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1920_08_19 A Talk to Teachers and Mothers as Educators (Nik)


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Готов превод Беседа за учителите и майките като възпитатели - 19.8.1920-СБ-301 / .: 19.8.1920-СБ-301

A Talk to Teachers and Mothers as Educators

- What questions are you, teachers, interested in?

They reply:

- Especially about the upbringing - how should children be treated in schools?

Observe how Nature begins its upbringing. First of all, do not use abstract principles with children, but use living forms. For example, by giving a child a slice of watermelon, pear, or apple, have it count how many seeds there are in that slice, in the apple or the pear, describe what their seeds are, and so on. And do you, adults, know how many seeds these fruits have? It is very important to know how many seeds are in each fruit and what they are. This is how you will learn a great law.

Also, get young children interested in dealing with the flowers they love: watching how many petals the corolla has, how many stamens, and how they are arranged in the flower. Then let the child be interested in the shape of the flower and try to draw this flower in the simplest form. When the child draws the flower, it is already educating itself. Then you should start telling the child why the flower is nice, why the pear is sweet, and so on. In this way you will see what good feelings are aroused in children.

In raising children, you will pay attention to them not to chase and torture the birds, not to tear the heads and wings of flies, explaining to them that they feel pain, just like us. When they realize that both birds and insects are suffering, children will say, "Well, we shall not hurt them in the future." Educate them in this way, do not tell them that this is a sin and that is a sin because they do not have the experience of sin - only the old man has the experience of sin. Tell the children that the flowers are happy and that they enjoy being watered. You can experiment in front of them to show that they are really happy. You have a pot with a flower that you have not watered for two or three days. Take your child by the hand, tell them, "Come, my dear, to see how happy this flower will be when we water it." You water it, and the flower begins to suck water thirstily; the soil and roots get well watered, and the flower enlivens and rejoices. This is the method, through which children can be definitely influenced.

# 7

Also, get young children used to eating in moderation, showing them the bad effects of gluttony. But what do children do? They eat sour apples, eat unripe and unwashed plums, until their stomach hurts. Tell the children that by eating unwashed fruit, they also swallow the faeces of the flies, which make them ill. Therefore, before fruit is eaten, it should be washed in clean, warm water and thus given clean and nice to the child. Children love cleanliness, let them get used to not rushing to eat the fruit, but when given, first wash it with some warm water, then examine it and finally eat it. Observe the effect of different fruit juices on children.

When children are nervous, naughty, it stems from the fact that they have accumulated impure substances; in order to get rid of this impure matter, make them take 30-40 baths in the summer. If there is such impure matter, if there are such thorns in children, you cannot preach any morals to them.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to let children eat often. But mothers, every half an hour to one hour, they stuff their children with food, and this spoils them: "Come on, darling, a little piece!" It is best for the child to eat every four hours. It is enough for a seven-year-old child to eat four times a day. If you feed them more often, you will create bad habits for them.

You have to be very sincere with children. They are very sensitive, they have a very strong sense of justice; they understand when the Truth is told to them and are very trusting. If they realize that you are not telling them the Truth, your pedagogy is over. That is why one must be honest with children. When children understand that the mother, the father, the teachers speak the Truth and there are no ulterior motives in them, they believe them completely.

In raising children, occult science also recommends the following methods: when your child is naughty or irritated, run your hand ten times over the left side of its head and you will see how it will calm down. If you run your hand over the right side of its head, it starts to get even angrier and irritated. Because the left side of the brain works, try to apply all the positive energy there.

- Does it matter with which hand we will caress the child?

- Since you do not yet understand the laws, you will judge by your mood, with which hand you enjoy caressing the child - with the right or left one. In general, run your right hand over his head, and sometimes you can caress it with both hands, but caress the left side of the head more.

Another method recommended by occult science in the upbringing of children is related to the influence of light. In the future, rooms with such geometrically correct shapes will be created, so that the light is reflected in the children's eyes correctly and harmoniously. If a mother wants to raise her child well, she must have the best disposition of her face, because her face casts shadows in her child's eyes. And notice, the child always looks at what the mother's face is. Through the expression on her face, she can influence the child in such a way as to produce a positive or negative effect on it.

