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1921_10_02 The Greeting of Love (Nik)


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Готов превод Поздравът на Любовта / Поздравътъ на Любовьта - 2.10.1921-НБ-392 / ...: 2.10.1921-НБ-392

The Greeting of Love

"And when you enter a house, give it your greeting!" (Matthew 10:12)

Today's religious and spiritual people are in danger of thinking that they know everything and that they have resolved all issues. Everyone says, "I know." - You all know, but the world is not fixed yet. If a student says that he understands mathematics but cannot solve the simplest problem, what is his understanding? If someone says he knows a language but cannot write a simple letter, what is that knowledge? To know something properly means to implement what you know. A true violinist is one who performs well what he is playing. Anyone who hears him play says, "This violinist plays well." You say, "I understand music." - You understand, but you cannot play. Few people can play. How many musicians are there in the world now? - "About a dozen." Many people play, everyone wants to pass for a musician, but everyone's ideal are the exceptional musicians. The same law applies to the spiritual life. Many people pass for spiritual, but few are truly spiritual. Life is great music. To live means to play by all the rules of the Divine art. If you are impatient, the bow trembles and the tones do not come out properly. When you doubt, you lose your memory. And if you are a trader, you will go bankrupt. A student, who doubts what the teacher is teaching, loses the connection between his thoughts and cannot answer. Such a student ends up with a poor mark.

Now we are dwelling on the outer side of life and we wonder what misfortune represents. It determines the angle of our deviation from God. The greater a person's misfortune, the greater his deviation from the right path. The greater the joy, the closer our approach to God. If someone says he is unhappy, I infer that he has deviated to the left. Unhappiness is determined by the degrees of the angle at which the deviation has occurred. This angle can range from one degree up to a full angle equal to 360 degrees. The unfortunate person thinks about his unhappiness, I think about the angle of his deviation. By this angle, I can determine in how many days his unhappiness will diminish until it is completely gone. He will then enter the neutral zone, i.e. he will step on the straight line that determines the direction of his life. If you come to the right angle, you will move correctly. Then your joy will begin to increase. - "I want to be happy." - If you want to be happy, go right. - "I do not want to suffer." - Make a turn, enter to the right. - "I want to be a scientist." - Learn, do not experience what you have perceived, but process it.

Christ tells His disciples, ""When you enter a house, give it your greeting!" - How many disciples did Christ have? - Twelve. You say: “If only I had also been one of the disciples of Christ! I would have been either Matthew, or Luke, or Mark, or John, and the world would have known me. My name would have been known to all." - Yes, but you could have also been Judas. Then there was one Judas, and now there are millions. As the number of the other disciples increased, so did the number of Judas. Calculate the percentage increase in the number of other disciples to find in proportion to it and the number of increasing Judah. Today there are 500 million Christians. Divide the number by 12 to see how many millions of Christians each disciple has. - There are 40 million Christians per disciple. So there are 40 million traitors in today's Christian world. - Why is that? - You will answer this question yourself. Someone left his wife, and you ask why he left her. - So, he left her, the question is over - a done fact. - Why is that? - It is like that, nothing more. Whoever left his wife should answer for himself why he did so. This is not a deep philosophical question. The man dispossessed his wife because another woman had taken her place. - Why did the woman dispossess her husband? - Because someone else had taken his place. Here is the whole philosophy!

Therefore, if a woman leaves her husband, another man has sneaked in; if a man leaves his wife, another woman has sneaked into their home. So a woman can spoil the happiness of two men; a man can spoil the happiness of two women. However, a woman cannot spoil the happiness of two women, nor can a man spoil the happiness of two men.

Christ says, “And whatever town or village you enter, inquire who in it is worthy and stay at their house until you leave. And when you enter the house, give it your greeting." So when you meet someone and they do not greet you, it shows that they are not from your party. If you do not greet them, you are not from his party. The matter is clear and definite.

