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1920_08_23 Working on Purity and Self-control (Nik)


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Готов превод Работа върху чистотата и самообладанието - 23.8.1920-СБ-311 / .: 23.8.1920-СБ-311

Working on Purity and Self-control

The four pictures that you see here express the law of self-control. This law works only through the mind. So through the mind a person can control himself, so his thoughts have to be harmonious. In applying the law of self-control, you must know that in man's soul are rooted three great forces, which God has invested in him and which no one can take away from him. This is expressed in the first picture, a triangle with a circle in the middle - the circle has three colours: the outer, violet one, represents the potential power of the soul's manifestation, the green colour represents the power of the soul's development, and the third, the orange colour, represents the power of its individualization. Such souls are called crystalline. Do not think that these souls are above - there are such souls embodied among all the nations of the Earth. When there are several such souls in a nation, they are its ideal, they create it, they are the souls that rest in God.

The second picture, three circles with a triangle in the middle, means the luminous souls. This light is inherent in man himself and no one can take it away from him - no one can extinguish the light you have, except yourself. If your light ever goes out, know that you are the cause, not anyone else. So says the Occult School of the White Brotherhood.

The third picture, three intertwined circles and two triangles in the middle, means souls of people in the shadows who sink but do not drown. They are the current people in whom good and evil are intertwined. The spirit loves to dive into matter. The hexagon shows that the spirit has plunged into matter. Do not be afraid of any catastrophe - no one can obstruct your spirit, it will come out. If you are in doubt, you remain at the bottom, death is coming. In the Occult School, no doubt is allowed in the souls and hearts of the disciples. If doubt is ingrained in your souls and hearts, it is a poison that will destroy you. And only God is life and light - where there is life and light, there is God; where there is no life and light, there is no God. Therefore, there is suffering there, and where there is suffering, there is torment. But you should not be afraid of these states - if you follow the Divine path, your spirit is like that master swimmer who, knowing how to dive into the world, will also know how to get out. However, if you get scared, you will obstruct your spirit and it will remain down under the waves. Believe that your spirit, which dives under the waves, will win. As disciples, you have to think that way, and then you will go straight on the beaten path. So the power you have, no one can take away from you; the light you have, no one can turn off; and the spirit you have, no one can defeat. As you walk this path, no force will be able to distract you from it.

So, you will know that the cause of everything that happens is no one but yourself. No doubt! If anyone doubts, the White Brothers will not help him.

The fourth picture shows the real method by which a person can develop, i.e. the path of its evolution. When you decide to live according to God, as soon as you come out of the Divine Soul as men and women, you will be met by kindred souls, who will bring in you impetus, strength and aspiration in the world, and above, at the top of the middle triangle, they will merge with you. This is the end of human evolution. If you doubt the path that you are following, you will not meet your kindred soul and life will lose its meaning for you.

In order to be a student of the White Occult School, you must remember these four pictures. They are a method of self-control of the mind and therefore during the year you will study arithmetic, mathematics and geometry. This is one of the best methods for concentrating the mind.

Now I will show you a living picture. You will only peek from the door, you should not enter inside, because the radiations of your bodies will disturb the oscillations of its light - you will enter there only with your heart, not with your mind. You will distinguish between the light in this room and the light you will see around the living picture. The light you will see there is fixed, there is no movement in it. We love the pure and the sublime, it is an aspiration of the soul. If you remember the light you will see, it will be a help and encouragement in your life. You will enter the Upper Room only six people at a time and will stay there for two minutes.

After everyone had lined up, the Master continued:

This image that you saw is called the Image of the Twelve Virtues. Light is produced in a simple, ordinary way, but energy is occult and is transformed by certain laws. There is a rapid movement, rapid vibration of light happening there, and therefore its oscillations are not noticeable. If the vibrations are weak, you will notice that smoke is emitted. This light once burned in you - you will someday remember that. The seven lights are the seven Spirits around the throne of God - the seven flames of the soul. Try to keep this pleasant purity and light of the living picture in your mind. When the light reaches in man the state not to vibration, then it is pleasant; when this light is born in you, you will not hesitate. This living picture is connected with the four fields of the Cosmos, it is connected with Paradise. Its light has a calming effect on the soul, it elevates man. By virtue of certain laws, it falls from different angles.

If you put in your mind and heart the pictures that you saw here, nothing will be able to make you hesitate.

The Scripture says, "Do as you have seen!" The Apostle Paul, who had to organize the Christian Church, was taken to the third heaven, and from what he saw there, he began to teach people.

Now there are also different ways of seeing - first you have to see, to read things, but you still need to understand them and know how to transform them to become a force in your soul.