If the mother herself is hesitant about what she wants to apply, if she is undecisive, then let her postpone her plan until she is convinced that her method is correct. Let her not hurry in her actions, it may take an hour or two, or maybe a day or two. Take your time, let Nature work; if you act in accordance with it, you will have ten times better results than the results of your hasty actions.

Mothers need to consider the tastes of their children, such as what clothes they like to wear, because each child has their own individual taste for dressing. If you distort this inner taste of the child, you are corrupting it. Do not distort the child's taste, but let it develop naturally.

The new teaching recommends that if you have a boy, you should not let him hang out only with boys, but also with girls - this works perfectly. The friendship of good boys with girls is a very good educational tool. If you start to separate them from their earliest age, you corrupt them, you bring in feelings between them, as adults have.

Take the children for a walk when the flowers are blooming, when the fruits are setting and ripening, acquaint them mainly with the general principles of these processes. As you take them out in Nature, tell them a tale or anecdote with a plot drawn from Nature itself; for example, something about why the color of the cherry and sour cherry is white and the color of the peach is pink, thus focusing their attention on them. Fairy tales work great.

Another important condition in education is to acquaint children with singing and drawing. I like that in school children learn to sing and draw.

- Which is better: to draw a fruit or to convey the content of a fairy tale through a drawing?

- Everything is good, but to proceed from the Living Nature, to draw the materials from it. After the child goes through this first stage, let them make combinations. For example, give them an apple, have them draw it first, and then make a short description of it, describe its shape, color, and so on. This description will be childish, but the main goal is to create a small thought in the child.

It is good to introduce children to the springs, rivers, so bring them out to a clear river or spring, tell the children about them and the benefit they offer us.

Each of you can, through observations and attempts, further develop these methods and make them useful for children.

You often see your children break off branches from trees, pick flowers, which they then shred and throw away as useless. Pay attention to them not to pick them by telling them that both trees and flowers feel pain.

- When our children are already grown up and we see their shortcomings, realizing that they are the result of some mistake in our upbringing, how can we act safely and most effectively to correct our mistake, especially if the child does not listen a word. Is it not true that until we correct ourselves, we cannot correct our children?

- This already concerns your personal life, it is something very serious. All of you who attend this school must have a very clear idea of God and always feel it alive.

Make the following observations: when the sky is clear and the sun is shining brightly, your mood is good, you feel it and rejoice. The weather may be so clear and beautiful until the evening, but if you commit a sin during the day, you upset your Lord and the sky becomes cloudy in the evening, the Lord hides His face from you and you feel a change inside your soul. If you repent deeply of your mistake by evening, the sky will begin to clear. So, the Lord feels the sins that we are committing, and He immediately manifests Himself in the thickening of the vapours, and He tells us, "I cannot show you My face." Heaven is the face of God, it is alive, and if your eyes are opened, you will see that heaven smiles when you are good and says, "Today you are very good." When you do something wrong, you get scared, sad, you hide at home, you do not want to look at the sky. This shows that our Lord is dissatisfied with our actions. Therefore, we must always try to keep our relationship with God pure, sincere, not to send any negative thoughts and desires from our heart and mind, and to know that everything is for the good. If any evil befalls us, let us not say that God is also like that, if He allows evil.

- Can changes in the sky happen only because of one person?

- Yes, such changes can only happen because of one person. Why was the sky gloomy yesterday? Here some brothers offended the Spirit and the storm came immediately. The Lord says, "I am sending you this obscuration to show you that I am not pleased with you."

- And if the reason is just one person?

- It happens even then - one or many does not matter, the law is the same.

- In all such cases, should we always look for the cause in ourselves?

- No, there are also natural changes, but we can alter a natural change in Nature. We can stop God's blessing coming, but we can also stop God's punishment coming.

- How?

- When we repent, we will stop the punishment, and when we sin, we will stop the blessing. So when God decides to do something, do not think that He is absolutely determined - as soon as you change your intention, God also changes His decision. God is so kind! Whatever change you make in your intentions, God makes the same decision towards you. He is a reflection of our lives. I will tell you what to do if you doubt the Lord and say, "I am already giving up this job and changing my life," you will see that if you are a woman, your husband and friends will change their attitude toward you. Why is that? Because you have changed your attitude toward the Lord, and because we all live in the Lord, therefore He and all people change their attitude toward you. If you decide to correct yourself, to return to God - both the people and your friends begin to correct their behavior towards you. Love God and set your relationship with Him right! If you sacrifice your Lord for this or that person, you are on the wrong path. Do not sacrifice your Lord for anything in the world!

