application in life. And you ask, "Why are these misfortunes?" - Because there are compounds, not mixtures. All explosions are all caused by compounds. And in modern European life the fact is proven that after each union, i.e. when some nations are united, the greatest wars have taken place. Russian Tsar Nicholas II, the peacemaker, took the initiative to convene the Hague Conference to form a union of nations. But after that union, what came into the world? The war came. Is that not a fact? You will say: "Well, it is a fact, but it is no proof." Let us suppose that it is 50% true; should we not take these 50% into account? Therefore, under the conditions in which we are living, a union is not allowed. There is only one law, which is as follows: we have the right to unite only with God, and with no one else in the world. With God - because He is a being, unchangeable in Himself. We can unite with Him, and the results will be good: and any other union, under any circumstances, will do more harm than good. Therefore, we need mixing, association, not union. Are the (musical) notes combined or mixed? Music is composed according to the law of mixing. And if people combine these notes, what will come out? - The biggest bomb that would blow up all musicians in the air. If a musician dared to make a compound, music would produce one of the biggest explosions the world has ever experienced.

Thus says Christ, "I will raise him up at the last day." When? - When he learns to unite with God and to separate from the world. Let him be mixed with the world, but united with God. When he learns this great law - "I will raise him up", he will enter the Divine life, to understand the great law, why things are so and not otherwise. Now, in this causal world are all the consequences of a series of past existences, through which man has passed. These consequences are the reasons for determining your current life. They are gathered in the Divine world, we cannot avoid them. And for these reasons, the great beginning - God - will form a life that your past existences allow. Suppose you live in a society where morality has dropped to 0 degrees or 10 degrees below zero. You are a mother, you are married and you want to give birth to a beautiful daughter. I am asking: Do you want to have a very beautiful daughter? With such a morality, I say that your daughter has to be the ugliest in the world, if you want to save her honour. But if you live in a society where morality is 100 degrees above zero, then you can have the most beautiful daughter; she will be a blessing both to herself and to those around her. And under the former conditions, it will be a curse both for herself and for those around her: she will be an element that will unite and destroy everywhere. Because of her, at least 100 people will commit suicide, and eventually she will also commit suicide. And if you, when you get married, tell me: "I want to give birth to a beautiful daughter", if I am an astrologer, I will answer you what will be the fate of this daughter of yours. Someone will say, "How do you know that?" Hmm! Do you see these permutations abcd, dabc ...? - these are all quantities, these are rational numbers, this is not divination, this is no tittle-tattle. This is a rigorous science in which there is no exception. The exceptions are only for fools. There are 39,916,800 permutations formed by the word "resurrection." (TN: the word in Bulgarian has 11 letters). Do you understand what this is? This is science, brother! These are numbers, these are data, these are conditions under which the new organism - the resurrected life - can develop. Therefore, you will have all those 39 million opportunities. Now I did not calculate this, a friend here did it and I am quoting his data.