Now I would like to draw your attention to the positive side of your life. Not everyone is required to do the same thing, nor to have the same knowledge and virtues. Each virtue has 35 million forms. Every form, combined with each other, forms a new form. It is a great art to study a virtue and apply it. Someone says, "I know Love." - That is a lot to say. Love has 35 million forms. If you only count, how long will it take to count to 35 million? With moderate counting, you will count to 60 in one minute; in one hour, you will count to 3,600. How much will you count if you count 12 hours every day? Make a calculation to see how long just counting will take you. You can then imagine how long it will take you to study all 35 million forms of love! It is easy to say that you know a certain virtue. If you count only its forms, it takes a long time. What do you gain if you study the forms of a virtue? It takes 810 days to count the forms of Love, but because only 12 hours a day are counted, the number 810 doubles. So it takes whole five years for this counting. If you count six hours a day, it takes ten years.

So, you are being asked to understand the essence of life. This is achieved through special methods in which real life is hidden. The child cannot skip his childhood and suddenly become an adolescent; the adolescent cannot suddenly become an adult, and the adult cannot suddenly become elderly - some consistency is needed. This law of consistency exists in all areas of life. Therefore, in order to understand a great truth, you must have developed appropriate feelings and abilities within yourselves. You must also have appropriate organs through which to perceive and transmit what you acquire and what you have acquired. These are the first steps towards the occult school. In order to develop his feelings and abilities, his organs of perception and transmission, the disciple must stay away from all thoughts and feelings that hinder him. These are fear, anger, malice, hatred and others. Whoever hates, hinders his own development. Whoever does evil to others, does evil to himself. When you talk about morality, you must first apply it to yourselves. - Why do we need to live well? - In order to properly develop your feelings and thoughts, as well as the organs of your soul. Whoever does not live well is deformed. Knowing this, do not be surprised, because suffering comes. If you ask why you are suffering, I say: You are suffering because you have deviated, you have taken a direction to the left; you have given room to the negative qualities in yourself. In misunderstood suffering, one gradually degrades. Christ says, "When you enter a house, give it your greeting!" Everyone is a house that should be greeted. If he accepts your greeting, leave your peace with him. If he greets you and you accept his greeting, you will receive his peace. This means that the peace of God will come upon you and the Son of God will visit you. Where there is peace, there is Christ. Where there is no peace, Christ is far from you. "When you enter a house, give it your greeting!" - Whom should you greet? - The Lord, Who who lives in your house. Therefore, when you meet a person in whose house God lives, you will greet him. When a son enters his father's house, he must definitely greet him. If the son does not greet his father, if the daughter also does not greet him, neither the son is a son nor the daughter is a daughter. - How do people greet each other? - Bulgarians great each other with "Good day." - What does the good, i.e. virtue represent? - The fruit of Love. It is said, "Whichever house you enter, give it your greeting." - With what? - With the fruit of Love. It is easy to greet a person with the words "good day", and he will answer you "May God give you good", without the day being good and without having any good. Do you know what this looks like? American students celebrate Thanksgiving once a year - a celebration of gratitude. Then they slaughter, as in our country for Christmas, turkeys, geese, pigs and all lay the large tables, eat and drink. On this day, people are very generous, handing out vouchers of varying value. Each student has many vouchers at his disposal and only signs them and sends them wherever he wants. However, these vouchers have the value of the current Russian rubles. You will sell all the vouchers and you will barely make a single lev. Christ's teaching forbids the handling of these vouchers. - Why? - Because today they have no value - they are fake.