Hearts are needed now. Many of you have lost your hearts. Do you know how? When someone diverts the stream of your water, your heart begins to dry up and you become dissatisfied. What do you need? Release your stream so that water can flow into your heart. Knowledge without God's Love makes the world oppressive. Too much learning is torture of the flesh - Solomon studied many things, but he saw that life without Love, though with much knowledge, is nothing. The more you know, the more you will suffer. It is the same in the world - you leave with an empty bag, you meet someone hungry, another one hungry and you regret that you cannot help them. What good is a bag hanging on your back if it is empty! But if your bag is full, you will give to one hungry person, you will give to another hungry person and you will satisfy them. This is God's Love, this is the living bread. This is how God's Love, manifested on Earth, is understood.

Harmony must be established among you, among your souls - this is what you will do this year. You will not conjugate the verb "I can not". You sometimes conjugate "I can", sometimes "I cannot", sometimes "I want", sometimes "I do not want". When I was traveling by train from Sofia to Tarnovo, there was a young man in the carriage who was smoking a lot. I asked him, "Can you quit smoking?" - "Yes, I can, I have the willpower, but I do not want to." We continued on our way; after a while he said, "You will see that within 24 hours I will quit smoking and I will not smoke from next morning on." Two other young men volunteered to control him.

So, you too, throw away the cigarette case right now! Some of you will be able to establish complete harmony with each other within 24 hours, others within two days, still others within more days, and some within in a whole year.

God is one, He is like a mother, like a father, and like a brother, and you are the fourth person. So, God manifests to you as Love, as Wisdom and as Truth. And to all this the Orthodox say: "There is no salvation outside the Orthodox Church." Done with the Orthodox Church! I say: there is no salvation outside of God - God is the salvation of the world!

The father and mother should have a kind face - if they frown, the child knows and mourns; if they smile - it gets into a good mood. A person should have a face like his heart, says the great Occult School. In order to see a Divine picture, you have to understand the beautiful pictures of the Sun, which you need to observe for years. They are a combination of clouds and lights and inspire something great in man, so in your future upbringing you have to change the forms and return them to their original state. Forms are created by God, but we distort them - we must not spoil what God has done. It is a great blessing to see an open soul.

This is the true teaching - no doubt, no hesitation! What you have invested in you is Divine - if you doubt, you replace the Divine with the human. Do not think that the path of a good man is paved with roses - if some love him, others hate him. This is the case on Earth for now. But people's heavy karma also provokes opposite reactions. Once you recall the second picture, the triangle with a circle in the middle, the White Brothers will recognize you. They are here. The equilateral triangle is the basis of the White Brotherhood and therefore the first triangle in geometry is the equilateral one.

God does not like any doubt - whoever doubts has no success. The Scripture says, "The double-minded man is unstable in all his ways." The Divine way is one.

In order to understand the inner meaning of things, conditions are needed. For example, how will you know the value of bread? If someone goes hungry for five or six days in the desert and then is given a hundred grams of bread and a glass of water, he will say, "Now I understand the price of bread."

Absolute purity of heart is required from you!

If an impure person enters the room where the living picture is, he will get a stroke, but if a clean person enters, he will come out rejuvenated. For healthy people, the sun's rays are pleasant, but the sick get a stroke from them - the counteraction of light produces a sunstroke. Those people who are not ready for spiritual life become embittered, and if a person starts living in the shadows, he becomes like a moth, like an owl.

In the future, you will live by principles, not laws. There are contradictions in the laws - the Divine World is manifested according to principles, the angelic world - according to laws, and the human world - according to facts. For example, someone has committed a crime - this is a fact, and the law is to be punished for this crime. So we combine the facts with the laws and then there is a connection. When you do good, no one praises you - you study the laws of the angels only in their negative sense and therefore you do not succeed. But in the future only the laws of the Good will be studied, which will give impetus to the Good. In the Occult School, there will be justice for the good people, the judgment of the sinners will cease, but the righteous will be judged - we will not punish, but we will reward. The new laws of the future society will work in the Occult School - we are bringing the new in the world. We will have judges, prosecutors, guards only for good people, and we will abolish the current court proceedings. We will ask: "What is your case about?" "About a crime." "We do not deal with such cases. If it is about good, we will protect you."

These are the new thoughts that we will analyze in the future. And now you will try to walk in the path of the White Brothers. They will meet you at every step and will help and assist you throughout the year. If you do not walk this new path, you will tread the old path. You must have faith in Wisdom and Love.

If your soul is connected to the causal world, where principles work, people will be able to unite there. Where there are laws, there is no unanimity, but where there are principles, disagreements disappear.

Try to do all that is required of you throughout the year, and the White Brothers will help you to be clean, to control yourselves, and not to think that there is no one to meet you on the path you are walking. Everything will be as God has commanded - those who walk in God's path will receive all the blessings.

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
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