There must therefore be mixing. You want to unite. No, there should be no unification among you. You will unite only with God, and there will be no unification among you! And whoever unites, we will expel them, out! Why? Because they are already dangerous. By "expulsion" I understand: We will put them in a bottle, we will plug it like acid - it is poison: every drop that falls, it burns. Human selfishness is dangerous because it is formed by this law of unification. There is no greater poison in the world than human selfishness. This is a terrible compound! And when someone says that we need to let go of human selfishness, I understand that we need to decompose it: nitrogen and oxygen separately, so that they function as mixed elements. So, when you have some misfortune in your home, I say: There is nitric acid in you. Then what is required? - You will decompose, there must be a mixture. Now some people strain and ask me, "How can we understand the great laws that govern the world, and how can we become masters of the situation?" - these magicians read books and write, some of them know something, and some test the others. Everyone wants something, but no one undertakes to work in the Divine way. Modern people are in the culture of ants. Mankind is now going through the culture of ants. This culture is more dangerous than the culture of snakes. That this is so, you will see that where there are ants, the snakes run away, because the ants with their acid drive away the snakes. That this is a fact is seen in life: where people have become selfish, extremely greedy, intelligence flees. Why? - This greed is able to ruin all these cells of nobility, and a greedy person you can bribe with a thousand leva. He does not think much, but says: "Give me 1000 leva". And the fact that he can be caught and sentenced to 5 years sitting in prison, and then have a loss of 20-30 thousand leva per year, he does not think about it. Is that smart? Is this a culture? Therefore, modern European nations are in this phase. And they cannot see any further that something more terrible is coming. That is not what they think about. Nitric acid is coming and it will destroy everything on its own. And when the destruction comes, then they will say, "What are the factors? - Economic conditions, the commodity market." No, no, friends: the factor is your selfishness - the basis of ant culture: according to the law of compounding, the nitrogen and oxygen in you have combined to form one of the strongest poisons. Then you will separate yourselves and be united with God, an eternal good will be formed, and you will live among yourselves as brothers. And when Christ comes on the last day, He will raise you up. What is resurrection? - Entering life in the new conditions in which new life can manifest. Do you think that the slave, who had worked for his master for 20 years and carried a knife plotting to kill his master in order to free himself, could not free himself in any other way? I say, there is another way in which you can free yourself without killing your master. - "Well, what is this power?" - This power is Love. Love as a living force emanates from the Supreme, from the Divine. When we talk about Love, we do not mean this love that comes from below, but the love that comes down from above. If you summon it, it will free you from slavery and give you the strength to know how to deal with all difficulties. Now, speaking of Love, I will again ask our brother to calculate how many permutations can be made from the word "love"? You will take the word with six letters, which it contains in the old spelling, as it should be. Love has to be studied as a living force that works, not as a pleasant feeling, not as a pleasant aspiration. No. When this Love starts coming, you will feel a small light in your consciousness, deep in your being, it will begin to develop, to grow bigger and bigger, its volume will increase, it will cover your brain, your heart, after which you will start walking in light. An expansion will appear in you, as if you were the masters of the whole world. And whatever difficulties you may have, they will be nothing to you.

Thus, the word "love" in Bulgarian makes 720 permutations. These are not too few for the Bulgarians. If the Bulgarians understood the ways in which Love could manifest, if they worked for it to manifest all its elements, they would be the greatest nation. If only they understood the permutations of this Love! So, the first unification we have to make is with God, with Love. Our soul must be united with the Divine Love, and in such a union will appear the new life, which Christ calls resurrection. Have you tried to unite with God? But rest assured! Sometimes you clench and say, "This will not be." This thing will be, it will be, do not be discouraged, it will be. Do you understand? "It will not be." I say this: everything is possible in Love, through Love, just all its permutations have to be learned.

I will now give you an example. It is one of my experiences. This example is true only in content and meaning. You should not take it literally. That was 15 years ago, when I was doing my scientific observations and research. I was in Plovdiv. After one of my talks, I was called by a Bulgarian who had two children - one with a natural disability and the other one a little girl 10 years old. I went to their house. I saw his wife - highly intelligent, strict, with a very complete character. The girl, a beautiful child, came with her mother who told her to kiss my hand, and she replied, "I do not want to kiss his hand." "Kiss it!" "I do not want to." I said, "Leave the girl alone." This girl went out quickly. The mother wondered that for the first time there was a counteraction in this child: "I do not want to kiss his hand." I said to the lady like this: "There is a valiant trait in your daughter's character, she wants to say: I do not kiss a hand by order, I have my special opinion." And I said, "Do not worry, your child is great, I like her very much." I went to the girl, I saw her playing, and she said, "Do you know why I did not kiss your hand?" I said, "I do not know." "Do you know how much I have suffered from this kissing? Neither mom knows, nor dad knows. An aunt came here a month ago, my mother made me kiss her hand, but then I vomited and vomited. Then, I have an uncle, and I kissed his hand, but I vomited again.” And she told me which other priest's hand she had kissed and vomited again. "Well, when I saw you, I did not want anymore, because if I kissed your hand, my stomach would hurt." I say, this girl has such a developed sense of smell that kissing causes pain. I told her, "You did very well not to kiss my hand." She told me, "Because if I kissed it and my stomach hurt, then I would think of you the same way as with other people." I said, "You did very well." You will say, "These things are exaggerated." Not really, your nose should have that sense. This child already understands the character of people. She says: "How terrible people smell and what should I do, I am also struggling at school" - this child is constantly struggling: "And I dare not say to my mother, they will consider me... such... a little... but I will tell you. So what do you think?” I said, “God has blessed you to discern people. "People are not clean." "They are not pure, they are not pure, I see something very bad in people, what should I do with them?" Well, I am asking now, if that sense was so strong in your nose, and those of you who like to kiss my hand like that, would then vomit, would you kiss it? Then I would be free, and you would be free. The thoughts, feelings, and desires in you are abating. You have lost the meaning of the words about the noble, about the sublime.