So, if you say "good day" to a person, you have to experience that day. If he answers you, "May God give you good," he must also experience that good. That is how you should greet each other. Now we greet each other with the phrase: "There is no love like God's Love." They answer you: "Only God's Love is Love." This is the simplest formula I have given you, but you have already soiled it. Some greet each other casually and pronounce the formula quickly. Whoever responds to the greeting says "only" briefly without completing the formula. If you want to say something or greet the person, you will do it with good disposition and Love. You will immerse yourself and then you will say the greeting. This is good for both you and the person you greet. You will say quietly, "There is no Love like the God's Love." This is a mathematical value that has to be turned into a positive one. Now consider the letter "x" (in Bulgarian, "h" in English) which is the first letter of the word Christ. If we remove the lower left line, we get the sign "y"; if we remove the upper right line, the sign "h" will remain - a letter that enters the initial syllable "Ch", with which the word "Christ" is written in English. The letter "C" means the moon, which is constantly filling and emptying. The letter "h" means a creature upside down. The letter "Ch" means a wheel that rotates both up and down. This letter is formed by two "y" - one up, the other down: "x" = "y" + "h". So the letter "x" means a person who turns upside down and up again. When he sins, he turns upside down; when he does not sin, he raises his head. When he sins, man blemishes Christ. When he does not sin, Christ enters into him to purify him. Then he consciously utters the formula: "There is no Love like the God's Love." If we delete the bottom left part of the letter "H", we will get the letter "Ч", which means open, blooming flower. Many words begin with this letter (in Bulgarian): cup, hour, forehead. It is an art to know which part of the letters to take in order to turn one energy into another, i.e. one state to another. Eating is also a process of transformation - to turn the lower state of living energy into a higher state. In other words, eating is a process in which the living potential energy in nature tells man, “You will accept me as a conductor and will raise me to a higher world. Until that happens, you will work on me for a long time. Once you process me, you will gain health. So you will benefit from me, and I from you." I say: By transforming this energy into the first degree, you will receive the first gift - health. By transforming it into the second degree, you will receive the second gift - happiness. By transforming it into the third degree, you will receive the third gift - bliss. Now, as disciples, you will begin to transform the lower energies into higher ones. Do not ask who has reached where, what they said or what they know. It is not enough just to eat, but to turn the lower energy into a higher one. When you eat, you will transform the energy properly, you will have deep feelings, bright thoughts and a desire to apply. This is the fruit that determines the degree of your love. They judge your work by the manifestation of Love. This is how God tests your hearts. Thus He checks how you have turned the lower energy into a higher one. He will enter your garden, look at the trees and draw conclusions about you from their fruits. Once God visits you, His first job is to review what you have planted in your garden, how much fruit you have, and what the quality of that fruit is. He knows what you have worked and what you will get.

The students often resort to some trick in solving their tasks. If they cannot solve some tasks, they copy them ready-solved, put them under their sleeve and when necessary, look at their sleeve and copy them. If the teacher has not noticed, he writes an excellent mark. This excellent mark is due to the slip of paper that you put under your sleeve. If I give you a task today, how will you solve it? Someone will look for a special book in their library to see what the authors say about it. Another one will look up his sleeve to see if there is a slip of paper on which he has written the solution to the problem. Finally, if you cannot solve it, you say, "This task is not about Love - it cannot be solved." Quite simply, you have not tried it, you have not done anything yet. When the teacher taught, he talked for hours about how to solve problems. Now you will sit in your place, you will think for an hour, two, three, you will suffer a little, but you will solve the task. God blesses everyone who struggles and toils. Whoever expects to copy from slips of paper in the sleeves, eventually loses them. Today, women wear narrow sleeves so as not to hide slips of paper in them. The wide sleeves mean generosity. God says, “When the sleeves are wide, you have to be generous, to give. If you are not generous, you will wear narrow sleeves."

"When you enter a house, give it your greeting." - Why should we greet each other? - The greeting is a necessity for all good people. If the sun did not greet us every morning, life would be stagnant. When the clouds hide the sun, we are sad, we feel the need for its greeting. Every soul needs the greeting of the sun, the energy of its rays. The greeting is expressed not only with words, but also with tender feelings and a kind look. Anyone who does not understand the meaning of a greeting says, "I do not want to greet this person. My dignity does not allow me." You do not greet him, but he will not greet you either. Subsequently, all decent people get to work hard. So do teachers with lazy students. When they do not want to study, their teachers write poor marks and force them to study. If you are a student of the Divine School, you will not look up your sleeve, but you will sit and work, you will solve your own tasks. You will have wide sleeves, i.e. you will be generous, but you will work. You are the one who benefits from your tasks. The fact that others solve their tasks cannot benefit you. The conscious student solves his own tasks.