- We must show our Love for God not in words, but in deeds.

- Yes, in deeds, of course, otherwise God will say: "These people honour Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me."

I am telling you about changes that are also taking place in Nature itself. If your vision is sensitive, you will notice the following phenomena when the Sun rises: if you have committed a sin, then when you go out in the morning to watch the sunrise, you will see that the dawn is not so pleasant for you. There is a dissatisfaction in you from the rising of the sun. Change your position, correct your mistake and you will see that the dawn begins to smile on you at sunrise. Do not think that this is an allegory, but experiment and you will notice the relationship that exists between your actions and the sunrise. This relationship is the same as the reflections on our face. You meet someone and ask him, "Why is your face so gloomy?" His face is gloomy from your reflections on him, you feel that something bad is coming from the changes that are taking place in you. As our mood changes, so does our face. Someone meets you and says to you, "Today I like your face." Our face conveys the disposition of our soul, therefore the sky above conveys the reflection of this living Lord. I am telling you these things, but you should not pick on them, do not go to tell others, but check them, try and when you see that they are true, then speak. If you speak before trying, you will be called deluded. Until you make this little attempt, restrain yourselves; only experience can validate your words.

We will start with the Living Nature and we will see the disposition of God in the beautiful fruits, in the beautiful flowers, in the pure springs that gush. For example, this year they expected a lot of fruit from the vineyard, but there was none. They say that it has dried up, blighted, etc., but we know why this happened. The vineyard in Bulgaria is an emblem of the Bulgarian. Measures are now being taken to chase us, but the vineyards have begun to dry up; if the persecutions do not stop, the apples will also begin to dry up, and if they do not come to their senses even then, there will be disease appearing in the wheat. If the persecution ceases, the improvement of the vineyards will begin immediately. The Lord gives all the fertility on Earth to His good children. A good child feeds nine bad ones in one house. The father says, "If this good child were not in the house, I would leave my home, but for its sake, I will also feed the others." So, for one good child in the house, the Lord gives His blessing to the others. The Lord says that He holds His good children written on His palm, so that He can always see and think of them.

- Can children from the age of fourteen onwards be teachers to their parents, for example by giving the right advice? Should their parents listen to them and take their advice into account?

- If the child speaks the Truth, the mother should accept this Truth, but she must be careful that the child does not understand it, because pride can be aroused in them.

- Are rewards and punishment useful in education?

- They can be applied, but not to be abused.

- What influence do toys have on the upbringing of children?

- Beneficial, but they have to be natural. The bicycles that children play with are not made according to occult laws. Some of them give a very bad result.

- What kind of toys should children use?

- Walnuts, hazelnuts, gallnuts, balls, colourful stones and others. If the children live by the sea, let them collect various sea shells, cockles and play with them.

- Is it good for children to play with rubber balls?

- It is useful, but sometimes they have a negative effect on children, because by squeezing and loosening the ball, they see that there is a weak, unreliable object in their hands. Therefore, it is better for a child to play with a ball that it cannot destroy and to feel it dense and solid in its hands.

- Is it good for children to make their own dolls?

- Yes, it is good to make dolls, houses, ovens, because their imagination takes part in that.

- From the occult science viewpoint, is it good to detach children from their mother's influence and put them in various nurseries, boarding houses and other institutions to take care of their upbringing?

- Before the child gets 10-15 years old, it is not good to be separated from the influence of its mother. Whether for a boy or a girl, a period of fifteen years is necessary for them to spend with their mother.

- Does the father influence the child?

- Yes, he does.

- Where there is no mother, can the father take her place? If there is no father, can the relatives take the place of the parents?

- Both the father and the relatives, also anyone close to the family can replace the mother, because the mother never dies.

- So these children do not feel like they have no mother?

- No, they do not.