I will give you another example. Some people think I condemn them. You will excuse me, this is not a reproach. I had a prominent student who was very interested in occultism and constantly insisted that I reveal some things. I said, "You are not ready." Nobility was required, not that I would not want to say it. One day I said, "I am going to make an experiment." She came, I took her to my room; as I entered, I locked the door, she looked around, then I opened the door and said, “I am sorry, you are not ready yet, that shows your doubt. I want to give you another lesson: your heart must be locked, it must be opened only to God, and it must not be opened to anyone else. I wanted to give you this lesson. But your heart is open, so no secret can be revealed to you."

Someone says, "What do you think?" There must be one thought in your mind: either honor or dishonor; either justice or injustice; either truth or falsehood. You cannot play the role of an actor: both here and there. We are not allowed to do that. There must always be one certain thought in your mind: to know that there is always a great soul we call God who follows, watches, and does not excuse. By the phrase "does not excuse" I mean that it chronicles everything and notes it fairly. When a saint sins, it notes that the saint has sinned. It fairly records all your actions and mistakes chronologically, and builds your future life on them. You will say, "What is awaiting us?" Unite with Love and separate from the world. Unite with God and separate from the world, and you will be free. Do not get bound, do not give a word to anyone, do not unite with anyone. A maiden says to a young man: "I will be faithful to you" - she binds with the young man. And he does the same: he also promises. Tell me, how many people have kept that promise. I do not have a single disciple in Bulgaria who has passed their exam. There are now two people who have passed half of their exam, but 50% they have not passed yet. Two people only! I also understand the law under which God puts them. I do not put them there, God says, "Put them under this law, test them." You will say, "Is it not possible without an exam?" It is the exam that creates character and willpower. And when suffering comes to you, you should rejoice and light a hundred candles for your Saint Nicholas. But now, when a misfortune befalls you, you extinguish a hundred candles. Well, I am asking then, is there Love in the soul of the one who extinguishes? - No, the one who lights up, only he has Love in his soul. And then I set the following moral. You say, "I believe in you, I love you." Well, can I stay with your daughter for a day or two and she remains clean? Can a man who has a beloved wife let me wander around in their home and he is not tempted that I want to cheat his wife? And since I have been with her, her character has changed - it may change in descending or ascending order. When someone comes to your home, they must bring a blessing. But now they say, "Who are you?" That girl also said, "I do not want to kiss that hand." And then do you know what test I did with her? I said, "You did well not to kiss my hand, because many have kissed me until now, so bring me a laver," I took out some soap and said, "Pour some water for me now!" - I washed myself. So, I did an experiment with myself. I smelled my hands and said, "One more time!" I washed my hands ten times, and when I was sure that all these elements of the world were gone, I said, "Now you also wash your hands ten times!" She washed herself, then I said, "Now you are not going to kiss my hand, you are just going to grab my hands and smell them, how are you going to feel?" - "What if my stomach hurts?" - "If your stomach hurts, from now on you will not kiss anyone's hand. Try that, you will not kiss my hand, you will only take my hand, so that we are friends and I do not leave your home like this." And she smelled my hand and started laughing, then said, "No, there is nothing now." Yes, there was nothing, but we had to wash our hands ten times. Hands are a symbol of our willpower. Your willpower must be cleansed of all filthy actions. When you look at God, you will say, "I will wash myself ten times and then I will take your hand," because God also has hands. But we defend Him and say, "Ah, the Lord's hand smells." These are the modern philosophers.