Many enter this school, but not all are disciples. Some of them are proselytes, others are listeners, still others are believers, and some -disciples. How will I know if I am a disciple? - By the correct solution of the tasks. Whoever solves his tasks correctly is a disciple. If he cannot solve them, he is a believer, a listener, or a proselyte. In addition, by the tasks you solve, you will know which class you are in. If you only work with arithmetic operations, you are in third grade at the most. If you solve algebraic problems, you are a high school student. From the high school curriculum, you can guess which class you are in. It is the same in the spirit world. The tasks you solve can determine the class you have reached. Being virtuous is a great science. It gives meaning to life. When a prominent violinist plays on stage, the audience admires him and applauds him. He has studied so many years to master this art! How many years does it take a student to become smart, to know the form of things, their content and meaning?

So, you will greet each other with the new phrase. When you meet your brother, you will tell him, "There is no Love like God's Love." He will answer you, "Only God's Love is Love." - When is this phrase pronounced? - When you are disappointed in human love. When you encounter great suffering and get disappointed in everything human, you say to your friend, "There is no Love like God's Love." He answers: “Truly, there is no other love but God's Love. Only God's Love is Love." If you pronounce this phrase consciously, the sick will be healed, the unhappy will become happy. If you greet someone with this formula and he starts philosophizing, you will know that he is not on the right path. I say to the one who philosophizes: Come and see! If a man has done you 99 favours, and you have not thanked him with a single gentle look, you are not worthy to be called his friend. If you are not ready to give thanks for the hundredth time, you will be expelled from the school of life. The last favour decides your destiny forever. The situation of a student expelled from the Divine School is terrible. Let him not wonder if in the next incarnation he is born physically crippled or mentally immature. And, if you ask why you are unhappy, I say: You are unhappy because you have not greeted your brother or friend in the name of God's Love.

I say: If God's Love knocks on your door, but you pretend not to hear, the invisible world will punish you justly; if you answer the knock, you will come into contact with the advanced beings of the higher worlds and say, "I see now what I did not see before." Seeing will bring joy to your soul.

Now I am talking to you about the greeting of Love, because you are called to fulfill everything with Love. If you do not fulfill your obligations with Love, you are neither a friend nor a disciple. The disciple of Love has to penetrate the great Love, to study with Love. His heart must be kindled by Love. If there is no Love in his heart, he is not accepted in the school. Wherever he walks, whatever he does, he must know that there is no Love like God's Love. If he says so once, the question is over. If you ask why I do not reveal the secrets of nature to you, I say: I do not reveal them to you, because you do not have Love in your hearts. If you had Love, I would find many things for you. If I do you 99 good deeds, but only one mischief, you will kick everything I have done for you and renounce God. Today, most people are like that. What can be revealed to them? Whatever is is revealed to them, it is of no use to them. They will get worse, but not better. That is why the Bulgarians say: "God does not give horns to a prickly cow". I speak in principle, without anyone in mind. There is no hypocrisy in principles. The Scripture says, "God looks at the heart, not the face." God acts upon you according to your thoughts and feelings, according to what occupies your mind and heart. The Apostle Paul says, "I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth."

Remember: God makes things grow. Man cannot grow in you what the great Spirit of God is able to grow. For the Spirit to come to you, you must have planted something. You think that you can enter the Kingdom of God even without a Master. You are wrong, no one can enter the Kingdom of God without a Master. As much as a child can be born without a mother, so much can you be enlightened without a Master. You say, "I know everything." - You are a freeloader who lives far from the Kingdom of God. First, you must find your mother and father. Until you find them and know them, I have a special opinion of you. You are a fish, not a human. A fish does not know its mother and father. The greatest suffering that exists on earth is in the water, among the fish. They eat each other. There is no peace there. They are all chasing and eating each other.