Another point, that mothers should pay attention to when raising their children, is not to put them in deep cradles. Deep cradles are bad for children. Notice in which nests the birds put their young. Their nests correspond to the Truth the most. They are not very deep. Birds make their nests on the branches of trees, where the wind itself swings them, and that is better than mothers swinging their children. So the cradles of the birds are much nicer than those of the children.

- In general, should cradles exist, because there is a dispute on this issue in pedagogy?

- There are two types of cradles in families: on ropes and in troughs. In the first ones the child gets very dizzy. The best cradles are those that are close to the natural ones. Some mothers are against swinging. Too much swinging is not good. In general, do not use cradles as a means of falling asleep. Sometimes the mother puts her child in the cradle and, whether it sleeps or not, she swings it and intensifies the swinging until the child gets dizzy and falls asleep.

Under the current conditions, it is difficult to apply the new methods of education. Applying new methods in the current upbringing is like patching an old garment with a new patch - the hole gets even bigger. If you apply the new methods, you have to apply them completely, not just superficially, otherwise you will get bigger holes.

Work to strengthen the will. How? You are sad, distressed about something, you have a big trouble in life, try to turn this state into a positive one through the strength of your will. You have a thought that torments you, say to yourself: "God is good, everything will turn for the better!" You observe someone being sad, do not ask him why he is sad, but try to find the reason for his sadness and remove it. A child's mother has died and he is grieving. You ask him why he is sad. He is sad because he has lost his mother's Love. If you take his mother's place, he will be comforted immediately. For example, one of you is sad. Why? Because his mother is not there. All the sorrows we experience are due to the fact that we are deprived of Love. When we deprive ourselves of Divine Love, in whatever form it is, we will feel sadness. When this Love comes again, the joy immediately returns too. This is the first Love - the Divine Love. This first Love is also the unchangeable Love in life.

Also, try not to reduce all people to one denominator, do not want all people to be like you. The pleasure of earthly life lies precisely in diversity. The more diversity there is in the world, the better. That is why the Bulgarian proverb rightly says: "Spring does not happen with one flower." Thousands and millions of flowers and plants are needed to believe that spring is coming, and then summer. Thousands, millions of flies are needed for us to say that summer has come.

So when someone is grieving, sad about something, strain your mind to find a way to secretly do them good without asking them why they are sad.

- Shall we help them mentally?

- Yes, by heart, mentally.

- Is it possible when something good is done to someone mentally, he can feel it immediately?

- He will feel it and will thank God without telling you anything about it. If you tell him that you did this, all your efforts are lost. Nature immediately breaks up your false thought. You rejoice for yourself that your thought has worked, and let him understand that someone has helped him, and let him rejoice for himself as well.

- How to protect ourselves from spiritual robbery, because we have heard that some people are very afraid of such robberies?

- No one can rob the rich spring and everyone can rob the poor one, but these are small exceptions. Imagine that we are in the same society and we protect ourselves from being robbed by this and that; this thought is exchanged between everyone, and this is already an extremity.

The new teaching must begin with experiments. You meet a poor man - do not tell him that God is good and will give him, but call him to your home, feed him, give him something to bring back and then say: "God is good!" He will answer you: "Indeed, God is good! They fed me, clothed me. The living example is important.

- We have decided not to kill animals and not to eat meat, but what should we do when we go somewhere to visit and we are treated to meat?

- If you have decided to put an end to this once and for all, you will say, "If you love me, do not harm me, because eating meat is bad for me."
We must act in principle, be consistent, but at the same time be gentle and polite. If someone asks you what to cook for you, tell them they can give you some bread and salt. Everything in you should be based on deep inner convictions, should come from the heart and there should be no two opinions as to whether it has to be done this way or another. Let us not force anyone to accept this or that, but to wait for things to happen naturally, for all transformations to take place from the inside out, because what is inside does not decompose, and what is outside decomposes.

- How to proceed when you, as a teacher, speak to the students against eating meat, but their mother does not agree with it and makes them eat meat?

- You will act gradually, you will educate them morally. You will tell the children about the unfortunate lambs who are left alone after their mother has been slaughtered. In order for the children to feel the situation of the lambs more vividly, you will give them the example of the misfortune that befalls children when they lose their mother. By understanding the situation of the orphans, the children will understand the situation of the lambs whose mother was slaughtered.