What is a "resurrection"? - These are 39 million permutations. And now, whoever wants to shake hands with me for a second time, will pour water for me ten times - I will wash, and you will wash. You will not kiss. And for the kisses, a lot more washing will be required! And I recommend - do not rush with kisses. When you kiss, you have to bring the new life of Love, but if you take away someone's happiness, do not kiss them, you will bring unhappiness. Now this is a philosophy. Thus says Christ, "If you eat My flesh and drink My blood, I will raise you up at the last day." And this last day, it is already here. This higher consciousness must be awakened in you, it has been awakened, but do not give place now to the doubt, which, like a psychic worm, will destroy the Divine in you. Believe in that Lord, Who lives in you, in this Supreme, Which has already awakened, in the Divine soul, this immortal part of man. If you do not believe in your soul, you do not believe in anyone. And if I meet you for a second time, you should have Love for the Divine Soul, the noble thing that will make you immortal. And then, when we meet, we will look at each other softly, and our gaze will not be divided. There is a concept called "bovarism". The Turks say of a gaze: "He looks at you, he sees me." His gaze is divided. Someone is sitting and telling you, "I am so happy to be in your house." He is happy, but he is looking at your daughter. No, no, this man has to wash his hands ten times. If I had to wash my hands ten times just for that little girl, this gentleman should wash too. This is what Christ says. This purity is necessary for our development, for the good of our mind, for the good of our heart, for the good of our soul - these things are necessary. You cannot take a single step if you do not comply with this law - then misfortunes upon misfortunes await you. This is not done mechanically. Do not think that this must happen at once. God will do everything for you.

I gave one such example. A friend of mine asks me what the invisible world is. I say: You have been in a fortress for 20 years, then a friend comes and makes a hole, a ray of light comes in, what jumping there will be inside! He tells you, "There is something better than that." How can this be? He widens this hole, makes it bigger, you jump rejoicing. "There is something better than that," and that hole gets bigger and bigger, and you jump rejoicing in Love. "There is something even better than that!" It is the great shepherd who will lead you out into the Nature, to the green pastures and the clear streams. That is why Christ is coming now, to take you out of this prison of your selfishness, to take you to the great Nature, where you will play and jump by the springs. This is for you! This is the new life that is coming now. This is the resurrection! And it will be on earth again, but not in this substance. This substance will undergo a transformation. You will receive spiritual bodies, you will enter the astral world, in a substance less dense. There is also solid earth, water and air there; however, that solid earth is very different from our earth. You will say, "What is this thing?" I will quote the words of the Apostle Paul: "What the eye has not seen and the ear has not heard." Today there are thousands of eyes that have seen this, in England, and in Germany, and in America, there are thousands of people who have gone to heaven and come back, and they tell that from their experience. And one day, when you unite with God, you will go there. That day will come and you will say, what will you say? Yes, it will be!

I would like that a bigger window opens for you now, that you are ready. Some of you will be resurrected today, some tomorrow, some in 10, 15, 20 days, some in a year, 2, 3 years, and some maybe in a thousand, two thousand, 10,000 years. And I say, to whom the time has come, not to be even one hundred millionth of a second late. You have to be like that chicken that has started hatching, and the shell has been worn away, and it says, "Chirp-chirp, chirp-chirp!", and the mother says, "Cluck-cluck, cluck-cluck!" What does she say to it? "Use that little beak to get out and enter the new life in which you will be resurrected." And this little chick shows its forehead first, then the whole head, and finally the whole of it comes out. And the mother says, "Well done, here is my chick resurrected." You say, "When are we going to be resurrected?" I say, "Cluck-cluck, cluck-cluck!" - "But what do you mean?" - "Cluck-cluck, cluck-cluck!" That is a great philosophy! The Bulgarians say "cluck" and the British say "clock", which means a timepiece, movement. Movement, movement, forward, forward into Divine consciousness.

"And at the last day I will raise him up." - That is, those who "drink My blood and eat My flesh", who understand the law to be united with God and to be separated from the world.

And now I congratulate you on the new union and the new separation.

A talk held on 27 November 1921 in Sofia.

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