Now Christ is turning to you and speaking to you about the greeting Love. You will gain a little this year, but with Love. If you start to apologize, to give a number of reasons for your failure, you will know that no apologies are accepted. We do not take any obligations, we also do not accept any apologies. I ask: Can you make something out of Love? - I can. - If you can, keep your word! Even if the whole world rises up against you, do what you have promised. If you are cowardly, do not promise. Think about what you can do and then promise. Many do nothing, always wondering if they can do something out of Love or not. They will be thinking a lot more. Whoever undertakes something in the name of Love, will see that nothing is impossible in Love. The impossible is in the human mind, which does not obey God's law. If your Master has given you all the instructions and your Father - all the conditions, can there be anything impossible for you? Can you not study under these conditions? If you are deprived of conditions, you are justified; if you are not deprived, how will you justify yourselves? Work with Love and Freedom. What is your task today? - Applying the Divine harmony. The word harmony In Bulgarian is written with the letter "X" - a cross. So the cross means harmony. You will say that harmony is a dangerous thing. - For those who do not understand it, the cross is heavy; for those who understand, it represents the law of harmony. The Divine life is absolutely harmonious. It excludes any disharmony. That is why, when we talk about heaven, we understand a place of absolute harmony.

"When you enter a house, give it your greeting." - Whom to greet? - God. It is said in the Scriptures that God does not live only in heaven, but also in the hearts of the humble, the poor in spirit. Therefore, when you meet someone humble, poor in spirit, greet him. Through him you greet the Lord, Who lives in his soul. A Christian, when he encounters someone poor in spirit, says, "I do not want to greet this man, I do not care." - You will be interested in him, because the great Spirit of God lives in his heart. When you enter his house, you will greet him. The One, Who lives in his house, will answer you and receive you.

Now I also advise you to greet each other, so as not to offend the Lord, Who lives in your hearts and souls. If you offend the Lord, no excuse can save you. It is written, "Whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come." Beware not to speak against the Spirit, Who dwells in the hearts of humble and meek people. The Spirit is said to be an omnivorous fire. Do not turn your face away from the pauper. - He has karma. - Do you know what his karma is? There are cases when one person bears another one's karma that is already ripe. He is not on earth, but he must pay for it. His friend, who lives on earth, takes his karma and says to himself, “This is God's will. God is good. I will bear the karma of my friend with joy and Love." I say: This man is externally poor, internally rich.

Today, more respect is required of you. Bulgarians are rude in general. There are gentle, polite people among you, but most of you are rude. I am telling you a truth. Everyone is looking for their right. If it comes to an obligation, there is none. Everyone strives for the first places. If they come to the obligations in the first places, they postpone their fulfillment. The first place is for the one who is ready to sacrifice himself with Love. The second place is for the one who has faith and trust in God. The third place is for the one who has hope. He is always happy. Then, if a man comes to my house with hope and joy, I will put him in third place; if someone comes with faith and trust, I will put him second, if someone comes willing to sacrifice, I will put him first. You ask, "Why did you not give me first place?" - You are not ready to sacrifice. - "Why did you not give me the second place?" - You have no faith and trust. - "Why did you not give me the third place?" - You have no hope, you are not happy. I want you to act like me, to put everyone in their place. Be gentle, delicate to one another, because the Divine thoughts and feelings grow only with mutual respect and esteem, with a good demeanour between you. If you are constantly angry and upset the Spirit within yourself, what kind of disciple will you be? - "I know what I am doing." - You do not know anything. - Do you know why someone commits crimes? Do you know why he does good? You do not know. The secret of life is hidden.