- What should we do with a mother that goes against the words of the teacher when he advises the children at school? The teacher says that it is not good to slaughter animals, but the mother tells the child: "Take the knife and cut off the head of this hen!"

- It is hard to work with the old devil.

- Some say that the Bible also says that you can eat lamb and consume meat.

- Yes, it is said that they lowered from heaven for the Apostle Peter a cloth full of all kinds of animals. However, this is figurative, it means that someone's life must be changed from bad to good or from ordinary to Divine.

- Should corporal punishment be allowed in schools? What should the teacher do when faced with the dilemma of maintaining his authority or punishing the student?

- The new teaching does not allow in principle any corporal punishment.

- Light strokes with a stick magnetize children, don't they?

- If your child or student is naughty, let someone else use the stick, not you. If the child has not listened to you, when it goes out to play with the others, within less than half an hour the children will beat him and he will come to complain to you, and you will then say: “Did you see, my dear, if you had listened to me in the morning, this would not have happened to you."

- What should be the food of small children?

- At the earliest age of children, Nature recommends breast milk, and then - that of livestock. It is good to give children wheat juice, it is nutritious. You, mothers, have experience in feeding the children; now all you have to do is check everything you know and apply something new based on that experience. There should be some variety in the food.

- What do pears contain and what benefits do they bring?

- They contain more iron.

- How about apples, plums?

- They contain fruit sugar that is useful.

It is good to eat fruit with some bread. Still, one has to consider his taste and thus use the fruit. Use only those fruits that you love, while those that you do not like, use less often. Under current conditions, it is not good to eat only bread or only fruit - this is an extremity.

- Then what should fruit be replaced with?

- What do you replace them with?

- Sometimes with beans or something else.

- It is not good to eat a lot of beans. It is good to use leeks, as well as onions and fresh cabbage, for which there is a way to preserve in winter.

- Is it good to eat sour cabbage?

- Yes, but not for everyone.

- What about green beans?

- It is better than kidney beans.

- How to deal with children who make many mistakes?

- What do you do? You beat them, don't you?

If your old methods work, keep them until you get new, more effective ones. When one applies the New teaching, one must completely change the old methods. If you want to add the current old methods some new ones without discarding the old ones, this is incompatible, larger holes will be formed. In upbringing, do not start with softness and end with rudeness, but rather start with rudeness and end with softness. The new teaching requires softness in our relationship. Also in Nature, sometimes storms appear, earthquakes occur and these sudden actions are replaced by other, smooth, slow actions - so there are also sharp changes happening in it. Do not think that these faults that you have, will magically disappear one day just like that. Do not think that after living a righteous life for ten years, a big change will happen inside you. It takes a lifetime of hard work to make a significant change happen in you. With this karma that you have, nothing can be done in one fell swoop of ten years. For example, let us say you have a karma of eight thousand years; if you need ten years of righteous life for every thousand years of paying off karma, then you will need eighty years of righteous life to liquidate that karma. If your karma is two thousand years old, you need twenty years of hard work to eliminate it; if your karma is a thousand years old, you will liquidate with it in ten years of pure and holy life. But those who regulate this law do not allow karma to be paid off at once.

- In general, should everything be repaid, or is there a small cancellation?

- The Lord requires you to fix everything that you have ruined after all; you will build the house as it was, and then you will have a pardon, forgiveness - everything will be liquidated.

- Yesterday the question of perpetuum mobile was raised here - whether the law of perpetuum mobile is applicable.

- It has its resolution in the Living and Intelligent Nature. Until the question is resolved as in Nature, it remains only a hypothesis which must become a theory, the theory - an experiment, and the experiment to be realized. Some may accept this statement and others may reject it, but both are 50% correct. The law of the physical world is 50% true.

- It is said that the secret of the movement of this machine lies in the personality of man. Is this true?

- Yes, the engine only moves with the engine driver. Perpetuum mobile - this is an idea for exercise, for gymnastics of the mind; it will be a long time before this law is implemented.

- This issue in modern scientific mechanics is resolved negatively.