Now, I do not want to judge you. If I judge you, I also condemn myself. I state the facts as they really are. I judge the essence of things by the results in the invisible world. Sometimes, when I sit and think, I feel that something is burning me - an arrow strikes me. I look for the cause and find it. One of my disciples had done something that caused pain. I perceive pain as an arrow. After a while another arrow strikes. Now one of my female disciples has done something wrong. I take some saliva from my mouth, smear the wound, and the pain goes away. That is what they know, that is what they do. Now, these disciples come to me, they want first places. No, this will not happen again. I have been trying to move from my place for 22 years, not a single hundred millionth of a millimeter. If you are not ready to fulfill the law of Love, you will know that I have nothing to do with you. I will not deal with you next time. Even if I want to meet you, I cannot. Others will deal with you. The law of love is strict and demanding. If you fulfill it, it will be good for you. If you do not fulfill it, I will go my way - to the right, and you will stay on the left. And then the more time passes, the more the road deviates. I will go up and you will stay down. We will meet again in thousands of years, but under other conditions.

Now, as disciples, you are required to make a little, microscopic effort to do a little good. It may take you a minute or a second, but your future will depend on it. If you do not use at least one minute during the day for a good done with Love, it shows that you cannot apply the law of Love. This does not mean overdoing it. I say that the law of Love is strict. The higher your position, the more is required of you. The more knowledge you have, the more responsibility you bear. Three things are required of each person. First: To love the Lord with all your mind, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. Second: To love your neighbour as yourself. Third: To love your enemy. The neighbour, this is your daughter; the enemy - your son. The son and daughter represent the material side of life.

So, start with Love: Love for your soul, i.e. for your neighbour, and finally - for your enemy. - "How can I love my enemy?" - By first loving the Lord, then your neighbour. You will finally love your enemy. Whoever has fulfilled the first two laws will easily fulfill the third. Everyone, men and women, will strive to show each other mutual respect and esteem. Even if you do not love someone, you will try to find at least one good trait in them. You will love them for this trait. Only in this way will you develop the Love in yourself. Only in this way will you manifest the teachings of Christ. Only in this way will Christ enter your heart and reveal to you what your soul longs for. This is how your affairs will be put in order. You will not suddenly become rich, but you will acquire conditions for a happy life. A strong and unwavering will is required for that. Whatever you say, do it. This means being ready to make any sacrifice for Christ. No matter what difficulties and ordeals you find yourself in, do not hesitate.

One of our brothers shared his experience. During the war, he was mobilized as a soldier and forced to carry a rifle. He said, "I cannot carry a rifle." - "Why?" - "I do not want to use it." He was beaten every day for disobedience. He was punished with beating for three years, but he endured. At one point, he said to himself, "If it continues this way, I will not be able to stand it." Soon after, the war ended and he was released. They asked him, "Why do you not want to carry a rifle and fight?" - "Before I was mobilized in the army, God had mobilized me as his soldier. I already serve the Lord, I cannot carry two rifles.” - “ Where is your rifle?” - “You will see it when you drop your rifle. You cannot see my rifle while carrying a rifle on your shoulder." I think this brother answered the questions well.

Now I say to you: As long as you are mobilized by the Lord, you will fulfill the law of Divine peace. Only thus will you see that God is true in all His ways. This year I want the people of Sofia to set an example of respect and love for each other. I want something good to come out of Sofia. - What do you think, can anything good be expected from the people of Sofia? - Of course, it can. You will say, "May God help us!" Here, Love is knocking on your door. Accept it, and it will put all your affairs in order. - "May God enlighten us!" Here is faith knocking on your door. Open the door for it to enter. Love knocks on the heart, faith knocks on the mind, and hope - on the will. Open all three doors to receive these guests. Only in this way will all questions be resolved in a magical way, like Moses with his staff. He raised his staff and in the name of faith, hope and Love, parted the Red Sea and opened a way for them to pass through it. In the name of Love, anything is possible. You are thrilled, you want to lift up your staff like Moses. Open the doors of your heart, mind and will to achieve everything you desire. If you do not open these doors, nothing can be achieved.

I ask: Should you fall into the situation of the one who said that in the name of the Lord he can heal the lame and the blind. He said to a lame man: "In the name of Love, get up!" The lame man struggled, but could not get up. Those who observed the experience realized that they were dealing with a liar, and beat him well. When asked why he was beaten, he replied: "Ungrateful people! They do not admit that they have a learned man in front of them." - That is not true. When you want to help the lame, the doors of your heart, your mind, and your spirit must be open. Then say, "Brother, in the name of the Lord, in the name of the great Spirit of God, rise up to glorify His name." Anyone can make this experiment, but should first check if the doors of their heart, their mind, and their spirit are open.

Now do not think that I want to criticize you. I do not see your mistakes either, but I see the result of your life and I say, "Be careful not to suffer." If you put bombs somewhere, you will try them first. One day they will explode and cause you great misfortune. A villager from Kazanlak region set a trap in the forest to catch a bear. However, he saw in the morning that instead of the bear, his donkey was trapped. "When you enter a house, give it your greeting." - With what? - With faith, hope and Love. Say, "There is no Love like the Love of God." Only God's Love has manifested throughout all ages. Only it is infinite. All other forms of love are finite. God has limited Himself in them. - "Why?" - In order to manifest Himself. Every finite love is a statement of the infinite one. If you do not recognize the infinite Love in the finite one, you have lost all opportunities in your life to know Love. There is no Love like God's Love, because it contains all the conditions and possibilities in itself. Whoever achieves Love can do anything. The one who does not achieve it can do nothing. When you become faithful servants of Love, I will interpret for you the words "There is no Love like God's Love." Then you will keep and cultivate it, as the farmer ploughs the land and cultivates his crops. Just as the farmer and the vine grower know when to plough and dig the earth, when to sow and plant, so the man of Love knows when to show His Love and what methods to use. The words "There is no Love like God's Love" contain the great secrets of life. One of the secrets of life is the conception of the seed, then the growth, flowering, bearing and ripening of the fruit. Therefore, it is not enough just to conceive an idea, but to feed it, for it to grow, to blossom, to bear fruit, so that its fruit is brought before the altar of God. Then the Master will tell his disciple, “You have solved your task well. Only God's Love is Love."

Experiment in the realm of Love, starting with the smallest, microscopic good. In doing so, try to do a little good first to those you do not love. It is easy to do good to those you love. You will clean the shoes of the one you do not love. This will produce a change in him. The little good done with Love is preferred to the great good without love.

- Can anything come out of Sofia and the people of Sofia? - Maybe. - Then do what you can, but with Love. And I will do what I can with Love. This is how the issues are resolved correctly. If I do something but you do nothing, things are getting delayed. Or if you do something and I do nothing, the same result again. Should I sow and receive nothing? A gardener planted a watermelon, but nothing came out of it. He said, "Something will come out of it next year." If I am a watermelon grower, I will grow a garden next year, hoping to get something from it. If the garden does not produce anything, I will work something else. I will sow until I finally get something. If I make nothing, I lose and the seed also loses. These are figures you need to think about. - Can anything good come out of Sofia? - Yes, it can. - Will anything come out of your watermelon field? - Yes, it will. - I want you to produce big, sweet watermelons, like the Plovdiv ones.

Now, I am talking to you naturally, casually. That is how I want you to talk. Let your speech be like the water of a spring, to flow naturally, without any effort. Let each one manifest as God created him. I wish you all to show your noble feelings, bright thoughts and sublime deeds. Work to develop your intuition. This is necessary for the present age.

I am asking again: Can anything good come out from Sofia? - Yes, it can. - So be it!

Talk by the Master held on 2 October, 1921 in Sofia

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Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: nikolaysan (Николай)

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