- If people today invented and applied perpetuum mobile, they would do the greatest evil in the world. That is why Nature has covered in darkness the power of this realm. Once we tackle such questions, we will come to a place where things become obscure, where we encounter impenetrable darkness, which shows that we are approaching an essence whose discovery is not allowed. You can form a perpetuum mobile in yourself. Each of you can become a perpetuum mobile. The youth and energy you see in workers who are working on the idea of perpetuum mobile is due to it. This idea rejuvenates and invigorates them, and they endure all hardships with the greatest patience. The idea of this eternal movement rejects all bad thoughts in man, and he has almost attained perpetuum mobile in himself. That is why these people carry this beautiful thought in their souls.

- Will this idea be realized in the physical realm during the period of sixth race?

- These things, which are currently impossible, will be possible in the future. The question is whether this idea will be realized in one form or another. Whatever form it presents itself in, it does not matter.

- What is the meaning of shooting stars?

- Science has not given a positive answer to this phenomenon. This happens on 11 August and 26 December, because then the Earth passes through the orbit of these small bodies.

- When flying a plane, the existence of celestial cavities has been noticed, where there is a strong counter current. The large hail that falls, is said to have broken away and fallen from large icebergs that exist.

- Flammarion has collected and described some extraordinary phenomena in Nature. For example, a piece of ice that weighed a ton, fell in a city. In the future, science will give a more correct explanation of such kind of phenomena.

Have you observed such a psychological method? You say a few words or a phrase to someone, and that person remains unhappy with you. Or a poet writes something and everyone likes it, they are happy with it, while another poet writes something conceptual - people cannot stand it. What causes this to happen? If you put together a series of words with strong letters, they will form a chain of strong shocks, which will have a bad effect on people who do not like these strong shocks. Therefore, although there is a good idea in a writer's book, if there are very strong letters in his words, they will cause disharmony in the mind. For example, if you say the name Máro with an emphasis on the first syllable, you will cause a bad effect, pain. If you say Maríyke, you reduce this bad effect. Therefore, you must be careful when pronouncing every word, every name and every phrase, so as not to provoke unpleasant feelings in the listeners. There are many names that cause a similar effect. For example, the name Michal in Bulgarian language has a completely repulsive character. The "mi" syllable is soft, but if the second syllable "hal" is uttered, it creates a whole storm. The letter "a" at the beginning or end of a syllable has a harmful, irritating effect. For example, if you tell someone "I love you", it is unpleasant (N.B. the word for "I" in Bulgarian is "az", which starts with an "a") . You love me, so what, many thousands of people love me! If you say that to someone, it means that your love is a little different from the love of others, and this is not yet known. However, if you put the word love in an impersonal form, the effect is stronger than if it is used in a personal form. So, if you say "Love you," it shows that just as others love you, I also love you. When you say the word "I", you must understand the God in yourself. If you do not understand Him, do not mention Him.

- The sound, the letter "a" corresponds to the tone "la".

- You have to study the music in soft tones. Anyone who wants to give volume and space to their soul should do exercises with the letter "a". The sound "a" is open, vocal.

- How to interpret that after every hundred million turns there is one exception?

- This is a transition from one state to another. The movement passes into a new form. Suppose that the space between the Earth and the Sun is filled with etheric matter, and as it orbits the Sun, the Earth encounters an obstacle that gradually causes some change in it. If there is such an obstacle, no matter how small it is, when it meets the Earth, it creates an exception. For millions of years, as a result of this obstacle, the Earth will slow down its movement until it finally returns to the Sun. There will come a time when this turning around the Sun will stop. This is how this exception is interpreted. It is already acting in the constituent parts of matter and a reorganization is taking place in it. When this reorganization is complete, the present continents will disappear and new ones, created from better matter, will appear.

- Does the same law apply to the flesh?

- Yes, once we make a hundred million turns around our axis, change also awaits us. People do not know that every change that takes place on Earth, also takes place inside us, because matter is the same. And so, the brain, the eyes, the respiratory, the nervous, the skeletal systems, all the plants and animals, everything will change. If we are not ready for the new time, to create new organs, we will suffer, but if we manage to create new organs, a new life will come for us. The good people will not lose anything, good things are coming for them, but for the bad people - great suffering.

19 August, Thursday, 4:30 pm.

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